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Changing the Political and Industrial Landscape | an opinion piece by Neo

One World of Nations
By Neo
25 February 2014

To effectively reform the government of the United States will require a multi-front, multi-generational approach. Electing someone new from any party into the existing system will not have any lasting effect one way or the other. Contrary to what may believe, the real decisions about running the country are not made in the voting booth.

The constitution needs to be enforced. No more misuse or wanton disregard to "politically correct," stances that are clearly a breach of public trust. The constitution has to be enforced. At present we are not a republic but a hegemony. Look it up and decide for yourself.

To start we need massive campaign contribution reform. Its is obscene for someone to raise almost a billion dollars to become president of the United States. To accomplish this task will take changes on many fronts. First is to reinstate limits on how much money any individual or company can contribute even thru the PAC's. Public funding of federal elections is the foundation. Yes we pay more for this program but in the end we receive massive benefits from a clean and ethical government.

I suggest $1000 dollar contribution cap over the life time of anyone in office. Once a "lobbyist," hits his cap, that's it. Audit trails need to be in place with jail time the consequences of those who break the rules. Serious verifiable checks and balances need to be in place to prevent masking new contributions under an assumed name or other means. All lobbyist must be registered and their contributions available for public examination.

The supreme courts ruling about political action committee's "unlimited" funding stance has to be overruled. It is the largest threat to the Republic ever rendered. That may take removing or replacing some of the supreme court.

Term limits need to be enforced with Supreme Court Justices. No one should have a life time commitment to office. They are in fact now "Kings and Queens" who sit unsupervised, uncontrolled and unencumbered to "interpret" law as they deem fit. No one should have that much power. I suggest 8 year limits for all justices so that the political will of the people can be better served.

Elected officials should be banned from becoming lobbyists after their term in office. They need to go home and help their communities thru a life of public service not become the latest name to be added to the payroll of the big corporations. We need to send all our public servants home who have forsaken their home to live and work in the belt way. That would contribute to solving the traffic problems as well! The presidential libraries have become another outrageous expression of campaign predation. Google who is paying for these "palaces" in honor of the success of their lobby efforts!

The two party system now active is without question "money" based. It's only part of the window dressing that supports the illusion that we the people really matter. We all know its money that is driving the bus. Both sides are at present bought and sold many times over. It really doesn't matter who is in office, the system works with just about anyone seated as long as they play the game with the money trail. If you don't play the game, you don't last long. In some cases quite literally.

To some degree the president is just a front for the cabinet level appointments. It is there that most of the real decisions are made. Cabinet level appointments have to be free of the money trough as well. Appointments must go thru a more thorough approval process with exposure of any money trails leading to the Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations or any subversive group who is promoting agendas.

Executive Orders issued need congressional oversight. We do not have a King but an elected Chief Executive Officer. Many of the recent EO's are unconstitutional. That needs to be stopped and enforced thru Supreme Court rulings enforced by the US Marshals Service.

The Military will have to be overhauled. They, at present, do not transport supplies, cook their own food or provide security unless its part of a military operation. A disproportionate of the military budget goes to the military support industry that is another program that has to come to an end. Real bidding procedures have to take place to what services are really necessary. Political favoritism must be removed from the process. The covert wars and bombing campaigns thru silent and secret operations have to come to an end.

Government procurement systems need to be qualification based. No Government or State Employee may assist with tendering or Procurement services for family or associates, nor receive any income from outside businesses while in public office.

Any party tendering for or seeking State contracts having any relatives in State employment must pre advise an appropriate State or Governmental Compliance Board who will undertake appropriate Diligence checks prior to allowing Tenders to proceed. Stringent penalties need to be written into Law with 5 to 35 year Jail Sentences mandatory and unlimited fines.

A full and retrospective audit by Independent International Audit Companies of note, needs to be undertaken for all Bush, Cheney, Paulson, Greenspan and Clinton activities over the last 35 years to ascertain how much was accrued from Public Office manipulation and seizure undertaken plus full RICO charges.

Welfare has to have limits. I suggest a one year limit to get back on your feet while being established as a productive member of society. It should be a stop gap system as it was originally designed not a generational source for support creating in effect a non-working class of citizens. Everyone works, no free rides. Entitlement is killing us as a nation. Many people have become unknowing slaves to a political machine not something that really helps people. Why should there be limits on unemployment benefits while there are no limits on welfare? The system needs reforming. This will take some years to work out of.

The pharmaceutical companies needs to stay out of the educational food chain while making off label use of drugs by doctors a felony. At present Pharmaceutical companies are one of the biggest grant funding sources for medical schools across this nation. They are for the most part given the opportunity to program new medical personnel in the "chemical," treatment of most every illness. FDA leadership has to become separated from the money supply of the multinationals. Health care has to loose its chemical addictions while offering healthy solutions, not the costly perpetual treatment of symptoms.

Our health care system needs massive overhauling. According to some sources, as much as 40% of all care rendered has no lasting effect on the life of the patient. Add to this the Obama Care disaster and we have a recipe for failure. People have a definitive life span. Death is part of life. Spending millions of dollars per patient in a ICU while mechanically prolonging life is a tragedy for all involved. Many of the procedures that are preformed are just a dodge from litigation. We pay the price. Many less costly models are not in place. We simply need to not be afraid to offend the medical lobby and initiate a more humane approach to health care.

