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Re-release | What Wanta Wants Soon He Will Get and So Will Patriot Bill B

One World of Nations
31 March 2014

Why is Leo still a Wanta? 

What he and the Real Patriots want, soon they will get and So Will Patriot Bill B who has been ruthlessly lied to and reneged on for decades. PAY HIM ALSO HIS MONEY! The eyes of the World are watching you in disgust and contempt! What moral compass have you got to betray your own? These Men are owed Trillions


Allow the FBI to arrest and Extradite Fraudster Michael Herzog and bring him back to America to stand Trial for Fraud, Theft, Corruption, Racketeering and the attempted murder of the Falcone’s. Arrest the CIA Agents who, acting on George Bush Sr 41’s orders, unlawfully used US Government planes and defrauded the people, to move and criminally Launder Biden’s Bribe money from Bank to Bank to try to evade pursuing Agents who have the records and Bank Affidavits. Allow the Florida FBI to investigate and arrest Romney. Congress, investigate and arrest Bush and the Clintons. Impeach Biden! Clean up this dirt which shames America. Herzog has threatened to reveal all on Bush and the Clintons if he is made to pay back what they stole. Justice on a plate. Is there any Moral Conscience left in Washington? It ONLY got this bad because weak men let it. What happened to Isa’s promises to clean up and expose corruption? Zero charged! President Regan never trusted Bush and left Leo as Lawful Custodian of those funds to help Americans. Not for these crooks to help themselves.

Start by Naming, shaming and exposing not just the Cabal VERMIN who have ruined America, but showing Congressmen and Senators conclusive evidence that they all have been given full copies of the salient facts of the Criminality of these treacherous men who took their rightful money, and have shown the cowardice or duplicity of their own position by not acting to put this great wrong right. History will judge them all accordingly. Congressmen, you all KNOW these are Travesties of justice. Your Job is to defend the Constitution and the Rights of these Patriots who helped America. Not the Varmints who helped themselves to their money. These are the Real Patriots who want to help fund American Jobs, Infrastructure, Rail systems, Community Development, and Education. The Taxes alone on legally paying back what is long owed to them, will clear the annual deficit.

History will show On Record, how badly you failed them and allowed Rotten Men to highjack America. YOUR Weakness has weakened America. Shame and a Plague on Both your Houses.

The eyes of the world are on you. These dirty secrets will not stay buried. If you’re not up to it, Step Aside and let Men of Honor Step In and Step Up.

Never before, in the history of human conflict, have so few, held so much power, to corrupt an entire nation so badly and harm so many, while men of no integrity, stood silently in the shadows as cowards to stain their Souls forever. Their SHAME will be their Book of Life to carry forward with them when they leave this world. So each shall be judged.


This new report features also part of Leo Wanta and Marilyn Barnewalls new book. Note, this report has gone to all named key figures in authority, to the Usurper Con Man masquerading as a Mannequin President of no lawful authority, to the Supremes whose primary roles are to protect the Constitution and Law, and who ignore it in wanton cowardice and corruption.

For students of History, Law, Business and Democracy, this is a stark warning of the Bad Fellas who brought a nation to its knees, because Corruption and Cowardice stalks the land. It is in worldwide circulation, and shames America ever greater. Each of the named parties and more, needs to be in a Nuremberg type dock, on trial for Treason, Rico Racketeering, Fraud,Theft,Larceny and in many cases,Genocide. America is in chaos because of them, their venal greed and collusion. Texans used to hang horse thieves. What is the penalty for stealing a nation?

Interesting times. Just as the US is being forced into releasing the long overdue Private Placements and Dinars, the criminality of the Bushes,Cheney, Paulson and Greenspan breaks in public to expose them again.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Ambassador Lee Emil Wanta >
Date: 21 August 2013 04:27
To: Recipient List Suppressed

To: Chief Justice_John G Roberts <>; Vincent Bakker <>; Nicola Fletcher <>; Florence Olara <>; U S Supreme Court <>; US Supreme Court <>; US Supreme Court <>; US Supreme Court <>; US Supreme Court <>; US Supreme Court <>; US Supreme Court <>; US Supreme Court <>; US Supreme Court <>; US Supreme Court <>; US Supreme Court_Justice W Suter <>; US Supreme Court_Justice J Kennedy <>; US Supreme Court <>; US Supreme Court_Chief Justice John G Roberts <>; US Supreme Court <>; US Supreme Court Justice Scalia <>; US Supreme Court Justice J Thomas <>; US Supreme Court <>; US Supreme Court <>; US Supreme Court <>; US Supreme Court Justice J Kagan <>; US Supreme Court Justice J Ginsburg <>; US Supreme Court Justice S Alito <>; US Supreme Court Justice J Sotomayor <>; US Supreme Court Justice Breyer <>; US Supreme Court _W Grant <>; The White House <>; The White House_Senate <>; The White House <>


Sent: Tuesday, August 20, 2013 12:05 PM

To: POTUS_U.S. President Barack H. Obama <>; POTUS_Office of the President <>; "First Lady, Nancy Reagan" <>; Attorney General Eric Holder <>; Counselor Gene Sperling <>; DNI_Lt General James R Clapper <>; NSA_General James Jones <>; OVP_Vice President Joe Biden <>; WH_Chief of Staff_Denis McDonough <>; NEC_Director Gene Sperling <>; US Supreme Court_Chief Justice John G Roberts <>; Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter <>; Stephanie Cutter <>; U. S. President Barack Obama <>; Austria_Fin Min Maria Fekter <>; IMF_Christine Lagarde_M.D. <>; Chairman Nout Wellink <>; WI_Governor Scott Walker <>


Sent: Tuesday, August 20, 2013 10:01 AM


FATE: Life is like a coin. You can spend it any way you wish – but only once.

One thing seems obvious about the games that have been played with Ambassador Lee Emil Wanta by those in control of the rules imposed and the supervision of them: “They” (how many times have I asked, “Lord, who is ‘they?’) want Wanta to die or otherwise lose interest in his funds and walk cleanly away from them… which, if he did, he would likely be killed.

During the past four years, how many times has Wanta been told his funds were being made available and the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols would be implemented? Muchas veces… many times. How many times have attempts been made on his life just since he and I became friends in February 2009? Several. One time, he attended a baseball game in Houston and sat in the same vicinity as former President George Herbert Walker Bush. He waved at Bush, making sure the former President knew he was in attendance. Lee noted to me in a phone call (he was laughing): “My security was better than his.” 

He departed Houston after the game and two days later, somewhere on the East coast (I never know where he is) someone managed to get to Lee and throw him against a cement wall. He was hospitalized but the attempt to take his life was thwarted. There was an attempted poisoning. There have been times his security was removed and he was left to fend for himself. It is frightening to me when that happens. The first article I wrote about Lee Wanta was headlined “Wanta to be taken down…” BARNEWALL ARTICLES ONE and TWO and THREE
There have been offers made. In late 2011, “they” offered him $850,000,000,000 but he had to promise to disappear and he could live life as he chose… but there were some restrictions on the “as he chose” part. He wouldn’t be able to start any business in America and he should live abroad. All he had to do was walk away and he could live his life.

