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Post Political Gross Incompetence Eras, huge potential could then be released

  • Otherwise Homeless people grow and cities decay, leaving only despair.

  • Time to Ante up and Pay Up! Redeem what is owed!

  • Then we can rebuild America.

  • But, will these fools grasp the Olive Branch?

One world of Nations
15 August 2013

America owes vast $Trillions in defaulted Loans and has systematically defrauded huge numbers of Trusting Investors for decades, as joint crooked Fed / Treasury Zionist and Agency operations have looted the planet. They will not escape what is building. The sheer audacity of their collusion and crimes will shock the world once known. Teflon Political reputations will be peeled away as the scale of such conspiracies is exposed. Ponzi monetary systems, as Madoff realized, all have a crash to earth date. The Western Worlds Banking system is built on a false mirage of Federal probity.


Those funds, once released, need to be focused with urgency on new Global redevelopment. Not servicing the Oil Carpet Baggers, Military Free Riders, Cabal Bag Men or Offshore Bankers.

Those funds need to be placed into a number of Key Areas- Now.

We have to rethink Banking. We have to rethink Politics. We have to rethink Society and real priorities. We have to re think the Fed and REMOVE the Entire Zionist Banking Mafia and Committee of 300 Cartel. They all have to go. Rapidly advancing world changes will see to that. 

Why? Because what we have has failed. THEY have failed. They posed like Titans, but in truth were Straw Men of no honor. These are cheap Duplicitous Charlatans deceiving all the nations as they ride roughshod in a web of crime and Feudal fiefdoms.

It is an Honor to Serve the People, not a Right! 

No honor


Presidencies are roles for the best candidates for the Job, not for Crooked Families to share the role out as rigged Fiefdoms to protect their places at the Hog Trough, feeding swill to other Political swine. Pigs are not fit for office. Swine’s in office even less. The Beltway needs to Belt Up and Shape Up. Or pack up! America is not there to serve as Slaves to the Oil Magnates and Zionist Fed with their IRS and Military Industrial Cabal rackets.

The world needs their funds back. It’s their right and their Sovereign Right to that money. Not for the Cabal, or Zionist Mafia to steal or sequestrate it. The Military can no longer be used as the Enforcement Arm of the Oil Barons. The Internet has brought exposure and freedom of protest.

America needs an enhanced Constitution reinforced on its own society. For protection of all of the people – we need real Democracy implementing now. Which means- Cauterizing the rot! Chose Society or the Scum. Which? 

The Presidency and Oval Office, similar to the ethos of the Statue of Liberty, needs to be a Shining Light, a Beacon of Hope, espousing all the best aspirations of Man, freedom, ideals and Humanity to be cherished and protected. When men gave their lives on the walls of the Alamo, It was not for this!

The Alamo
When Seal Team 6, the best of the best, spent years of deprivation gaining the skills to fight Terrorism, they did so as Men of Honor, not for a moment even thinking their High Command would treacherously sell them out to be slaughtered in August 2011 in Afghanistan. Where is the Pentagon Pride now? Who defends America against the enemy within? As Aaron Vaughn, Seal Team Member communicated, Joe Bidens reckless release of their agendas had put a target on all of their backs.

Seals in training
This $200M (Edward Falcone case Fraud) BRIBED Vice President, also kills Seals at random it seems. Impeachable corruption, combined with treasonous negligence with the enemy, whoever in Washington ever gets held to account?

Darell Issa in conjunction with Jason Chaffets, is asking for yet another inquiry, this time on the Seals issue. Under Issa’s safe hands guidance will go the way of his lame duck Gunrunner Inquiry. No-WHERE! 

And all the more arms pour into Syria via Qatar, courtesy of the CIA, while Arms Dealer Abdul Haroun in Benghazi makes a fortune. More illegal Regime change, all to protect the Oil Barons.

Now, Benghazi, where yet more Patriotic Seals were hung out to dry and murdered, along with Ambassador Christopher Stevens, all to cover up the Clinton, Bush/ Obama Gunrunning collusion there with the CIA. Will Issa investigate that? Stopping real progress on yet another one? Send in Issa, You might as well send in the Clowns? Congressional Whitewash WON’T WASH ISSA!

It gets worse. It seems they have lost 400 Surface to Air Missiles supplied to Syria now in the hands of Insurgents. Another fine CIA SNAFU.

Justice - with Holder? OMG!

The days of the Fed are ending. America MUST get control of its own money supplies, its OWN Treasury, and ALL ZIONISTS, with No Exceptions, must be drummed out of office at the Treasury and Fed. This Conspiracy with their Israeli and Rothschild’s backing must end. A Century of Cabal and Greenspans Fiscal Cannibalism has to be stopped. America is for Americans. No more dual Israeli secret Passport holders. No more in US Government jobs. Let the CIA and FBI show which are playing Double games. What does it take for Congress to Impeach?

The whole world knows Obama is as genuine as a 90 cent note. Why doesn’t Congress, or is it gutless and taking the Judas Silver Coins of Shame? Does Congress have a purpose now? What? 

America now stands at a crossroads. Its society so dumbed down and neutered. With no MSM to inform and protect it, Democracy has been systematically dismantled.

But, an ever faster emerging new world, empowered by a Global Internet communication system, is challenging the very premise of Tri Lateral policies and demanding change. Exposure of US systematic corruption is Global. Everyone worldwide now increasingly sees and knows the failing US economic realities and scale of Cabal corruption. As new Big Dogs grow, the worldwide mutinous pack of emerging nations, (Big ones) are just biding their time to affect a power seizure. Less than 5% of the world’s population (America) can no longer go on asset stripping the scarce planetary resources, and imposing Political Diktats on others which are not practiced at home. Even less when nations see the visible failed Society now evident in America. The model is crocked. Its society is now unfit for purpose. Ailing and disgraced. Washington Majors only in chicanery. Lost, confused, entangled in a web of criminality and duplicity as the Empire unravels.

