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Palestine: a tragedy unfolding - will this be America's fate?

  • Clearly, all is failing and wars are now escalating out of control. Man destroys brother man, but for what? Greed!

  • Where do we start to break the tentacles of such corruption?

One World of Nations
23 October 2013

Sometimes the truth hides in plain sight and the conclusive evidence is being ignored by a gullible, naive and self-centered public. This is more destructive a threat to mankind than any Virus. It’s a human Plague and Pestilence killing millions and all covered up by the Media and Governments. Governments dare not speak its name. History repeats itself, and by doing nothing, guarantees it will.

Funny thing, doesn’t the picture represent the possible Genetic missing link to a certain Goldman’s party of notoriety? Keeping it in the family?

After reading this report, do one thing for yourself, your family, all associates and all your friends. Give up just 4 x 1 hour time sessions in your lives and Google into the British TV series – The Promise, in 4 parts. Watch it as a very important truth on Palestine, TRUE Zionism, the British misjudgement and the sad, appalling consequences unleashed even unto today. TRUTH the Zionist media will not allow you to see. With your own eyes, and your own Soul, watch. What unfolds is the truth of Israel. It shames us all. People of God? What God? Watch this series above and question why? Switch off Homer for 4 hours. God has given what is now Israel a bypass. Deservedly so. The Passover? God will Pass over what has now become such a species.
After watching this series ask, why is this so similar to what is unfolding in America now? Leopards and spots? Look at what they have now done to America! Wake Up.

Pt. 1 and 2 HD is available, Pt. 3 and 4 are 360p only

Now the new issue and cases to assess. Your life and what may be coming if not stopped. Start with a partial sequences of realities. Hard facts, of which NOTHING is fairly or TRUTHFULLY exposed for you in the media, so why not? Even blow on them and their duplicitous screams are heard across the planet via the media they alone now own. So why not have an open dialog and debate their ruthlessly murdered or disposed Victims consigned to a living hell? Start by understanding the depth of reality because it reaches everywhere devouring all in their path.

Start with looking at Palestine in 1946. YOU need to know, because it’s happening to you right now. Look at the map of Demographics. In 1946, Palestinians owned outright, c95% of their own land and country, as should be. A UN / British Accord in 1947, dispossessed them illegally of 40% of their Birth right, and allowed in a stateless Kazakh hoard, who no nations wanted back, of no Judaic genetic bloodline or heritage. They just came as a locust swarm, forcefully and ruthlessly devouring all in their path. Humble Palestinians who sought to remain in their homes, had grenades thrown into their cramped living rooms to mass kill them and their children, or were swept with sub machine gunfire mass exterminating them to take away their homes. Scurrilous, vile, murderous and ruthless scum. These were NOT Jews, or Judaic families, but Kazakh murdering filth who maraud across Europe and Asia and who now have replicated their same modus operandi across America.

But first, again- Palestine. Look at the blueprint. From 1967 to date, this same marauding band has now sequestrated 95% of Palestine. How? Yet who has raised this disgusting theft and demanded return of the land? They take, they build on it, and they steal everything not bolted down. All we hear is the sound of SILENCE!!!!!!

Arab nations, where is your voice for Brother and Sister Arabs as Men of Allah?

Palestinians live in vermin and lice ridden emergency Refugee camps, suffering inhumane conditions, brutalized daily by a nasty, thuggish and merciless occupying force akin with, and often treated worse than in the Nazi camps. Children are born without hope. They have no food or medical supplies. Poor education. No ability to travel across their own country to even meet family. Nazi type Check Points are based everywhere. Brutality and aggression awaits them every few yards.

Yet gentle Judaic Jews, who have lived in peace and harmony with fellow Arabs for Millennia, seek no State of Israel, a sole creation of the Rothschild’s. Judaic Jews in Israel don’t want Zionism, a creation ONLY of the Rothschild’s. Truth is denied to you all and media fantasies are created. Propaganda. Lies! Who feeds, funds and brings hope to the poor Palestinians. Yet they are called Terrorists? Hello????? 

