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The Red pill or the Blue....

One World of Nations
By Neo
1 March 2014

One of the most "prophetic," films that I have seen come out of Hollywood is The Matrix. In many ways this film is playing out in real time among us. We truly are the "battery" to the fractional ponzi schemes of the FIAT world of banking. Many of us have chosen the red pill in taking a stand for the restoration of freedom apart from the debt driven slavery being imposed on humanity.

Looking the truth squarely in the eye is not often a pleasant process. Especially if part of that honest look involves a mirror at some point. My first exposure to what I called "Blog Conspiracy Chatter" ended in disbelief. Many people now prey on the unaware through the proliferation of so much nonsense on the web. Most all of the Dinar/Dong cult is fruit of this lack of discernment. Blind, naive greed motivated by desperation and unrealistic expectations. .

Even though any common sense motivated individual would and should have doubts about some of the nonsense propounded, something inside of me was unsettled. Often times it is this unsettled feeling that causes enough discomfort to start to investigate what might truly be going on. Mixed among the deception may lie some measure of truth. But what?

There in lies the responsibility for each of us to find out for ourselves. Many of the documentaries in our last post (list of documentaries) will go a long way in bringing about basic understanding. Everything from McDonald's to the Pentagon needs careful and concise examination. No well balanced individual need feel threatened by asking for honest answers to what is really going on around us.

It's important to be healthy in your explorations. There are no quick fixes by having some "one" elected from the right party. The system is indeed broken and asking the status quo to fix it in the midst of benefiting from it is like asking the fox to guard the hen house. It simply doesn't work. Some issues require constitutional amendments that have to be voted on by the public. The real question is there a clear majority that holds to the truths we all do?

We are neither hopeless nor without a positive course of action. There are pockets of folks around the world who both know what is wrong on and have the power and authority to do something about it. Even better, supporting us. Political action can be taken. All we need to do is turn on the news and watch it unfold around the world. But without awakening to the facts, we become pacified and content to continue with the status quo. Without knowing truly where we stand as a people, there is little stimulus for change in America or worldwide. The alternative media is the voice of the people.

The night before the Berlin wall fell, no one had a clue what was about to happen.......yet it did. As far as we know, not a shot was fired. He who controls the money supply calls the shots. Shut off the money supply and watch the domino's fall. Our biggest hope is the work of John and those he is associated with. I don't think the result will be evil removed from the planet, but enough will be to restore balance. There should be a choice without a hegemony calling all the shots.

As much as Britain has been our valued Ally in times of warfare, there are strong British characters rallying to our side now in times of need. They have the history, culture and knowledge of loss of an Empire and the cost of recovering it. We have a common language and goals. More to the point, it was the British MPs, who refused a vote to attack Syria and forced their own PM to withdraw from US support without further intense checking as to who really released the Chemical weapons. All consequential research indicates it was the Insurgents with shady overtones of US Agency complicity. Already clear resistance is showing. The Mother of Parliaments got stopped in its tracks as Real Democracy took over as Resisting MP's said No and stopped their own PM from supporting a US coalition attack.

In the case of the Republic we know as the United States of America and the constitution, has to be reinstated if we ever hope to succeed. Just as we have debated on this site, George Washington is not electable as President in this day and age. Just as societies change, change must occur with some of the government structures. The Supreme Court makeup has to change. It in itself has become unconstitutional in its influences. Judicial Tenure should never be for a lifetime. Never!

One of the biggest hurdles we face is a new global consciousness. I deal with this issue professionally most every day. Just because someone has the money they think they have the "right" to spend it any way they want no matter what the consequences to those around them. It really doesn't matter who provides the oil, the transportation or the consequences of energy production, money and wealth becomes the insulation from the rest of the planet. From the world's standards the "lower middle class" are in the "upper class" of humanity.

If there is a pandemic taking place in America it's not the flu, it's the perception of entitlement. Generational entitlement runs unchecked through many segments of our society. Want a very close example? Go over to the Dinar Guru sites and watch entitlement play out with every post. What makes any of us entitled to know what high level financial programs are underway. What real source of information would be talking to a guru? Right?