For those who think Lee Wanta hangs on because of the money, think again. No one is going to starve with $850 billion in the bank. It would make him one of the richest men in the world and, at his age of 73 (as of 2013), his children and grandchildren would enjoy a large inheritance. They would never have to work a day in their lives (which some people consider a good thing). What this represents from Wanta’s perspective is giving someone – like Bush Senior – a payoff. Lee believes that to be not only immoral, but unlawful and he will not do it. 

They continually make the mistake of judging him by their standards. If they were he, they would take such an offer. “They” seem to have no understanding of the moral aspects of fulfilling a promise made or the saving of their nation’s economic future, or a man who is willing to commit unto death to the fulfillment of what he risked everything for in the first place: The money he legally earned, what he wants to do with it, and his honest-to-God love for his nation and the people in it.

And they fear him. When he dies, a boatload of intelligence information heretofore unseen will be delivered via Satellite to a variety of people with the capacity to use it against “them.”

There is no way to deny that Lee Wanta is a likeable guy. He is a gentleman (though I’m sure he could thrive equally as well in a Goodfella environment if needed – he’s done it and survived). He’s extremely bright and detailed in his thinking. That part of Lee Wanta they can probably understand. What they don’t understand is his commitment to a moral end to the problems “they” have created and their lack of understanding of the meaning of the word “moral.”

Yet, they play psyop games with him. They are in a corner economically but will not cede to him what is rightfully his so he can save the nation which they think they serve. It’s like… they really do not see the handwriting on the wall; or, perhaps they do see it but keep thinking surely something will happen to bail them out at the last moment. They might as well be saying “I love my country and I’m doing what I can to save it… even if I have to destroy it first.” One thing is certain. The definition of insanity is to continue doing the same thing the same way over and over, expecting a different result… yet “they” at one time were audacious enough to question the Ambassador’s insanity? It seems to me that “they” would do well to take some of the competency tests they forced on Lee Wanta.

They still have the Spain ploy in their backpack of tricks. The Spain ploy is the government takeover of all pension funds (yes, including IRAs and other non-corporate/union retirement funds) – for your security, of course – and investing those funds in Treasury bonds (which, in a bankrupt nation, are or will be worthless). Whether the bonds are worthless really isn’t the issue. The issue is, “they” want the money and the government is willing to let the nation collapse under the weight of government greed and its need to maintain power. 

You see, if they lose power, they can be caught in their own webs of deceit… why, they might even lose their imagined immunity. You’d think the experts at changing laws to suit their purpose would be first in the class to understand that when the worm turns, those from the other side will have the same ability to rewrite laws that they have used so abhorrently against the people. Perhaps a new Executive Order will be passed making it impossible for offspring of those deemed responsible for the failure of the United States of America to be unable to set foot on this nation’s shores for ten generations. There are all kinds of possibilities.

The Wanta vs. “them” games began after Judge Gerald Bruce Lee’s 2003 Decision (Link in Chapter 12) in the Arlington Virginia Federal District Court which informed Wanta that he should sell the assets of his corporations and bring the funds into the United States – to repatriate the funds – paying taxes on them. By that time, an Agreement had been reached and signed between the United States Government and Ambassador Leo/Lee Emil Wanta that he would accept $4.5 trillion in lieu of the $27.5 trillion he had raised through skillful investment strategies.

When Wanta verbally gave the remaining $23 trillion to the American people, it was a slap in the face to “them” and there is little doubt much of the harassment to which he has been subjected is the result of that gift. They have ego needs, you see. Unfortunately, they aren’t terribly bright about how to make profits or stimulate the economy. Otherwise, the American people would not have had to suffer through one of the most difficult economic traumas in our nation’s history since 2007 while they stroked their egos to play Wanta games. 

So where did the $4.5 trillion come from and what happened to it? 

We know the $4.5 trillion was a compromise. We know that Leo/Lee Emil Wanta is the lawful owner of the entire $27.5 trillion, a fortune created by him between 1988 and 1992 while working under contract as a covert intelligence operative reporting directly to President of the United States, Ronald Wilson Reagan.

We know that the funds belonged to Wanta because of Judge Lee’s Order and Memorandum of Opinion, Case Number 02-1363-A, United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia. This case was never appealed by Attorney General John Ashcroft, CIA Director George Tenet, or Secretary of the Treasury John O’Neill against whom it was filed. Judge Lee told Leo Wanta that if he wanted to repatriate his personal fortune and bring it into the United States, he should liquidate his corporate assets and pay all required taxes in accordance with the law. Leo Wanta contacted numerous third parties, including United States Government elected, non-elected, appointed and career employees. He also contacted foreign countries for the purpose of recovering financial assets.

In one document which describes the need for a Writ of Mandamus to clear this matter up, Wanta says:

“Upon best information and belief in December of 2005 and January 2006, Secretary Snow (Secretary of the Treasury at the time) and Chairman Greenspan (Chairman of the Federal Reserve at the time) traveled to the Peoples Republic of China. The Chinese required confirmation of Petitioner’s signature to facilitate cooperation of the Chinese in completing the transfer of financial assets referenced herein."
“Upon best information and belief Snow/Greenspan determined the Chinese officials had the ability and willingness to cooperate with Petitioner in the recovery and transfer of substantial financial assets that had been in the custody and control of the Chinese for an extended period of time.”
(Barnewall Note: This document was signed on June 18, 2007.)

We know that the Peoples Bank of China SWIFT-wire transfer of $4.5 trillion to AmeriTrust, Lee Wanta’s Richmond Virginia-based company, was made in May of 2006. We know the funds represented a Clear Inward Remittance from the Peoples Bank of China and the funds were properly identified as being the property of AmeriTrust and its only stockholder, Leo Emil Wanta. AMERITRUST STOCK CERTIFICATE

Treasury Secretary Snow and Federal Reserve Chairman Greenspan retained the services of Troutman Sanders, LLP and Jenkens & Gilchrist Parker Chapin, LLP (attorneys) and they completed the preparation and administration of the execution of agreements and documents referred to collectively as “the settlement documents.” 

Following are the names of either obligors and/or beneficiaries of the settlement documents. For verification, see FILING FEES AND MANDAMUS DOCKET and WRIT OF MANDAMUS

  • Leo Emil Wanta
  • Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) (including but not limited to Land Baron/Xeno).
  • National Security Agency
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Director of National Intelligence
  • United States State Department
  • United States Department of the Treasury
  • United States Department of Defense
  • The White House, including but not limited to the Offices of the President and Vice President
  • C.B.I.C. Inc (Mr. William Bonney Sr.)
  • China (PRC) France, Great Britain, Germany and other foreign nations participating under one or more international ‘Protocol’ including but not limited to the Reagan-Mitterrand Protocol Agreements.

