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These are not just Troubled Times

One World of Nations
25 June 2013

Getting Dinar Funds alone won’t save you. How you invest them will.  Everything around you is collapsing. The very order of society will change.

So first, before the complex issues, the Dinarians Round Up of reality. Today!

Everyone in Reno is totally disenchanted. The SKR issues have been resolved. There is nothing holding up the process, but they are not moving. During Sunday evening the hangar still sat empty. All the security is in place, all the equipment ready, AND the Dollars. They are waiting only for the word to move. Yesterday they were told that the process was now inhibited due to the fact a Processor had not reported for duty. Really, a Goddam Processor is holding up the whole Financial System of the United States, and the rest of the world? Homer Simpson in charge again!

These are not just Troubled Times, but for many disenfranchised people, the encroaching End of YOUR Time as you know it. Never has the NWO Shadow Government threat been so pronounced, or YOUR situation potentially so hopeless if we do not act. Akin to the Jews in WWII Europe rounded up for the Camps, all denying it could happen to them, until it did. The end result is history. The Colossal Shadow Government and the 4 key Banking and Crime families  behind the Cabal, now perceives no further use for the majority of humanity.  Even short term Dinar gains for many, even if they settle after the last Iraqi Redemption payment to Kuwait planned for Thursday, will not suffice for what is fast evolving. Feudal hierarchies emerge, absorbing and destroying all in their path. History repeats itself, but we never learn. But for many, the new end game will be terminal as a species. As Bush Sr, Rockefeller and the Mind Set of the Cabal calls most of you- the Useless Eaters! They have no further use or place for you in the New World Order they seek to implement. But, we will raise key issues to help assist you both getting paid and to reposition with the care you will need. What is being planned is horrific. That is revealed later.

We live in a world, in which the pervasive and Machiavellian planning to create a Unitary One World State has been progressing among the Western societies and NWO Illuminati families, with a consequential ending unlike any before in the history of man. Banks themselves have become a homogenous Cabal of Self Interest and cross collusion. Corrupting all they entice into their Oligopoly of control, on a par with stepping into quicksand. Struggle you may like a Donkey, as it absorbs you in its rapacious stranglehold covering a bottomless, self-perpetuating pit of greed. Rates and Markets are “Fixed” and markets rigged, all against you. Their world takes all and gives nothing back. Think your moves now with care. Their entire system is against you, and worse, all your money, held in their banks, can and will be sequestrated from you any time they chose, as with Cyprus.

Governments themselves have become a secondary irrelevancy, responding only to market forces, not leading. In today’s world, these second grade Political mediocrities of low ability, occupying key State roles, are flotsam.  They are just carried forwards by the events unfolding around them. Most are nonentities, with no vision or experience to judge. Behind all of it, the all-powerful Shadow Government continues its rapacious penetration of each society, with control, and reduction of the species (YOU!) being their end game. You – gone!

Those able to contribute to the emerging technologically enhanced cybernetic society in progress, will be accredited a unitary role in the Food Chain of Elitist society. Those not, will be perceived as surplus to the new Shadow Government model’s society needs, and to be outsourced to a secondary existence. It has been developing with ever greater Investments, intensity and sophistication for the last 50 years worldwide.

Their continuous use of secret Federal Reserve Trade Program models, has allowed them to generate vast Trillions out of sight of Congress or Public awareness. There is no accountability and all Technological or Scientific advancements, funded ultimately by you, are corralled for their exclusive use and benefit only. Society is excluded. They are creating a world for themselves, built with Fiat money, with no role for you or your families. Their new world is planned for Made Men – not Yesterdays Men? Where are you in their perceived Food Chain? This is not a phenomena focused solely on the US, but encompasses the Western economies and the Middle East. Long range Martial Law control plans are in place. But safety is now accommodated only for the accredited Elites, and their Servants. (Slaves).

But now, even those plans are being questioned by developing Geo Political events outside of their control. Curved balls we can catch first and re direct.

As China, Russia and Asia get ever closer, America’s influence, trade and powers all diminish. Europe now continues to integrate away from America. All these trading blocks, by new Fiscal awareness, are distancing themselves away from the US.  A future, as Billy No Mates, will be a big Culture Shock to most Americans fed decades of Uncle Sam’s Hollywood paranoia, lies and hype. From self-deluded perceived Hero to Zero will take adjustment as all influence drains away. Another 2 years of this commandeered Puppet Teleprompter Usurper acting as the President, will create ever greater damage to Americas standing in the Global Village. Benghazi, Spy releases, more US backed Middle East aggression, defeated by the Taliban, and the sordid and shameful collapse of the US cities, coupled with ever more Wall Street Banking scandals, now play out to a Global audience. It’s the end of their great Illusion, as they now congregate in huddled confusion.

