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Realities | if public RV fails, where does that leave you?

  • What if they Railroad and Side-line the RVs and Dinars yet again? Demographics will part determine your future now, so wise up fast.

  • If only Special Interests scoop the pot for themselves, where does that then leave you?

  • Guard good US and Global Potential – Use it – or Lose it! One World of Nations for all! Learn to live together as Men, or we will all fail together as Fools. We are one! Which?

One World of Nations
17 February 2014

As the world ever more faces the reality of accelerating Capital Depletion, and economic consequences of reckless Political overspending, we need a reliable Global Central Bank policy to smooth the ripples and help fairly allocate essential resources to struggling nations. A Bank run FOR the people.

Won’t that be a first? A Bank morally serving us, as people?

But how? The US is straddled by the Federal Reserve, an elite Zionist Mafia run operation which has cynically looted the country for a century, akin to the greatest bloodsucking leech ever seen. Its ravenous claw encircles Europe also. You are trusting them to pay out? That will be a first.

The US Treasury, another Zionist Mafia stronghold, works hand in glove with the Criminal Federal Reserve Bank of New York, a foreign owned and controlled organization which pays no taxes, nor faces US Audits or Public scrutiny, nor does it face Congressional Oversight. It is no more than a Zero Tax, free lunch Zionist Mafia Criminal Group HQ, looting the world with impunity, protected by the US State, with Israeli deep penetration and dual Israeli passport holders, as with the US Treasury. A pernicious Zionist controlled, Thug supported Fraud Operation with Criminal immunity.

The US IRS is a Puerto Rican Private Company, a scam operation, collecting taxes not for the nation, but for Elite interests and the Military Industrial Cabal, to wage war on humanity and rape the planet. The American IRS IS a Private Puerto Rican Fraud vehicle and NOT for the people. It is for Extortion of the Republic. Not to serve the nation. Take it back! American taxes for Americans!

The Department of Homeland Security is, in fact, little more than a version of the German Stasi SS, there to subjugate the citizens to Washington’s command, and to smother resistance to authoritarian dictates. A repulsive and repressive Police state regime!

All overseen by an Illegal Foreign worker, with a forged SS Number, a false ID card, a false IRS status, a false passport and a false Birth Certificate. A man, whose Chicago home purchase was “facilitated” by a known Chicago hood of dubious values, and cross funded for power by the likes of the odious Soros, as well as Muslim funding and Chicago crime families. A man - questionable? With a Partner whom jointly with him, also had to surrender her own BAR Licence to avoid prosecution, but who cleared US vetting?

A Partner, not wife? You think with so many false and bogus SS numbers, false passport and false Birth Certificate, that even the marriage is legal? Which legal name? Hello? It’s all a farce!

Who clears the DHS as these repulsive low lives grope your families at the airports, protect the Black Panthers, and the non-American IRS harass and threaten you worldwide for their Puerto Rican Cabal Agency taxes? Vile Enforcement by a monstrous Cabal.

What a repulsive mix. What a grubby mess. Welcome to America.

Who expects cogent policies or strategies for its rapidly changing society from such a dysfunctional group of mediocrities? A man with no career experience of any merit, having succeeded in nothing, with challenged sexuality, a surrendered Bar License, and no visible legality or even experience to occupy any US State Job, let alone the Oval Office, has been allowed to surround himself with fawning sycophants, attempting a destructive series of radical policies, ill thought out, and strategically as base as they are.

Muslim Mickey takes the biscuit. Only in America. The world looks on in awe. Shock and awe! 8 years of dysfunctional chaos and wasted opportunities coming up. What happened to the Organ Grinder promised? To elect Obama – twice? This questions pre IQ testing to vote. America has NO Constitutionally Elected Leader with any commitment to care for the interests of the American people. This is a Manchurian poser controlled by manipulative despots. America has never been more lost. Confucius was a Chinese philosopher of note. Confused is the Illegal in the WH.

The bar was set so low for him and it shows.

Worldwide - Demographics is the new frontier. YOUR future on YOUR watch.

Populations are growing rapidly as is enforced mass migration. A human tide swell of undereducated Third World Nations dump themselves on already floundering and stressed Western economies. The costs and consequences are grossly underestimated. Nations cannot take it or absorb them. Nor do we need or want them. Only in planned volumes when able to contribute.

Yet, they don’t care. They just come to take, and the countries being overrun simply cannot cope.

