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Transhumanism | it's unstoppable now, but left to the Cabal, life would be Sub Human for those not selected - leaving YOU where?

Looking forward, the Emerging World and Your Consciousness yet to come as a Universal Spirit of Man. Transhumanism is fast tracking down on you - so Adapt or Die as a Being, because what’s evolving will not be held back by the blind ignorance of false reality. Selective processing and screened survival is coming. Transhuman does not have to be Sub human.

One World of Nations
23 April 2014

Everything is changing so fast now, but some things not for the better. So, let’s start with a journey of new discovery. Identify and expose what we need to first understand, our very being, then adapt to the new reality, and help change it to go forward as more “Inclusive” enhanced Transhuman Mankind in a better way. Your mind barrier is the final frontier. Control it, or be enslaved by it, because what’s coming fast is unstoppable now. Both the Political and Public sector are blissfully, but pitifully, ignorant of it. Man via the Military, Agencies and Corporations alone will now reinvent a better designed, less flawed man, and with it seek to access, or try to become, God. Where does that leave YOU? In their hands with no Effective Oversight? Because without the PP’s, RV’s or Settlements to counter and balance it, that’s exactly the nightmare which may unfold. What is our collective status now?

Did God invent Man, or Did Man invent God? The new question of our age.

So many hopes and dreams have been dismembered as the most malignant assaults against all our freedoms is allowed to continue unchecked by virulent Agencies, unstable Third World hateful Pseudo Religions, Drug Laundering Bankers, and such mediocre Political Leaders bought to order, then marched out to vote to Party dictates. Who controls the Parties? Therein lies the problems! Their lies, Inept Leadership and paid lackeys; compromised people marching to the orders of Rotten Men. What happened to the honor to serve? Why is integrity dying? Stop electing Varmints! Raise the bar! The war needed is the war against Rats in Government today. And a whole new system of independent Public Board supervised licensing of a Free Press. Start by booting out the Press Barons who have betrayed their nations, colluded with the Cabal, and conspired with Agencies to disburse false propaganda. Break up the MSM monopolies. Let Freedom breath. Both expose and hold accountable the corrupt Politicians, Bankers and Cabal gangsters. Where is Snowdon’s alleged Cabal ID list naming all? Time to unleash it by Public demand. Expose them NOW. Traitors get a Military Court Trial. No more bent Judges.

Bring in Neutral Independent Parliamentary, Congressional and Senator Standards Boards empowered to investigate corruption allegations, suspend those found compromised and enforce prosecution. That alone would have enabled Ethical Supervisory Boards to:

  • have suspended and Jailed Biden for Bribe taking and Money Laundering
  • charged and Jailed Clinton for Bribe giving and taking
  • arrested Romney and Bush 41 for Racketeering, Money Laundering, Tax Evasion and Fraud
  • ensuring also that Herzog was extradited to the US to stand trial for Fraud and Money Laundering
  • to have undertaken appropriate criminal investigations into Greenspan, Rubin and Paulson with the Zionist Fed Rico based Fraud.

Trillions have been stolen from America and also looted from the world. Where is it all now? How dare Congress fail to act!

Why are the 5 known CIA Agents who flew around the world criminally moving and Laundering Biden’s bribe money to evade Falcone Investigators, not being hauled before Congress under Indictments to testify on Oath? America needs a new Elliot Ness so badly. The world cannot and must not be run by these Racketeers and Gangster Bankers! Has the Speaker sold his Soul? Is Congress now morally bankrupt?

When the World Leaders are directed by unelected Shadow Forces, who are they and what is their agenda? Far worse, do they even know? The NWO continues to progress unchecked with appalling potential consequences. Benefiting who? It won’t be you, be sure of that. Aided and supported by ever further intruding technologically aided Spying Agencies, Political Indoctrination is stupefying nations. Can you wonder why the Western Hemisphere has gone so badly adrift, when there is neither a quality of Leadership nor adequate Social Vision from any of them? Nonentities who have achieved nothing in their mediocre lives are unfit for the height and demands of office they now hold. Mediocrities make poor Leaders. Society pays.

