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Is George Washington electable as president of the United States

One World of Nations
By Neo
22 January 2014

Most patriotic Americans hold the founding fathers in high esteem. Many of us believe that if they could some how be resurrected back into power, they could help us get the nation back on its feet. Unfortunately for us the founding fathers are not electable within the current political system in the United States. Lets take a few minutes and look at a few of the facts.

First priority if fund raising. It took almost a billion dollars to be raised for the last national election involving the white house. That's more than the GDP of most nations during his terms in office.  This would require him to take immediate steps to see where he was in his standings within the system. What kind of war chest might he be capable of raising?

Most people have no concept of the magnitude of the Supreme Court ruling in 2010.

In 2010, the U.S. Supreme Court in the Citizens United case declared the corporate expenditure ban unconstitutional, holding that independent expenditures could not be constitutionally limited in federal elections, and implicitly that corporations could give unlimited amounts to other groups to spend, as long as the expenditures were made independently from the supported candidate.

This fund raising strategy would also include National Committees of both political parties. Which party platform would be aligned with his views on America? The best jobs are always given to those who raise the most money for their respective parties. George unfortunately has been absent from this process and would probably not garner well on either side.

The Democrats would see him a conservative draw back. His stance on issues like women's right to vote and slavery would never pass muster. He might be drawn to the "Republican," side but to his shock, few in that party even know what the term Republic stands for. The Tea Party might have some appeal but their connection to big money may not set well with him either.

The fact that George Washington was a slave owner would finish off his hopes for the minority vote as well as the labor unions. These two groups play a major role in deciding who is running and how much money they will garner from both the PAC's as well as on the individual candidate's basis.

As mentioned earlier the lack of equal rights among women would not fare well with the National Organization of Women. Women's right to vote took the 19th amendment to pull off some years after his term in office. Some would question why it was not part of the original documentation founding the nation. George would not do with the media over this issue..

As major General of the Continental Army he would be outraged by the military complex who now does most all contract support effort for the military. They do everything but pull the trigger and drop the bombs. The billions of dollars of annual income would outrage the man who spent the winter in Valley Forge.

Washington's incursion into Native lands as leader of the Continental Army in 1776 would be the kiss of death to the Native American lobby. Of all of the hundreds of treaties signed with the Native People only two were ever kept. So much for George's credibility and stance on foreign policy.

His views on localized health care would cut off the support of the pharmaceutical complex. His history with natural cures would cut into their revenue stream. His review of the FDA would probably cause him to question our current standing as a Republic.

His views on social security would probably alienate the retired population. George and those he worked with would have Congress arrested for fraud charging them with criminal conspiracy in legalizing fractional banking practices.

His farm was totally organic so that would end his chances with the big food industrial lobby. Monsanto would not back him with his farms exclusive use of non genetically modified plants and its associated agri-chemical products.

George had a love for horse drawn transportation so that would end the influences of energy companies. I can only speculate about his outrage in seeing the environment both ecologically and economically manipulated in such a fashion that is not supported by Congress and the white house.

There was no such thing as the concept of a privately held central bank and I doubt it would find the slightest support on his end. There was no such thing as FIAT money as the continental money supply was backed with real assets thru the First Bank of the United States. Washington would never have dreamed it other wise.

What about George's Media presence? How would he fair in the presidential debates? George certainly has historical name recognition but his lack of experience beyond the east coast would bid him much success.

By the end of the President's first term, hostile newspaper writers were attacking the administration's domestic and foreign policy. These attacks escalated in Washington's second term into personal attacks questioning his integrity, republican principles, and even military reputation. While the harsh attacks may have initially backfired on Washington's political opponents, the President's bad press signified the opening of a new type of political force, and one that had significant effects on the course of the Washington presidency.

His alleged in discretion with a slave would be a field day with today's media outlets. Every time George looked crossed at something it would show up in the press.  I am sure all the "mistakes," of the founding fathers would come to rest on poor George.

Most of the media outlets would be after him much like a Salem witch hunt. If money talks and it certainly does then George would have an epic hill climb up the campaign trail.

What George has most in his favor is having served as the Worshipful Master of his Masonic Lodge. This fraternal organization has grown in popularity along with its influences. It's reach makes it's way into everything from media to the price of oil.

George Washington's National Masonic Memorial

George Washington in his Masonic regalia

This fraternal order would help him greatly, but is unlikely to have the influence to overturn the mountain of political problems that his first and second term in office created. His membership in this order is a double edged sword that would both separate and unit him with different groups.

It is doubtful that any of the original founders of our nation would make it thru the first few primaries. It is unlikely they would even get that far. The system has grown in complexity and cost since their involvement in American politics.

In conclusion, we all have great dreams of seeing the United States return to its former glory. But to do so will take a major overall. Thinking that someone new seated in the white house will change anything is naive at best and reckless at worst. The entire system has to be overhauled and it all starts with the money trail of 14,000 registered (speculation is that there are that many who are not registered) and their multi-billion campaign contribution trail that leads to the capitol of the United States of America.

To finish were we started, could George Washington be elected to office again? Would there be enough political support from those who could vote for him? Probably not. George who?

President Washington, the axe has fallen on something much more important than your fathers Cherry tree.

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