The rapacious demand for Dinar and RV revelations is cranking up mercilessly. As are the growing releases of criminality issues with more detailed exposure of the Teflon Texas Mafia and Fed Godfathers transgressions. Dumbing down the US Media bought time. But, the Internet brought exposure and revelations awakening Americans find hard to believe as reality for their flawed concept of a society. Chaos waits. Obama, and his Commie Czar Conspirators, seek now to close down internet access and restrict freedom of speech, and thought.

This colossal Military Grandstanding on the world stage has to end. The sheer scale and enormity of prolific Agency waste is crippling America. Snowden has revealed vast hundreds of thousands of Agency snoopers employed against you all. Funded by whom? The Pentagon has become a giant tapeworm strangling America. The enemy is within- Gentlemen! Fill the Fema camps with the Cabal before it’s too late.

Seize the FRB NY operation, no compensation, and bring it all under US Treasury control. Congress, STOP appointing Zionists and Jews to all the Fed and Treasury top roles. This is an illegal parasitic Oligopoly. We need Patriots, Americans, reporting to the nation, not to Israel and Mossad! What about American nationals for top American Financial jobs? No Jew, no can do? End this illegal Zionist exclusion racket! American money needs to stay in America. No more Tax Haven rackets for the Zionists and Texan Mafia.

If the end game goes their way, it will be the end of Society as we know it. Bank Creditors funds will simply be absorbed and lost to you. For Dinarians Banking will become dangerous. But as bad, if the perceived apocalyptic crash was to happen, the normal commercial enterprises will fail as the current cash or card based trading methodology will disintegrate, taking with it your new assets and livelihood. Leaving you again entrapped, with nothing. Not even hope. So think with care, your own last chance of trading if the NWO entities do succeed. You are positioned as what? Think with real care your assets held and values. If only in a bank it will just be sequestrated.

Let us give you a few examples of core issues:

  • In the American Midwest State of Montana, are the specifically installed Buckminster Fuller Geodesic Domes to shelter the Elitists families from the planned nuclear fallout. More are ready on call.
  • Also, at enormous cost, there are hidden underwater Geodesic Domes off the Coasts of the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, for the immediate evacuation of the key Arab Potentates, families and Slaves if called. Interesting, the Israelis left to the ravages of the Holocaust to follow. Poetic Justice. Where’s their Kazakh God then? Man orchestrated Armageddon means Man Planned annihilation of Israel.
  • To leave nothing to chance, a new highly toxic DNA ravaging form of Bird Flu has been refined in intensity controlled experiments between University of Wisconsin Projects and Secret Labs in the Netherlands. Deniable operations, terminal realities. How to kill vast millions quickly. Species reduction. Redacting YOU! 

These are just a few new examples to assist you understand the depth of their duplicity and disdain for YOU, the common People. The future is in the making. But, as we approach a cross roads for humanity, we need to seize our own moment, as a species, ours enlightened and caring. Because, post Global Banking crash which the 4 key Banking and Political Crime Families and Vatican forces have conspired to create, leaving them free to virtually own the planet post Capital market orchestrated crash, we now have a new Window of Opportunity for our human species.  Geo Political realities have just gone off plan for the NWO and Vatican/ Rockefeller /Rothschild / Bush /Cheney /Clinton parasites.

The grand conspiratorial plan had been to orchestrate a managed scenario of conflict to create a nuclear confrontation between China and Russia destroying both nations. But, this unconsidered new Oil and Gas contract between each, and the Non-Aggression Treaty signed by each, has obfuscated the cynical exploitation of nations by the Shadow Government, and worse, their duplicity and  treachery has been seen by all. Their cloaked aggression uncovered.

The Buckminster Fuller Geodesic Domes were designed to house just 300,000 Elites plus one million controlled Slaves. Few of the Pentagon or Agency staffers have been  accorded Elitist places, nor will be given anti dotes for the Bird Flu viral epidemic planned to deal with and exterminate the unwanted masses, so akin to Egyptian Pharaohs, Slaves left to die. When will they all realise the true enemy is WITHIN? With a nation so dumbed down, reality is hard to promote to save so many gullible and naive people.  To them, their propaganda driven Disneyland is reality.  Their childlike perceptions create the barriers and parameters of their fantasy world. So who will tell them their Santa’s not real?

You don’t need to get it, because you don’t get a place in the Buckminster Fuller complex, because, to them, you don’t matter. Nor, we are so glad to say, do the Kazakh Israelis.