We live in a world where State Terrorism itself is now competing to overtake the Third World Terrorists who mean us harm. But First World State Terrorism is now far more dangerous. Our real Cabal enemy is already within! Crooks and incompetents rule. Never has freedom, the right to be, or belong, been under so many assault strategies. Agencies willfully lie to Congress, with no consequential penalties. Democracy is under assault, and losing. Looking on, looking in, looking forward, what cannot not be happening - is.

And all the while, the truly Plebeian Sheeple masses meander through life, indifferent to their own ends, in the slaughter house of Democracy. No one cares. Welfare fed and dependent nations are directed as pawns on a board by an ever more inept and clueless Political aristocracy. Europe is now a Jesuit Conclave of Political Made Men in Office with Jesuit pasts. Democracy has been replaced by Autocracy, but now even that is in chaos. The money is fast running out. You can’t thieve a nation’s wealth, then expect to live free afterwards from an empty pot.

Welfare Dependencies are out of control, budgets failing and resources inadequate. We cannot help Society without funds, but the Predatory Bankers and Financiers, without remorse, ruthlessly help themselves. No society is under greater threat than America. The Leading Nation is Leaderless. Yet the citizens seem immune to the mendacity of the loathsome parasites destabilizing the very planet we all share. Somewhere, over the last 50 years, Bush 41 onwards for sure, the US took a reality bypass. What is allowed to happen in America contaminates all of us. Infection travels, diluting the standards and values of old Democracies. Challenge it and you are challenging the “We are Special comfort zone mentality of brainwashed indoctrination”. Zombie mind slaves.

Emerging Third World states such as China, India, Asia, Russia and a convoluted Europe all seek an even greater say at the Feed Bowl of the G20 and G8. A century of failed Leadership by America has left the world saddled with an unstable and valueless Petro Dollar, a renegade and rogue Federal Reserve, an IMF with Global aspirations but no money to fund development or recovery, and both a Washington DC and Wall Street Financial system where Zionists have taken the very Capital Flow of America as hostage to their wishes and sole dictate. Is money the route of all evil, or those controlling it? We raise it, they howl anti-Semitic. That old "get out of jail game". We are NOT, so don’t buy it! Racketeering corruption needs exposure! Exclusion of non-Jews in the Fed and Treasury is a Major Trust Violation and a Crime! How dare they protest at our Protest! Stop the corrupt abuse. Their Oligopoly control is total anathema to an Inclusive Society. This is pernicious segregation by a Weasel Pack! Open up the Treasury for ALL Americans. Stop their rackets!

Churchill warned of the ever approaching evil Bush and Rothschild funded Nazi danger, but was ridiculed by an indifferent population, parallel to those of today. The mindless masses ignored clear warnings. Now history repeats itself. Before 20 Million Russians were slaughtered, over 10 Million Europeans, and allegedly over 6 Million Jews were rounded up for the Concentration Camps. WWII was a ruthless blood bath. Not just the Jews suffered. The vastly greater rest also don’t get the equal publicity from whining Hollywood! Is Truth so hard to speak its name? They ALL matter damn you! Genocide on a massive scale, unparalleled before. Imagine now, the same Monsters, but armed with modern technologies. The sheer scale of genocide we risk facing. In the wrong hands, Nuclear, Viral and even Designer DNA viruses unleashed can depopulate Billions. Be assured, many ARE thinking about it. From the misinformed naiveties of unfounded Religions to the arrogant, heartless Greed and ruthless parasitical tendencies of the Cabal, the world of Mankind today plots the removal of Mankind.

Religions, while being a comfort to some, are a curse to many. As they have been for Millennia having brought genocide and bondage for those falling prey to their duplicitous guiles. The real truth is so much greater than they aspire to which is sad. Awesome in its magnitude for those who behold or truly seek. But lost in the melee of false claims, and beyond the comprehension of mass ignorance. You need truth. Seek it! It’s time to grow up and wise up! Come of Age!

Mankind is now approaching a zenith of awareness and new understanding of our capabilities and your very being as a whole new emerging species, with unstoppable technological and scientific developments to benefit and aid you to make the quantum leap.

New scientific breakthroughs will enable us to evolve to whole new transhuman physical levels of longevity. But parallel to this will be the need to develop an enhanced consciousness which starts by rediscovering our pasts and the realities of our evolution to date. Ignorance and naivety simply has no place in unstoppable progressive realities bearing down upon us. Change and adopt new realities like the Chameleon species we are, or be run over by them and decline into obsolescence. Time waits for no one. Go forward by re assessing the past. Focus on facts, not illusions.