We know that Wanta’s signed Agreement with President George W. Bush wherein Wanta accepted $4.5 trillion in lieu of $27.5 trillion goes into effect ONLY when the $4.5 trillion is paid. Until that occurs, Wanta is still the lawful owner of the entire $27.5 trillion. The settlement agreement also provided penalty and interest to Wanta from the government should the government delay payment to him. At this point in time, the $4.5 trillion has almost doubled in the amount due Wanta because of the years of delay.

In May 2006, the Peoples Republic of China SWIFT-wired a free and unrestricted transfer of $4.5 trillion via international bank fund transfer facilities to the AmeriTrust Group, Inc./Wanta account at Bank of America in Richmond, Virginia. The transfer made by the Chinese was done solely and exclusively as a requirement under the above-mentioned settlement agreement and the instructions as to whom the funds belonged and where the deposit should be made was quite clear.

We know the funds disappeared.

At some point between July 31 and August 2, 2006, the United States Department of the Treasury, with no authorization from AmeriTrust or Lee Wanta, removed the Peoples Republic of China transferred financial assets from Bank of America Richmond, Virginia, to an account in the name of Goldman Sachs at CitiBank New York, as the beneficiary holder of the monies transferred by the Peoples Republic of China. This Clearing House Interbank Payment (CHIP) transfer was facilitated from Virginia domiciled banks – across state lines – to New York domiciled banks via the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, VA.
What is a SWIFT wire transfer?

Most international transfers are executed through SWIFT. It is a cooperative society founded in 1974 by seven international banks which operate a global network to facilitate the transfer of financial messages. You can find how SWIFT wire transfers work here:

The cost to Ambassador Wanta for the Wire Transfer was about $35 to the sending bank (Peoples Bank of China – that country’s Central Bank) and there is sometimes a fee charged by the receiving bank (in this case, Bank of America, Richmond, VA). According to SWIFT, recipients of SWIFT wire transfers generally receive the money in their bank accounts within two business days… but it can take up to five business days.
Lee Wanta has been waiting for his checkbook since May of 2006.

Interested readers may find additional information about the Uniform Commercial Code Regulations regarding wire transfers by visiting the Cornell University law site at It’s an excellent research resource.

And so the battle of words and court cases began. 

In a letter too important to be relegated to a link, dated February 27, 2007, Lee Wanta’s attorney, Thomas E. Henry, Esq., wrote to:

  • President of the United States George W. Bush
  • Vice President of the United States Richard B. Cheney
  • Attorney General Alberto Gonzales
  • Secretary Condoleezza Rice
  • Secretary Michael Chertoff
  • Secretary Henry M. Paulson, Jr.
  • Secretary Dirk Kempthorne
  • Secretary Robert M. Gates
  • Secretary Mike Johanns
  • Secretary Carlos Gutierrez
  • Secretary Margaret Spellings
  • Secretary Jim Nicholson
  • Secretary Alphonso Jackson
  • Secretary Samuel W. Bodman
  • Secretary Mary E. Peters
  • Secretary Elaine Chao
  • Secretary Michael O. Leavitt
“Subject: Ongoing and continual circumvention and avoidance, by both public and private individuals and entities acting either individually, jointly and/or in conspiracy with others, that prevent completion of Agreed Upon Financial Settlement regarding Leo E. Wanta/Lee E. Wanta and AmeriTrust Group, Inc.
Dear Mr. President, Mr. Vice President and named members of the President’s Cabinet:

Irrespective of representations and assurances by both USG and foreign parties holding positions of authority, it has been brought to our attention that Secretary Chertoff individually, jointly and/or in conspiracy/concert with others is improperly acting under ‘Color of Public Office’ preventing finalization and completion of the referenced ‘Financial Settlement’. All concerned parties are aware that the subject private business transaction has prior approval of all legally required parties. The referenced transaction entails the repatriation of USD $4.5 Trillion. The non-authorized acts/actions of Secretary Chertoff prevents immediate payment of USD $1.575 Trillion to the United States Treasury. The consequences of Secretary Chertoff’s actions were and are being committed in violation of the ‘Rule of Law’. The resulting consequences of this illegal behavior extend beyond United States borders. There are serious concerns in world financial markets and political settings for failure of the USG to comply with agreed upon protocols that are an integral part of the referenced ‘Financial Settlement’. In previous correspondence each recipient of this letter was advised as follows:

The Principals who are to be direct and/or fiduciary recipients of the proceeds derived from the private business transaction have accepted obligations to pay commitments to several foreign entities (public and private) and several ‘USG’ entities (public and private). Intervention and blockage of this private business transaction places one or more private and public relationships at jeopardy. Each and every party is and/or should be aware of the historical and current protocol agreements and contractual obligations that underpin the referenced financial commitments (public/private/foreign/domestic) identified herein.”

The above stated information has not changed. Continual avoidance, circumvention and commission of covert/overt acts contribute to the deterioration of respect and confidence toward the USG in many arenas.

For purpose of continual notice and clarification you are all reminded once again that the term ‘Financial Settlement’ is used generically for reference purposes and should not be considered as an admission modifying the character of the private business transaction previously documented between Leo E. Wanta/Lee E. Wanta, AmeriTrust Group, Inc., one or more foreign government/private interests and one or more ‘USG’ public and private sector interests. 
The individual, agency, public, private, nominated official and elected official violation of the ‘Rule of Law’ referenced herein amounts to a violation of the Securities Acts of 1933 and 1934, the Organized Crime Control Act of 1970, specifically RICO and applicable international and national money laundering restrictions. In addition it is further asserted that the mentioned ‘acting in concert’ by each of you individually, jointly and severally, subjects the participating parties to a claim of violating H.R. 3723 as the same pertains to private business transactions being protected under both private and criminal penalties. Avoidance and silence when one has knowledge does not mitigate and may in fact escalate one’s level of culpability.

Subsequent to the previous letter addressed to the same recipients as this letter and assurance was received from USG authorities that the essence and full faith of the ‘Financial Settlement’ would be completed on or before the end of this month. In the spirit of acting in good faith all effort has been exerted to obtain cooperation from disgruntled third parties allowing an additional reasonable time to comply with contractual obligations and protocol agreements. Your current actions remove a reason and concern in requesting continual understanding and cooperation from international parties of interest.

Your individual and joint denial and failure to step forward and require compliance with the ‘Rule of Law’ will be assumed to be a statement that you have no interest in following the ‘Rule of Law.’

Time is of the essence and your immediate attention and implementation of corrective action is requested. Timely corrective action will go a long way in mitigating a very volatile situation with the potential of serious impact on the global economy and the stability of the United States Dollar in the world market.

Respectfully submitted,

Thomas E. Henry

Cc: Members of the United States Congress
International monetary interests
Foreign and local participants/beneficiaries

One of the questions often asked of me is “Why doesn’t the Congress know about this?” Read the above letter. They do know. Even the ever-popular Condeleezza Rice knows about it. Has anyone done anything? Read the last paragraph of Tom Henry’s letter once again. This letter was written before the financial debacle of 2008 began. Every word Mr. Henry said in that paragraph has come to pass. There has been a “serious impact on the global economy and the stability of the United States Dollar in the world market.” Why? Because those involved at high levels of the United States Government, as he says, have “no interest in following the ‘Rule of Law’.” 