Instead, as best laid plans of Men and Rodents founder, look at better alternatives now possible via men of character, men of vision, Humble, Humane Patriots of each nation. Our plan, our Vision is for a world in which we can all live in peace and evolve. All based on releasing NOW the Private Placements long owed, and the dinars.

Consider these alternatives:

  • Benefiting parties, by their own free choice, can cross invest the Capital in the London's Inter-bank trading markets. But, instead of following the Cabal methodologies of Greed, Tax Evasion, Cabal Wars unleashed on nations, and Elitists building vast Elitist only shelters, they plan to take a different route.
  • With Capital then fully protected, they pay our taxes, underpinning our nations. Helping reduce budget stresses and borrowing.
  • Their Profits will be used to create community Homes, Schools, Hospitals, infrastructure, rail track systems.
  • Profits used to deliver lost cost energy to all, reducing stress of escalating debt and exploitation of the masses, energy poor and disenfranchised from care.
  • A whole new focus on education and citizenship.
  • They create jobs, dignity for families and communities. They regenerate community funding and innovation. 
  • New Scientific projects funded, across multiple nations and shared for all. Inclusion not subjugation.
  • Technological investment and Genetic research to cross repair our so many faulty DNA structures. Re splice faulty genes, so children need no longer be born with crippling and terminal genetic disorders. We can give life and a better life to many.
    • Or Tax Havens and bolt holes in Paraguay for the Bush, Cheney, Soros Neo Nazis. Oh hell, you mean they left the Clintons behind?

    These next 2 weeks are a cross roads for our societies. 

    If they honour Redemptions being tracked right now, in the right hands, 2 roads then open up for the journey and evolution of man.

    History will evidence the choice, their way, or ours? Whose hands are safest to entrust with these funds? At what stage do these truly rotten men, get stopped?

    In the hands of the right men, America can be rebuilt, and help again reconstruct the needs of our Global societies. Such men are there, just not in Politics or Banking. That needs to change.


    1. John,
      Interesting to say the least. I hope we are truly at the crossroads. As a CMKX shareholder, we have been led on for so many years. If we are at the TRUE crossroads, then finally we can see if this global shift can finally happen FOR REAL. You mention Private placements and dinars. Is CMKM part of the private placements, or where does it sit in all of this? Any info on CMKX will be appreciated by many.

      1. ZN
        I have no access on CMKX and leave that to Al and his legal team. Sorry, cant help but if we see it move we will advise.

    2. Shocking stuff: "Geo Political realities have just gone off plan for the NWO and Vatican/ Rockefeller /Rothschild / Bush /Cheney /Clinton parasites. The grand conspiratorial plan had been to orchestrate a managed scenario of conflict to create a nuclear confrontation between China and Russia destroying both nations. But, this unconsidered new Oil and Gas contract between each, and the Non-Aggression Treaty signed by each, has obfuscated the cynical exploitation of nations by the Shadow Government, and worse, their duplicity and treachery has been seen by all."

      There must be some serious psychopaths heading the Shadow Government. But, what about their staff - they all can't be psychopaths? What about genuine, decent politicians who know about all this? What about decent men in the intelligence communities?

      With essentially all countries "bankrupt", the good guys must know something has to change.

      Mankind could do much more... imagine the amazing technology - curing cancer, aging breakthroughs, DNA modification, anti-gravity cars, bikes, ships, space exploration... there is so much that awaits us, it's mind-boggling what could achieve!

      1. brad
        The problem is the good guys are not in politics or power. Helping a nation has been overtaken by the Vandals seeking only to help themselves.Good people are sickened by what is.
        Look at what and how just made President?
        Look at how the previous one got in.

    3. Brad,

      I agree with much of this running amuck for the NWO gang with the alliance of the BRICS countries... how can they continue forward.

      And if it is America they want, then I am truly at the point where I am prepared to let them have it... I am prepared to move and become an expat. I will prepare the way for my family... Why not let other Americans who are similarly situated go as well... this will be a few million they will not have to nuke. They can each take a corner and play "king of the hill" or whatever game it is they want to play.

      But when you get down to the brass tacks on how they would fare against Russia, China and the UK factions who have aligned, it doesn't look good for those who want you to believe otherwise.

      Or am I missing something here? Anyone?

      One last question of John/Paladin/Canuazzie:

      above it is stated "Everyone in Reno is totally disenchanted. The SKR issues have been resolved." Is it possible to say what the disenchantment is about? And now that the SKR issues are resolved, what those issues were?

      Get Real

      1. "disenchanted" is due to the fact that they were expecting things to move ahead....which did not happen...much to their dismay....

