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Russian RPSR | new tech at work

US version of Smart Skin

Now this should scare the hell out of the US.

We wrote last month that two new weapon systems were displayed so far by Russia, over the Ukrainian disaster. One being the laser system that destroyed the latest stealth US drone near Murmansk and the unarmed Su-24 that jammed the Aegis radar system on the U.S.S. Donald Cook for 90 minutes, in the Black Sea, rendering it defenseless.


Now let us inform you about a third display of technology, if you do not already know. And we will assume that if we know, then it should be known in proper company, and if not shame on them.

Russia has quietly during the Ukraine Crisis been operationally using two different models of what is called the RPSR (Remotely Piloted Suicide Reconnaissance). This is a Russian deep black aircraft program in which an existing jet fighter (MiG-29 FULCRUM) or interceptor (MiG-25 FOXBAT) is flown as an ultra wide band sensor DRONE able to detect, locate and report by high capacity, real time data encrypted links to the ground, any and all active emitters, be they radio, radar or laser! There have been no weapons observed, thus it is unarmed, but the RPSR is nevertheless a lethal weapon because it is an airborne information vacuum cleaner, sucking it up to directly enable defense avoidance or hard kill. The latter is aptly called DEAD (Destruction of Enemy Air Defenses). And we will assume that they have armed ones fully operational, yet to see displayed. Or at least we can see what and how they would do so, and why. And please understand that this is a quantum advance over typical drone technology.

MiG-29 Fulcrum
MiG-25 Foxbat

The RPSR has an ultra advanced, external sensing version of the US smart skin technology, but this one makes the US developmental version seem dumb by comparison. Why? The RPSR is covered with the deep black program fruit of Russia’s Area 51 equivalent, Zhitkur. The RPSR’s sensor skin is apparently wrapped around the airframes something like the way full ad wraps are applied to cars. Aircrew space is now crammed with electronics and other gear. Some, one can only begin to guess at. And what is used to act on this information is not yet displayed or how it would be used, and one can only surmise. It would not surprise me to learn that they have laser systems both land, space and airborne that use this data flow in real time and act on it. Never mind the computer smarts on board as it is not a land based directional drone. So this is a major leap in airborne computer technology, And we suspect it is Artificial intelligence at work, in ways not seen before. And one to be admired and feared at the same time.

Russia’s Area 51 equivalent, Zhitkur

Not only is the RPSR an electromagnetic net for emitters, but it’s capable of characterizing fire directed against it, to include nearby detonations, and can categorize impacts. The connection between comprehensive mapping of Ukraine defenses and a current or future possible assault is obvious. One is simply taken back by the technology, and the logic of it. And it is clear that the NATO air positioning is a total waste of time and perhaps manpower if if comes to a fight. While one marvels at what the Russians have achieved, it is at the same time scary as the west simply does not measure up, in field tested and displayed equipment. And should things get to a shooting stage it will be a turkey shoot of anyone standing in their way.

What and where the world is, is that the west, preoccupied with looting the world, lost the technology edge in modern combat. It would be most unwise to tangle with out of control deficits and a technology gap. No amount of Hollywood mystique will cut it, or measure up. The west needs to seize back the edge by gaining control of it's finances and electing responsible capable leadership before if is too late and the new languages we learn becomes Russian or Chinese, or both.

While we may be apprehensive of what we do not see from the west we need to be reality focused on what we see from Russia and China, especially Russia as they are the new technology leaders in any potential combat. And yes, do not expect to see a western article on this subject any time soon. However, we will surmise a briefing paper has been seen and read carefully by the powers that be what they are, and should explain why there can be no direct confrontation which is why proxies are being used and will be abandoned when pushed as expendable fodder to cover up the reality.

This says the US is now outfoxed, radar blind sided and WILL be WIPED OUT in any Naval Conflict which is why Russia tried to lure them in and destroy them over Syria. Both Russia and China now have taken Quantum Leaps over and beyond the US and welcomes the chance to annihilate the US forces used in a conflict. IF AMERICA COLLAPSES THANKS TO BUSH AND THE ZIONIST CABAL THE INVASION WHICH WILL FOLLOW WILL BE AS WITH THE RUSSIANS IN GERMANY after WWII. Have no doubt this is being planned and the US will be wide open once its fleets are destroyed. Putin and the Chinese are loving this. They are ganging up and gagging for it.

Not a good time to be an American right now. Dangerous days.

*This is a combined readership article. Authors names withheld. Images were added during editing.

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