Do you realize that the people you and those who live in your state voted into office to represent your best interests in Washington, D.C. have betrayed you by not making the Wanta funds available so the world financial crisis could have been avoided? Do you realize that means they have violated the Oath of Office they took regarding their protection of the Rule of Law as defined by the Constitution of the United States? Will anyone do anything about it? Probably not; at least not right now. 

When the housing crisis came upon us because of Wall Street’s worthless derivatives and property values fell so drastically, Lee Wanta offered to purchase Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae and put a floor under the real estate market to prevent its ongoing downward tailspin. All “they” had to do was give him access to his funds. No. They didn’t want to give him access to his funds to prevent millions of people from being foreclosed and put in the street. Why? Because they want the middle class to go away. They want an oligarchy… a two-class system made up of the elite (them) and their slaves (We, the People).

I have written many articles on the subject of how to eliminate the middle class. They all ask the same question: How do you eliminate the middle class (which prevents socialism and communism – both of which are two-class oligarchy systems)? Very simply: You eliminate the single asset that makes up most of the net worth of the middle class and provides the greatest portion of their security… their primary residential real estate. Did you think the derivatives/securitization/liar loans/real estate market tumble was accidental? Think again!

And that’s what they’ve done. Lee Wanta could have saved us from the loss of middle class assets by preventing the loss of homes. He wanted to do it. “They” wouldn’t let him.
During the first half of 2013, Lee Wanta offered to pay from his personal funds all of the United States debt held by the Chinese if “they” would only make his funds available to do so. The offer was refused.

Tom Henry continued writing letters decrying the injustices done to Lee Wanta by the Bush Senior, Clinton, and Bush Junior political administrations. As of July 7, 2013, it was 20 years since Leo Wanta was arrested in Switzerland. He’s still standing and he’s still fighting “them.” 

So what does a law-abiding citizen do when he finds a Cabinet level official playing tiddly-winks with his $4.5 trillion fortune? The Cabinet level official obviously is unconcerned about the law because he wouldn’t be playing such games if he was. What to do? Create a public record and a trail of evidence.

Letters to crooks who really have no desire to give up their source of unlawful income, however, do not get the job done. Tom Henry’s and Lee Wanta’s letters, written from June 2006 through June 2007 when the Writ of Mandamus was filed are important if for no other reason than they document the history of what happened during Wanta’s attempts to solve via the Rule of Law the problems of his stolen funds.

Here are some quotes from various letters. As you read them, bear in mind that Wanta’s funds were wire transferred by the Chinese in May 2006. A link is provided to each letter from which the quote is taken for verification.

15 July 2006, Michael Cottrell for AmeriTrust to Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson: 

Bank of America has not confirmed or verified the transfer/deposit of the agreed upon Financial Settlement payment of Four Point Five Trillion USDollars ($4,500,000,000,000) into the Bank of America corporate account for AmeriTrust Group, Inc.

14 August 2006, Letter to Henry M. Paulson, Secretary of the Treasury, from Lee E. Wanta

 “Therefore, this letter hereby advises and instructs the immediate payment of the agreed upon Financial Settlement in the aggregate amount of USDollars Four Point Five Trillion (USDollars 4,500,000,000,000) to the enclosed Morgan Stanley & Co. Incorporated Account (Ref. Encl 1). 

“Upon verified receipt, AmeriTrust Group, Inc. (ATG) will immediately pre-pay corporate and personal taxes in favor to the United States Department of The Treasury at 35%, approximately, valued at USDollars One Trillion Five Hundred and Seventy Five Billion.”

December 28, 2006, Thomas E. Henry, Esq., to President George W. Bush

“All concerned parties are aware that Secretary Paulson, under his personal signature, has control over referenced settlement agreement funds located at Goldman Sachs, et al, (C.H.I.P.S.) account with CITIBANK NYC. It is believed that Secretary Paulson, in violation of his oath of office when accepting a position in your Cabinet with responsibility to the United States Department of the Treasury, is avoiding his legal and ethical obligations to complete the transfer of the referenced settlement agreement funds and apparently favoring a private business relationship with his previous employer. This conflict of interest position and Secretary Paulson’s former relationship with Goldman Sachs provides the formidable basis for the assertion of a violation of the Securities Acts and Organized Crime Control Act of 1970.”

December 30, 2006, Thomas E. Henry, Esq., to Ambassador Negroponte, Director, National Intelligence

“The attached letter is for your review, requested comments and suggestions. Your input to place the transaction back on course would be most appreciated. As you are aware many foreign, public and private interests (Germany, France, China, England and others) are concerned with this transaction stalling and no apparent reason being offered for the delay. There are current rumors that Germany is questioning the intent and reason that Secretary Paulson is stalling completion of required tasks. It does not appear far fetched to proffer that continued delay could have impact on the US Dollar and such impact has direct implications on national security.”

January 4, 2007, Thomas E. Henry, Esq., to Vice President Richard Cheney

“The ‘White House’ and various Cabinet members have been repeatedly advised of the impropriety committed by the Honorable Henry M. Paulson, Jr., United States Department of the Treasury, when he either unilaterally and/or in conspiracy with others (known and unknown), refused to follow the ‘Rule of Law’ and complete financial obligations negotiated and approved by all concerned parties and parties of interest in the referenced (‘Re’) matter. It is anticipated that the White House is further aware of recent communications with Ambassador Negroponte that occurred prior to his resignation as Director of National Intelligence. In the event the referenced communications have not been appropriately calculated copies of the letters sent to President Bush and Ambassador Negroponte are forwarded with this letter for your review.”

January 24, 2007, Thomas E. Henry, Esq., to Kimmit/Treasury and Prince/Citigroup

“All concerned parties are aware that a representative of the United States Department of the Treasury has fiduciary control over referenced settlement agreement funds located at Goldman Sachs, et al, (C.H.I.P.S.) account with CITIBANK NYC. The violation of the ‘Rule of Law’, jointly subscribed to (through actions in concert) by the United States Department of Treasury and CITIGROUP amounts to a violation of the Securities Acts of 1933 and 1934, the Organized Crime Control Act of 1970, specifically RICO and applicable national and international money laundering restrictions. In addition it is further asserted that the referenced ‘action in concert’ subjects the participating parties to a claim of violating H.R. 3723 as the same pertains to private business transactions being protected under both civil and criminal penalties.”

February 11, 2007, Thomas Henry, Esq. to President George W. Bush, Vice President Cheney, the Cabinet

“Absent written advice, within forty-eight hours (48 hours), that either one or all of the recipients of this letter have a legal basis to prevent delivery of the funds pursuant to the mentioned ‘financial settlement’, it will be assumed that your failure to act is a knowing and intentional violation and subornation of the law. This matter requires your immediate attention and implementation of corrective action to enable mitigation of a very volatile situation with the potential of serious impact on the global economy and the stability of the United States Dollar in the world market.”

