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Did Bush move America’s presidency ‘offshore?’

OWoN: Do you wonder why America and the world is in such a Goddamn awful mess when no one is held accountable?

Press TV
By Gordon Duff
18 August 2014

Rather than allow President Obama to assume a “real” presidential office, sources now tell that “handlers” who, with the help of Vice President Cheney, kept George W. Bush medicated and sober as possible, directed him to facilitate efforts that would guarantee that no subsequent American president would ever be able to enact policies unfavorable to Israel or powerful criminal interests.

Like so many American corporations, even the US presidency is moved “offshore,” considered too important to be left in the hands of elected officials. As American broadcast journalist Mike Harris said today, “So this is why President Obama is playing so much golf.”

This wasn’t the first time an American presidency was considered a threat and this solution, “offshoring,” was deemed an effective way of avoiding other efforts as were looked to in the past.

President Obama has had less power than any American president in history. Nominations are blocked, his decisions are never enacted because of lack of funding and many departments under executive authority simply ignore him. There is a reason for this. The American presidency was relocated, “offshore,” by George W. Bush.


In 2000, the GOP and their Israeli allies spent up to $10 billion to win the White House, rigging voting machines, intimidating voters, manipulating counts and running a smear campaign of unprecedented proportions. They still lost. Sources have now come forward that cleaning up the trail of the 2000 coup de etat involved threats against Al Gore and his family and the 2008 murder of GOP “vote hacker,” Mike Connell, just before he faced an Ohio grand jury.

Even after staging 9/11 and in the midst of two contrived wars, John Kerry unofficially won the 2004 election with a 5 million vote majority. Pollsters were clear on one thing; there would never be a fairly elected Republican candidate in the White House. There was only one solution, the presidency had to be destroyed, its power eliminated and moved offshore.

This project was undertaken by the Bush administration, literally “burning down the White House,” leaving the executive branch of the US government powerless on its own, subject to the Supreme Court, now the chief lawmaking branch of government and the similarly crippled legislative branch.

Crippling the legislature

The US held a census in 2000. As is the case, after each census, districts that elect members of the House of Representatives are reapportioned based on population trends. This time was different. With the US Supreme Court totally under control, and Bush in officer after the coup, the House of Representatives was restructured based on what is called “gerrymandering.”

No matter how large a majority Democrats would win an election by, most seats would go to the Republicans. In the 2012 election, Republicans won a substantial majority in the House with only 37 percent of the vote.

Why this matters

Before Bush left office, “line item” rules were established that made any effort to enact executive policy subject to financial oversight and approval by the House. Bush, in agreeing to this, virtually eliminated the Executive branch of government.

Any presidential initiative, let’s say, closing Guantanamo for instance, depends on spending funds. Travel, administrative planning or even moving prisoners requires spending. If funds are spent, even when approved by the president, without the now necessary approval of the House, always a “Republican” house, the president is violating law and subject to impeachment. This is the basis for the current proposed impeachment of President Obama now.

However, what has been done is to have abrogated all constitutional structure through what had been sabotage of the American government, what in reality is an act of “constitutional terrorism.”

Rules upon rules

In order to block Obama from reforming the government, every federal department that would be under his authority, those overseeing veterans affairs, protecting the borders, running the military, overseeing environment or even law enforcement, was totally restructured by the Federalist Society, a group of lawyers closely tied to Zionist extremist elements.

A new class of “civil servant” was created that could only be removed through legislative authority. These “protected individuals” are tasked with directing contracts to “favored” individuals and, if necessary, to sabotage government operations as we have seen with the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement branch. Both simply stopped operating, veterans medical care came to an end and millions of illegal aliens simply walked into America as the bureaucracy overseeing America’s borders simply stopped functioning, went on “stand down.”

Moreover, the legislative organizations themselves set up rules allowing them to block any legislation or political appointment and, in doing so, paralyze the Obama administration that hasn’t been able to appoint ambassadors, judges, prosecutors of regulatory personnel.