The new world has no place for ignorance or deluded fools. The era of Cybernetics and transhumanism is now upon us and it will be selective. Join the queue, or join the Zoo. Within only 20 to 30 years from now, major changes to the Human species will commence, reshaping Humanity forever. In one and two centuries from now, far more enlightened and intellectually enhanced humans will look back at us akin to the Dark Ages of low understanding, our collective ignorance, but also hopefully see the goodness of Soul still exuded by many. Hindsight will show how education failed nations who instead recklessly funded wars and cruel oppression instead.

The appliance of sciences will enhance our species. No lives will be untouched. Evolution will take us to new heightened awareness levels expanding exponentially our intellectual and physical capacities as the new Star Species we will evolve to become.

The acceleration of enhanced consciousness necessary will become the new frontiers, as we generation jump the kinetic energy barriers harnessing the very being and Soul of Man. The transference of intellectual product, the brain storage of knowledge itself is already approaching new breakthroughs. Redesigning our new, less genetically flawed physical body vehicles, is only now a generation away. Man will next become the old Feudal species concepts of their own Gods, and only then starting to even conceive the enormity of creation, our need to ever evolve, and progress as a species to experience the destiny ahead of us. That starts by challenging hard truths, removing and releasing ignorance.

Emerging realities will be unstoppable. Life, time and our species will march on. Time to grasp the consciousness of reality, and explore the vast expanded alternatives of being at one with the Galactic magnificence of what is out there awaiting us. Progress is unstoppable. Luddites will be left behind. We need to stop losing the mature collective experience and wisdom of our best high achievers due to ageing diseases, and to use the accelerating scientific and technological breakthroughs to elongate so many valuable lives to better use for them to continue aiding society, to both steer and guide it wisely. We need to start thinking out and planning the quantum physics and mechanics jump of understanding emerging right now? Why lose such accrued wisdom to ageing diseases?

Humanity now has a choice and opportunity to preserve our Einstein’s and so many more. But what of the rest?

The Agencies from China to Russia, to the UK and US, are all deeply engaged in scientific study projects ranging from Remote Viewing, to Scanning, to Channelling and Astral access ports. Especially Dimensional Time Portals with our future and its carefully applied potential. These are serious scientific and clinical studies, also parapsychology investigations. Awareness is growing that Dimensional reality is far beyond old perceptions. We need to reach out for essential knowledge. Public disclosure is needed. If you were told reality, can you handle it?

Of course there will be enormous ethical, moral and social considerations with deep implications for many. Ignorance will no longer suffice. The need to transcend far beyond old Religions will become paramount and a major confrontation territory as many self-interest elements of society are taken out of their current comfort zones.

For man to step up, we need to step back, revisit old fables, alleviate up out of the clouds of confusing diatribe of cosmetic propaganda creations passed off as faiths, and allow logic to breath.

First and foremost, this is not a rejection of a Higher Power. Quite the contrary.

If of true faith, assess what is out there as nations now do. Extensive evidence grows of multiple, credible Near Death experiences, OBEs and similar.

Don’t exclude Real Spirituality. A growing number of reports are made by credible people, one example being a Senior Medical Surgeon who, as a scientifically developed and committed Atheist, suffering a Heart attack, found himself being transported with vivid awareness of intense reality, to an entirely new state of consciousness and being. Surrounded by an ethereal state of an ALL INCLUSIVE!!!! humanity but with total serenity, at peace and a bonded love with all, a wonderful sense of being and belonging, but to be as one and a part of all, to be at home, nurtured in the awesome majesty of creation itself. He is not alone in this experience! This, for an articulate intellectually, advanced and committed Medical Atheist, was a revolutionary inspiration of heightened awareness he had neither contemplated nor sought. He recovered, returned and re-evaluated his entire concept of life, mortality and being.