There is no Housing, no Medical cover, no Education, no Food, no Security frees us from for this vast human flotsam swarm free riding into the West. Let the Liberals fund them from their resources. Or compensate for the crime epidemics which follow. The Diseases and Health Care problems they bring with their inbred marriages to direct DNA Cousins. The system cannot cope. Ever greater numbers are Muslims. Feed and clothe them and they next demand Shariah Law and their Caliphate!

Look at Madison Avenue as they take over New York on Fridays. Putin would have the tanks in fast. As SHOULD America! Would Davey Crockett, Bowie, Wild Bill, Wyatt Earp and the Founders have taken this? With Colt 45s and Machine guns blazing! The Alamo stood up for you all. Who now stands up for Americans? Sure as hell it’s not Congress or the vile, Treasonous Agencies.

Europe is swamped with Illegals. Systems are buckling and they want more. They take, we pay. Nothing is free. Fed Printing is ending. Even that has limits. What then bar disintegration if not controlled?

Within the planning systems and hierarchies of our evolved Western societies, we depend upon the younger workers to pay for the Retirees. But the whole matrix is now buckling. For the first time ever, we are seeing nations emerging with more 65 year old citizens than under 25 years old. Now, not only can the young not carry the Pension support burden for the old, but in Spain and other countries, up to 50% of under 25’s have no jobs and no hope. China is also facing a similar dichotomy. Youth Population levels are falling fast, no small part due to China’s tyrannical birth control policies denying more than one child per family, and aggressive State sterilization policies. Aged populations have now surpassed the young. Another unfolding model paradigm about to buckle.

Elderly people are facing ever greater life expectancy, but now to be Funded by who?

Even working contributors have either had their Pension contributions misappropriated by the State, or soon will. Funds have either been sequestrated by the State, or voracious Fund Managers abusing trust. Retiree’s earnings have been under continuous siege. A lifetime of poverty now awaits them. Ageism becomes another dynamic. As life expectancy increases, Geriatric costs grow pro rata. Insurers are now increasingly refusing to fund Elder's cases, especially for repeating illnesses. Policies are being negated as Insurance Assessors identify and reduce exposure by declining Policy renewals for high risks. Insurers can’t and won’t carry burdensome risks. For many the scrap heap beckons. Forget Insurance with all its Zionist led Racketeers, soon, without Private Wealth, there will be no open ended Insured Health. You are only as good, as the Profit on your policies. Insurers cannot carry added burdens of longevity not factored into economic models. They are businesses with finite reserves. Can’t pay- Go away! Ever more, you need your own fund.

No one gets an Insurance policy to free ride for life. If you continue to cost, you will be told to get lost. Insurance has limitations. No one wants you as an endless cost burden.

Enter the IMF. Who now lends to derailing economies? Because it’s going to get a whole lot worse.

Especially for Americans who have been spoon fed a lie for 50 years. They actually believed the spoon fed pap they were fed with no idea of the scale of Treasury / Fed printing fraud perpetrated to feed the voracious bubble of false expectations. Feed the trough, never mind the non-existent Collateral assets - Lie! Who held them accountable? 330M are utterly mindless of reality. But it’s coming up and truth will be harsh.

America has aggregated such unrealistic expectations of Social rights, living in a time warp bubble of false realities, living a lie! Even now, today, most Americans are totally clueless of the real state of THEIR Nation! How bad things really are. Clueless.

Over 900 Military and Agency bases worldwide wage war on nations, or create unrest, to service their Arms Trade of Contractors Protection Rackets. Afghanistan is refusing to accept a long term Military Protection Contract which they must pay for. Afghanistan will fall and all our troops will have been killed or maimed for life, for nothing. American troops are there to protect the Poppy trade for the Agency and Poppy Bush! Also for Mineral rights.

Great Industries have failed, denied access to a vibrant economy in America. A dynamic economy is being reduced to rubble. No men of talent are in office to lead. Just shabby, soiled and duplicitous weasels or Zionists funded Gophers. Shame on the lot of them. But they have shame immunity blocks, lacking any moral perspectives.

Vast Trillions have been stolen, or raised by Fed Fraud and all wasted. A retrospective audit of American maleficence in waste will fill volumes. Yet none has benefited the people. An entire society has grown up never to be called second, or fail, only to be a reserve participant. Bunkum! Learn to lose and learn to try harder damn it as the forefathers did! They carved vast cities, a world leading nation from the ground, with nothing. They had no Social Welfare systems, no rights, and no IRS or DHS! Yet they put a man on the moon. They created a vast nation. A constitution. Wisdom. They had family VALUES! Faith! They had moral standards. Pre Clintons!

