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Indian Navy wants immediate purchase of Russian submarines

OWoN: This will hurt many.

Now this is timely, 2 subs paid without USD, with a airplane order of 129 Su jets at say $80M a piece on the horizon will offset sanctions and knock Dassault for a spin losing the order while driving a further wedge between France and the US, not that the US cares, but Hollande will.

Once Germany leaves, France will be right behind leaving the Euro zone to implode. Wonder what will happen to those suppliers in Italy owed a $100B with costs incurred in Euro's who will be paid with devalued lira. What a mess!
4 August 2014

Translated from Croatian.

Due to the delay of the Indian Ministry of Defense in calling for tenders for six conventional submarines, Russia could benefit, because the Indian Navy seeks urgent procurement of Russian Amur class submarines that would somewhat renew the existing fleet. The contest worth $12 billion relates to the acquisition of six conventional submarines with air-independent propulsion (AIP) within the Indian Project 75-I.

High Rosoboronexport officials were in New Delhi two weeks ago to negotiate the sale or lease two Amur-class submarines, said a source in the defense ministry, which did not give details of the negotiations. The Indian Navy also plans to build six conventional Scorpene submarines under license from the French DCNS in Mumbai. Delivery of these submarines was delayed for more than four years. The first of the six submarines will be delivered to the Navy by 2016.

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