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The Federal Republic Of Germany | A Rothschildian Financial Agency

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8 December 2013

The following article appears in the current issue of Phoenix Magazine and is also posted in German at as well as

Written by the Staff of the National Journal
Courtesy Anthony Lawson and James Damon
Translated From German By James M. Damon

The idea is prevalent that the Federal Republic of Germany is not a nation state but rather a corporation, a purely financial undertaking in the form of a legal personality. This idea has many sources including the name of the official German financial agency "Bundesrepublik Deutschland Finanzagentur GmbH." [Federal Republic of Germany Finance Agency, website]

The idea is formally incorrect. The financial agency, the corporation that administers debt on behalf of the FRG, is a state owned economic enterprise and the incorporated financial agency is a federal German enterprise like the railroad. In actual fact, however, the Federal Republic itself is a financial agency, a branch of the global Jewish financial conglomerate Rothschild-Goldman-Sachs-American Federal Reserve Bank. In actual fact Rothschild manages all of these as the mother corporation.

This global Rothschildian conglomerate, which is openly acknowledged by its political errand boys, was not organized just yesterday. It is a very old organization that has been reorganized and was acknowledged by Hollywood in 1976. At that time Hollywood's mission was not limited to destroying Western culture; it also distributed cryptic messages for insiders of the emerging New World Order while proclaiming new rules and directions for the masses. This is the light in which we must view the 1976 movie "Network," although few moviegoers at that time were aware of the film's real message and significance. The film received several Oscar awards, and it is no wonder. "Network" informed insiders that the start signal had been given for creation of a unified global world whose elite will be the lords of the future.

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