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  • What is Xmas and New Year for So Many? How Special Can YOU Be.

  • This is a time to look around, think, wonder and act. So why not make this one year so different.

One World of Nations
24 December 2013

You CAN make a difference. Be alive. Feel part of this truly magnificent universe, so let us challenge a few realities and between us all, to make you each an Ambassador of Humanity. To give, but receive back the worldly awareness of your actions, and feel so much more as part of all, and closer to your God, by whatever Religion or belief. For Xmas, just be a part of One Total Being. Be part of all, the very Soul, essence and Spirit of the universe. Be a Gift of Life and Hope for others. Just give time and yourself. One hour is all it will take. One act of kindness will change lives. If just 10 people make the effort, it changes lives. If 100 of you try, it enhances our world, so many lives, but more important, YOURS!

The key points of this article focus on our Humanity to each other, not one religious path or another. As such, we have purposefully simplified the entire case to its actual hard fact basics. It’s about people. Those in need. Our Brothers and Sisters of man. Altogether, stranded on an outer galaxy rock, needing to co- exist. We just ask you to contribute some small personal time and goodwill, hands on in your own time, to help those so much in need. If 1,000 of you try, magnificent. Self-help and you will each be enriched and empowered by it. Then YOU be our Ambassador and let us all know. Yes - YOU can. Let’s see the best of man. As many of you have shown.

The best of mankind helping fellow man at the worst of times for them.

We give tirelessly to all each month on the blog. Our own costs, time and stress. Who will help for an hour in one day with us all, focusing in your own community, for those people and children also so much in need? Earn the moral rewards of trying.

For many this is a period for family, celebrations, and giving, but also receiving. For Children, it is Santa Klaus and Magic. A time to believe and hope.

So, if you’re married to one who still believes, don’t disillusion them.

For many children, to wake up on Xmas day is a whole year’s waiting coming true. That so much wanted present, arrives. Jubilation, ecstatic for days, maybe. And the pleasure of giving to family or loved ones matters. It simply is being and to belong. You are enriched. You matter, you feel loved. To be part of this is being alive.

But this year look around. Look and see, Feel for others. This is life. YOURS, to live, but enrich a moment for others, simply because, YOU CAN!

We see so many Homeless on the streets of our Great Cities. Cold, wet, disheveled, many now either alcoholic of drug dependent. They are not immune to reality, they live it hourly and it’s awful. So desperate. So sad. Every hour, alone, cold, desperate and no hope. Their God has deserted them. Or so it feels. Life for them, is just living hell on earth. Confused, unwanted, a victim often of crime and rejected by all.

Such a vicious cycle. Yet, if YOU truly want to feel part of a Greater being, by whatever name you chose to call it in your belief syndrome, then all these poor, entrapped lost souls are all your Soul Brothers or Sisters in need. A moment of your life in so much time, gives them hope for life and to go on being. Just a reason to live, surrounded by desperation, sadness and want. Time, is it so much to give? You have a lifetime of it. There, but for the grace of God, go all of us. One hour of your time can change a life. One day, it could be you in need.

Xmas time, the shops are packed and people are spending. Each year ever more money is spent on gratification. The sales beyond are carnage. They feed on greed.

And for most, you engage, because you can.

But, if there is any meaning or truth in the Xmas Story, or Myth of a Man, who allegedly lived over 2,000 years ago, but who died brutally flailed and broken, then was impaled on a Cross wearing a crown of flesh ripping thorns, it’s about challenging our humanity and to exist. A man who died screaming in agony, deserted by his God who failed to show asking, “Father, why have you forsaken me?” Confused, terrified and forlorn. Broken by the brutality of Rome and the cynical scheming of the San Hedrin. The sordid Political opportunists of yesteryear. Josephus is the only vague circumstantial testament of Jesus. But, just the case in itself is key. Just to simply raise man’s awareness of your own role in the universe. What it can and needs to be. Let it be.

A young, humanitarian man tried to raise man’s consciousness in his time. Religions, like Politics, seek always to rule and dominate as Gatekeepers of THEIR truth. Always doctrinaire and always with a Fiefdom of hierarchies. So much of Constantine’s Roman created Bible is contrived to create a mythical divinity which simply never was. Rome made the central entity of a minor Jewish Sect Divine. History lies when so manipulated. Now, IF, IF! The young Rabbi Wannabe, had in FACT ONLY SAID, we are ALL Sons of God, to encompass rights for all men, not just San Hedrin dominated Jews, that empowers all, but diminished the powers of the San Hedrin Religious Leaders (Shape Shifting Senator equivalents) that would have created an all empowering God. All Inclusive, all being equal. Human compassion and tolerance for all. One Nation of All Beings under God. As intended, or why create us? Such a simple and powerful question. You ALL belong, you ALL matter.

One man, a young Jew, led a small religious sect, who encompassed his beliefs, and after his death for 300 years achieved nothing until his case was exampled by the Empress Helena. Mother of the Emperor Constantine. Seeking an alternative God, as their own many Gods were failing them, she determined that this Jewish Deity of a single God concept, may offer them the chance to unite the Roman Empire under a single God, ruling and dominating it all from Rome. 

The Gnostic teachings of the Jesus entity, seeking only to help Man find a direct path to be at one with God, bypassing the needs for Church tithes and Zealot controls, were usurped and rewritten by a manipulative Senate controlled Roman hierarchy. Manipulation of minds and Empires was their agenda. 1,800 years have now passed, ruling with a lie. Millions were slaughtered by their manipulative Global mass genocide. The Vatican was singularly far and away the most evil empire this planet has ever seen. Conspiracy, Fraud, Child trafficking and Genocide. What a crock.

Exit the pernicious little Ratzinger, the only Pope in 500 years to run for cover in a mother of all cover ups, and in comes the new Pope Francis, who almost single handedly, appears to be rebuilding a Church of moral compass. A new church, hopefully, fit to exist, and YES, we will encourage and credit it if due.

But this is all about our fellow beings at this Xmas time.

To have YOU, if possible, to make it special for them. Give to them something, however small, as an act of compassion and caring. Most important, touch their hands, look into their eyes, the windows to your soul. Just be their Good Samaritan for any day up to the New Year and beyond. Help our fellow men and children along on the path of life and the road we are all on.

Your simple act of compassion will give many unfortunates a reason to live. It will enrich you even more. It really is all about putting back. We take nothing with us, so what will we each leave behind? Make this Xmas different. Find the homeless and lost. Reach out and give them hope. Your caring is priceless to them. This is also your journey through life. Make it happen. Give something back. Be an instrument of good. Show compassion to those in so much need. Your caring is priceless. Its value has no bounds. Please seek out those in need and just give. Food, blankets, with compassion and kindness. Make their day on their road through life better. Be an instrument of your own God for a day. Touch a life today.

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