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Another 'Keytstone' angle

OWoN: What strokes Buffet is playing. While you are paying.

Warren Buffett

Interesting details regarding the BNSF Rail Road

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  1. Well meanwhile everyone in Brazil sees this guy as a illumated visionary investor, I see this guy as a piece of garbage and part of the problem. Look at his face, what a xxxxtard. From my standing I can see far away the amazing and eternal Karma that expects him. The only way this type of people can make money is by fraud and shadow finances.

    What a Fraud.

    1. I watched an interview with this satanist last year. His eldest son was on. Talked about his wealth and the fact his son will not receive a penny when he passes away. NEVER mentioned who/what will inherit after his death. Probably JPM will get 90% of it.....

      NO RULE OF LAW in this once great land.That is why monopolies like these fluorish.Just pay the bribes to right places and you get immunity. Nice racket, posing as a lawful business. He probably pays ZERO taxes to boot!! Agreed! FILTH!


    2. Personally, I like him. I have no particular reason for that, but the signals are positive ones and I have never seen evidence of low integrity in Warren Buffet.

      I guess it's a subjective call since I've never met him, just as it would be if I deplored him with no real evidence or personal knowledge of him. But, then, our perceptions are coming from us, not at us, and the implications of this are mind-boggling.

    3. I found an article that describe their agenda...Warren Buffet is no different than the rest of them. They are all a bunch of crooks.

      THIS IS… T R E A S O N — Interview with Rob Kirby
      Mon, August 4, 2014
      Dear friend and Patriot Rob Kirby from joins us to discuss Ebola, precious metals manipulation and the US open border with Mexico – and he doesn’t mince words:

      “These are people that are deeply, deeply involved in deep TREASON. We are under the control of Globalists and Globalists have an agenda. They want less of us on the planet. The Globalists have written white papers explaining explicitly their contempt for humanity. They want less of us on the planet. They want the planet depopulated. These Globalists have control of the financial apparatus, the media apparatus, the geopolitical apparatus… It is Globalism that we need to fear most of all. Their agendas are one world government, one world currency and one world religion, namely the worship of State. And this is the trajectory we’re on.”

      Rob’s site:

      I did an archive search on mass articles from April 2014 until now and found no information on the Keystone Pipeline...they are keeping is very very quiet. More fleecing of taxpayers.

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  3. In this latest article I found; now they're using the Indians and climate change as a cover for why the Keystone Pipeline will not go forward.

    US has broken treaties all across the world and now they find that this one treaty: " violating the 1868 Fort Laramie Treaty-“bad man” clause in Article I" as a way of explaining they would be in violation of...all the while protecting the deal on behalf of Warren Buffet...what crooks...

    This tear jerking story is just promote emotional outrage , all the while masking the real purpose that the pipeline will not go forward. A refusal to disclose to the American public what the real story is...they use a spin doctor to "tell a story."

    This is why this website (OWoN) is so effective, we bridge news from across the world...we match up stories that we aren't being told here in the US...


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