Tort reform need to happen on many fronts. Liability claims need limits. It is stupid for someone to spill a cup of coffee in their lap and receive a multi-million dollar damage claim. Get the lawyers out of the feeding trough and establish more just regulations within the system.

USDA needs to step up and ban the systematic poisoning of our food chain. The factory farms are killing many people each year. This will require legislative help in getting the Monsanto crowd out of congress and out of the USDA. We need to develop sustainable food production. We know how to do it but the big food production lobby is trying to suppress the developments for the sake of higher profit margins.

Homeland Security needs to have its influences curtailed to real issues. They do not need to be the excuse for invasions of privacy across the globe. Those on the government payroll have become a "voting block" that becomes a power base. Elected officials have no incentive to "offend" those who contributed to their campaigns.

There needs to be a curtailing of the number of three letter agencies. At present I doubt members of congress could even tell you who they all are and what their roles are supposed to be. We need some of them but certainly not all of them. All agendas, covert and overt, need congressional oversight. Some will have to be behind closed doors but none the less have some real and meaningful oversight.

We need to overturn FIAT monetary policies of the 70's with asset backed currency. If we are going to maintain financial credibility overseas we have to change. This involves issuing UST notes while cutting back on the role of the Central Banks. The Fed needs to have congressional oversight along with regular independent audits. No more back door deals and unseen favoritism within the Fed.

The United States needs a flat rate income tax that everyone pays equally. Close the loop holes that allow price sharing within a multi-national organization. No exceptions, loop holes, or write offs, we all pay the same. Revamp the IRS tax code using a simple single page tax form for all. The rich and the poor pay the same. No more pinning the financial stability of the nation on a small minority of folks who pay outrageous percentages on taxes.

Religious organizations need to start paying taxes on property and giving just like everyone else. This would bring in trillions of dollars in much needed revenue. "Not for profit" status is an American contrivance not a biblical one. Jesus and his disciples paid taxes just like everyone else.

National energy consumption has got to be curtailed. We need to prioritize usage and simply cut out the rest. Our energy foot print has to be much smaller for the sake of humanity. Just because we have wealth does not grant us the global right to use a disproportionate share of the planets resources. This will require revamping our infrastructure. Instead of spending money on energy we need to spend it on rebuilding America's cities. There is not, nor will be, a "genie" in a bottle for some magic solution that allows us to continue to live like pigs. Even if there were, where are our global ethics?

We have to curtail offshore trading treaties that allow artificially priced products to dominate the shelves of the big box stores. Stop throngs headed to Walmart's while supporting smaller local businesses. Take a step back to wean ourselves off of the slave trade, the environmentally destructive cheap products we have grown addicted to. If Walmart was a sovereign nation it would be China's 4th largest trading partner. We may pay a little more for the TV set, but it will result, long term, in a stronger local economy.

Energy consumption standards need to be established on everything from private residences to commercial buildings. GBI LEED programs that are voluntary at present need some teeth by including them in the new International Building Codes. Some of this is in place but not to the degree that folks realize. They can't just go out and build whatever they want expecting the rest of the world to sponsor their lifestyles. There are moral and ethical standards we owe the world to enforce.

Promoting wind and solar as the "new" power source for a dying outdated infrastructure is moronically wasteful. At present the solar and wind energy programs are just another feeding trough for the energy companies. If we retool the infrastructure, then we don't need so many intrusive systems straining to power our out of touch lifestyles. Expecting some machine to power up a home without insulation, using outdated lamp fixtures, energy waisting applicances, while driving 40 miles to work each day simply doesn't work any more.

There is supposed to be a "free press" but I know of none at present. Money is controlling what is reported along with what spin is placed on the reporting. Media is all about advertising and advertising is based on ratings. Telling your market share what they want to hear and see drives what and how it is reported. FCC is supposed to enforce the rules but they have been bought and sold along with our other federal agencies. Those who are caught spinning need to have their broad cast license revoked. PBS is nothing but a mouth piece for the liberal left. Public funding needs to be removed.

EPA needs a free hand in regulating the energy companies. Repeal, the energy acts that exclude oversight of basic air, water and land pollution. Get the tentacles of the big energy companies out of the pockets of the people who are supposed to regulate them. Curtailing Big Oil's lobby efforts with congress will accomplish a lot in this regard.

Without these kinds of sweeping reforms in place, there is little hope that any election cycle or any party will make any difference one way or the other. Keep in mind that no one person can effect this kind of change. It takes a majority in the house and senate to pass this level of reform. Then and only then can the executive branch sign it into law. We can all blog about it until the cows come home and nothing will happen.

Some group of people needs to step up and offer up their very lives to see change. This "revolution" in the US will not come without cost. Any new "George Washington" that might surface would need massive public support to ever survive his/her term in office. But I am not sure anyone running on this kind of platform would make it thru the first primary. I doubt the average American even knows about one or two of these key points let alone the entire list.

Politics is most always reactive not pro-active at any level. I am afraid something "big" will have to happen if we ever expect to see lasting change. 9/11 didn't do it, but the Revolutionary War did. The first step in the process is awareness. We all have to be awake first. That in itself is our first major obstacle.

Below is a list of recommended documentaries to assist in your research.

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