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US versus Syria- Where does truth LIE!

One World of Nations
2 September 2013

First, let us try to interject a balanced overview of sense, reason and history underpinning reality, as to the true cause of the madness, hegemony and war crimes unfolding yet again. Don’t over react to media hysteria. These false flag attacks seek to divert and deflect attention from the real bandits and perpetrators of so many unfolding atrocities. Numerous reports are implicating parties linked to Bush's Allie Prince Bandar (as Bandar is "Allegedly dead"- or in hiding to evade Syrian Assassination units), as behind delivery of Chemical weapons into Insurgent hands such as Abu Ayesha, himself a Saudi militant based around Ghata, a Damascus suburb. He is linked to Jabhat al Nusra, with links to al Qaida. This needs real investigation first.

Syria is a false flag operation by the usual Military Industrial Cabal colluding with the small State of Qatar to collapse the Assad regime and install a puppet regime instead who will take the 20 pieces of Silver offered to allow a pipeline to be run across Syria into the Mediterranean removing Russia’s established Gazprom monopoly. Saudi Arabia has already declined, so Assad having declined in support of its protector, Russia, is now under false flag siege. If Assad falls, what will follow will be an American hating Muslim Brotherhood, al Qaida and Taliban type monstrosity plunging its nation into the Dark Ages of tyranny. Qatar has signed a deal with Exxon. It’s all about money and subterfuge. On one side, it enriches Qatar and Exxon, plus big pay offs to the Cabal. To them, what’s an innocent expendable nation as a cost?

But of course, with usual US Foreign Policy finesse, from Vietnam, to Mogadishu, to Iraq and Afghanistan, vast costly failure always follows with enormous losses of life. Putin is rebuilding Russia’s Industries and nation with this Gas income. Plus an ever growing Defence budget with their rapid incoming Star Wars protective shield of its own. The US Agencies seek to derail Russia again as they did via Wanta and the Rouble attack. Some hope, the Apocalypse will stalk the earth first.


Russia WILL defend Syria up to AND including War, with their backs to the wall as they did with Stalingrad. Russia lost over 20M in WW Il. They know the cost of war. The pernicious US Cabal does not. Putin WILL flatten Israel and Saudi Arabia. They will sink the US fleet. This is a grave and STUPID misjudgement with appalling consequences. 9/11 freaked America. In a war, all US forces will be destroyed within a week. By the end of the second week everything will have ceased. China if pushed can put an army of 100M into the field. In every real war game planned testing consequential outcomes, America loses. They all know that. Remember Vietnam?

Syria is in play because of greed and duplicity. Russia will fight for its life. America has never had to. This is not Hollywood, but vicious and cruel with a terminal end game. All this is the greedy aspirations of Qatar and the ruthlessness of the US Oil Barons. Putin will turn Qatar into a fireball. Game – OVER!

Truth must be established before a prancing Narcissist Puppet wreaks havoc with so many lives. Boys with toys protected in solid steel warships are the last to allow loose. After the lying WMD fiasco, trust nothing. One million poor Iraqis are now dead from those War Criminals disgusting games. There are no heroes, just butchers of war. Ambassador Stevens and truly BRAVE real US Seal Heroes, died a vicious, tortured death, sold out and betrayed in Benghazi to cover up Agency illegal Weapons deliveries leading back to Clinton and Obama. Who knows what deception may be in play here.

Were those Bandar delivered Chemical Weapons delivered with CIA collusion, to be used in Syria with a big cover up being attempted now? Let the UN uncover the truth. The US cannot be Gung Ho ILLEGAL attack dogs unleashed at will by an Undocumented Worker, employed by fraud with a huge number of major security questions, his multiple ID’s and SS numbers. Look behind all of it.

We now live in an era where all moral and social values have been dispensed with by a Global Meritocracy who have had the last 100 years to systematically penetrate the Global Financial systems, to take control of the US Treasury, Federal Reserve, to OWN the untaxed, unregulated Criminal US FRB NY operation, and to have accrued such powers as to have a complete stranglehold on US Constitutional affairs. They fund and BUY the Senators and Congress.