A blanket had been removed. This was no committed Religious entity seeking Spiritual experience, but a sophisticated Scientific Intellectual transported unexpectedly at random beyond his albeit extensive comfort zone of understanding of perceived logic. The experience has left him profoundly committed to increased Social and Humanitarian work. But also, he has applied a now Do Not Resuscitate directive for the next attack which he knows will come. He is now at one with the new Spiritual enlightenment he has experienced. Profound and life changing. He is now totally at peace and reconciled to the true knowledge of what he experienced and for him, has engendered an entirely new consciousness as to the reality of creation, and what awaits for all. But now also, how he can support humanity ever more. Atheism was totally expunged and what an awakening. Yes, it IS selective as an experience, and for many its own absolute revelation.

There are many such cases. The purpose of this report is not to attack, or denigrate people’s religious faiths or paths, but to help all understand, free of dogma, that what is beyond is far more complex and so much more. Also - for you all, inclusive! Follow what helps you to do good for others. There are many paths. Dogma denies truth.

This is just simply to indicate, as many more have personally experienced and KNOW, that the depth of truth out there is far deeper and more intricate, as Mankind emerges from the mind control subjugation of the Dark Ages. Abrahamian faiths, based upon the schizophrenic delusions of a mentally unstable man with 3 wives, who almost sacrificed his own son, and the wanton delusions of a species who cut pieces from the sexual organs of their own children are basing sacrificial beliefs of a being who would, be either shot knife clutching, or certified insane if showing also such paranoid delusional tendencies today.

But from this man and his attempts to reason with his evolving consciousness, came the produce of two particular sons of different mothers, one of who went on to form Judaic beliefs, the other Islam. Each just questioning Humanitarian consciousness, no more.

Now, according to the confused standards of exclusive mind trapped religions, one was to become an Infidel to the other, the other in reverse a Goyim/Gentile, and old Abraham himself therefore a Goyim Infidel. To one, Monogamous marriage would become the new standard, leaving his father, and brother cohabiting in Bigamous relationships, and the children of both Bastardized. Not bad progress for the progeny of a Paranoid Delusional Schizophrenic. The ironies of Religions, whose who in what Zoo?

It gets even more estranged from core reality when you understand from the ramblings and ever mind changing renditions of evolving versions of Korans from Mohammed, that needs someone to respond that God does not decree mistakes, and further, what sort of God uses such a vessel as a gnarled old leathery, rotten toothed, 55 year old Arab who marries a 6 year old girl, and has full sexual relations with her by 9. What truth is this? A Christian King of Abyssinia saved his life for this to evolve? To Militant Islam? To mutilating girls? Muslim Paedophiles are free to practice this filth. God ordained this? Really? And which Planet are you from? Earth, Oh Yes, still such a primitive species evolving. Evolution is too much for them. Radical Islam is so wrong! We are one!

Smith’s Magical disappearing Golden plates, what an earner - what a Hustler, but squeeze in the 4 wives, often 4 poor innocent 14 year old virgin girls married off all too often to mid 50s or older, overweight, bearded and BO packing plains people, created yet another cash and tithe grabbing cult. Jehovah followers who will let their children die for want of a blood transfusion or operation. Aztecs ripping the hearts out of their terrified victims as sacrificial offerings.

The Vatican, the largest Paedophile Club on earth, who for Millennia, mass murdered and enslaved via its Inquisitions and wars, whose base standard teaching decries Homosexuality as an abomination to God, yet whose Rome Gay Clubs have a larger Priest Membership, and special Bishop and upwards only Gay Clubs in Rome to debauch away from Public view. Such are Religions. False, closet minded with often True Godless agendas. Hans Andersen Fairy Tales. Time for Mankind to come of age, grow up and seek the far greater truth behind all, because that alone will set you free. Do you have a Politician's Vatican Bank Account? Look at how fast sleazy Tony Blair converted for his.

America stands at a cross roads in real crisis.

This is now 2014. America has abundant capability of its people, unfairly hindered by inept Leadership, with failing Fiscal capability and loss of direction.

A truly great nation of people who have taken the country from the Wild West to become the mid 20th Centuries Leading Industrial Nation, before the Weevils took over the Nation’s Economic and Moral store. Then it all started to go so badly wrong. Now, the whole world is re evolving as new nations on the block want and demand a bigger say.