Jews wish to, and can, co-exist with Arabs as they have for thousands of years. Jews and Arabs do co-exist with mutual respect and harmony.

But the Kazakhs seek only to take, as the marauders they are. THEY are the Exterminators, not the Jews. Be clear. Jews tend to be peace loving, respectful families of good values and compassion. Unfairly pre judged and blamed.

But the worst of the Kazakhs are a whole different sub species. They have sequestrated, absorbed and stolen a nation. Palestine. If you ever wanted to see The Borg Assimilate, you have it.

Not content with that, they want to take Syria next. Any excuse to cross those borders and to take more land. Follow the road map. Almost all of the conflict zones across the Middle East have the pernicious hands of the Israelis or US Agencies behind them bringing havoc to divide and rule. The bombings, crippled children, mutilated innocents, devastated civilizations, whose hand is behind so much?

Now, continue the thought process, the reality check. Understand the mind-set of the enemy. Then you will see what doing nothing, will wreak upon America. Upon YOU! It all hides in plain sight today. Look, think and Judge!

The worst periods of murderous genocide in Russia was orchestrated by Kazakh Commissars, Stalinists, Marxists, innovators of the Gulags. Millions died in Siberia, mass exterminated. Yet only the German Nazis were blamed for Concentration camps. How many died in the Kazakhs Gulags?

Yet what is written? Nothing. No one weeps for them. Just more Hollywood whining crap!

How many of the current Russian Oligarchs who have obtained vast Russian assets by Fraud or Theft are Zionists? Almost all of them! Does this sound familiar. It’s the same in America. Putin is slowly dealing with them.

The Gulags, shameful Palestinian Refugee camps and more are Zionist realities. Look at reality and think, if this were you? What if?

Same design, same setting, same SET UP WAITING – FEMA CAMPS! Hello???? As the Sheeple march in line to the Rail Cars. So, why are they there?

Real concerns. From 1913, THEY took over the US economy creating the Fed. Not audited nor taxed. But the next you do know, or need to.

Over a Century, they have looted America, unchecked, unsupervised and uncontrolled.

They have set up a banking network to loot the world. With ruthless, criminal arrogance.

But has it been a success? Not at all for Americans. Neglected by effective Congressional supervision or oversight, they have plunged the Fed into a myriad of Fiat currency scams and Ponzi money platforms which have bankrupted America even beyond infinity. A totally free hand, unsupervised, they have rapaciously enriched themselves and their Rothschild’s overlords and impoverished America. A nation devastated and now derailing in chaos.

The entire Main Boards of the US Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Fed and US Treasury are Zionists. The main Wall Street Banks are run by the Kazakhs spawn. A complete Oligopoly, Goyim denied. Banking, Insurance, Gold trading, Diamonds, Insurance, Finance Industries and money is all controlled by who? With it, the Fraud, misleading issues, Theft, and racketeering is all by who?

Step forward the same crazy gang every time.

Here is the real dichotomy.

There are many good, Humanitarian and conscientious Jews with truly wonderful family and community values. From Doctors, to Teachers, Scientists and even the Legal professions, they contribute so much. They enrich society. Equally, there are also some good Zionists and respect is also accorded where so.

But the good is shamed and over faced by so much abysmal badness. Rabbis everywhere need to think in good conscience, who, in the Synagogues and communities are creating such wanton damage. They are as guilty for not speaking out and condemning loudly even the families who gain from and are shamed by such deeds of wickedness. Morality needs to be a standard we all aspire to. Like freedom, to be fought for and protected. It’s time for Judaism to say, in good community spirit, NOT IN OUR NAME!

It’s time to Lead - AND STOP THE GREED!

The life blood is draining out of America, as decline accelerates.

