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Chilling images show how Israeli airstrikes flatten entire Gaza street in just one hour

OWoN: Will no one stop this vile NAZI type Scumbag Genocide!!!!! SHAME ON ISRAEL!!!!

Terrible slaughter of innocent people, by design or by consequence, will not bring peace to a land deserving so much more.

Gone in 60 minutes - entire street disappears

Video footage captured a street caught up on the conflict being obliterated - Palestinians say at least 30 people were killed overnight

By Ben Russell
29 July 2014

As the bloody conflict in Gaza rages on, this video shows the shocking speed of a devastating airstrike.

In just one hour, an Israeli bombardment leaves a street in the war torn region completely flattened.

From a viewpoint on a hill outside the town, the film captures the moment bombs start to fall and explosions ripping through the streets and buildings.

At the start of the clip, which is described as showing "Precision Strikes", the time is shown as 4:00 GMT and 5:00GMT by the end.

In the background the sound of camera shutters can be heard as several cameramen and photographers capture the attack.

An Israeli military spokeswoman said 70 targets were struck during the night.

Residents claimed at least 30 people were killed in the assaults from air, land and sea in the biggest attack so far in the 22 days of fighting.

It is thought that 20 houses were destroyed during the night and two mosques were hit.

Witnesses said the fuel storage at Gaza’s main power plant was struck, sending thick black plumes of smoke up into the air and leaving Gaza City and many other areas without electricity.

Hamas said its broadcast outlets Al-Aqsa TV and Al-Aqsa Radio were also targeted. The television station continued to broadcast but the radio station went silent.

The Israeli military said five soldiers were killed in a battle with militants who crossed into Israel via a tunnel near Nahal Oz, close to the Gaza border.

Israeli Army Radio said Hamas gunmen fired a rocket-propelled grenade at the soldiers who were in a watchtower and then tried to drag one of the soldiers’ bodies into the tunnel back to Gaza, but failed when troops fired at them, killing one militant.

Hamas said nine of its fighters carried out the attack.

In a statement they said:"They attacked a fortified military watch tower of Nahal Oz where there were a great number of occupation soldiers."

So far more than 1,100 Gazans, most of them civilians, have been killed in the conflict.

On the Israeli side, 53 soldiers have been killed as well as three civilians.

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  1. Criticizing Israel ends political careers in US: Rozzo

    What Israel is doing in the besieged Gaza strip is the “massacre” and “ethnic cleansing” of Palestinians and US officials “can’t say anything because this can end a lot of political careers,” an American political analyst in New Jersey says.

    “The United States and its political structure supports Israel because Israel is the largest military client in the Middle East,” said Constantino Rozzo, a former candidate for the second Congressional district in New Jersey.

    “Palestine seems to be the largest open-air prison camp in the world and what’s going on with Israel now, and our politicians won’t reveal this or condemn what’s going on, but what’s going on is a massacre, what’s going on is a human rights abuse,” Rozzo told Press TV on Wednesday.

    The Zionist regime’s mission is “ethnic cleansing and destroying the Palestinian people,” he noted.

    US lawmakers from across the aisle on Capitol Hill have said they will “stand with Israel” in its deadly offensive against Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip.

    On Monday, both Republican and Democrat lawmakers gathered at an event hosted by the National Leadership Assembly for Israel and expressed their opposition to any kind of criticism of Israel’s atrocities against Palestinians.

    “Nobody can say anything because it’s pretty hard to say anything because this can end a lot of political careers because Israel has a lot of power [and] lot money behind this,” Rozzo said.

    Israel has been pounding numerous sites inside Gaza, killing innocent residents of the impoverished Palestinian enclave since July 8.

    The Palestinian death toll from more than three weeks of aerial and ground assaults on the blockaded coastal sliver is now over 1,300, with more than 7,500 people wounded.


  2. Israel's 'Iron Dome' EXPOSED! A Massive HOAX!!
    Posted By: Jordon [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Friday, 1-Aug-2014 17:16:39


    The Iron Dome Hoax is a rather hard one to understand the reasoning behind and comes to terms with, after all we are told on the nightly news night after night that Hamas missiles are being intercepted by the almost god-like Iron dome system, which intercepts allegedly 90% of the missiles launched toward Israel... Why lie about that?

    What proof is there that Iron Dome actually is hitting missiles in the first place? Well, there actually isn't any, the few Hamas missiles actually ever launched (Hamas is a group created by and controlled by the state of Israel) do not in fact even have warheads, and are basically hollow pipes and fireworks as has been proven time and time again.

    Well, it turns out the "Iron Dome" interceptor missiles are a similar scam- They are in fact not intercepting anything, but instead are exploding in thin air, making people feel they are intercepting alleged Hamas rockets, when in reality they're essentially billions of dollars worth of American taxpayer money fireworks self-detonating in the air - glorified fireworks as well.

    Speculation this was the case has been growing, with a more recent assertion by Israeli Dr. Motti Sheffer saying exactly that- The Iron Dome is a massive lie, which is "intercepting" "simulated rockets" which in reality do not exist.. The Iron Dome rockets are just self-detonating in the air, causing a loud sound, but not intercepting anything.

    A group of Israeli skeptics asked the Israeli government to see the thermal imaging proof that the rockets were in fact intercepting other rockets, and they were denied- But why deny them some thermal imaging of the "proof" of Iron dome? There is no reason to withhold said proof, which is further evidence that there are no "Hamas rockets" being intercepted by Iron Dome, and Iron Dome is just a fireworks system.

    The only "Hamas Rockets" that ever make it into Israel which we are shown are essentially smoke bombs, and the rest are hollow metal tubes, that's hardly anything to get worried about. There don't appear to be any warheads, and there is no visible damage in Israel at all from these supposed "Hamas Rocket attacks" which in reality don't contain warheads.

    But why? Why would Israel do this? Well, the answer is obvious:

    The reason for the fake Hamas "missile attacks" and the phony Iron dome system is to keep the Israeli population in fear and thinking their is a legitimate attack on their lives (when no such threat actually exists) it is to make them hate the Palestinians, and allow the actual ground invasion to take place, which will kill hundreds of thousands eventually- as well as to put in place the "no go zone" which essentially eliminates half of Gaza to residential habitation.

    It is also to guarantee billions of dollars of US funding "protecting Israel", and to make the American people feel Israel is in fact under attack, and to make the American people the money we are sending them (the Israelis) to protect themselves from the non-existent Hamas rocket threat is being well spent.

    Who needs billions of dollars for road repairs, health care, or just tax rebates in the US.. when we can send that money to Israel?

    Iron Dome Fake - A Massive Hoax - Missiles Blowing Up in the Air


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