Then along came the Zionists Bankers, followed later by the Germanic Bushes and their Nazi family cohorts. A collusion of Agency conspired hell emerged. Eisenhower and Kennedy forewarned what was coming if not stopped. How can the President of the United States be so powerless? What the hell has control and so much authoritarian power? Wake up, WISE UP and ask! It isn’t Santa Claus! And it isn’t YOU!

Yet, despite so much Totalitarian power, it’s still failing now. You can only steal and railroad so much before you have to put back, to engender a new crop, or lose the lot. When have Zionist Bankers ever put back? With their contempt for you Goyims, it will not factor in. To them, a Roaches Soul merits higher than yours.

So now, what constitutes getting worse?

Within 20 years we will have 2 Billion more mouths to feed, house, educate and provide health care. But here is the problem. With Climatic changes, up to 40% of current farming land will become a dust bowl, caused by heat and or water shortages. Water tables are dropping as reservoirs deplete fast. Rivers become ever more polluted and wildlife at threat. Less to eat, less to drink, and costs will soar. Who pays? With what, as Industries fail and jobs are ever faster exported? Up to 80% of pending Retirees have no savings or even Pension Policies. They naively believe the State will provide. The State has no interest in them. How do you explain to a corralled population, you are in effect no more than human stock items as per your own ID numbers and Registered Birth Certificates? Unless you’re an Illegal, in which case they either Jail you, or park you in the White House to show the gullible sheep will fall for anything. Twice?

Try facing the real world dichotomy, of a collapsing Capital base, forecast loss of Agricultural land. Depleting water, declining industries, shrinking Tax Revenues, a rapidly aging population, Geriatric Health Care dependencies which are simply unaffordable, Immigration levels and Military / Agency costs which are unsustainable, and an ever growing Welfare budget which simply can no longer be met.

America? Hell No, not alone. Think the entire Western world and way of life. The West is under siege. But America’s own great lie and dollar printing Fraud has to end. The illusion is over.

Leaders of no visible experience, qualities or even core vision, are occupying seats of power almost none are qualified to hold. Right across the entire Northern Hemisphere. The Blind really cannot lead the blind. Banking systems are rotten to the core, exploited by ruthless and pernicious Zionists Mafias who almost singularly have domain control of most US and European Banks. They hold a complete Oligopoly of the US Treasury, Federal Reserve and Federal Reserve Bank of New York. An invasion of Roaches.

We are already seeing the effects of pollution and Climatic changes which are devastating farming. Countries ever more competing for energy and materials. Who gets what? China already has a pollution and water problem. It will accelerate.

As India's and China's populations grow, demand for resources funded by their new found wealth, will exacerbate Global distribution needs. Demand driven by prices leads to systematic breakdown. Price wars can lead to real wars! Our concept of sustainability is under threat. As we export our wealth to Asia, we have ever less to fund the pot. Money is power, but now transferring as our wealth declines. We have to pay to play.

So, who funds the retirees as jobs decline? Who funds unemployment? Who funds Health Care?

Who funds education and infrastructure? With what as Western Industries are in free fall?

A voracious American Military Industrial Cabal takes out 55% of all taxes collected. Agencies spy on the world with unsustainable budgets stripping America dry. And, while the life blood of the nation drains away, they won’t stop expanding and spending. We KNOW who the greatest enemy to the US is. It IS the Military and Agencies. Feeding them has crippled the economy. Contractor’s boots on the ground worldwide just exacerbates ever more tensions. A Locust hoard of bandits looting and killing for profit.

Oil and Gas reserves are finite. As is water. Our building blocks of life are under ever greater threat. Conservation now needs to be key. Fair Global shares of key resources to serve our planet. Quotas need to be brought in, and allocated accordingly, or do the US fight as Dogs of War and lose? Times have changed. Nations have evolved and moved on. Many forwards. Upwards.

However, No Right thinking Person Wants Agenda 21, which “We the People,” need to say No to! 

We saw during 9/11 a nation unprepared and mentally incapable of factoring in what was happening to them. A nation distraught in confusion and fear. America couldn’t take in the realities of bombing on the homeland as experienced worldwide by the innocent victims as other nations have. It was a major culture shock, but one which brought home the true Blue Collar heroes as they stood up and helped rescue thousands. The only Hollywood heroes were the support services as Police, Fire Services, and Sanitation workers, backed up by Paramedics stepped up. George W Bush and his gutless apology of a Government ran away for 3 days and hid, leaving you leaderless and helpless while these cowards looked after themselves. As they do with US Finances, it’s just take all for them.