        "SKR issues are resolved" I would say that everything needed to validate and issue SKRs for whales are ready...but has not actually started....

    4. I don't know what's going on.....Missed a lot in the last 15 hours or so......fina66 comments all deleted. Good thing actually, because if negativity was directed at John and I had read that, I woulda opened up a can of woop-ass!! Thanks for keeping the blog clean Canauzzie!!

      This is a terrible article to read for me.The wide eyed truth really sux!! Hell on Earth scenarios coming to fruition planned by insane monsters.

      Yet, is there some update I missed, or are we still waiting for John to post about GS & RV info?

      Benjamin Fulford's article was encouraging. The ONLY problem I had with was him stating that the Vatican is "on board", which I find extremely hard to believe is even remotely true. (The IRS money has always ended up there!)


      1. I tried to resolve the issue by bringing awareness....but to no I removed everything....including mine...this is not the place for such things to be aired unless a understanding is reached ....which was not...I deleted mine because I quoted several things said which should not remain woop-ass needed...not even a goodbye...just a few clicks of the mouse...

    5. The following introduction makes me think of John's words as he ask of us what part will we play in the coming months....

      The Birth of the New Model Society

      Whether you like it or not, whether you know it or not, the world revolution is here. The fate of all of us is being decided. Everywhere, people are showing that they no longer accept the old ways. The transformation of the world is already in progress. The real issue is this ... what are you doing about it? What's your contribution? Are you someone who watches from the sidelines, or are you a person actually making a difference? When in years to come your children and grandchildren ask you what you did when the Revolution happened, will you be able to tell them the truth, or will you have to lie and pretend you did heroic things when in fact you stayed at home gorging on junk food as you watched it all on TV?

      Now is the hour when the heroes are separated from the cowards. Which are you? If you’re like most people, you’ll say, “Sure, I’m one of the heroes”, and then do absolutely nothing. Because doing anything is hard, and being a hero is far beyond the capabilities of most sheep-like human beings, who will do something only if everyone else is doing it. That's why social media is proving so crucial - it gives the other-directed masses group "permission" to take to the streets. Protesting has become a social activity. There will come a time when you will seem like a freak if you're NOT protesting. Social media is therefore the deadliest weapon the elite have ever faced. It's the social glue that brings even the sheeple out onto the front line. The tipping point is coming. When it does, everything will change.

    6. Process stopped because a Processor did not report for duty?

      At this stage, that excuse is beyond absurd.
      And clearly is a bold-faced LIE!!

      So, does this mean that Jack Lew has already signed off on it?

      They should now be punished for this latest bold-faced LIE!!
      Something BIG should be released from WH Report #48. And, should then be informed more will follow immediately if any more delays happen.


    7. Cheers to whomever got this article posted on MacHaffies site, good to see real informed news being posted over there, keep the flow going. Maybe some more sheeples will start waking up! Anxiously awaiting your next post John, know you are working hard these days, as always.

    8. we are receiving a large influx of new readers... so everybody ...sshhhhh....try to act normal.... lol

    9. This was a bit depressing, but nothing new for this process. I guess we'll still keep on waiting to see if something loosens up.

      1. PVG,

        This being a bit depressing is certainly an understatement!! July & August are the hottest months of the year. The opportunity for the Cabal gangs & thugs to institute martial law if/when rioting occurs here. I don't see any other alternative road. It can only be averted within this week if these funds can be ripped out of their claws. John does not seem optimistic.

        **My dying HOPE: China can be the hero here in our collective (American) eyes if they intervene directly, indirectly, overtly, or covertly or any combination of these NOW, though. (This is what I meant when I was speaking to JOHN to "get on international calls" the other day.) 4 years ago Benjamin Fulford stated there were 100,000 ninja assassins that could be implemented. It really is them or us!! They want us dead, as even John has stated. What are they waiting for? How many chances for surrender have they been given? They clearly will not take it. So, they are signing their own death warrant, aren't they? Or, am I missing something? Is Benjamin Fulford full of shyte, and are the DRAGON FAMILIES "TOOTHLESS TIGERS" just as these vermin & pestilence upon this beautiful EARTH(they are bent upon destroying) and have laughed at the CHINESE DRAGON FAMILIES calling them that?


      2. Yes, Ben and the Ninja's! Those reports were certainly true, lol! "Someone wise" said that the Asians do not act or wage war as we do in the West. I mean, in the West we get a John Hinkley who's looney toons about Hollywood's premiere lesbian queen, Jodi Foster and he tries to assassinate Reagan, but what do you have to do to find a solid cabal contract assassin?

