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D.C. WHISPERS: Barack Obama Preparing Pardon Pen For Illegals August 17th?

OWoN: Explosive issue if true. How can an Illegal Fraudster get away with this?

DW Ulsterman
8 August 2014

To this I say NO WAY. Even by the Constitution shredding nature of the Obama administration this would be lighting a powder keg Democrats cannot possibly wish to see lit. And yet, that is what I was just told may be in the works in just over a week’s time…

Earlier today we published a notice indicating the president would be returning from his Martha’s Vineyard vacation back to the White House on August 17th. He would then leave the White House to resume his vacation on August 19th.

A short time after posting that blog, I received a message indicating the White House inner circle has been contemplating for some time the administration’s options in performing something both “sweeping” and “comprehensive” that would energize the Democratic base and “form battle lines just prior to the Midterm Elections.”

A possible scenario, and one that is apparently far more developed than just a passing thought by the White House, is a presidential pardon for ALL underage illegal immigrants awaiting processing and/or possible deportation. It would be sold as a one-time deal to (allegedly) get the country past the current crisis while Congress is then left to form a longer term solution.

In addition to the pardoning of underage illegals, the president would extend indefinitely, any deportations of remaining illegals until such time as Congress passes comprehensive immigration reform.

The potential plan was apparently leaked to Republican leadership members last month, though no indication of a Republican response has been forthcoming. (Perhaps they believe it to be an empty threat?)

While I believe the president intends to do something regarding the thousands of illegal youth having recently entered the country, I can’t see that something being in the form of pardon powers – but then again, who knows? At present, and as a reader earlier pointed out, the brief return from vacation likely involves recess appointments or similar.


UPDATE: When I asked if someone could be pardoned for a crime they had not yet been found guilty of and then sentenced for I was told YES. Nixon would be just such an example. Also, there is precedent for mass pardons – Jimmy Carter did so for Vietnam-era draft dodgers who had fled to Canada.


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