America wasted its lead and the Cabal betrayed its own people. The Leaders now are Little Men, of No Vision, eulogized by Hype, but failures as a type. Corruption, greed and sloth has ruled. In a fast changing world, this would be Emperor is now seen to be naked and ridiculed. National pride counts for nothing when dummies and crooks rule. There is growing anger at the ongoing failure to redeem the Private Placement loans made in good faith to help America and its people, but abused by this Cabal and its corrupt Agencies. There is growing anger at the failure to provide the currency conversion to set free Vietnam, Iraq and others. More victims of US Cabal aggression and genocide. The evil empire is in free fall. Helping itself to the carcass of what was before implosion.

Bundy was a step watched by the world. When Real Americans stood up for values – AND THE WORLD STOOD UP WITH YOU!

Americans you are not alone. The world knows this is not you but the Trash in Control OUT of Control. Time to Clear Out this Trash if you want a future.

Few people of such Low Moral Character been so guilty, of so much Global chaos and Genocide for so many. Bush, the Neocons, Clintons, Rockefellers, Rothschild’s, Greenspan, The Cabal and the Zionist Mafia running America are a sub species of evil which history will judge so badly. The world was inspired when Barry Soetoro Obama was elected. All so much hoped for the new Mandela following the criminal, inept Bushes. Instead, no Mandela, just a dilettante crooked Fella emerged, accelerating a Fascist Regime in America! Elect Clinton and the Fascist State will be enforced. Another Bush will beget more Neocons and Cabal genocide. They are not the way forward.

America needs People of Integrity and Honour dam it! NO- MORE- CRIMINAL - TRASH.

Each month which passes, as they fail to redeem what is morally and lawfully overdue, the world’s anger digs a deeper grave. Communities suffer. We are losing generations now without Education, Jobs or hope. Welfare is simply unaffordable much longer. The nation cannot keep borrowing to feed from an empty pot. There are no rights, THERE IS NO MONEY in the Nation's Treasury. WELFARE IS NOT A FREE RIGHT OR FREE LUNCH. GET REAL!

But each month, the Cabal funds more boots on the ground, warfare is encouraged by ruthless Agencies, costing Trillions and building Global despair turning to growing hatred. So how NOT to win friends and Influence the goodwill and trust of nations. How long can the world allow this pack of Cabal criminals to continue devastating our nations and derailing our economies? Was a Mongrel Pack ever so unfit for purpose? Putin called them out over Syria. Putin TOOK Crimea. China has called them out over the China Seas. Asia is visibly distancing itself from the US, as are the BRICS nations and Russia. The Chinese Silk Road is becoming the Rail Road Track to Russia and Europe. The Giant Continent of Eurasia WILL emerge integrating the EU also. All US control will be lost. Our planet is reshaping its destiny. All empires end. Always badly.

The Gluttony of Wall Street and the rapacious Bankers knows no bounds. There is no Moral directive, just maximized Gluttony. Taking all like a scavenging Locust hoard, they are destroying the Mother lands and world in drives for paper profits and rigged bonuses. Society is impaled by their frenzy of greed. No one regulates. No one is jailed. Oversight itself is corrupt. Congress is sterile. Yet within the nation, there is no dearth of talent, just a self-perpetuating control system based on Gate Keeper Corruption at every turn from State to Federal. The system is endemically rotten, NOT the people. The problem is truly a sad one. True Patriots and people of good moral character, who WANT to make a valid contribution towards recovering and reshaping the nation, will be denied access by the Cabal Gatekeepers, and a Financial Leverage System which funds only people not fit for true purpose, thereafter indebted on call to the very parties who need legislating out. America has developed its own hierarchical self-perpetuating endemically rotten system of office. Rotten Men rule. Where does truth emerge?

If only the clinical depth of systems applied to Spy on Americans and Allies, had been invested in planning and assessing Americas own industrial, Infrastructure and Educational needs, the country would, and still can be, the Beacon of Light and Leadership perceived by the Founding Forefathers.

America Need NOT Be Lost. IT CAN BE SO EASILY RECOVERED. But not controlled by a Varmint pack who are a Self-Serving Elitist Oligopoly, which has derailed the Moral compass of the Nation.

The power exuded by the Tri Lateral commission, CFR and Vatican / Jesuits, has created an abomination of Democracy, disenfranchising the very fabric of freedom and rights of being for Americans, and has given rise to the Cabal which usurps the Sovereign Rights of Nations, installing Puppet Leaderships embedded to do the Cabals bidding. They have no Moral compass or values. As witnessed by Snowden’s exposure of the illegal depth of NSA spying on allies and its own nationals, as witnessed by the escalating number of conflicts and US contractor aggressions worldwide, as witnessed by American Mercenaries being seen in the Bundy ranch conflict, a truly vile, virulent and pernicious regime has evolved and embedded itself beyond the rule of law into control of American politics and the enslavement of the nation.