But the world stood up and helped Americans everywhere during those dark days. Humanity at its best. One World of Nations feeling and bleeding, as one. You were not alone. 

100,000 acre estates in Paraguay holding vast Gold deposits stolen from nations, enable Bush, Cheney and Soros to run and hide, while maybe 100M Americans just died in a nuclear conflict. As Soros did to his fellow Jews in Hungary. Demographics, where you are when the troubles hit. Be sure, US Leaders are not, and will not, be with you. And be sure, China and Russia WILL fight the US if pushed and the outcome would be terrible for all. Oblivion for most.

Most left to die slowly in a holocaust of starvation and disease. Denied food, shelter or water. As millions suffer worldwide now. When will we evolve as a nation of man?

Arable land will simply become dust bowls, including vast US arable tracts also. Whole States will decline with Climate changes coming. We cannot continue wasting thousands of gallons of ever more precious water, just to feed each head of cattle to service the meat industries feeding 300lb Obese Porkers. At what cost? Ecology is under threat now. So is our food chain. Fish stocks are depleting fast. Even worse, sea contamination is increasing. Population increases facing food decreases, means problems ahead none of the Bart Simpson of Politics can resolve. Parties you have all enfranchised to hold Totalitarian Political power over you. Men of low moral character or integrity. Shapeshifters. Men who will sit idly by while Holocausts play out as long as their hands are greased. Such run, and ruin nations today. On your watch.

The key step to turning our nations around is based on liquidity. Money meant for Nation Building needs to be Bank Platform traded for Humanity, not for the Agencies and Cabal to sequestrate in greed. Releasing the Dong conversion funds will help both release Vietnam from US bondage, and enable the US Patriots in Reno to trade via the London Platforms and direct the profits towards restoring America, not filling Texan and Cabal pockets. The Patriots will make the funds fit for purpose.

It’s time to put back, not to hijack. Stop Bush - Whacking America’s dreams and the Children’s futures!

Demographics means putting Americas money to use to secure our Elders, to feed our poor, to Educate and house our children, to make real Health Care available NOT driven for Profit but for the dignity of our sick and injured. It means rethinking Community Planning and funding. Rethinking serves needed and planning supplies. Re building Infrastructure, and Levies to stop the flooding. Stopping the Porous Borders and stopping the Drugs. It means Community regional planning to meet needs of the Needy! Yes that DOES mean rethinking Banking and Wall Street. Yes, that will mean Throwing Out the Derivatives Vultures gambling with YOUR money. Redirecting trading profits to service the nation’s needs, not to hide in Caribbean or European Offshore Accounts. It means Expose Them and Close Them! It means throwing the Zionist Mafia out of their Treasury and Fed Oligopolies and if they don’t like it, pack them off to Israel with a one way ticket and a cancelled US Passport. Stop the sources of Corruption. Stop Cabal funding dead! Stop the Contractor rackets! Stop the Federal Reserve Bank of New York from gutting the world, reign in the US Treasury and rip this Zionist Oligopoly apart. Wake up, and Man up! Grow up Americans! Leadership is a privilege, not a right.

America, this great nation' was forged from the earth with nothing but man’s ingenuity and drive to reach for more. Over a century it has grown and lead the planet. But now, it is at a Cross roads, competing with ever more Nation States emerging. Each demanding access to diminishing resources. Weapons today are too powerful to fight with, or against.

Conservation is becoming reality with ever greater species facing extinction. We each need to know our place, and our roles, or we too, will face an ever greater threat from the greed and inhumanity within ourselves. This site has become a Global meeting of minds. The Nation of Man, free from race, creed, religion or cronyism, and one able to reach across geographical boundaries to allow an interaction of minds. Global communities are developing and you each enrich the total being of all. We hear you and the world hears you. Common values affect us all. The only religion here is a Kindred spirit for all to debate and challenge boundaries and problems. To be as one, Brothers and Sisters of Man, with compassion and humanitarian values. The Spirits of Man can change all for the better.

Is Reno to become the new Frontier, our Alamo from which it all starts to get better? That spark of consciousness always starts somewhere. Commeth the hour, Commeth the Men, and there are thousands of you to be the Guides for others. The greatest battle coming, is for minds. The restoration of values, and conscious needs to effect change. You are the new Demographic model of what needs, and can be. You exist and your very being is key and the essence of hope to all. Time is so finite, use it well. Values are all we take with us. Make them good. The site has become a Global Highway for all of you to communicate as Free Thinkers and debate key issues together. The Silent Readers are ever with us, reading, watching, and when needed, protecting. Growing.

Think the future, and make it be.

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