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Intelligence Source: Turks Launch Bombing Strikes on ISIS

OWoN: It's all building up to stop ISIS or lose it all. The way to stop ISIS is truly mass genocide of their whole ragged murderous masses.

Now the Turks are in to the fight. One has to carefully assess whether there is any possible stability left in the region.

By Jeff Stein
7 August 2014

A former high ranking CIA official in Baghdad tells Newsweek that Turkish jets carried out airstrikes on Islamic State (I.S.) militants threatening Kurdish refugees--an assertion that Ankara denies.

The White House, meanwhile, said it had launched humanitarian air drops to the beleaguered Kurds trapped by advancing I.S. forces in the northern part of Iraq and was considering air strikes to fend off an expected assault.

U.S. forces were placed “on a hair trigger,” according to NBC News, with a twofold priority: to provide humanitarian relief for refugees from Islamic State aggression and to protect U.S. officials on the ground.

 I.S. forces were reported to be advancing on Irbil, where the U.S. has a consulate manned by 30 to 50 State Department officials and a significant number of U.S. military advisers. NBC News reported an unnamed senior U.S. official saying, “We're not going to let them take Irbil.”

Kurdish TV claimed earlier in a day of conflicting reports that American jets had carried out the strikes on Islamic State position outside the town of Kalak, 25 miles northwest of Irbil, the capital of Iraq’s autonomous Kurdish region.

“The Turks are doing it,” said the former CIA officer, who maintains close contacts in Iraq, especially with Kurdish authorities. “There’s no question about it,” he said on condition of anonymity until he could gather more corroboration from his sources in the region. “But certainly we are giving them targeting data.”

The CIA did not immediately respond to a request for clarification.

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