THEY have derailed and ignored the Constitution, railroading through both changes and draconian laws which deny freedom, justice or basic rights and which subjugates the nations of our planet, to either comply with their pernicious autocracy, or face fearsome retribution.

The Patriot Act was neither written by Patriots nor is it operated by Patriots. Barry Soetoro (Obama) is neither a Patriot nor even an American. Yet he and the Cabals minions use it at will to abuse freedoms.

Nothing is Patriotic about these Self Serving people of callous ethics. They seek Regime changes to suit their subjugation of nations, installing Puppet sycophants. America is now run by, and fuelled by War Mongering Tyrants who have dismantled the constitution, built a Shadow Government to serve no one but their own Cabal interests, and have sold Americans Sovereign Rights into permanent Fiscal Bondage to a Kazakh Zionist Federal Reserve accountable to no one, without Congressional Oversight, and guilty of Rico scale Racketeering as they collude with the Cabal to disadvantage and loot the planet. 

There is a better way for both America and our international partners. We will explain how. The people need and want America back and fit for purpose again. Jobs, homes and stability. It can be done. We end with how and real hope.


Leadership is about Leading, NOT TAKING! It is about Helping others, NOT Helping Yourself. Leadership is a Privilege - Not a right! Leadership needs to be led by an act of Humility. To serve all our citizens with understanding and dignity as befits the role. As the forefathers, they sought to so do. History revisits and we never seem to learn from mistakes and consequences of the past.

We need to focus on Global relationships based on mutual respect. Not global hostilities and warfare profiteering. A Velvet glove of goodwill first, albeit covering the iron fist if then needed.

Global issues are for the UN, NOT a War faring nation looting and society destroying Vandal hoard. Times are changing fast. Developing nations are SICK of US Hegemony! Families are sick of their so loved kids coming home in body bags. They are not heroes, they are DEAD!


The most basic realities as a species are being missed. Our goals and objectives are failing as we pursue False Gods and Low values. War Racketeering and Hegemony is NOT nation building. 320m people of a dysfunctional failing nation, half on Welfare, cannot go on dictating to and abusing a fast evolving Global village of over 6 Billion people. We share this planet. Respect its nations and our ecology! What happened to American family values?

Revive the Constitution! Values!

Against the wishes of the world, a Chicago funded illegal Con Man Usurper sits in office, his finger on the nuclear trigger, failing his nation abysmally, funded by and fronting for a truly ugly and pernicious unaccountable Military Industrial operating as the Shadow Government, in collusion with the Zionist owned Federal Reserve and Wall Street Banking Cabal. What a truly goddam awful mess! An Extortion Army protecting only the Agencies, Military supplies companies and the Oil Barons Cartel. You get all the Bills. They get all the benefits.

The world sits on tenterhooks. One world, it’s for all of us. Who gave him the moral authority to attack yet another nation? Butt – Out! Which countries Military Industrial Cabal are supplying ILLEGAL weapons to the Islamic Insurgents causing chaos in the first place? From disorder, chaos and war comes profit. Body bags for Bucks! With the Cabal, they don’t care whose. Precisely who wants the type or level of NWO society this motley crew of Cabal misfits has orchestrated. Spying on the world is uncalled for. Their way over the top, abusive and deeply offensive, intrusive body searches at Check Ins, even on children, are draconian overkill powers. Offended Tourists now simply elect not to visit America. As do ever more global businessmen declining to work in America and rightly so. Leadership is abysmal.

We now have multiple America Warships sitting safely around the Mediterranean within striking reach of Syria. Has the UN requested it? No! So on whose authority are they there? Who appointed them to act? No one! Just the Pirate Ships protecting the Gas and Oil interests of the Cabal again. A one sided Rent a Thug operation sold as Democracy. Saudi Arabia, Israel and Iran all stand to get sucked into this. Worse, if that escalates, WW III, and ALL War Game Models show America LOSING That! The entire US Military would be gone in a single week. China would destroy all US Satellites in a day. By the second week ALL US supplies would be gone. China can put 100M troops in the field if called to. Reality, HARD TRUTH, is the US days in power for only 320M, half on Welfare, living off and dictating to almost 7 Billion are ending. Cooperation or extermination is the only option?

