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The Vatican Holocaust | Part Two

OWON: As there is ever growing interest in the evils of The Vatican, the mass brutal genocides, their historical Popes, and sme are questioning links to Ireland, we are providing you and overview of historical interest for the Academic followers.

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The Vatican Holocaust

(Part 2)

  • Many who will read or hear excerpts of the previous article about the Vatican Holocaust will remain unconvinced, if not horrified by the claims which its contains.

The claim that a three hundred mile (plus) wide Pentagram of supreme evil can be formed by the precise true geographic location of the worst Nazi SS Human Sacrifice Camps of WWII will strike many as the “imagination” of conspiracy writers – the same fanciful notion as those who would see religious symbols in simple pieces of toast, or clouds.

Yet the Pentagram is able to be drawn and at its precise center of power is an actual Temple dedicated to Cybele- otherwise known as Inanna, Ishtar and Sibyl --the most ancient goddess whose most sacred site is Vatican Hill. So it is not something that can be discounted entirely.

Logic is a critical tool in the search for truth – what is mere fable and sometimes wild slander – and what makes common sense, sounds reasonable and probable. But what is even more important that a logical perspective is a respectful one.

When anyone mentions World War II and the slaughter of innocents by Roman Catholic Dictators and their allies, we are discussing an event of unprecedented evil. Therefore, uptmost care must be given to respecting their memory and surviving families. Any claim needs to be provable - unquestionably factual and not reckless, unfounded theories.

To answer any outstanding doubt concerning the complete involvement of the Roman Catholic Church through Pope Pius XII and Jesuit Superior General Wladimir Ledochowski S.J., let us examine some additional evidence concerning the Pentagram, the satanic religious nature of sacrificing over eighteen million people.
Even Satanists must have a motive

An obvious and possibly still not satisfactorily answered questions to many readers and listeners is not so much “why?” but the underlying motive of people claimed to be so wholly evil they murdered over eighteen million non-Catholics in ovens?

Like any crime, once motive can be clearly established without question, then the likely complicity in the crime narrows or disappears given remaining evidence. So unless the Satanists Pope Pius XII and Fr Ledochowski S.J. along with other hardliners had some pressing and urgent need, the motive for such wholesale slaughter seems less credible.

What then could possibly be an urgent and pressing motive for ancient Satanists to go to the extent, expense and risk of sacrificing so many people? The answer lies in the true author of the most famous prophecy of the Roman Catholic Church.

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