All performing those key tasks under Obama are either Bush holdovers or, as with the State Department, neocon puppets like Samantha Power, US Ambassador to the UN or Victoria Nuland, defacto “Queen” of the Ukraine.

Presidential history

Eisenhower was the last “dependable” American president. No one tried to kill him as with Truman; he quietly disarmed America, fell behind in the space race, watched American cities crumble and was silent on all areas of human rights. Eisenhower was “perfect.”

Kennedy, however, was a problem and was dealt with effectively, murdered within weeks of moving against both Israel’s nuclear arsenal and the Federal Reserve System.

Similarly, Lyndon Johnson was forced to withdraw from the presidency in favor of Nixon. What he did to offend, complicit in the Six Day War and the attack on the USS Liberty, will never be known.

Similarly, Nixon was brought down, resigning to avoid impeachment and prison. Nixon openly hated Jews making his partnership with arch-Zionist Kissinger a case of “strange bedfellows.”

The Carter presidency was destroyed by the Federal Reserve cutting off the money supply and pushing interest rates into the stratosphere. Carter, now considered a “rabid anti-Semite” had to be gotten rid of. Reagan and Bush and the “October surprise” assured that.

Reagan could win but was never intended to serve. 69 days in office he was shot by a Bush family friend.

When, in 1988, a Bush president was finally in office, a war contrived and a major US victory heralded, only 4 years later, Bush came in third in a 3 way presidential race.

Though Clinton was paying off the national debt, unemployment at an all-time low, economic growth at an all-time high, US relations around the world at a crescendo, congress tried to impeach him based on an affair with a young Mossad operative named Monica Lewinsky.

Obama's confusing state of affairs

Last week, President Obama cut military aid to Israel, blocking shipments of Hellfire missiles, the primary weapon used against civilians in Gaza by the IDF. Conservative news organization said “Obama has joined Hamas” and that this will likely “give Hamas a commanding position in the war in Israel.”

Only a week before, Obama had sounded like he was totally behind Israel, according to newspaper reports. Now he is considered both a “terrorist” and “traitor” by Republicans and the Israel lobby.

Inexplicably, independent press organs that had been citing connections between ISIS and their reign of terror and the trail of support for that organization that led back to Tel Aviv, began attacking Obama when he ordered bombing raids on this Israeli backed Al Qaeda group.

When Obama uses his position as commander in chief of the military to, what appears to be, strangle Israeli operations, even that is purposefully misconstrued to the point of absurdity. After all, as Thierry Meyssan of Voltaire Net so ably pointed out, it is ISIS that is partnered with the Israeli’s, ARAMCO and the oil companies, why are moves against them being reported by “alternative press” groups as quite the opposite?



  1. This ships of fools! Corporations are perpetual and they have limited liability. This does not exonerate them from the crimes against humanity, the murders, the theft, and the lack of real leadership, etc...they tried it.

    And then they tried to change the Constitution...I don't know what kind of power they think they have as a corporation, but there are limits to the actions of "unnatural persons;" at some point a person had to "do it."

    Every Executive Order, every Legislative Rule enacted since the Corporation began operating must be publicly annulled and voided because this is not the true nature of the government as described in the founding of this nation; and these actions were done without the consent of the citizens, deception of the highest order.

    I think of embezzlement, fraud, treason, perjury, diriliction of duty, breach of public trust, theft, usury, I think I can throw the book at this...

    I had to laugh to keep from the sheer stupidity.

    1. I mean, "ship" of fools; as in "all in one boat." What makes them think that they can incorporate the Presidency to act outside of the legal body of "government whose charter is the Constitution of the United States, Bill of Rights, Articles etc...?" The PResidency isn't the government, the citizen's are the government. They changed the meaning to obscure their actions, who knew?

      Corporations operate under a charter established by the government and articles of incorporation established by the entity/person; and this "being" presents a conflict of interest "inside" of the/any government...


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