        I'd love to see some rainbow Ninja's prancing about and kicking cabal butt, but methinks that was just another tall tale.

        Let's see how this plays out this week, I guess. Talk about a kick in the gut! Ughhh!

    10. John ...


      So, if I understand it properly, what Obama did in Berlin was this: He announced that if we proceed with introducing and activating new financial system and toppling down cabal regime there will be reduction of nuclear warheads via nuclear war?

      So what he did was a threat of a nuclear war as the last defense they could work out at their falling empire....

      Or am I wrong?

      1. He blustered Sabre rattling because this is a Puppet of the Cabal on a string marching to orders. This is no Nelson Mandela, just a very sleazy Feller!Putin sees him as a Political Pygmy, as we all do. A dope on a rope.

    11. Extract from news....

      The Nabucco pipeline not to transport gas from Azerbaijan: West pipeline project Nabucco natural gas from Azerbaijan to Europe will not be transporting gas. She said the Austrian oil company OMV, which leads the consortium Nabucco West. Nabucco competing for gas from the Caspian Sea to competitors Trans-Adriatic Pipeline. Consortium for the extraction of Azerbaijani gas field Shah Deniz project Nabucco to transport gas to Europe is not selected.

    12. John:

      Wishing you all the best in the midst of the craziness you are dealing with. I understand how it is and I am with you 100%. All the way.
      Are you seeing Red, yellow or green light on the PP process so far?

    13. Raging Bull
      So far focused progress. We DO HAVE some Good US Partners working hard with us. Be proud of them as good Patriots. The crazyness we can handle. ( Although its eating Bush Sr,) Once cleared, hopefully enough of you will help the US get back. Nothing tarring and feathering 500 Congressmen and Senators cant fix! The only sadness is the continuous vexatious crap on the old site. You have a good new site. Its growing. We will let you know by the day.

      1. How do you know that it's eating at Bush Sr.? That's a delightful prospect. Remember when Daddy Bush blubbered and wailed before the Florida legislature over Jeb's losing of the govenor's race (and subsequent comeback)?

        I would love to see the entire crime family (including aunt Hillary and Uncle Bill) wail 100x this much when they realize they are UNCOVERED before us all.

      2. His increasing Alzheimer dementia issue. He's unraveling fast.Wheelchair bound. Probably cant even forge his own signature now. Can't fill his pockets any more. just his diapers. Life's payback. No dignified end for him.

      3. What a legacy - a lifetime of sodomy and ends up with a diaper full of poo. How apropos.

    14. Canadian Minister of Defense

      - Alien Contact
      - Free Energy
      - USA and Alien Cooperation
      - Replace Corrupt World Banking System

      1. If the aliens did not support our quest for free energy, I just don't know where we'd be. You gotta love them.

      2. I'd just like a 15 minute chat with one of them - then I'd would be a very happy man lol

      3. Which language? Oh, tell me,they speak English? Jr only got as far as Gibberish so that's progress.

      4. Every country has diplomatic translators - surely they must too. Or a device that translates their language to English or another Earth language.

        Jr? Bush?

        Give us some more info on them John? You've already suggested they may be in antarctica and in bases on the see floor.

    15. With decency and respect, I just hope that this site will not become "alien hunter or chaser site" or ascension tomorrow please site.

      I like to keep my feet on the ground.

      1. I understand my friend. But DNA is a digital programming language, and the Cell is an engineering marvel - both are way to complex to happen by luck. So, we must have been created. If were created, then it's possible other civilizations were created too.

        Many scientists are coming forward saying aliens exist and some say they are on this planet already.

        Can you imagine a televised interview with a citizen from another planet?

      2. Brad I understand what you are saying, I do not fight or oppose the concept. It is uncharted territory, I admit I do not know and probably there might be among us here some who know what we do not or just guess.

        As for now we have to fix some burning issues that we might be able to pay bills and feed children...

      3. Well what is puzzling is that created or evolved. The problem is mind or spiritual essence and physicality of our experience of life. Beside that we do not know "life" is per se.

        What I can not accept is probably concept of kind of theory of being engineered by Anunnaki or what. How would they combined spirit-soul, life, and physicality to create life experience as we live it? Beside that how did they come to existence at first. It has no standing ground what so ever, at least for me.

        Life I mean something that kicks it off, something that reads DNA and eventually stops reading DNA at departure, (I can not accept that it is RNA that initiate DNA) We know about 10% of DNA that much we know also about brain.

      4. Life starts from the cell, then evolves and adapts to form a human being. However, the way it evolves/adapts is controlled by the built-in program - the DNA.