April 5, 2007, Thomas Henry, Esq. to:

Honorable George Bush 
President of the United States of America
White House White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20500

Honorable Richard Cheney
Vice President of the United States
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20500

Honorable Alberto Gonzales
Attorney General of the United States
950 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W.
Office of the Attorney General
Washington, D.C. 20530 935

James H. Burrus, Jr.
Criminal Investigations Division
Federal Bureau of Investigation
J. Edgar Hoover Building
Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, D.C.

Honorable Nancy Pelosi
Madame Speaker of the House of Representatives
235 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515-0508

Honorable Barney Frank
House Office Building
2252 Rayburn House Office Bldg.
Washington, D.C. 20515-2104

Honorable Henry A. Waxman
House Office Building
2204 Rayburn House Office Bldg.
Washington, D.C. 20515-0530

Mr. Glenn Fine, Inspector General
United States Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20530-0001

“My clients have advised that appropriate ‘gag orders’ will be honored upon receipt and confirmation that funds have been deposited pursuant to previously provided Leo E. Wanta/Lee E. Wanta, AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. banking coordinates. The criminal perpetrators acts/actions that prevent my client’s unrestricted access and freedom of control over deposited funds (private property) should be expunged immediately. If the perpetrators can not be encouraged to comply with the ‘Rule of Law’ then a meeting must be scheduled to enable evidentiary matters to be discussed, recorded and preserved for the entirety of the criminal process. It is respectfully suggested that Mr. Burrus take the lead in coordinating participation as may be deemed necessary to get off the ‘dime’ and either follow the ‘Rule of Law’ or accept the possibility that potential disclosures in an open environment may have impact stretching beyond the borders of the United States.”

May 3, 2007: AmeriTrust/Lee E. Wanta and Michael Cottrell to Vice President Cheney

“It has been brought to this firm’s attention the referenced agreed upon Financial Settlement payment of Four Point Five Trillion United States Dollars ($4,500,000,000,000.00 USDollars) is still on account within the United States Treasury Account of JPMORGAN CHASE Custodial Account at CITIBANK with the beneficial ownership of Leo E. Wanta / Lee E. Wanta. Further, this firm is advised that the assignment to AmeriTrust Group, Inc. is still in full force, per instructions to Secretary Henry M. Paulson, Jr. on 14 August 2006, et seq..”

March 26, 2007: Thomas E. Henry, Esq. to United States Attorney General Alberto Gonzales

“Most recently my clients have been advised that Secretary Chertoff expressed that he is not aware of any financial obligations owed to any third parties within the scope of the complaint set forth in the attached letter. With all due respect Secretary Chertoff misconstrues the complaint of my clients. The subject of the complaint does not make an assertion that Secretary Chertoff and for that matter any other person(s) owe my clients money. The complaint is quite simple. Secretary Chertoff and others are illegally asserting control over financial assets that are the property of my clients. Said public officials are illegally preventing my clients from having access to the mentioned financial assets. The financial assets are the sole and exclusive legal property of my clients and access to the financial assets are being illegally blocked by Secretary Chertoff and others.”

May 14, 2007, Lee Wanta to President George W. Bush, cc to Treasury Secretary Paulson

“Finally, we were shocked and surprised to read the letter from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, dated April 30, 2007, that they will not disclose the federal employee that is responsible for the Title 18 sections 4, 35, and 1970, et seq., fraudulent crimes against Ambassador Leo (Lee) E. Wanta / AmeriTrust Group, Inc. and Her Majesty, et al..

“Accordingly, with respect, this letter hereby advises and instructs you, as The President of the United States of America, per your oath of Office, to immediately issue the authorization and inward remittance of the unlawfully held, at your direction, the Four Point Five Trillion United States Dollars ($4,500,000,000,000.00USDollars) to the enclosed AmeriTrust Group, Inc. corporate securities account.

“Whereas, The President of the United States of America, having signed H.R. 3723 on October 11, 1996, has protected this transaction by allowing Corporations the right to declare their Contracts, Clients, Internal Procedures and Information, and the transactions they engage in as a Corporate or Trade Secret fully protected under the Economic and Industrial Espionage Laws of the United States of America and the International Economic Community.”

And so it goes. Letters making demands flew back and forth between the parties involved in the scam perpetrated on Ambassador Wanta and the American people. “They” wanted the money… $23 trillion wasn’t enough for their greedy little hands. They also needed Wanta’s $4.5 trillion – perhaps because as long as he has access to it, he has the capacity to be a competitive force against them.

On June 20, 2007, Lee E.. Wanta, Leo E. Wanta, Ambassador Leo Wanta (Individually and as sole and exclusive shareholder of AMERITRUST Group, Inc., a Commonwealth of Virginia registered corporation, filed in the Federal District Court Civil Action No. 1:07cv609, a Petition for a Writ of Mandamus and Other Extraordinary Relief, against:

  • Secretary of the “Treasury Henry M. Paulson, Jr.
  • Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Robert M. Kimmit
  • Treasury Department Chief of Staff James R. Wilkinson
  • Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff
  • United States Attorney General Albert Gonzales
  • Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
The word “mandamus” comes from Latin and means “we command.” I pronounce it man-day-mus (emphasis on “day”). Many people pronounce it “man-duh-mus (emphasis on “man”). Regardless of how you say it, in the courts mandamus is a common law prerogative writ that forces a court or government officer to perform mandatory duties correctly. In the Wanta Writ of Mandamus, it begins by saying “Mandamus is regarded as an extraordinary writ reserved for special situations. Among its ordinary preconditions are that the agency or official have acted (or failed to act) in disregard of a clear legal duty and that there be no adequate conventional means for review. …Permission by the court to file a Writ of Mandamus will be granted if the Petitioner shows ‘(1 ) the presence of novel and significant questions of law; (2) the inadequacy of other available remedies; and (3) the presence of a legal issue whose resolution will aid in the administration of justice’.” 

As the Petitioner, Wanta explained that he had attempted to access funds transferred to him through international bank monetary systems to financial institutions located in the United States. He told the court that the party sending the funds was the Peoples Bank of China and that the funds had been sent for his – Wanta’s – sole and exclusive use and benefit. The Peoples Bank, the Writ said, had originated the inward remittance clearly listing Leo E. Wanta as sole and exclusive recipient.

Here is a link to the Mandamus Petition WRIT OF MANDAMUS. The “Background” section contained in the Petition answers very clearly most of the questions that are usually asked with regard to “What happened to the money?” and “Why doesn’t Lee Wanta just go to court and force the government to give him the money that belongs to him” 

What have we gone through in this story to get to this critical point? We've learned about the top secret Presidential Task Force assembled by President Reagan to determine how to destroy the Soviet ruble to cut the funding source for wars designed to expand communism. We've learned Wanta worked with former CIA Director Colby and Reagan's CIA Director Casey on that Task Force and we know it took time to set the stage for the fall of the Soviet ruble ... it took Executive Order 12333 and getting the Soviets to compete for Star Wars technology to weaken their economy. We've heard how President Reagan made Secret Agent Wanta - Reagan's favorite junkyard dog - the Trustor of a $150 billion fund to be used to destroy the ruble (and we know the $150 billion was returned to the Treasury Department by Wanta within six months).

