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A Disconnected Obama Hits The Golf Course As World Events Rage Out Of Control

OWoN: This media manufactured dope gets ever more bad exposure.

A boat at sea without leadership, quite sad to see America led by such a total mediocrity.

No matter where he is, a golf loving Fundraiser-in-Chief can’t tell Hamas or Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu what to do.

The President who wasn't there

Now The End Begins
21 July 2014

Obama has always been cold and detached, but as world events spiral out of control he has clearly abandoned his commission to steer America as the world’s leader in times of crisis. It is so bizarre that it borders on a full-blown mental disorder. He exudes a level of weakness not seen in any other president, including Carter if you can imagine that. But it’s not so bizarre if this is his actual agenda.

President Obama flirted with a political bogey Sunday as he played golf while fighting raged in Gaza and bodies were loaded onto refrigerated train cars in Ukraine. Rarely has there been as vivid a gulf between world events and a White House straining to exude an image of normalcy.

Word of the Malaysia Airlines plane crash was out Thursday as a smiling Obama was having a photo-op with “real people” at a Delaware restaurant and then hurried to New York City for two fund-raisers.

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