        Who created the DNA? Don't know. But hoping to find out one day when we see full disclosure.

    16. Whoa....that other blog is nuts. Feel sorry for those people.

      1. I wish them the best - just don't want to be at war, have drama or constant conflict. Geno thinks he's a purist, but only on certain topics. Trouble is, we live in this world full of many types of people and we don't all share the same view of the mountain. Requires some understanding the ability to communicate well, along with some compromise at times. When you have much responsibility it becomes apparent. When you are responsible for little to nothing, you can afford to sit around and judge everyone else around you and manufacture rules for the planet and everyone else to abide by. Everybody's a lounge chair critic.

    17. A number of issues.
      1. Palladin just did a good job defending you and this site from the old blog. Great job.

      Brad, I was joking about Jr and Gibberish. But the other issues, not now. Timing is everything. It's not the right time. But, study some of the net films on high speed submersibles. Especially the Russian versions. It's a huge issue. But, it needs careful handling.NASA has a lock down policy.

      The site will stay stable, but we may just challenge your consciousness from time to time with a few curved ball issues to make you think. Look at the new issue of Booze Allen reality below. More are tracking.

    18. "I was joking about Jr and Gibberish." - lol, yeah, Jr meeting a citizen from an advanced civilization just doesn't seem right!

      antarctica is a bit cold, so any chance of the co-ordinates of one of the underground bases? Ok, I'll have to wait.

      1. Brad
        Advanced civilizations don't have to be ET's you know. Truth is closer than you know. Study Antarctica and also the Tunnels. A lot is leaking there.Then it becomes Public Domain. Focus on submersibles it will take you there.

      2. I see what you mean John: there are two "civilizations" on this planet - our civilization and the elites' civilization (including their staff, family, friends, etc).

        The elites have access to antigraivty devices, ships, cures for cancer, cures for other diseases, free energy, advanced computers and telecommunication equipment, portals, extra dimensional technology and perhaps even time-travel technology.

        While we have the iphone and diesel/petrol cars.

        They are deliberately withholding technology that could radically change this planet for the better and save millions of lives! They allow us to use poisons (chemo) to treat cancer, while their immune systems are tweaked to kill cancer cells before tumor formation.

        What can we do John to change this?

      3. I am not sure if we would call 'elite' a civilization, at least not me. Yet we probably face an existence of other possible dimensions where there might other reality unfolding and we might participate in it with our mind and feelings, thoughts etc. It might be vice verse, but I have nothing real in hand to prove it. There might be many or some who have proofs.

        May be it is just my phantasy of life here and beyond.

      4. Brad

        i Think John may be alluding to the civilization that is called Agartha or Hollow Earth that is supposedly in the hollow center of our planet.
        I don't know that it exist for a fact but I have read a lot about it.

      5. It just keeps on getting deeper! Wasn't even aware of that.

        If true, I can't imagine the reaction of the average person when we reach the day of full disclosure.

        Will look into Agartha/Hollow Earth.

    19. Thanks

      There are issues to digest on daily basis. Many challenges, shaken world views, I can face much i believe, however I keep my eyes open critically.

      I always believed that it is us humans who are to conquer (I mean explore and bring life out there into the deep space if possible).

      I understand that in our pre historic era we might have more advanced inhabitants here, there are number of evidence. I am open to an option of hollow earth. I see pretty much a fact that we create a parallel universe into which once enter and partially reflect it here in our lives.

      Yet I have nothing in hand to support it, I tore down number of things that I built and it is painful. I did it, it means I can do it again. I have kids and to them I would be happy presented life as it is and for that I strive day by day and it is my duty I own it to them. Yes I can tear anything down that was built as a social programing, not a big deal, yet it must be examined by my mind before I decide for myself. This is kind of a sacred ground that requires modesty and humbleness, presenting things that can enter people's mind and psycho. Dangerous stuff, say nothing unless you are sure, it is a play with people's mind, heart and whole being.

    20. If the U.S. has about 3 million dinar holders and they end up having to wallpaper their bathrooms with pretty-colored dinar, I think that we will have the makings of some trouble for the PTB that screwed them over, don't cha think?

    21. Free energy technology:

      A must watch video!