In religious circles you pay a fee and we feel entitled to some form of entertainment. Don't believe me? Go look..........I'll wait here........If your a Christian as I am, begin to ask yourself some uncomfortable questions. Why am I doing what I am doing? What are the roots of such activity. It's certainly not the bible. What are the roots of my religious entitlement. Right?

Social entitlement has mesmerized millions in a socialist hypnotic state. Give me a cell phone I can hold and I'll put you in the most responsible position of power that mankind has ever had. Where is my food, where is my health care, where is my education, where is my housing, where is my transportation and I don't want to lift a finger to fund it. No society has ever withstood that kind of financial pressure. We may well have past the point of no return between those who pay and these who feel entitled to be paid. This is a giant Reality Check about to fall down upon as as fast as the collapse of the Berlin Wall. What if they all stop because they simply are unsustainable? Who can deny the Wealth Creators the right to say No, No more? If so, what then? This self deception of a Right to be kept is illusory and delusional. No one has a Right to Free Ride.

The government of the United States is not responsible to provide for us with a living. That responsibility belongs to each of us. Government's role is to provide each of us the freedom to exercise our responsibility with as little interference as possible. Socialism and social programs do not, nor ever, have worked. History records this for us. The only reason we continue in our madness is the fear of loosing power. One way or the other, that's going to happen anyway. It is up to us how "peaceful" the process will play out.

Healthcare is crippling us. This is another of the "entitlement" strongholds. The Surgeon General of the United States has openly stated that it is obesity that is the largest threat to our nation. Over one hundred thousand per year die from having eaten themselves to death. The cost is staggering. We continue to expect to take a pill that makes up for our dietary indiscretions. Exercise alone will not solve the problem. A healthy lifestyle involves diet AND exercise, both enjoyed with moderation. Just because we have an appetite doesn't mean we need to feed it. Self discipline is a very health trait to nurture in our lives.

Back during the industrial revolution, they needed a way to socially program generations of children to sit still and repeat monotonousness tasks over and over. Kids needed to be removed from the home and "programmed" in the work day lifestyle. Public education provided this model. Don't believe me? Go look it up.

Many of our educational entitlements need massive reform from the number of students per class to the, in many cases, windowless environments where they are held hostage. Each child has a learning style that is unique to them as individuals. Expecting 40 kids to fit into someone's singular approach to education is criminal. Behavioral problems? You bet! Break out the Ritalin so that we can drug them into submission. You go and sit for hours at a time and see how frustrated you become. It's time for new equipment, new approaches and new curriculum. For the most part we have good hearted teachers, we just need to give them the tools to get the job done.

Neither the Courts, Congress nor the White House should legislate morality. The United States is not a Christian nation. England is but the United States denied that foundation with separation of church and state. There are no steeples on the White House nor should there ever be. We all have the right to decide our own response to faith without encumbrance. By the way, prayer was never banned from schools. I for one wish every one would quit saying that. Forced public participation in prayer was banned, but that shouldn't have happened to begin with. Right?

Think for yourself, provide for yourself, believe in yourself while understanding that we are united, hand in hand, with the rest of humanity in a global community. We are not isolated individuals, but rather a single tribe wearing many different garbs.

I honestly hope that something flips the switch on our collective consciousness. The US, as a people group, has never been more isolated and segregated than it is today. Politics is our legalized form of segregation. Political apartheid is alive and well in the US. Diversity is never a threat to anyone who is secure in who they are. Taking a lead from the British, it's time for our own elected Representatives to stand up for Moral enlightenment and to challenge the false path our nation is being blindly lured down. The Will of the People needs to be awakened and for our voice to be heard. As clear as was Paul Revere, only this time its the British coming to our own aid as Comrades in Arms in our fight against suppression of our Rights to coexist as one with our Brother Men in this new Global Village of emerging consciousness and cooperation.

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