But, concurrent to all of this has been the emergence of an ever more able and sophisticated Russian / Chinese Pact, unleashing the BRICS nations, alternative currencies, trade bartering, a clear show of full and ready willingness to go fight toe to toe against US Hegemony in Syria and Crimea, and a clear resolute defiance of DC Autocracy right up to the point of Putin showing Russia is fully prepared and WILLING for a Nuclear conflict which will erase the US under a cascade of both Russian and Chinese missiles. Have no doubt, if Russia comes in from the Atlantic and over the Poles, China WILL take out the entire West Coast and Mid States. Expect at least 100M American losses and THAT IS the price of allowing this turgid Cabal to continue unchecked.

Over 900 US bases unleash havoc on our delicate world, while the nation’s industries collapse, the economy is in free fall, and entire generations are being failed by inept Leadership and Wall Street Zionist Demagogues whose rapacious stranglehold of the Banks and Treasury / Fed have enslaved Americans, taking away all hopes and dreams of the nation. What is, IS UGLY!

Yet within America is still the Pioneering fighting spirit of people who do care about their nation, their homeland and all of you. PATRIOTS WHO CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. We need to be screaming for the moral and lawful release of Private Placement funds OWED for 34 years to Chinese Elder Funders, and to the decent American Patriots like BB who brought in these funds, as a good and LOYAL American, to help his nation. He is OWED, and so are many! It’s a disgrace and the world looks on in disgust. Pay BB! Do what is right! He did. He helped his country. The Cabal helped themselves. PAY - IT - BACK! Start the turnaround now.

These are GOOD men, Real Americans, not a Kenyan Snake Oil Salesman Limbo Dancer, Real Men, who seek only to work closely with good European Allies, to trade their own money safely via the City of London, safe from the corruption of Wall Street, and to use the key Banking Trade Program Platforms to generate funds to Educate, to fund Infrastructure, to fund Transportation needs, to fund Energy projects, to fund Community Regeneration, Health Care, to create Jobs bringing back hope and dignity for families. Real men, real vision, real objectives. That is the Global cooperation we need. Collective strength working with Integrity, for the good of ALL! Real relationships and Global community values.

Community development needs to be re thought out. Combinations of Refurbishment, Re planning and re constructing is needed for all. Re assessing and planning the integral needs of new Communities. But the State has no such focus. It’s down to us all. It’s down to YOU!

Buying and re directing our own Banks to serve and help the Communities, NOT help themselves!

Politicians and the State have failed us all. Few are fit to serve, and none currently fit to lead.

Who are exploring and creating new educational concepts to underpin our future human needs and to re assess our true mind expanded possibilities? Most people use less than 5% of their brains capacity. Releasing its power by awesome technological enhancements will result in a whole new advanced level of being. How will you handle emergent truths? Transhuman Cybernauts will become reality. Necessary even to compete. Man has to adapt to changing needs and demands by first ascertaining - What is truth? Whose truth? Define reality?

Life, as we know it currently, is just a carbon based life form of a journey of experiences, of which we are all the keepers of our own Souls.

Currently we spend 50 to 80 years accruing collective knowledge, experience and wisdom reaching a stage where we achieve a collective level of awareness to make a difference. Then die pointlessly with ageing diseases. Why?

Emerging Transhumanism will set us free soon as a species at least, to harness so much greater capacity and take our place as a truly developing life force of Beings. But of being so much more.

But will YOU be left behind?

How can we evolve towards a meaningful new meritocracy of this new Star Being, lead only by such Political mediocrities? The dead fish of State rots from the head up. Time to clean out the tank but no one is trying.

Cabal Corporate Governance worldwide has already swept aside Democratic processes and is forging integrating Global powers to self-serve their agenda needs. Their corporate agenda is Profit motivated, with no attendant humanitarian or ethical considerations. The key and core building and life sustaining blocks of your very existence, from water upwards, are all being bought up. Owned. Not for humanity. For profit. For power. This is escalating unchecked with no moral imperative. Look around you. Ask the questions and think.

