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Removing and understanding the Dinar Layers of confusion and being grateful for UNEARNED OPPORTUNITIES!

  • Dinarians, please, understand what this journey has taken and the real costs for so many. Or, is ignorance Bliss? 
  • Understand the big picture.
  • Where is the money now to recover and pay for all of it. 

One World of Nations
14 July  2013

There are still mountains to climb and it will not be given up willingly, as key parties in Reno find by the day. Ending yet another week of no closure, more obfuscation and more false assurances, indicates no intent to settle is near. Obama appears to wish only to block as long as possible to keep the Ponzi Cabal in control.  Many people worldwide are focused together and trying so hard to encourage an amicable solution to these key issues. Practical discussions and efforts are being pursued to break this deadlock.

When Abraham Lincoln eulogized with such focus on the rights of ALL Americans to be accorded the rights of free men in their own new land, little did he know that centuries later, all the evils of Feudal Political and some unelected Shadow Government Cabal, or Zionist Monarchs, would be revisited upon the people again as it is today. This time by such corrupt Neocon Politicians and by perverse Commie Czar Doctrines, as Lincoln would fight again to remove. The World's case is not against America or its people, but solely against the Cabal and Criminal Zionist Bankers facilitating massive corruption. How did poor Iraq ever get to this? Now they have become the left over carcass of that unlawful debacle, with the Scavenger packs fighting for morsels with every delusional self-justification case possible


The Real Costs and the Real Villains Named and Shamed Here. The Great and the Up to No Good Texan Cabal Shysters! But, we will also help make your case for release for you. What they have stolen, how to recover it and settle the Dinarian’s and Private Placements in total. That done, what will YOU put back to also help our Veterans dying or maimed out there? Can any good come from it? Are they dying alone for your Dinars? We will be starting a Help OUR Heroes Fund for the wounded and families of the deceased. Also now to help the many impoverished US Vets? They do the Dying, Washington does the Lying. Working together let’s all help bring the real America back, with pride, hope and vision for all the people again. The quality of people is still there.  We just need to start by only electing the quality of Leaders with Integrity fit for purpose again. 


History of Iraq will not judge well what was perpetrated against this nation, the Babylon of ancient Culture.

Hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians have been killed, exterminated, because a few Political Shysters, Gung Ho Shadow Government Agency and Military Gangsters, who lied and launched a one sided disgraceful ILLEGAL War of Attrition, for ILLEGAL Regime change. All because an inebriate son, he himself elected by his father’s own criminal Agency chicanery and Vote rigging Brother, sought to rewrite history, and finish what the One Termer failed to do. Is there no end to the consequences and atrocities of this Nazi founded Crime family, and their Cabal Neocon cohorts? But, the guilt is not theirs alone.

These Swindlers, and Oily, Greasy Political Shape Shifters and Fixers, all conspired, lied and deceived nations to unleash Hell upon a far inferior opponent.

Now 10 years on, just what has been accomplished by this vile slaughter? As the Iraqi nation needlessly lies in ruins, no sanitation, power failures, inter faction murders up to hundreds daily, bombs indiscriminately killing, as Shiite kills Sunni, and the Texicon’s rape it's Oil. Military Contractors flood in by the thousands, all on State Budgets, enriching the Political families behind the scenes, these group owning Shysters ripping off America.

Another child dies, each mother cries, and we, in the West, listen to more Media Lies! 


This nation was bombed into the Stone Age. Saddam offered to negotiate and pay Reparation costs on numerous occasions to avoid all of this. It was a truly so avoidable, this ugly war. One Draft Dodging President, elected by Vote Rigging Fraud, abused the power of office to conspire with others, at whatever cost, to unleash a war of attrition against a defenseless Third World nation. Illegal regime change and War looting again!

Bush 43 was told by Hans Blix, UN Nuclear inspector, there were No WMD’s in Iraq. As US Intel had also advised him - no evidence of WMDs had been found. But, his limp brain was fixed. His Daddies inept failure in history had to be avenged. With the brute power of the Oval Office, conspiring Lap Dog allies were roped in.

