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Alarm Bells Ringing - Behind the Smoke and Mirrors of the European Banking System

OWoN: Worth careful reading as Europe is not what it seems. When Boris Johnson, Mayor of London becomes an MP again, he will challenge for Leadership of the Conservative ( Republican ) party. He strongly advocates Britain withdrawing from the EU. There are no benefits for Britain to be in. If Britain leaves, Germany alone can not carry this pack of parasites, crooks and weasels. It will implode. The EU is oil and water. The two do not mix.

Figure 1: Eurozone Government Debt-to-GDP (Maastricht Definition)  
Source: European Central Bank

Sinclair & Co.
By Erico Matias Tavares
2 August 2014

Alarm bells in the European banking system have been ringing for quite a while but nobody seems to be listening. The roaring capital markets are just too loud.

But we have been keeping track of a few things.

Private sector lending is dropping sharply in the Eurozone. The latest figures have just been released and the picture is not at all encouraging. Total private sector credit by Eurozone monetary financial institutions has accentuated its negative trajectory last June, with lending to households seeing the largest monthly decline since the height of the great financial crisis in late 2008. Uh-oh.

Periphery back in play? Very recently the second largest private bank in Portugal was caught in the bankruptcy of the Espirito Santo conglomerate, reporting the largest ever corporate loss in the country’s history just last Wednesday, and raising the specter that all might not be well in the Eurozone’s periphery. Now the Portuguese government may be forced to intervene, possibly using a very large chunk of the financial sector stabilization funds set aside during the country’s recent bailout.

BIS issues a(nother) warning. This should not be a surprise. In its 2014 annual report, released at the end of June, the Bank of International Settlements (“BIS”) warned that “banks that have failed to adjust post-crisis face lingering balance sheet weaknesses from direct exposure to over indebted borrowers and the drag of debt overhang on economic recovery”, with this situation being the most acute in Europe. It also stated that increases in government debt ratios in several cases appear to be on an unsustainable path. It appears that debt levels matter for (some) economists after all.

Bad loans rising. Before we had Fitch, the ratings agency, stating last May that in a sample of 124 Eurozone banks which participated in the latest stress test impaired loans increased by an average of 8% in 2013, with no less than 30 banks seeing an increase of 20%. This could have certainly contributed to the massive contraction in private sector credit that we are now seeing on its own. But there’s more.

Emerging dangers. Trillions more in fact. In February Reuters reported that European banks have loaned in excess of $3 trillion to emerging markets – a little less than the entire GDP of Germany, and more than four times the exposure of US lenders to those countries. Fitch chimed in saying that “a handful of large EU banks are materially exposed to more fragile emerging markets.” While direct risks might be manageable for these banks, any contagion might be another story. Is an Argentinean default truly contained? Are Turkey’s problems solved? What happens if the latest EU/US sanctions hit Russian banks or companies hard?

Where’s the capital? Another eye-opener came over a year ago. In April 2013, Jakob Vestergaard and María Retana at the Danish Institute for International Studies published "Smoke and Mirrors: On the Alleged Recapitalization of European Banks", a report partially funded by the World Bank. The title says it all. According to the authors, by using broad capital measures based on risk-weighted assets European banking regulators have overstated the banks’ soundness and resilience in their stress assessments. Accordingly, “recent increases in risk weighted capital ratios have been little more than a smokescreen.”

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    Saturday, August 2, 2014 12:31

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  2. Thank You FEDUP
    A very difficult read, just too much reality. It hits you in the face how evil this family lineage is.

    1. I know, they place him at the head of the Cabal...they lump 3 Bushes, and the Bookkeeper (mother), and Clinton's, and Obama in one pot...

      And we wonder why there is monetary retraction...He stole all of the taxpayer's money...he took those funds out of circulating in the economy, for his own use...And they called other nations the Axis of Evil...the pot calling the kettle black!

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    NATO “is looking for a new sense of existence,” Lavrov told Russia’s Itar-Tass news agency in an interview. “Russia turned up. If there was no Ukraine, I assure you, there would be another aspect of Russia’s inner or foreign politics used for speculations.”

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    “These hopes,” however, never came true and NATO keeps expanding, Lavrov said.

  6. John

    Where is the report investigation of MH17 black boxes..? UK should have released that on August the 1st. Did Cameron eat it for lunch?

    1. Actually he could not digest the truth so he used that in restroom

    2. At least somebody know how to count to five.....

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  9. This is GREAT....... even with wide imagination I would not be able to come to this treason against humanity that NATO and fascists did..... Now I understand why UK flushed the black boxes ...... straightforward Cameron.....hero of ages from Syria to Ukraine...
    (I posted this at the other article ..... to me it is too important to miss it...)

    ;;;;;;;;;;; Fighter bombers attacking civilian targets in Eastern Ukraine, flying with Ukrainian Air Force markings, have been traced to air bases in Romania, Moldova and Azerbaijan, armed and some perhaps piloted by Poles and even Israelis. Canadian journalist, Geoffrey West, working with online “plane spotting” groups has identified combat aircraft flying “packages” over Ukrainian air space as taking off from NATO and other facilities.

    Read more at:
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  10. So it is like this probably in Ukraine.....

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    1. Vlastimil... Go to for information on MH17 and MH370. Field McConnell (retired US military and airline pilot for many years) and David Hawkins, forensic investigator and Brit now living in Canada, allege that MH370 was hijacked and droned to secret base at Diego Garcia. Passengers were snuffed at some point and "put on ice" to be used in future operations. MH17 flight was actually cancelled for July 17 according to records, but the MH370 plane tail number was repainted (only one letter difference), loaded with bodies on hand, and droned to Ukraine where it could be disposed on over war area which would destroy evidence and make an investigation almost impossible. Technology has existed for many decades to drone civilian planes as well as military by way of Boeing-Honeywell Uninteruptible Auto Pilot (BUAP).

      Many nefarious crimes like this have happened over decades to commercial airlines and private planes through a process run by the largest company no one has ever heard of....SERCO...which has contracts with tentacles into all military operations, air control towers, everything you can imagine.

      Crimes also involve insurance scams and betting on body counts for particular disasters/tragedies. World Trade Towers 9/11/01 in NY, subway bombing in London, Boston Marathon bombing, Sandy Hook school, Auroa, Colorado theater, and several commercial flight downings are apparently some of their better known handiwork.

      AbelDanger has been investigating for quite a few years. I've been following their articles and Livestream broadcasts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday usually at 2:00 EST. SERCO has what they call a Red Switch Network which is set up in hotels around the world to compromise politicians and others with paedophilia, prostitution. SERCO has contract for tagging convicted criminals and use them to transport to commit desired crimes and then fly them out after crime committed.

      The evil, satanist deeds in this world know no bounds. You will find VERY PROMINENT names from UK and US involved in this monstrosity company and are named at AbelDanger.

      It would be good for this site to publish some of their articles.


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