Britain, closest Real Allie to the US, has just failed to support a Military Response call from Obama, and forced a real Democratic climb down, humiliating its own Prime Minister as a sign of the changing times. It’s not been lost on the British Military that Obama slyly betrayed these closest friends before, when prior to the Start Treaty, he gave the Russians full details of the British Trident missile codes, placing Britain’s own Nuclear deterrent and nations survival at colossal risk. What a traitor and rat! A century of trust dismantled.

When Skull and Bones man Skeletor Kerry then goes on worldwide TV declaring now Butt Kissing French Hollande to be America’s oldest Allie, he just distances American support ever more. Sham politics from a sleazy regime failing worldwide. His insult was not lost in the corridors of power in London. He has really struck out with that. Now they all climb down as they see world opinion.

Again, we witnessed True Democracy at its best, when the British Parliament overturned their Prime Ministers wishes to continue as a US Lap Dog as Blair had been, and demanded restraint to first await UN investigation reports and then debate a considered and appropriate response when all the facts are known. As it should be! True- Real Democracy at its best from the Mother of Parliaments. That is Leadership - their People saying No! Wait and get the facts first.

The greatness of America, its visions, technological leadership and industrial capabilities is all now being lost. America led the Space Race. It was reaching for the stars. Now its industries are flat lining seeing them. America opened up the new frontiers of space and science. Under JFK, everything became possible. He opened the borders to greatness. That is the America we need to re awaken before it slips towards Third World ignominy as is happening now. We are opening new borders of consciousness as awakening nations.

But Soetoro and his Commie Czars, guided by his Marxist inner circle, none approved by Congress, have failed to protect US borders, allowing Mexican troops to bring illegals and drugs across our borders, an act of criminal endangerment. This is a violation of Article IV, section 4 of the Constitution. Impeachable!

Yet, when Assad attempts to protect Syria, an independent Sovereign Nation, against the Islamic Fundamentalists and Muslim Brotherhood, with Al Qaeda associations and the regional instability that will bring, CIA supported Insurgents are US armed, trained and funded to bring the nation down. NO MORE US REGIME CHANGES! Before replacing Assad, who is ready who is not worse? What back up plan is in place? Credible people not Al Qaeda types? Have these lunatics got a back-up plan or just more posturing? Who pays for the damage of a needless Tomahawk attack? So far, all the US ever does is to unleash Al Qaeda or the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama / Soetoro is himself now their best recruiting agent.


More grandstanding is playing out while people in the US are homeless and jobless, while inexperienced Obama is clueless.

Post Iraq over a million people are dead and 7m innocents have also lost their homes. Their nation is devastated by US Hegemony. US intervention was ill judged, reckless and has cost Trillions in consequences. Despite Saddam’s numerous offers to negotiate, with concessions, Bush Jr was determined to use his country’s vast superior technological and military armaments capability to bully out a hollow victory. Again post American bullying, as Bush 41 and 43 were clueless of the cost of the peace, leaving an innocent nation to pick up the pieces. To this day, it has a shattered economy, daily outbreaks of murderous violence and no infrastructure to run its nation. They don’t even have their own currency back to trade. A 5,000 year old culture has been reduced to this by a war faring locust hoard. For the poor Iraqis, it’s been a disaster. Yet another US SNAFU unfolds in nation building.

America is crumbling and failing. The State runs out of money yet AGAIN!!! in October. STOP spending and wasting America’s scarce money. Billions of dollars of weapons thrown at Syria means more jobs lost! Not enriching armaments manufacturer’s profits by goading these clowns on. Dropping these bombs builds hatred for generations. America is becoming THE Global Pariah nation. Billy No Mates!