This mess was given credibility when Lounge Lizard Tony (B –LIAR!) Blair used a ridiculous 10 year old PhD students WMD speculative only thesis, created by Kuwaiti Ibrahim al-Marashi, which was then plagiarized by Blair’s own notorious personal Spin Doctor, recovering alcoholic and foul mouthed, bullying mental breakdown head case Alastair Campbell, to offer as Intel support for this ugly, ILLEGAL war. Unfortunately, then given more credibility when Campbell bullied John Scarlett of MI 6, to give it a credible opinion of authenticity to assist Blair appease Bush. Scarlet shamefully denigrated the integrity of UK Intel for a century with that needless political Butt Kissing.

Was Scarlet consigned to ignominy as well deserved? Hell no, he was raised in SIS and given a Knighthood. These are ugly times. The same false report Colin Powell himself then quoted to the UN Security Council to unleash Shock and Awe on this helpless Third World Country. Mass genocide resulted. Blair’s inept misdemeanors engendered the future patronage of the Bush Crime family and Cabal membership. Hundreds of thousands died. He cried, all the way to the Bank joining the Bush / Clinton Crime Family Gravy Train! Following that was also his elevation and conversion to Catholicism, as the token publicity gesture to receive his own fully loaded Vatican Bank Account. Would any God want such a Sod?

There is no moral imperative for the Dinar bun fights in daily activity. The constant hiatus fueled by Gurus and Greed incurs attention and dissent from Regulatory entities monitoring markets. No one minds, or has any issues with any parties investing or speculating on Dinars. That is fine. As long as profits or losses can be handled as it develops, and miss selling is not occurring. What stresses the markets is a particularly loud species of inebriate who seem to think the world owes them and therefore their vacuous, uncouth demands must be met- Now!

Discrete, respectful low profile dialog is the way forward. Just not public hiatus which spotlights a certain sector and the balance of comparison with equally deserving causes. Dinar Guru Site’s cause harm and offense. These bottom feeding mollusks actually seem to believe it’s their God given right to be Welfare Bailed again, and they don’t think how, or care who. Speculation is OK. No problem. That’s understood. But rights? To be squealing they are being denied by others of their Right? Rights how earned? It’s just a speculation. Low profile it can get done. High profile creates hysteria, which is ugly. Calm hands only are needed now. Handled right, it can all succeed. Their noise on the system is becoming concerning and raising issues.

They fail to understand or even think - Who is paying for it all? Aaahhh want maaah muuuniieee, aaaahhh want maahh muuuniie, is heard across the land. Whose money? How often does a THIEF Pay You Back?

The current reality to attempt to make some good of this malfunctioning fiasco is to re appraise the overall positions now in Treasury discussions and is progressing as follows:

  • The Organized Groups in Reno, given their Trade Out exchange, will actually be using vast new funds, less Taxes paid to America, to underpin both new US and Global Infrastructure and Nation Building Projects. So, the US Treasury will accrue a Tax Gain and Global jobs will be benefit. Their cases have merit. Also, as the key Reno Funds already have a strategic plan contracted and waiting for major Trading, releasing their funds actually pays America back many times over. It makes no sense to delay as the Trading Profits will put back more into the US than is paid out. Many times more. Yet, in spite of the enormous gains America will accrue from settling the Dinars, the team in Reno are constantly fed false and misleading information; including inaccurate claims again this week for certain planes in identified hangars, which on inspection again turned out to be bogus. Vast recovery is being denied. There is no moral imperative for the loudest broker media demands of the lowest 5%. All sectors have equal cases of need and benefits from settling. Strategy is key. These Dinars will help get peoples OFF Welfare and jobs going! A Vast range of Infrastructure and Nation Building Projects are waiting. Stop squandering vast budgets needlessly funding Military Hegemony Contractors boots on the ground in Asia, release these funds and let America fund its own Wealth making projects and jobs. Stop LYING to the dedicated and Patriotic Reno teams.

