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Global Crossing, Fraud, Fascist Zionist Neocons, Israel | Parts 1, 2 and 3

OWON: More lying, thieving Zionist and Neocon scumbags colluding in crime.
By Karl W. B. Schwarz
4 June 2014

Part 1

How could a telecom network be a strategic asset in implementing global fascism? Much easier than you might suspect but detecting or tracking premeditated fraud is not easy to do. It has been said I can track the footsteps of fraud across the concrete sidewalks of DC and NYC.

On August 9, 2012 Jeff Rense and I did a detailed radio show on Global Crossing and how these huge corporate stock frauds are planned, underwritten and then launched on an unsuspecting investing public. The Global Crossing instance was as big one, over $56 billion in money that was fleeced / stolen from investors to build a network that had an agenda and a purpose from its day of inception.

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Yet more of the sickening Neocon Zionist shysters spying and betraying nations for profit.

Part 2

In the previous article about Global Crossing, I posed the question: How could a fiber optic telecom / Internet network be a strategic asset in implementing global fascism? That is not a rhetorical question and I wish there was only one answer to it as being the all-intrusive NSA spying that Edward Snowden made public.

The NSA has been around a long time doing what its name says, National Security Agency. Most of the time NSA is much more clandestine than the CIA because they are not generally out in the field where it can be dangerous and sometimes big scandals happen when a black op blows up in their face.

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This will be the next crisis that rips Europe to pieces, when it appears in the headlines. I imagine the Italian tax police are Delirious with glee. The blowback will go right through the western banking system.

Part 3

When Central Bank rates are under 1% or under 0% as they are now in ECB / EU, and a company is required to pay rates as high as 10.75% to 11.75%, they are usually viewed as a credit risk. The only other possibility is the above-market interest rates are a way to bleed cash out of a company for use in other agendas and the higher than market interest rate is sort of like a Trojan Horse so folks do not wise up to the scheme or the scam. Global Crossing did it before; why not do it again?

Such is the case with this recent announcement by Global Crossing.

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