Now, owning almost everything by Asset Stripping and Banking Fraud, reinvesting nothing back, left to their normal tendencies, with the abysmal lack of any moral ethos or Leadership in American Politics, what is the risk of free fall towards a larger glorified Refugee Camp of Third World losing hope America? Thieves never pay back, but America needs its money back to recover. So does an over fleeced world! Chicanery has crippled civilizations for centuries. Always the same ethnic species leads the charge not to integrate, but to sequestrate.

America provided a homeland and refuge from persecution. Liberty, safety from oppressors. A safe haven in times of such great need. So how about throwing a lifeline back to the adopted homeland who gave you sanctuary? Not espousing Liberty but practicing it?

Life is just a journey we all make on the same road together. Religions are ALL aspirations and Creations of Man. Share the road, so SHARE THE LOAD! There are no Goyim or Gentiles. Just Brothers and Sisters in need. One God- for all. Inclusive. Divided only by ignorance. No one gets out alive, and no one takes it with them. All you take forward is your Book of Life. How you lived and what you put back.

When does the killing stop? Why does the killing start? 

Greed is the retrograde Zionist step in the evolutionary process. We cannot evolve by taking, but by sharing and giving. Your Soul is the State of Being. Being a better person. Being not just Human but Humane. One family of Man. Together. A Universal collective of consciousness is the total of all. Your part will be what? A Leadership who fail to understand this is not fit to lead!

The Middle East is in turmoil. Wars and insurgencies are escalating globally. Funded and agitated by who?

When does Man reach out to Brother Man? Is it not time to evolve? Ownership is just a state of mind. How about owning the integrity of your Spirit? The Singularity asset of all.

Sometimes, those creating the FEMA Camps end up in them.

If a disenfranchised society collapses under Sovereign Debt, monetary assets are worth nothing. The Soul of a Nation is a State of Being. All the sight of the Statue of Liberty espoused for so many.

Liberty is ethereal. It starts with giving back to the Palestinians the right to exist in their own Homeland. It starts by stopping the taking of life. We need to draw the line on the Agencies of Crime. Time to Feed the Need, not feed the Greed.

Why build monuments to vanity, and not build peace? When do we build the consciousness of all? 

If we can help every Jew, Arab, Muslim, Christian and Zionist, watch the short series of The Promise and to question why, we will achieve a lot. It will stay with you forever. It may help stop the killings and to help the integration of Man. A simple ethos of the true value of a promise. For human Souls to co-exist.

We have to rethink and challenge the very ethos and the Oligopoly theft of Federal and Treasury Sovereignty by manipulative Zionist forces in Washington and New York with pernicious greed. Evil is as evil does as the forces of Rothschild Luciferian powers now encompass the lands as human Borg assimilators. Left unchecked, we stand on the edge of a Fiscal cliff showing a dreadful end game.

So, how about keeping the most important promise of all facing our world today. To keep the promises made to redeem the Global Settlements and RVs so long overdue. To redeem the Private Placement Loans owed and stand aside at the trough for others to emerge and lead

The US Federal Reserve, Treasury and all key Wall Street banks run solely by the Zionists, creaking under Fraud and Chicanery, needs a total rethink and their removal. We need an Inclusive America. A Break Up of the Media Barons ownership and for Truth, 

Decency and Patriotism to stalk the lands again.

America MUST stop funding and arming Israel. Israel must be stripped of its Nukes and made to co -exist with its neighbors. It needs a Nuclear weapon free Middle East not a Bully in the Middle funded by America or its only time before Russia and China do step in as happened with Syria and will with Iran.

We need to refund and rethink our world and Human Relations as nations. The Roaches nest running Banking in America needs a clean-up and clear out. The imbalance is wrong and deeply offensive to a Democracy. America must stop interfering in Regime Change seeking to install so called Democracies they cannot even make work at home. When only the Zionists run the Banking Zoo, why is nothing ever left for you?

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