  • Exactly the same as with the Private Placements. Withholding is actually Self Defeating and denying major scale Projects and opportunities for Americans. Vast Infrastructure and Education Projects are being needlessly delayed and national recovery opportunities wasted. The new High Speed Rail Track Systems bringing infrastructure aid, jobs, income and hope is all being denied needlessly. Educational support projects delayed. Energy projects delayed. These are Funds STOLEN as early as the mid 1930’s! Give back WHAT IS NOT YOURS and let real Patriots rebuild America and the world. Washington is the problem! Paying back what is not yours to lawfully hold, and is long overdue for Redemption, will produce Jobs, taxes and profits many times greater than the original capital. Paying back will massively rebuild America. But, the Zionist stranglehold of US Finances does not listen to Logic. This giant incestuous Tapeworm feeds by the day, devoid of vision. Failure to recognize the enormous recovery potential conclusively proves these Usurpers are not fit for purpose to run America. Stop condoning this Criminal Cabal.

  • The Political Fixers, the usual slime balls from the corridors of power, as always, have sequestrated by fair means or foul, vast amounts of Iraqi dinars which they, with no moral misgivings, will use their banking and Attorney Mouthpieces to front for them and walk with vast Billions of their ill-gotten gains. With that crowd, probably evading taxes also. These low life bilge bandits are a human tragedy that no one restrains. This is a long way from the wishes of the Founders. Their profits are War Crimes funds. All such funds deserve to be seized as proceeds of crime. Where’s an Elliot Ness when America needs one? The Bushes want it settled so now whose causing the on-going delays? 

  • Below this are the numerous small Investors, parties who have knowingly cross invested as a long term objective. Most have needs for their Profits to be accrued for business recovery. Also to fund new business opportunities which would help create jobs and taxes. These are the Green Shoots of recovery parties we need to re-fund and unleash. Not before time for many of them under horrendous stress. Genuine needs.

  • Iraq as a nation is downtrodden into the dirt, with no currency or means to trade as a deserving, capable nation with a long history. They alone truly deserve all of this to come good. For this nation, every day of more delays, is a crime of banal indifference. Hegemony at its worst! 

  • And last, but not least, the Camp following small speculators who need help fast to focus their personal objectives with a clear plan. For many it will help get them off Welfare with a chance to now regenerate their lives.

For most, even the Dinar release itself will be a source of real stress. Be clear, your Core Objective then is to PROTECT THE CAPITAL! ABOVE AND BEYOND ALL - GET THIS RIGHT! The key Priority is to start by paying off all loans, debts, borrowing and banks immediately - Get Debt and Bank free!

No one can look after your money better than you can. Avoid speculating as Hustlers will beat a path to your door. Families, often, are even worse. You don’t need to gamble as this will involve losing, and they all need your money to gamble with, so you take the hit if it loses. The OPM system - Other People’s Money! Take your time and ONLY invest small cross spreads in what you know and can safely control. For those lucky enough to have a surplus after Debt Clearances think only of living from dividend or interest income accrued. Not from your capital or it will all be gone fast. Making money is not the hardest thing, KEEPING IT IS!

  • All markets are dangerous territory right now. Gold is in real decline. As are many commodities. Stocks and Shares are minefields for the unwary. Few Managed Portfolios are producing good profits and Management Fees eat up your capital. Once the Dinars break free, as long as Profits are accrued, the best thing for most to do, apart from getting debt free, is nothing. Take your time to rethink everything. Very turbulent times are ahead. A defining time for you and the country. Key Questions, WHICH America? The America of it's peoples dreams and wishes, or the macabre reality as is today, no Constitution, spied on, out of control Police, IRS Thugs, Justice run by crooks. Also, for those with good surpluses, use your heads, think ahead, spread your new found wealth into a multi-country, multi-currency portfolio safe from a State Bank Deposit grab.

Reflecting Ahead – The Defining Moments of Americas Evolution.


No one denies, or decries America’s historical growth or even its great potential still. But, all Empires end, usually badly. Despite the abundant talent visible, has America now run its course as a Leading nation? Taking stock of the life ahead, all parties need to review, take stock of your families need and get a reality check reading of the crossroads facing Americans now. It’s time to lose the rose tinted spectacles and stop marching to a nation’s flag which is no longer yours.

