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Happiness Consumption

OWoN: A Valid contribution from Nigel, which needs c20 minutes of your time to absorb and contemplate.

What is the price of life, longevity, happiness, or low mortality? What is fair? Is living on $1 a day fair? A day????? While some Won't Work Skank on Welfare whines at only c$2K a month? What price - Is a human life?

These are the issues we need you all at OWoN to raise when the new funds flow so we can all help to make a difference.

To touch a life (But not my wife) Lol

We all need to help make a difference.

And Yes, we WILL be supporting new communities, including associates of OWoN site concepts, to Hassidics and even Amish. All are based on good family values. Why not enrich all? To be inclusive. We all support about 95% of common good values. Let each then evolve as it wishes. Then to tackle the larger issues also.

This video (part 1 & 2) were offered up by Nigel who has somewhat of a personal connection to the author/producer of them. I will not detail more as it is private in nature. Thank you Nigel for bring this to us.

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