But a Corporate controlled future? Where they alone will determine if YOU merit enhanceable investment, or YOU are just one party to become a disposable solution. Because that currently IS where it’s all heading. No vision, just profit. What of Ethical or Moral governance?

The real key focus now is how we try, as a species, to combine and incorporate true Spirituality into our next Evolutionary steps, to try to serve a better cosmic role, with compassion and greater purpose of being. That is where YOUR Collective voices need to be raised and heard. Inclusive help for all. No one can stop the emergence of transhumanism. But we can educate ourselves to help shape it to focus into a coordinated Humanitarian and Spiritual agenda.

Nations are Leaderless. There is inadequate Social or Moral consciousness. Global power is now drive by a rapacious Plutocracy of a Banking / Military Industrial Cartel focused on controlling the critical Carbon energy reserves, and moving now towards Corporate Ownership of all water, the singular most important life giving and population sustaining element.

If we are to gain access to the long overdue Global Settlements, RV’s, selective currency conversions and Private Placements long overdue for redemption, a key and strategic investment needed will be into our core Think Tank strategies to explore, challenge and determine a balanced approach towards containing our TransHuman evolution to access Ethereal consciousness taking us closer towards a Spiritual emergence as an enhanced life force, not as a malignant virulent species having gained Universal powers and lost our very Souls.

Be in no doubt, there are major Military and Scientific developments in very advanced stages right now, far beyond your conceived realities of being, which if not contained and guided by an Ethical and compassionate collective source of wisdom, will unleash upon our world a force of subjugation greater than the worst and most autocratic of New World Order tyranny has even dreamed. If not selected, you will be rejected, where apart from having Organ Donor value, you will have little else to justify survival or access to water. No medical care. Welfare, funded by whom as the Corporates will own all with a singular profit criteria? Contributors only.

Political Representation and service has been lost. Ethics and morality derailed in a rush to the feeding troughs of power. One Agenda. Self-gratification.

Yet we look in at OWoN and WHA, we talk with our PPs Beneficiaries and White Hat associates, we talk with our Nation Building Task Force and associate Lords, and we see so much integral hope and goodness being debated. Americans do not need to be the subjugated captive slaves of the Columbian State autocracy which has denied Sovereign Rights to the American nation. The vast numbers of Patriotic Americans we talk with are fully conscious of the nation’s shortfalls and needs. Each has an abundant wish and willingness to serve and to put back towards a more inclusive and fairer society. Each can do so much good.

You have the answers. You have the character. But not the money. So, we need to raise up our voices for the release of those funds to so many long owed.

The problems recycle back to an Old Russian Proverb, a dead fish rots from the head up. That is America’s dilemma. The wrong people in power when you can do so much better and need none of them. They need to go, gutted with the dead fish.

Transhumanism is for Humanity, not for the exclusive benefit of the criminal Elite.

The vast unwieldy Military and Agency Budgets have to go. We don’t need to be unleashing American missiles, but the Intellectual capacity and power of America's Universities to focus on real projects to benefit Humanity. The Cabal has wasted Trillions and murdered Millions. The Cabal is UNFIT for Humanity membership. A disgrace to our species. Transhumanism funded by and steered by Cabal interests will unleash the wrong sort of advanced beings for mass population reduction.

It need not be this way. We need the better way. To take our place among our Galactic neighbors as compassionate Star Children of the greater cause with Spirituality preceding species. To be at one, with all. Life matters, ALL Life matters. We can and MUST BECOME, so much more!

This century Mankind WILL leave our current weak and DNA flawed bodies behind and progress towards the robust space traveling species we are now destined to become. There will be no going back. The enormity of change will create an infinitely more advanced life form, capable of its own version of immortality, with ever greater evolution still to come. But, how we manage and contain that is key to all. Unfortunately the low and grubby mediocrities in Political office and power today, are incapable of even conceiving the enormity of the task, let alone managing and steering our nations through so profound a dichotomy. Finding those who can will be the challenge of our century because YOU and THEY, will pioneer the new frontiers. These are your new profound realities. As One World of Nations, as a new emergent Galactic species. These are the key issues you need to be contemplating now, because this IS about YOUR very survival as a species.

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