The evidence of Americas spying on its people, the abysmal scale of corruption, and sleaze, and Treasonous conduct of its Leaders over the last 30 years, has to raise the tacit question, “IS THIS CURRENT AMERICA FIT FOR PURPOSE to serve the needs of the nation any further?” Is our Homeland home now?

Vast amounts have been stolen and squandered by the Cabal and Fed. Where has it all gone?

There is no longer any differential between voting for Clinton or Jeb Bush next time, because the Crime Families then retain Totalitarian Powers with control unchecked. A Cabal lock on every life in America. Freedom is dying as the Fourth Reich emerges unconstrained with fearsome State Spying powers. The entire system is now endemically rotten. So are they!

The AMERICAN TREASURY, Fed and Wall Street Banking Markets are under singular Zionist control. A Totalitarian Takeover has occurred with ruthless efficiency. They have absolute Oligopoly control. As such, they act while Obama and his handlers deny the world long the overdue Settlements process. They fight tooth and nail against Bank controls and via a Zionist led Supremes and Legal System, they deny Criminal actions against so many clearly, visible and crooked Zionist Banksters. What does the future hold for a thinking person?

With changed, ethical and Visionary Leadership, be in no doubt, the future for America is yet to be written. But who will rise to it? Right now, under the current and foreseeable Political spectrum, what is - IS UGLY! A truly polarized reversal of the Wishes and Dreams of the Founding Fathers is now upon the nation.

The Wealth Gap between the Haves and Have Not's grows ever greater. Welfare and Retiree Costs are simply unaffordable and unsustainable. It’s less of a trickle down and more of a Shake Down. Wealth is not being accrued to go into funding this escalating State Monolith. Basel lll will crack wide open the ugly realities of State expectations as transparency will show the cupboard is bare. A Rubicon line will be crossed when the Welfare Checks one day just cease. Cross Firing Bad Checks is Illegal. Issuing Welfare Checks from a Bankrupt system is illegal, breaching Basel lll, and will come home to roost one day. Ever more reasons for Dinarians to be safely protected when chaos erupts. The entire Welfare system is an unsustainable LIE! AMERICA is a world of illusions and smoking mirrors. DEBT IS AMERICAS GREATEST ENEMY TODAY! Debts forced upon you by their great profligate waste, wars and theft.

As the current emerging America unfolds, with cities crumbling, markets in decline, Food Stamps in greater demand, inability for tens of millions to pay essential living costs, ask- Where is the Visionary leadership Planning to turn this once great nation around? Is the country capable of escaping its downward spiral under current Leadership? No question great potential Leadership DOES exist, and NO QUESTION America can still Trade Out, but not with this bunch of proven failures, liars and sycophants in power today. So, unless the Clean Up and Clear Out starts there, is the country any longer Fit for Purpose to live in or raise a family in? Ignoring the harsh reality won’t make it go away. No Clean, Committed Patriots would want to become embroiled in the filth that has become Washington and the Beltway. Yet without them, America cannot recover. Catch 22.

  • To Congress: Where are the VAST funds held behind the real 5 Star Trusts fronting vast Gold holding stolen from Asia via the Agencies? Recover that to repay what’s long since overdue. Why are these Agencies running vast Criminal Empires beyond the control and oversight of Congress?

  • How much is made by CIA Drug Trafficking and Money Laundering each year? Why has Opium production increased 300% in Afghanistan under US control?

  • Why have the 5 CIA agents who helped move and Launder Biden’s $200M Bribe from Bush and Clinton not been arrested? Why has Biden not been impeached? 

    • At the last count, over $900B was traced as having been made from Bank Program trading using Edward Falcone’s funds, denying him any benefit. Bush, the CIA and Clinton are all known beneficiaries. Tracing it all via HSBC, Deutsch, Barclays and other banks, why has no one been arrested for it? Why was the FBI Florida Office stopped from investigating the Bushes? Why have the Bush contracts now seized from Herzog by Interpol and the German Police not been used to arrest the Bushes and all involved?


    • The US Federal Reserve / Pentagon and Agency Grey Screens trade vast Trillions of Ponzi and Fiat money each year. All bypassing Congress or the IRS. Where does it go? Why is that not used for the Settlements now?

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