We have learned that between the time the Presidential Task Force made a recommendation to President Reagan and the time the actual program could be implemented, Leo Wanta was sent to Butler, Wisconsin (close to his home) where he became president of a company called Falls Vending Service, Inc. as part of a sting operation. The sting was successful and organized crime honcho Frank Balistrieri and his two sons were arrested and sentenced to prison. As a result of his non-ownership affiliation with Falls Vending, we know a large number of unlawful lawsuits were filed against Leo Wanta when, indeed, they should have been filed against Falls Vending. We know the tax warrants filed by Mark O. Williams in the name of Leo E. Wanta but actually belonged to Falls Vending. From Day One, the taxes owed on the Tax Warrants issued in Leo Wanta's name and that eventually became part of the criminal complaint filed against him by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue were owed by Falls Vending Service, Inc.

We have reviewed the three judicial decisions handed down stating that Leo E. Wanta did not own any stock in Falls Vending and was not responsible for that corporation's debts - and we tore apart the one lawsuit the State of Wisconsin won where Mr. Pryor, the lawyer, used more phony ploys than Wall Street bankers who created mortgage-backed derivatives to sell to Europeans. We followed Wanta to Singapore where his good friend Kok Howe Kwong was poisoned after a nasty meeting with President George H.W. Bush, then to a Canadian Safe House thanks to Vice President Dan Quayle. He then went to Somalia where he was made Ambassador for that country to Canada and Switzerland ... and Central Bank Chairman of a non-existent (but planned) Somali Central Bank. And then he was arrested in Switzerland ... and the adventure began.

He was eventually sent to prison for $14,129 in taxes - the entire sentence including parole was 22 years - taxes which weren't owed in the first place but which were paid twice one year prior to his arrest in Lausanne, Switzerland and three years prior to Wanta's criminal trial for nonpayment of these taxes in 1995. We know his Dane County trial certainly looks like it was rigged ... the prosecution, the judge, the charges, and the defense attorney. Plenty of evidence has been provided on that front. When Wanta was released from prison, he let the world know he wasn't dead (as, according to Wanta, the CIA had been telling all of the banks around the world so they could steal the $27.5 trillion fortune Wanta had amassed). He filed a lawsuit against Attorney General John Ashcroft, CIA Director George Tenet, and Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill. And, though he lost the primary part of the suit, the Opinion and Memorandum handed down by Federal District Court Judge Gerald Bruce Lee in Alexandria, Virginia included this statement:

"Plaintiff's sole remedy in this matter is to proceed with the liquidation of the corporations and report these transactions to the Internal Revenue Service in accordance with the Internal Revenue Code and then challenge the assessment of any taxes in a refund proceeding."
It was a victory recognizing Wanta as the owner of the corporations and he began liquidating assets of the corporations in Asia and agreed to accept $4.5 trillion in settlement rather than demand the government return to him the entire $27.5 trillion ... a life-saving decision. He began making arrangements with China to have the funds wire-transferred to the United States. I have no doubt that Lee Wanta was looking forward to what he would term retirement but what most would think of as a full-time job: Building a national high-speed rail system. 

But there's many a slip between cup and lip.

The Petition for a Writ of Mandamus says that in December 2005 and January 2006, Treasury Secretary Snow and Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan went to the Peoples Republic of China to confirm Leo Wanta's signature. They wanted to "facilitate cooperation of The Chinese in completing the transfer of financial assets ... " Greenspan and Snow determined the Chinese had the ability to help and were willing to cooperate with Wanta in repatriating a substantial amount of money that had been "in the care custody and control of the Chinese for an extended period of time." I would point out that having a Cabinet Secretary and the Federal Reserve Chairman go to China to ensure this transaction would run smoothly, then telling Wanta to proceed, then the money disappears down a government rat hole ... it certainly sounds like fraud in the inducement. As I’ve said many times: I’m no lawyer, just a common sense journalist.

When you read the Petition, you will find that based on Secretary Snow's and Chairman
Greenspan's observations, the law firms of Troutman Sanders, LLP, and Jenkens & Gilchrist Parker Chapin, LLP, were retained to prepare documents and coordinate the signing of agreements referred to as "settlement documents" (if they got Wanta to sign these agreements promising access to his funds, and then stole the money - fraud in the inducement). It was determined that the significant parties that are represented as either obligors and/or beneficiaries of the settlement documents are:

  •  Leo/Lee Emil Wanta
  •  Central Intelligence Agency (including but not limited to Land BaronlXeno)
  •  National Security Agency (NSA)
  •  Department of Homeland Security
  •  Director of National Intelligence
  •  United States State Department
  •  United States Department of the Treasury
  •  United States Department of Defense
  •  The White House (including but not limited to the Offices of the President and Vice President)
  •  CBIC, Inc. (Mr. William Bonney, Sr.)
  •  China (PRC), France, Great Britain, Germany and other foreign nations participating under one or more "Protocol" including but not limited to the Reagan-Mitterrand Protocol agreements.
  •  Others of interest not intentionally omitted as part of this Petition.

That the Petition for a Writ of Mandamus was taken seriously by all of the parties involved can be readily seen by looking at the Court Docket. FILING FEES AND MANDAMUS DOCKET

Wanta states in his Petition for a Writ of Mandamus that between the dates of July 31 to August 2, 2006, the United States Treasury Department transferred from an account in his and his company's name financial assets from Bank of America, Richmond, Virginia, to an account in the name of Goldman Sachs at CITIBank New York, New York. He says they are "the beneficiary holder of the monies transferred by the Peoples Republic of China." 

The Clearing House Interbank Payment (CHIP) did not remove Leo Wanta's name as the intended recipient of the funds wire-transferred by China and the transfer was facilitated from a bank located in Virginia to a bank located in New York ... across state lines. An unlawful restriction was placed on the Goldman Sachs account at CITIBank disallowing the funds to be released to Wanta without the authorization of the United States Treasury. Wanta protested Secretary Paulson's alleged right of "entitlement" and accounts were opened in the name of AmeriTrust Group, Inc. at Morgan Stanley, fiduciary client account at CITIBank/NYC to receive a direct deposit transfer of Wanta's funds from Goldman Sachs. This moves things from fraud in the inducement to out-and-out theft.

Compliance officers who are contract employees of the Treasury Department contacted Leo Wanta and told him that the transfer records at Treasury are tagged and coded in his name but access to the accounts must be accompanied by the written authorization of Secretary Paulson ... who has continued to refuse to provide written authorization. The compliance officers who communicated this information to Wanta were contacted by Secret Service Agents who advised them that the "White House" ordered them to stop communicating in any manner with Wanta.

The compliance officers contacted CIA and Defense Department employees who confirmed that the information provided by the compliance officers is true. These sources say the "order" that prevents Secretary Paulson from releasing the "tagged and coded" funds is controlled by Secretary Paulson and possibly other elected officials of the United States Government.

