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Fukushima still being ignored | experts reveal problems on California coast

OWoN: This is the crisis a man of peace would face, not the farce of the Ukrainian conflict. A true environmental disaster. But to do that statesmanship would have to overcome the heart of mad narrow visioned men. Not a clueless Wookie in the WH running down time to his exit pension. The entire Pacific is dying - no food , radiated whales and dolphins, mass extermination of sea life. Contaminated water, food and fish you eat. Radiated crops. Still we do nothing but ignore it.

Experts: Scary problems on California coast — There may be “no food anywhere” along Pacific except in isolated areas — “It’s like crime scene investigation” in ocean — ‘Certainly’ Fukushima is one of stresses to sea life — Dolphins, whales more likely to be bathed in radiation (video)

30 August 2014

Interview with Kristen Milligan(transcript excerpts), Oregon State University marine ecologist, by WheepingWillow, June 13, 2014 (emphasis added):
  • 4:30 in — “There‘s other issues going on, like with dolphins and sea lions… There’s all these different stresses happening and certainly Fukushima is one.”
  • 8:30 in –” The problems we’re having in Monterey Bay, I think it’s pretty different than the sea star wasting. It is a very similar, heightened — scary, you know. Because the dolphins and sea lions, especially the dolphins, they’re moving way offshore, miles and miles and miles. So those animals are more likely to be bathed in whatever — if there is significant levels of radiation to cause that — they’re more likely to be bathed on a chronic long-term level in that stuff, because they’re out in that… So we’re getting different types of exposure between the marine mammals and starfish. I can’t say anything, because it’s not, and this is where I wish — I’m looking forward to seeing what reports we get from the scientists that are just meeting to assess this… [Sea stars are] not like the big tuna that are starting to show signals of radiation. They’re not like dolphins or whales that are transiting the ocean waters all the time to areas that are closer to Japan.”

Santa Cruz Hilltromper, Aug 13, 2014: The Summer of Crazy… Monterey Bay is a strange place these days…. WTF, Monterey Bay? It’s like we don’t even know you anymore. Why is our beloved Bay suddenly so moody?… All the bay’s food, including the whale food, is concentrated near the shore [in a] very narrow feeding corridor… there isn’t much food along the Pacific Coast anywhere [and] the whales and other animals may be here, [MBARI’s resident nutrient monitor Ken Johnson] says, “because there’s no food anywhere else.”… Del Monte Beach was green… sea lettuce, from Sand City to Monterey, folks were a little freaked out… Mike Graham, an associate professor at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, has seen similar events, though admittedly slightly smaller… So while primary (plankton), secondary (anchovy), and tertiary (whales and such) production has been crammed into the narrow strip of nutrient-rich waters by the shoreline, there isn’t much happening farther out in the bay.

Andrew DeVogelaere, Research Coordinator for the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary: “Unfortunately we don’t understand the ocean well enough to be able to tell you with certainty what’s happening as it’s happening”…It’s not so much that there were more animals than normal… they were packed in close by the shoreline… action (i.e. whale sightings) was pretty slow offshore… “Strange days in the Monterey Bay right now. It’s not the normal year by any means… Lots of mysteries to solve. It’s like the CSI of the sea.”


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  1. I feel horrible about the possible/probably effects on the Pacific sea life for their own survival. So glad there is research being conducted and upcoming exposure of this Fukushima effect for the world to be aware of.

    And for us humans, yes, contaminated seafood is yet another contributor to the many food problems along the Cal West Coast as well as those locations North and South of us. In addition, we have the drought conditions decimating the farmlands, chemtrails contaminating also, not to mention fewer and fewer organic farms able to exist. Many businesses are being lured away from here to Texas and other states, which I believe offers better opportunities and hopefully better health for many in both the short and long term. I'm happy for them.

    1. I wonder CALGIRL, if the ocean conditions and the drought conditions are a result of man made catastrophe? I just read an article at:
      where the 6.0 recent earthquake caused water to well up in dry creeks near Vallejo?

      This is total destruction of our ecosystem, after all; we are all connected. From what is read, Fukushima is worst than the Chernobyl disaster.

      Also, the weather machines (HAARP) used in weather wars can be used to control conditions on the ground.

      Another consideration is that California wants to secede and break up into different states? I read this a few weeks ago; I haven't heard anything since except that Cali was rocked with the 6.0 earthquake.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. FEDUP,
      I remember reading somewhere, that this person was personally watching as they opened up the gates to the dams and let the water out to the oceans. They wanted this drought. It looks like it is definetly manmade, Would it be unheard of, for them to declare that we need to bail out CA. As goes CA, so goes the nation.

    4. Darkening,
      I wouldn't put it past these "critters" it is unbelievable! But, look what they did to Louisiana with Katrina; this was a horrible tragedy...

      We are ruled by a class of low life criminals who care nothing for us...we are chattel like someone's property as far as they are concerned...but I still love them, and only wish that they would turn from their wicked ways, .however, what awaits them is beyond comprehension. The only thing they are afraid of is "death." For them to be so afraid they dish it out so freely...

      Plus, Darkening: I read reports that Nestle was selling water to China shiploads, tankers...drying up water in certain places all over the USA...
      I can do nothing else, but for the truth...


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