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  • Reality Check – In the Kingdom of the Blind where the Hell is it all heading and what is Truth any longer? Has hope died? Let’s help parties get REAL!

One World of Nations
10 November 2013

Great disservice is done by grossly irresponsible self-proclaimed” Guru Sites”. Damn them all!

How do we try to tactfully assist so many desperate cases understand, and come to terms with the FACT, REALITY!!, that the Western world has run out of money. Can’t pay! THERE - IS - NO - MONEY! Why should anyone feed our dreams? It won’t be America.

Is that really too hard to understand? Existing systems are bankrupt- some beyond infinity.

Yes, we know fully of the vast Off Balance Sheet systems of assets held, but for who? These are NOT your funds, nor do you even have title to them.

Yes, we are working daily on New Monetising Systems for Global Harmony, but for who?

Sites continue to propound grandiose give-a-ways to the lost underclass of Loser and Basket cases.

Somewhere we need to draw a clear dividing line between genuine, poor, unfortunate, ill, aged, or impaired cases who merit help and also between economic unfortunates caught in the cross fire of deteriorating market conditions resulting in careers lost. Of course there are vast numbers of genuine, humbling and real cases needing sensitive and respectful help to untangle them from this. Our hearts, understanding and support is with them all. We support your cause. We do understand. The site backs constructive help to all such parties and community rebuilding, nation building. We stand, as one, with humility, united with you all as GOOD CAUSES.

But then, also among this nation we also have the true American Wasters, the low underbelly of all that is bad about America. Alcoholics, drug users, drug dealers, thieves and whining semi religious delusional head cases, or parasites of one kind or another, mainly nation and life destroyers. Dreamers, deluded and pig ignorant. Some limp brain has paid between a few hundred dollars (Probably welfare money) to a few thousand, and adamantly think they are seriously going to get paid vast millions. They fanatically stress it is their right??? So many Forest Gumps.

Apart from a steel crowbar battered with maximum force to get it through to such clearly brain dead numb skulls, how can we get them to wise up? God help America, they so need a brain fix.

Weekly we see more mass hysteria on Dumbkoff Guru Sites. So now, Monday we hear they are being told to line up like Lemmings for their turn to sit with Alice in Wonderland, they are going to the banks. Beyond STUPID! Building false hopes. It’s cruel!

Paid by who? Most States are down to their last few B and dying. Banks are INSOLVENT.

Custer led the ignorant troops of the day to Little Bighorn. History gave you reality. They served him his Ass!

Another narcissist O type head case. From Tricky Dickie on, we pity the poor nation and its good people for the devious or inept CRAP who took office. America is ever betrayed from WITHIN! Looted with impunity. Washington does not give a dam about any of you. They ONLY want you to tick the voting box for them as Passive Putz masses. Their key to the door is looting from within, while you all stay - Neutered, by design. Bush and his Neocon Nazi thugs, plus Zionist scammers and their Media Shills, have got away with murder, often literally. They deserve Texan justice! But American Justice is via Holder, as big a crook and Shill as they come.

Kennedy launched the Bay of Pigs debacle. Wookies fragged you in Mogadishu. 

So called He Man Heroes, ran away screaming for their Mammies, traumatized by what horrors and depravity they had unleashed in Vietnam, and deserted the poor Vietnamese who trusted them, leaving them to Communist atrocities to unleash hell on them. War heroes? God help us. Truth? Denied, they fed you Shite instead. They devastated a nation and lost in shame, ignominy which will live with them for ever. 

Where was Hollywood to expose the truth then? Silent! Apart from Stallone hero films. Jokes.

Real American heroes are long gone. Real Men who first achieved in life, and could be measured by such, and who really led America. Then America was strong, prospered, and was respected. True Leaders, real agendas. LEADERSHIP! A Great Country. So YES, America HAS been great!

