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The Men Who Stole $16 Trillion from America

One World of Nations
13 September 2013

This has gone out to all key US Government and Intel Agencies. Furthermore it has gone out to all key countries Leaders, and their Intel Agencies.

It names, shames and shows conclusively the vast thefts and scandal American Shadow Government control has become, as it has destroyed Democracy in America, and feeds like a Leech off the blood of the country. The Shadow Government and Cabal are a DISGRACE. History will judge them so badly, as deserved. TRAITORS, THIEVES, CON MEN AND PARASITES.

These disgusting men have denied America and the world a peaceful future. They, and their Zionist CRIMINAL BANKERS, are bloodsuckers. Parasites.

Industry and Commerce needs this money. The world is changing fast. Revolution is coming and when so, this vacuous scum will be tried and dealt with. 

America can not afford the Military Industrial Cabal.

It never could.

A bloated Military causes chaos and cripples the economy. Mass reduction is needed, and vast Budget Cuts. 50% of all Military Spending has to stop now.

1,500 Pointless Agencies now feed off the country and world. 50,000 useless reports a year issued.


Zionist control of the US Treasury, Wall Street Banks and Fed needs to end. Forcefully!

This Usurper needs to be impeached as deserved. The Charade has gone on way too long. It makes a mockery of America.

This JOKE of a SPEAKER needs to speak up for America. Speak up for the people. For Democracy, for rights. GO BACK AND READ THE CONSTITUTION AND ITS SO GREAT ETHOS DUMMY!

Remember, you poorly educated and Illiterate bunch of Clowns passing as Leaders, you Mediocrities of Power, how the French Revolution ended after the storming of the Bastille? 

Bikers were the first sign of the Control Dam cracking.

When the people come for you, en masse, think of Mussolini, Saddam, Gaddafi, this will be your ending.

PAY THE PRIVATE PLACEMENTS YOU OWE. PAY THE DINARS. The world has had enough. Americans are waking up. Karma is coming.


Date: 9/10/2013, 9:25 AM 

To: POTUS_U.S. President Barack H. Obama;POTUS_Office of the President;
Cc: Attorney General Eric Holder;Counselor Gene Sperling;DNI_Lt General James R Clapper;NSA_General James Jones;OVP_Vice President Joe Biden;NEC_Director Gene Sperling;His Holiness, Pope Francis I;Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter;Stephanie Cutter;U. S. President Barack Obama;Austria_Fin Min Maria Fekter;IMF_Christine Lagarde_M.D.;Chairman Nout Wellink;

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