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Dirty Harry is coming for you Dirty Herzog. You can run, but you can't hide - for long

One World of Nations
3 April 2014 

Within just 2 hours of the first response shot yesterday, the alarm bells went off and this Fugitive Bagman for Bush, Clinton and the Agency was moved from his old Safe House fast. Run Rat, run, but Justice will find you. When the American Public realize they are hurting because YOU, Guennette, Bush and Ackermann stole almost $1 Trillion dollars from the Ed Falcone transactions alone, they will be angry. Add to that all the other Trillions you have helped Bush and the Agencies amass, Money Launder and squander and try telling the people whose food stamps are running out, they don't matter. Try telling the Katrina flood victims, who can't have their homes and community replaced, as had been planned by Ed Falcone, and see how they take it. Try telling the American nation, whose hopes and dreams have been smashed into dust, because you and the Corrupt Cabal looted the nations store, that they don't matter! You helped steal a nation and payback will come Herzog. Soon, you will be too dirty to even allow you to hide in Israel with all the other Zionist crooks who run there to evade Justice. Even Israel will think twice on you Herzog and your Canadian Israeli Partner, close associate of Bush, will feel the heat soon.

Now Herzog we want you to feel like the hunted Vermin you are. You callously put others lives at risk, innocent men who only want to help America, while you and your vile Cabal and Texan Neocon cohorts want to rob anything left before doors close on your kind. You may be protected from Justice in your temporary Safe House, (well for 2 hours) while you fund hits on others, but remember, once it gets publicized, the expedient action of these immoral psychopaths, is then a call to take care of it. You know that final sound Herzog. Homes have been foreclosed, elderly people are starving, or freezing in winter, children are unfed and unclothed. businesses are closing, Pension Funds depleted.

So, below starts the first repeat report. Don't worry, we will work on the rest. So again, now flee the new nest.  

They will find you!

When the American people realize the fastest way to clean up Washington, is by extraditing you to stand trial for Racketeering, RICO, attempted Murder, Money Laundering, Fraud, Theft, and more, the sooner the Clean UP can start. The eyes of the world are now on you. All we hear now is Infamy, Infamy. Too damned right Herzog, that means 300M Good Patriot Americans have got it In For Me!

The White Hats Report

Reporting What The Main Stream Media Refuses To Report

April 27, 2012 - The White Hats Report #40

Dr. Michael Herzog Arrested By German Authorities – Has Great Voice, Sings Like A Pro.


Please recall the winner-takes-all media confrontation between the White Hats Reports #35, #38 and #39 and a well known International Hedge Fund wherein Dr. Herzog tried to use a namesake as a front, hired some high priced legal muscle and used the well known fund to shield himself and his fraudulent activities for the beneficial interest of Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush.

Well ... two weeks ago, Dr. Michael Herzog was arrested in Germany following police raids on his home and the homes and offices of several of his criminal associates. As the circle widens, Dr. Herzog’s activities are creating major implications for all of the crooked political, banking and US Government parties that have assisted him. Herzog is now in deep, deep trouble and his associates will all follow in the same footsteps. How do we know this? We now know who they are from the reams of notes, transaction receipts, pay orders with instruction sets, and transcripts of Herzog and his associates illicit acts.

In addition, Dr. Herzog was detained for further questioning yesterday. The outcome? Dr. Herzog has a great voice and is singing like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Bush, Ackermann, Dewhurst, Romney plus hundreds of people in the world financial markets, at the highest levels, in the agencies, past Presidents and elected leaders of numerous countries, our American Congressman and Senators are all named. Yes, it has been a treasure trove of names, places and events, including orders for physical violence up to and including termination for those that did not cooperate in the methods of the Cabal. The Bird is out of the cage and the cats hate the harmonious singing.

As if all of the above wasn’t enough to swallow for one week, selective high level members of the House of Lords were informed last night that Josef Ackermann has been taken in for questioning on numerous issues instigated by Merkel, and that large scale operations are now planned with cross border cooperation, as the Cabal’s International Network gets publicly unraveled. Greenspan is now the subject of ever more allegations and inquiries. Tony Blair's Vatican accounts and his JP Morgan bagman role is now being assessed, as is his history of receiving Bush related funds. The net is now closing in on many of them.

Ackermann was sidestepped for a key Bilderberg role. Now serious criminal investigations will intensify the focus on both he and Deutsche Bank. The Berlin Federal Prosecutors Office is focused on the trail of crime linked to Herzog and the immense scale of US Political Racketeering and CIA collusion which is emerging.

Herzog’s Berlin Court arrest is filed under Charge Case No. 83 Js 960/06. His arrested associates to date are Josef Birch, Case No. 83 Js 792 /05, address given as 34/36 King Edward Street, Darlaston, West Midlands, UK and Heinz Bosche, Case No. 47 Js 127/06.

We have information and belief that Birch supplied a false address and believe this is a Joseph Birch from Cornwall. In fact, it is believed to be Sir Joseph Birch, a well known Bush crony and associate, which we are now tracking, to help German Police and have him deported back to Germany. If this is the Joseph Birch we believe it may be, he comes with a long history of fraud, litigation and Bush connections.

In other significant news, it has been learned that Sarkozy needs to assist in the release of the Global Settlements to save his Presidency. Merkel needs it to save the Euro and EU model. If the EU goes, Germany's industrial base will collapse.

We are continuing to unravel the web of criminal conspiracy of the international Cabal. Germany's arrest of Herzog and associates is a major first step as it will lead investigators to the central, prominent cabal members in Europe and America. We have named just the first few. We will continue naming names, especially of those in the US through a series of reports that will be released starting next week.

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