Vast Trillions are being wasted in propping up a corrupt Zionist perpetrated Federal Reserve, and the compound US Treasury system. All are unsustainable as a Global juggling act.

Bernanke panicked once he realised 2 of the balls in play were his own! Now he cuts and runs for his life.

The world cannot, and will not wait much longer for redemption of the Private Placements, RV’s and Dinar exchanges. Tensions are rising and Leaders now Grandstanding. Post Snowden, any semblance of ethical proprietorial conduct is now shown exposed and shamed for what is reality. 

Ugly Cabal America is now seen, as the Global Leaders, being visibly unfit for purpose. Low in ethics, Trust gone. The whole regime has been ridiculed by Snowden who threw the mother of all curved balls for the Agencies and Cabal to swallow. Exposure, payback is a bitch. The Lying Kings!

America wastes vast Trillions each year on needless wars enriching only the rapacious Military Contractors whose boots on the ground, ravage nations in an orgy of lawlessness, but produce vast income streams of wealth to a series of incestuous Global Attack Parasite companies who defend no one but their own profits from killing and repression.

Yet just over a Trillion can balance Americas “Official” budgets and replace their debts.

A Trillion will erase world poverty. But instead, we waste it to kill and maim. And many time more. We chose to supress freedom in emerging nations in pursuit of control and power.

A Trillion invested in US Infrastructure would remove millions from Welfare and poverty.

Vast trillions are made Bank Program Trading with most profits routed out and hidden offshore. Big gains, with society looted. The Offshore Banks hold such hidden amounts in High Trillions as would fix the world’s problems many times over. The Fed Programs, activated hidden behind the Pentagon Gray Screen systems, create further vast Trillions, all bypassing Congress, all enriching Political and Banking affiliations, but all creating an unsustainable debt mountain for unaware American tax payers. Your pain- THEIR GAIN!

Health Care is a growing crisis issue worldwide. As lives extend, we face a vast unplanned cataclysm of lack of services or funding capability to absorb it. Our elderly face a future of misery and pain. We enrich the unelected swindling Elite. We neglect our citizens.

Many of who will have worked a lifetime contributing, then to be dumped on the scrapheap of life. Unless funded by deep pocket Pension Plans, which very few have.

The EU model of Health Care is based on a GDP contribution of c8.5% of income State Supplied.

Dignity and care for all. It works.

The US system is delivered by commercial suppliers at c16.5% of GDP. Profit is piled on Profit. The same service, but DOUBLE the price, because the US model RIPS OFF Society with grubby hands out at every stage pocketing fees to care! Paying double in costs, for the same service, indicates the lack of fundamental planning of Society, and acceptance by part of a society who are either naïve – or Stupid! Health Care is NOT for Profit! When caring costs, the most needy die in pain or suffer deprivation. It stinks and it’s WRONG! Take 8% a year back in YOUR own pockets instead.

Take the Contractors boots off the ground in Asia and let’s fund a War on Want! Compassion, not killing! Kill off corruption instead!

Transport costs grow ever more and pollution with it. It restricts growth in society. Yet, with innovation today, we have the technology to be developing and delivering high speed, very low costs transportation systems. LA to San Francisco in 30 minutes! Travel from Washington to New York the same, or New York to Boston. Opening up the new America and with it opportunities!

Aspire now. Innovate. Infrastructure, jobs and Butts off the Welfare system. Cut costs.

We need to re plan and reconstruct new communities. Bring in Community Financing and Local Lending services. Fund society and stop enriching the swindling Elites.

We need to educate all our children, and tutor Citizenship.

The Political system has been allowed to become a cesspit of Special Interests. Bankers and Tri Laterals fund the running costs of Candidates in elections. Then grubby, owned Politicians bark to order. Owned men, we all lose as Society is sold out.
We need to bring in a whole new system of Political Funding and vetting. Banks and Special Interest Groups need to be banned from funding campaign contributions. When money buys power, corruption is the price paid in return. Special Interests with no interest in Society bar milking it. The rot starts there.

We neither need, nor can afford an unelected Shadow Government, controlled by no one bar clandestine interests, able to fun its own Military Complexes and spying Agencies, operating Global Drugs trafficking and money laundering. America is under the grip of over 1,500 Agencies, producing over 50,000 reports a year, which nobody reads or can implement. Self-Serving, draconian webs of Totalitarian usurpers of all our collective freedoms is their end game.

Once funds are released for the Dinars, and PP’s redeemed, we will undertake the following:
  • Funds will go to Bank Platform Trading but via us.
  • There will be NO Offshore Bank skulduggery.
  • Taxes will be paid. Profits declared. Projects will be funded.
  • The US and UK Budget deficiencies will be tackled.
  • Clean, independent parties of good character will be funded to get them into office bypassing Cabal ownership or hooks. Corrupt parties will face a vicious media onslaught as we move to unseat them. Both parties, it’s about removing corruption and owned men.
  • Selective key Infrastructure projects will be targeted. As will regional redevelopment.
  •   We will be looking at Educational projects. 

Funds used need to redevelop society again. For good purposes. America cannot go on or survive as things are. It must change or it will crash. America has the talents and capacity to recover. It just needs to rethink true Leadership roles. To take its place among a League of Nations as a responsible society, contributing not demonizing. It still has so much to give, and so many willing to do so. A Cabal free America needs to be encouraged. It all starts with redeeming the PP’s long owed, not reneging. Releasing Iraq by exchanging the Dinars. The same for Vietnam. Rectifying destruction of societies. In reverse rebuilding America from these opportunities.

It needs to start- NOW.

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