We glibly roll out sound bite excuses of Sarin Gas, although yet to be proven by whom with Saudi Prince Bandar being well and truly in the frame with alleged deliveries to named Insurgent groups, all needing first thorough investigation by the UN teams. Not Punitive First Strikes by a Pirate Nation of Aggressors. No more double US standards. Let’s revive the best of American standards, not the worst. Americas own Napalm and Orange Defoliant gas past in Vietnam and Cambodia is appalling. Don’t be so damned 2 faced! It fools no one. 40 and 41 Have we still learned nothing from Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Mogadishu, Iraq and Afghanistan? How can a Leadership, clearly so untrustworthy and unfit for purpose, be allowed loose to wage war on anyone? With the US track record?

How many more nations can we be allowed to destroy before the world turns against the US! To survive, a nation needs Exports to trade with willing trading Nations, and accept fiat worthless dollars. 60% of the States money goes to the Military Industrial Cabal. The US does not make anything. They don’t create value. The money is Ponzi money backed by nothing.

Within just 20 years our Welfare Spending, Retiree Costs and State costs, will be 800% of the entire annual GDP. That is impossible to sustain and will not be tolerated by the world. This means that unless we rethink and remodel American society, it WILL collapse in total bankruptcy. Friendless if they keep up their invasions. No Retiree checks. No Welfare checks. No State or Federal Wages and No further Military funds to waste. No HOPE! You can NOT afford or continue funding this bloated and crippling war machine. The US cannot Police the world alone. The US cannot fund the world. Right now, the US cannot fund, feed and house its own nation. America has lost its way under this Undocumented Illegal occupying the nation’s top job, with neither experience nor evident capability. Not to impeach is a farce! Has Congress any Oversight credibility left? How about first Police Washington and Wall Street?

Yet so much can be done within reach right now. All is not lost. We are losing American rebuilding opportunities by doing nothing.

Start with redeeming the Private Placements first and the RV’s. But, use intelligence and Think Smart! Reach out with the hand of friendship to all nations.

America has abundant and vast project potential, all being denied opportunities to flourish. By creating, which we have done, an infrastructure to deliver approved projects worldwide, and cross involving nations in partial equipment or service resources as a joint turnkey venture, we provide income, job creation opportunities and partnerships of value to all nations. Tensions removed and bonds of friendship. The US become Allies and valued trading partners to the world, putting something back and building strong cultural relationships. This way it becomes a League of Nations working together with mutual respect and goodwill helping America fulfil its promise again. A war on want, not our neighbor Man.

Currently, over 60% of the falling income goes to servicing the Cabals Military Industrial Monstrosity, which is nothing but the SPECTRE Enforcement arm of the Oil, Gas and Mineral Cartel. The Cartel keeps ALL the profits, saddling the country with ever reaching unsustainable debts, impoverishing the nation and devastating the Income and Retiree benefits of all the people. Truly, it’s a Fiscal Rapist Regime, responsible to no one and beyond the rule of law. The Shadow Government is nothing but a Criminal Cabal, refusing Democracy for Americans, and using its pretentious affront to impose hegemony on the world. The people are the expendable cannon fodder for its war machine. Have you seen the Bushes or Clinton serving at risk? Of course not, pre-arranged Draft Dodgers to man. You do the dying as they do the lying, but control all power as a Fiefdom.

America cannot afford or sustain this monstrosity. It leeches from the nation and devastates our Global standing, leaving it perceived as the great Pariah nation. Despised and hated. All because of the actions of a few true renegades abusing power. It has to end or America will bleed to death.

They are sucking the heart and Soul from the nation and planet, supported by a sycophantic prostituted and treacherous MSM. America has to be re tracked and set free for its own people to experience Democracy before all hope is expunged. Does Liberty have to be a Statue only? 


The way is to end the Fed. Restore real money to America. End the Zionist control of the US Treasury and Fed. Replace them with non-Zionist Americans. Patriots! They have assisted in destroying the economy, it’s payback time coming.

Stop the vast Military waste draining the lifeblood of America. Make peace with the world. Make products and create real wealth. Help feed the starving and poor. Rebuild America. Create wealth to fund the Retirees and children for the future. Educate in citizenship and export hope to the world. A true Partnership of Nations, a world we are all in together.

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