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Who is Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi?

Long-standing controversy settled – DNA shows Ashkenazim female line descended from southern and western Europe, NOT the Near East

Gaza Under Attack TV - CNN

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Shlomo Sand - The Invention of the land of Israel

At the meeting in London, Shlomo Sand features and discussion with the audience the thesis of his latest book. Shlomo makes clear the falsity of the myths that seek to inculcate among the Jewish communities the idea that has always been part of the desires and goals of the Jews throughout history recovery (or achievement) of a concrete earthly territory beyond installing your state. He also clarified why the debates, although morally favorable to the existence of a single state in Palestine, believes that the solution lies today in the building of two states. However, he also emphasizes that should not be two ethnic states: one Jewish and one Arab, but two states of all its citizens. No less interesting is its questioning of the "secular Judaism".

Ukraine and MH17

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