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Daily reports Ukraine missile shipment from Vietnam

OWoN: So who is shipping SAM from Vietnam and look at what's just happened to a poor flight with a Wham bam, no thank you Ma'am.

Image: Yle

Missile parts from Vietnam, bound for Ukraine, were found at Helsinki-Vantaa in June

Yle Uutiset
19 July 2014

A shipment of missile components bound for Ukraine and intercepted by Finnish customs originated in Vietnam, reports the daily Helsingin Sanomat. The paper wrote Friday that in June Finnish customs officers blocked the large consignment because it lacked the permits required to transit through Finland.

According to Helsingin Sanomat, the impounded shipment of components for what appears to be a missile guidance system originated in Vietnam and was bound for Ukraine.

Customs officials are awaiting confirmation from Finland’s defence forces on what kind of missile system parts are being delivered and at the same time trying to determine who will be on the receiving end in Ukraine.

They are also investigating whether or not the parts had been serviced in Vietnam as well as the reason why Finland was listed as a transit point on the bill of lading.

Customs officials will also be turning their attention to the airline that transported the components to discover what role it played in the entire scenario. At this point however the airline itself is not suspected of violating export regulations.

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