The U.S. Department of Justice and other investigative authorities have refused to help Lee Wanta regain access to funds that are lawfully his though he says there "is clear and undisputed evidence that the subject funds are identified in official United States government agency documents as being the sole and exclusive property of. .. " Lee Wanta.

There is no doubt that Ambassador Wanta (as he is addressed by the United States Supreme Court in his Certiorari Appeal) has taken all reasonable actions available to him. Those named in this case did not and are not following the Rule of Law. Contained in the Mandamus is the statement that "Respondent individuals, agencies, public, private, nominated and/or elected have knowingly, overtly, covertly and with specific intent conspired together to defraud Petitioner." 

It is a well-written, well thought out Petition for a Writ of Mandamus ... so well done, in fact, that perhaps it is the reason one lawyer who participated in writing it was threatened (as was his family) and he decided not to come to court the morning the Mandamus was to be heard. Sitting in the courtroom with Wanta - who testified on his own behalf regardless of the loss of counsel at the last minute – was Christopher Story/Edward Harle, Michael Cottrell, and Colonel Dana Wilcox. The Petition was refused. An Appeal for Reconsideration was lost and so too was the Appeal to the United States Court of Appeals which gave as its reason "RULE 45 MANDATE." 

What is a Rule 45 Mandate? Among other things, it is: "All process of this Court issues in the name of the President of the United States." 

Unless I'm mistaken, isn't the Office of the President of the United States where this problem started? Now the outcome of the justice system places the hen house once again in the care of the wolves. In a brief filed by the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond in a Reapplication for Mandamus, the FRB's legal counsel – the text in the brief made clear that the lawyer writing the material was a taco short of a combination plate in the ego department and tried to make it up with wit (which sounded crude, rude, and rather witless, frankly) - said this:

"It doesn't matter if Mr. Wanta is entitled to $4.5 trillion. It doesn't matter if China actually wired that sum to him. It doesn't matter if the money presently resides in a Goldman Sachs account in New York City. If FRB Richmond were to borrow a phrase from a TV commercial and ask Mr. Wanta, 'What can we do for you', he would have to reply, 'Nothing'. Mr. Wanta emphasizes 'that the petitioner is not making any claim for damages and that the petitioner is not asserting a claim based on a contract'. And Mr. Wanta asserts that FRB Richmond does not have possession, custody or control of the funds, and that only Secretary Paulson – not FRB Richmond or anyone else - has the authority to order their release." (Barnewall Note: The poor grammar exhibited by using quote marks inside of periods is that of the lawyer, not this author.)

If this doesn't make you angry, then you still haven't come to grips with the fact that the $4.5 trillion in question is being withheld from the American people. Remember, $1.575 trillion in taxes will be paid on the $4.5 trillion and two million new well-paying jobs will be created by Lee Wanta as he builds the national high-speed rail system. The lack of respect of Federal Reserve employees and lawyers show for your property is no surprise to you ... you see it everywhere in a government that has decided it likes being an empire better than it likes being a republic. You see it in the Internal Revenue Service scandals with the IRS withholding services from conservative groups until after the 2012 Presidential election; you see it in the National Security Agency’s (NSA’s) total disregard for rights of privacy and their violations of protections given us by the Constitution from unlawful search and seizure. We see it in guns being illegally sold to Mexican drug cartels and the federal agencies that perpetrated the unlawful venture are ignored even after an American Border Patrol agent (and a lot of other people) were killed by the weapons. We see it in no repercussions in Benghazi where an American Ambassador and three other brave people trying to defend him were killed… they can’t talk about it because “an investigation is actively underway.”

Have we come to the end of the story only to find defeat? Hardly! 

In one sense, the story of Ambassador Lee Wanta reminds me of Job. 

There are few people, regardless of their faith or lack of it, who have not heard the saying "He has the patience of Job." Did Job have patience? Or was there another, more important lesson we were to learn from this woebegone tale of life gone wrong?

When Job's problems began, God set limits beyond which Satan could not go to distress Job – Satan couldn't harm Job's health, for example. Though God later allowed Job to be personally stricken, he made sure the man's life was saved. Poor Job – at the time, he knew nothing about this discussion between God and Satan and he knew nothing of the limits God had set. He just had to deal with each life catastrophe as it presented itself.

What did Job want? He wanted vindication ... especially in the eyes of his friends. One of those friends, Elihu, began to answer Job as if he, Elihu, were God, pointing out Job had not been very well focused during his trials and tribulations. He explained to Job that God teaches and punishes us in various ways, pointing specifically to the fact that sometimes those ways are beyond our understanding.

Job, on the other hand, was absolutely certain of his innocence. He had a hard time seeing beyond that certainty of innocence ... probably having a great deal in common with Washington's criminal cabal in this regard (the guilty always rationalize their sins into virtues). Job tried to defend himself from the false conclusions to which his friends had come on his behalf. He was, thus, unable to see where growth was possible to him.

I'm a believer that God wants us to grow and when we cease growing our Maker (no matter what we call Him or Her) can move us out of a lazy rut with some pretty harsh measures. Job is a perfect example. We all know that bad things happen to good people and often those most guilty of violating God's, Nature's and Civil Laws are the ones who most prosper from their violations. Why doesn't God punish them? Why does He punish the good in an effort to bring them closer to Him? Perhaps because He knows "they" are lost.

Why has this tragedy befallen Leo/Lee Emil Wanta? Why has his tragedy spilled over to
negatively impact an entire nation of 330 million people? What is it that we are all supposed to learn from the very complicated life of one man – the Job of the New Millennium? 

One thing we can learn from the life of Lee Wanta is the mistake "they" continually make about his motive for continuing to fight for his personal property and for the American people he wants to help. Just as Satan never really understood Job's motive, neither do "they" understand the motives of Lee Wanta.

Satan thought Job served God because it was to Job's advantage to do so. He thought if he removed the advantages – the blessings and protection – given by God, Job would abandon his Lord and serve Satan. Job, however, served God out of sincere devotion. "They" think Wanta serves his government and the populace of this nation because it is to his advantage to do so. Really? Since the 1980s when the unlawful Wisconsin lawsuits began, since 1993 when his arrests for non-existent taxes owed began ... where have the advantages to Wanta serving his government gone? OMG, as the computer short-handers say, you mean he serves the government and the people out of sincere devotion? Yes. After speaking with this man almost daily for five years, I believe that to be true.

Lee Wanta is a Christian and he does believe strongly in God and perhaps the most important lesson learned throughout this entire ordeal is that when we are most perplexed and anguished over the behavior of others, it is at that moment our faith is most important to us. 

Where are Lee Wanta's friends? Are they standing with him? Do they raise their voices? Or do they shyly await someone else to do the work and take the risks for them? Where are they who will most benefit from his receipt of his own money? Some speak ... most are silent. 