Now, however for the last 5O years, it has been led by lying Lawyers, ex Agency election riggers, Self-enriching Criminals, LIARS, Sleazy- rotten Men and She Males like the Clintons, the vote rigging Idiot son and his Neocon Master Fraud father, up to the now narcissist, ILLEGAL and Clueless Usurper funded by Muslim and Zionist Bankers slush funds. This is America today. A nation where the Gravy Train has hit the Buffer Stocks and is languishing, wheels buckled on a side track waiting for the Green Signal to go.

Custer is dead, a vanquished fool, and the Cavalry is NOT coming. Wake up- Grow up. Start looking for a solution based on reality. China will NOT fund a Peons Hoolie party to unleash more insanity levels of Hoolie papers onto the world. China will not fund basket cases. China is clear. Maximum funding up to 3 times GDP. Clear? C5T lock. So with allegedly c50T or greater paper flushing around, once c5T is settled, what happens to the rest, you? Toilet paper is worth what? Don’t even debate Iraq becoming a Global currency? Moronic Guru Broker fantasy. Most of you will paper the walls with them. It’s all now moved on, and it’s not good for many. Our site we will try to help, where possible. No one can help the rest. They will crash and burn.

If Dinars do part clear, we will move fast to help the site. We don’t do maybes. Time is money.

Idiot Guru sites promising Monday bank clearances is cruel destroying hopes for the true needy, and feeding the dreams of the gullible banshees or total head cases. The Irish have a word – Gobshites!

Imagine millions of that lot like jabbering Turkeys descending on Banks. Disaster. We hear of up to 9M holding Dinars. God help them. No Banks are even close to handling mass Dinars yet. No one bar China has the money and China says No! China is NOT the cause of such losses, or life failures.

The waste of the Shadow Government, the THEFT, FRAUD and Duplicity of the Bush family, the reverse Hegemony of the Rothschild’s and Cabal as they preyed upon a trusting nation caused this.

We all need to get America back on track, but the right tracks, not a trip to the FEMA Camps. We need to create jobs, not global chaos. We need to create wealth. We need to stop creating 50,000 reports a year by Agencies and sack 50% of them. Cut the costs and cull the intrusive vermin mass spying on everyone. Control them by CULLING THEM! Less idle hands for such mischief. Sack them!

There ARE real and serious moves to try to get release of vast amounts owed of the Treaty Funds. But none of it will ever again be entrusted to America. Part will be used to fund US infrastructure projects, but none will be wasted on the over indulged US Military. Those are battle zones. Self-interested brass hats and Cabal Gofers. Those funds, once forced free, can be part used to help regional development creating hope, security and stability. That will help some of our site supporters. Self-help. 

Dinars are dangerous territory right now. Many good causes need help, but the worst and loudest cases are the real Wasters, and various levels of Losers, none worse than the My Blessings Grannies pouring out their vilification and Bible Rants against already stressed parties. None of that crap will get a hand from us. Real people, however impoverished, we will try to help IF the Dinars start clearing. We know who you are and your needs. All will be treated with dignity and sensitivity when the time comes. 

Please, for many of you, for your own sanity, stop reading Guru Garbage. These are mindless Muppets, many of who will be running with their ill-gotten gains for the exit door fast if it all collapses to avoid payback calls. 50T plus of Dinars printed needs a lot of explaining. Real trouble boiling!

Our site readers deserve truth and a balanced opinion or guidance to build lives around. Tough love if needed. But with good intent. Guru rubbish is dangerous. Mindless and pernicious. Such miscreants can give you a false sense of security, with consequences. You do not deserve that. Most of you need reality to protect what’s left with care. Many idiots out there will spend what’s left believing they are going to the bank this week. Remember the lunatic Ra queen from the old site? It’s in the Stars or cards. God help us, they walk among us. Ever greater welfare drainers. Why even read those sites? Moron encounters feeding sad basket cases. So many quality comments and submissions by credible thinkers on this site give you much better reality.

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