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BATTLEFIELD EARTH | The Last Bastion of Lies and Deceit

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By Admin
28 February 2014

Let us begin with a very brief overview of history, so that we are better able to understand our evolution, our present problems, and how it might be possible to fashion a more peaceful condition.

The early days of civilization were a time of hardship, with accent on survival. In that environment the strong not only survived, but managed to thrive. The asset of strength became a generator of advantage by allowing them to take what they chose from the weaker, and enforcing homage in exchange for what they termed protection. Yes, it was the embryo of the Protection Racket, which survived to be equally manifest today.

It was principally a “male” thing, an expression of the extended hunter instinct, which passed from father to son, as a linage of Tribal Chiefs.

As time progressed and the number of tribes increased, there were trials of strength between the Tribal Chiefs, not always to protect an area or people, but simply to demonstrate superiority. There was little thought of loot or plunder, as the people had nothing worth coveting.

Those jousts with other tribes led to an awareness of self-preservation, as the Tribal Chiefs began to realise their vulnerability in battle.

Thus evolved the strategy of encouraging the younger males of the Tribe, to be brave, and fight hard for the honour of their Tribe, which enabled the Tribal Chief to instruct his troops, but remain relatively remote from the danger zone.

In the passage of time, domains of some Tribal Chiefs increased in size, to the point that they needed to maintain permanent armies, to defend their possessions, which, of course, included the people of their area of influence.

A permanent army presented a logistics problem, as that army had to be fed, clothed, and armed with the best weapons available, which inferred that those who were not warriors had to provide for this heavy expense by producing more, and contributing a heavy tax. Not all were happy with such demand upon their productivity, and there were violent protests and rebellion, which caused the Chiefs to introduce a Tribal Police Force which could be deployed to quell such unacceptable behaviour.

The leading Tribal Chief eventually became King of his domain, and his orders had to be upheld, for those who resisted instruction were soon eliminated, as the King demanded absolute fealty. Where such fealty was not evident, draconian reprisal was certain.

From the time of emergence of the Kings, nations were built by conquest, and since those new national boundaries had to be defended by any and all means, the Kings adopted a strategy of alliances and inter-marriage, which was beneficial to both parties since it contained military costs to a marked degree.

Those alliances and marriages created the class we refer to as Royalty.

Royalty is still with us today, and while we witness the pomp and splendour that marks their public appearances, we are unmindful that the same techniques which gave birth to royalty are still practiced, and perhaps on a greater scale than previously.

Warriors can be readily found by use of those deeply ingrained patriotic words – “for our great nation” – which motivates the cream of our youth to stand in line for enlistment.

But we still have that perennial problem of a general population, who keep protesting the ever increasing tax burden.

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