    22. There was a submarine that went into some underground river in California and never returned. The planet is a spider web of ancient underground tunnels. In recent decades the secret programs expanded those & created also a whole new network to connect their underground bases (DUMB's). We have at least two races living underground way more advanced than us, who have been there pre-Atlantis. There are abandonded pre & post Atlantis caverns the secret gubermint found and back-engineered.Still many more undiscovered & protected by those two races of benevolent non-interventionists. there is a third race down there not friendly to us allied with secret gubermint. Whispers of Fourth Reich wanting OUT of their dealings with that third race.Admiral Byrd & his fleet got their asses whooped in Antarctica in 1948(about).Lotsa proof of Third Reich creating advanced craft, before & during WW2.It is a gigantic onion, and I am sure MUCH is WH Report #48 regarding most if not ALL of this above. (I'd write more, but have said a mouthful already!!)


      1. Darylluke Brad Neo
        Start with Admiral Byrds actual diaries. Hard evidence from a man with no need to seek sensationalism. The case opens up myriads of questions. Similar issues in different locations. The majority of serious sightings relate to entering or emerging from the Oceans. Take it from there. The vast craft sightings reported are more credible from a Terrestrial location, for logistics of propulsion systems,gravitational pull and cloaking. The net will allude to ever more. Naval sightings logged show underwater speeds way beyond our known technological capabilities. Britain is a small Island surrounded by Oceans. A highway access? Are such communications in place?

      2. will do. thanks for the heads up. understood. have almost a decade of graduate level study on the "issue of water." will share with you sometime if the oppertunity presents itself.

      3. Neo
        See the subliminal. Surrounded by water. Contact??? Understand? Just not giving up or edge.

    23. It is 8AM in Iraq right now.

      John, I hope you have some great news for us soon.....


      1. When it breaks, it will be on the site in minutes.Direct to Reno, we are a 3 seconds call away. The PP teams work with us also 24 x 7. The good news for me this week is the Texan Mafia have stopped their games and gone supportive to deflect the growing attacks and exposures. A big obstacle removed and welcomed. All signs are positive so far but I'm looking into next week. Time zones are blown now this week. Interesting new articles coming out for you today. Hits are way up and building.

      2. John,

        In Iraq Friday & Saturday is their weekend, Sunday being the start of the week there. Banks there are open another 7 hours, then closed for their weekend. Is that what you mean about timezones blown?

        Next week is do or die, because Iraq & Ramadan holiday coming after next week.

        This is FANTASTIC news & very encouraging about the Texas gangsters!! Maybe the others will follow their wise decision?


      3. Yes, PLUS, London will be closed on Thursday before you even open up, and as Bankers do bugger all on Fridays forget that. So, its next Tuesday or Wednesday, or trouble!
        But lets take Ramadan.Yes its close down for weeks. BUT, you release those Dinars, even a week later, and every one of them will be at it On Line.

        Yes, good news the Texans and cohorts are backed off. Even now supportive. We give credit where it is due.

        New articles coming up will give you all a lot to think about.Some potential game changers in the US if you get the momentum. One very good way to stop the lot dead. Watch for it.


      Put out the objective on 01/25/13 of CAFR1 going to DC.

      My hope was that the CAFR1 two-week trip to DC would have taken place by this time.

      The target to get the job done was 10K.

      Most of the 10K would go to getting an actuarial report completed and printed by a local DC firm for an overview of a local DC area town/city/school district for TRF application. (phasing out and then eliminating all taxation) Would have to dangle a few carrots to get them to do it for 5K being that they normally would charge 30K +.

      About 4.2K came in from the CAFR1 National list. I had put my Yamaha Cruiser up for sale at 4K which the sale would be applied for the trip, and a retired Fire Captain from Detroit said he would be able to get 2K. There the 10K objective

      Living in a remote area of AZ, I put fliers up in town for the cruiser. Two individuals came out and looked. Almost sold in February with the first and the second in May said he would take. He was $700 short on cash in his pocket, went to the bank to make a withdraw for the balance due, and found out the IRS had leaned / froze all three of his business bank accounts for over 65K. They did so the day he called me saying he wanted the cruiser. Coincidence I guess, but a deal killer. No other contacts of interest since.

      The retired Detroit Fire Captain turned out to be blowing smoke.

      The cruiser is still up for sale and am hoping one or a few heavy-weights step forward with funding and a pat on the back saying: "Get your a** to DC Walter and show em how it will be done." In reality 40K to 50K is needed in the norm, but I have become conditioned in doing the impossible with very little, and believe I can get the job done with 10K.

      Just updated the CAFR1 2013 donation page today. So far for the year $1,048.55 came in as of 06/26/13 at 12:03 PM ARIZONA TIME.

      There are general operating expenses and the DC trip. If you or a friend you know is one of those heavy-weights wanting to get Walter - CAFR1 to DC, please note it as such if a contribution is made.

      It appears as it stands now, the CAFR1 to DC trip will be after the DC gang makes it back from their July break.