Or, perhaps Lee Wanta exemplifies Noah for us ... telling us we can sense something is not right, knowing something is very wrong. He is trying to build an ark to protect us and is seeking hands that might hold out nails to help him with the carpentry mission. Building it alone is a time-involved process. I smile as I write this, but there are similarities (blame it on Job - that analogy got me started down this road). Noah was told to build an ark. If one is a literalist Biblically, if Noah took aboard the clean and unclean animals at the rate recommended there would be species of from 1.5 million to 4 million. The ark was 450 feet long and 75 feet wide and 45 feet deep ... but with God, all things are possible. I do not suggest otherwise. 

Regardless of facts and logic, can you imagine what the Associated Press and mainstream television broadcast news would be saying about a man building an ark to save his family from the disaster the man had been told by an unseen God to build? It took a long time for Noah to build that ark ... a very long time. His neighbors were shaking their heads at his madness. "He must be insane ... we'd better keep our eyes on him!" The news stories about a modern Noah would probably read like many written about Lee Wanta in numerous journals by experts – all of whom suggest they talk with him regularly and are his friends.

Well, let's look at Noah from a different perspective. Let's look at the story of Noah's ark as a parable. Let's say that the flood is a threat – any kind of threat – to the lives of Noah and his family ... as your life and your family might be threatened. And let's define an ark as a safe retreat where you can ensure your safety and that of your loved ones. The animals that were to be taken two-by-two – let's say they represent ideas or thoughts and that two-by-two meant you had to bring aboard your ark all equals and opposites, people you like or love, people you dislike and possibly hate, positive and negative, truth and lie, good and bad because in the physical world one cannot identify the positive without a negative with which to compare it. Truth, for example, is difficult to find without a comparative lie, or good without bad as an example of how opposite the two are. In other words, to save one's self, one must deal with all of the elements of truth by recognizing good and evil, the positives of life and the negatives leading to death – of the body or the spirit. If we reject them – keep them off of our ark – our lives won't be as fulfilled as they otherwise will be. 

That is what the story of Lee Emil Wanta's life is. It is a combination of a man who has tried beyond any standard anyone could hold out to warn the people of the world about the corrupt governments that serve us all by serving their own needs, and a man who has made every possible effort to build an ark – not just for himself, but for the people of his country ... indeed, for people of the world.

There are those who laugh about it. There are those who cry about it. There are those who do nothing but change the television channel from Hawaii Five-O to Dancing With the Stars - and there are those who do something about what they learn from this man.

Princess Paula of Snake Hill is a person with similar standards. No wonder the two of them became friends. She was barely 24 years of age when the Commonwealth of Australia began stealing the lands for which she and her mother and father had worked so hard. The company that took the family's lands at first said they were behind in their payments, but later admitted they were a year ahead ... but they fully intended to steal the rest of the family's lands, regardless.

 That was Princess Paula's flood. What was the ark her family built to protect them from further assault? The 24-year old young woman sat down and wrote a letter to the Queen of England telling Her Majesty that she and her family were seceding from the Commonwealth of Australia which is under British rule. She didn't wait - she couldn't wait. She needed a response before her next court hearing – and she got it. Did the response applaud the family's decision to secede? No. It did not. .. but it was addressed to the Principality of Snake Hill – and that was all the family needed. The addressed envelope to them from the Queen, the letter addressed to them from the Queen proved that the Principality of Snake Hill had been recognized by a sitting Monarch. They had studied the law and KNEW that was all they needed. 

When they went back into court, the mortgage bankers who had such an easy time stealing the family's land the first time thought this second time would go as easily, but as the court was ready to rule in their favor Princess Paula pointed out to the court that it had no jurisdiction over them. "What?" The court was shocked. Princess Paula announced that the property the mortgage bankers were trying to steal was now located in the Principality of Snake Hill which did not recognize the jurisdiction of the court in their land. 

The initial reaction was laughter ... people always laugh at those who build arks.

When she produced the letter from the Queen who rules their Australian Commonwealth,
however, the tone changed immediately as the court agreed with Princess Paula that it had no standing in the jurisdiction of a Principality named Snake Hill... not one that had an envelope and a letter from Queen Elizabeth addressed to a Princess Paula of the Principality of Snake Hill.

That was in 2003. Since that first letter to the Queen, the Principality has grown from a population of three to a population of about 250 people. There have been problems – huge problems; there have been threats and intimidation. But the residents of tiny Snake Hill Principality just keep building their ark. 

So where do stories about Job and Noah and Princesses in far away lands get us? Hopefully, they get us to take an honest look at what's happening in our country and begin building intelligent arks. If you believe everything in your country – any country of the world – is alright, then none of this will be of interest to you. But if you're like the majority of us who sense – or know to varying degrees of valid information – that something is wrong, then the meaning of this biography of Leo/Lee Emil Wanta should be very clear to you. Most of us are ready to build that ark but don't know where to start.

One of Lee Wanta's favorite sayings is 'The method used determines the standard." Remember that. If you see an Executive Order that violates the Constitution of this Great Nation, it is the method being used to create a standard of law and human behavior set in unconstitutional cement. Isn't that what's been happening for many years? It is unlawful to pass an unlawful law.

We need to talk about arks and how to build them. Like Lee Wanta, we need to understand that it may take years to complete our building of them ... but better that than having no arks or canoes available for future generations of financial manipulation (happening now but more yet to come), judicial unlawfulness (happening now but more yet to come), illegal foreclosures (happening now but more yet to come).

The protocol funds can alleviate these and other existing and future travesties. Will it happen if we the people continue to ignore the assistance we could provide to Ambassador Wanta? The funds may be released -- "they" are, after all, in a corner economically. They may be forced to pay Lee Wanta in spite of their plans to the contrary.

There is, however, only one way to be sure. Pick up a pen and paper and write a letter to your Congressman and your Senators. Let them know that you know about these funds ... you might want to include a copy of one or two of the letters sent by Wanta attorney Thomas E. Henry, Esq. to President George W. Bush ... the ones where the U.S. Congress was copied. They like to hide behind the concept that the funds sent to Lee Wanta are a product of the Ambassador's imagination.

Senator Larry Craig of Idaho, for example, SENT THIS LETTER about Ambassador Lee Emil Wanta to one of his constituents. The difference now, Senator Craig, is that the people have the evidence in hand. They have the documents in hand. They know what happened to Ambassador Leo/Lee Wanta is not a figment of anyone's imagination. The only imagination in play here is your belief that you can continue to lie to constituents and get away with it.

Our – we, the people's – elected officials are comfortable thinking we cannot document what we know to be true and they feel free to give us any answer they choose. After all, what can we, the people, do about it?

When you write a letter about the Wanta case to an elected official who can do something about this (if he/she chooses), you may get a crazy letter back ... similar to Craig's letter to Peter (linked above). But you've read this book and have access to the links providing documented evidence of what has been said and what has been done. You have the power to tell them what happened (and are able to prove it) rather than relying on them to tell you what happened, distorting the truth to serve their purpose.

They can't do that with the Wanta story.

Not any longer. Those days are gone ... for all of them.

*images were added and not part of the original authors writings*

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