      Sent FYI and please share this communication with those that can help make this happen.

      Walter Burien -
      P. O. Box 2112



    26. Business as usual

      This is how I see that and what should be done:

      The gangsters mafia (some filthy wealthy families, including Vatican and whatever else) who kept blocking release the new financial system, we just try them and count loses that developed during the period of time when they try to block it one way or the other. Just fine them for it the same way they fine you when you can pay your bill, month by month up. If we have 2 years of this then we count global loses (couple of trillions ) and it grows up, month by month. At the end they have to pay fine for let say 100 trillions. JUST CONFISCATE ALL THEIR MONEY, MAKE THEM PENNILESS, NAMELY VATICAN.

      This is how we are treated, so let's treat them the same way....

      1. vlastimil
        The ignorance and superstition of man allowed the Vatican Homosexual Pedophile Mafia to get such control. Education will remove them. Education raises questions then exposes their lies. They ARE a BUSINESS and need to be taxed as such Plus Wealth Taxes.The ENTIRE Vatican Asset Base needs to be sequestrated by the EU Commission as proceeds of crime. Let them start fresh to try to sell their BS to an educated world. They have been the worst killing machine on the planet. A truly vile Ponzi scam.

    27. John:

      Great news on the breakthrough with the Texan Mafia!. They deserve being exposed, and tried, and punished. They are nothing but rapacious, conscienceless parasites taking advantage and raping the good people who put their trust in them! True Traitors!

      Are there any other serious obstacles to overcome still for the PP or the Dinar release?
      It seems that, unless there are, one week.s time should be sufficient to get the rest of the unfinished business finished. Unless, of course, there is another obstacle we don't know about, Right?

      I sincerely Thank You and your team (Whomever and Wherever they are)for all your combined efforts and endless hours spent fighting for us..

      1. Raging Bull.

        Agreed, it's good to hear now that Cheyeny( the Thinking part of the Bush Cabal)and all other Texan / Clinton Crime Family Groupies have now stepped aside and are supportive. In spite of how much they have stolen from the nation and world they betrayed, we welcome it. Only by clearing out ALL of the current Political Shysters, can America hope to break the rotten syndrome, so newly elected parties can serve the people as intended, and with no tied allegiances, to then deal with the rotten thieves who caused this. Remember how Simon Weisenthal went after the Nazis who killed the Jews. We need to go after the Neo Nazis who killed America. To take back every dime and jail them with their rotten, complicit families. Gitmo the lot of them. Life for LIFE! Plus their front mouth piece Attorneys.

        The PP position now seems clear. London Banks will respond to US instruction. It has to start with you calling it for new use. Like serving the nation, now there's a first! Dinars are ready waiting Lew to ISSUE!

        Now we wait and see. If it's to be, next Tuesday and Wednesday are the days to hope for. The obstacle we never know about, until money goes missing, is the Zionist Mafia in the middle. Those Skip Rats guard every corner with one of their own. For 5,000 years it has been so. Every country has had problems from Egypt up.
        Until you clear the LOT out of the Treasury and Banks, it will continue. It's like living with an HIV virus.

        If it all clears, as hoped, get that money out of the US asap if its millions. Less than an M hardly matters. But even then, spread it and put most into convertible hard assets, plant crops or commodities. Just don't get bank suckered. Bank- Sters!
        Only next week will tell us. A lot of good men, good US Patriots, live on their nerves edge, stressed daily.
        While the Skip Rats sleep in comfort.

      2. Thanks a million, John. I feel much better after your reply. However, I will remain cautiously optimistic since there is the chance there is one of those Zionist Mafiosi lurking around the corner to create trouble when least expected and stop things, (Or stall, may be a better word)ONCE AGAIN!
        We are all cheering for you (And your team) and will be until Victory Celebration day!
        Best of luck to you.

    28. Raging Bull
      Each are from litters born in the Stall! They all deserve to be force fed it.

    29. Go Team White Hats ~ you guys are awesome! I have been excitedly watching to see what new weapons you would pull out of your arsenel ~ I know the releasing of damning information is carefully thought out as to what will achieve the results you are looking for! Those shots across the bow are closer and closer to exposure. We stand behind you & will work to forward articles, if one can chase 1000, then 2 can chase 10,000. The exponential "fire power" in this room is powerful!

      1. Eyes wide open
        Please switch to the new articles.
        What we need is for all of you to organize to unseat all current Congressmen and Senators in Americas best interests. Clean out the lot. Every rotten deal blown apart. Power smashed, corruption over. Every new party know then it's a spotlight of shame. No more Teflon Liars. Campaign for Snouts Out! The LOT out!


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