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Forward together, One Nation under God, We Can and MUST Work It Out!

One World of Nations
30 June 2013

Right on the possible verge of the pending PP and Dinar releases, we need all of you to think also of what you can do for all our nations. Help put something back! How do we recover America and Lead Again? It WILL mean major, planned changes to the Political Treachery killing our world today, with ALL of you to help clean out the Rats Nest in Washington and to get OUR COUNTRY BACK WITH PRIDE! Read and help us all. It will assist YOU understand a lot more. Make YOUR VOTE COUNT THIS WAY. We will show you how to change it all. Payback Time! How YOU GET AMERICA BACK! Expand your own consciousness.

Rahm Israel Emanuel
White House Chief of Staff 
This is by its nature, an example also of a cross mix of one Congressmen’s and other reports to both enlighten and challenge your consciousness. We live in an era of cynicism and indifference. One where it’s no longer about what we can put back, but more about what we can TAKE out of life, MY LICK! I WANT, I WANT, I WANT. It’s all become about taking out with no input. The ugliness of our species unfolds. A new age of man has emerged. An ugly society of no values is emerging, one which is now indifferent to suffering. We only get out what we put in. Zionists are emerging not just as the intelligent and courteous high family value Jews many of us value hugely as friends, but an unfortunate part section has become the Kazakh hoards of Genghis Khan looting nations. Ashkenazim spawns sucking the life blood from our Banks and Fed. They have a complete Oligopoly lock on all US Treasury roles, Fed, major Banks and even White House control itself. It has all gone way too far. An absolute takeover has been imposed with blatant arrogance. Are we blind to this treacherous maleficence? 

David Axelrod
Obama's White House Senior Adviser
Our world is self-disintegrating. Society’s family values are lost. A truly ugly species now rules the Political spectrum. They seek to wage war on society, not serve it, or us. Why have we allowed it to go so far? What happened to truth? Have we truly learned nothing from all our conflicts? We want to take you on a brief journey of discovery, truth and values. To help parties understand, to explode the myths and nonsense along the way. Questions and Answers. It needs one President, with Courage, to say the following worldwide:
“All Human Beings on this planet, that means YOU, trace back to just 2 maternal matriarchal Grand Mothers from Africa. Every one of us interrelates back. We are all JUST One Family. Killing each other, means killing our own family! There is no race. We are it! The human race is all. We evolved as one animal species. No, we did NOT just “Miraculously happen- Grow Up!” We are all the family of Man, Brothers and Sisters together. Value each life! Value EACH OTHER!”

Baquba, 50km northeast of Baghdad
We developed over vast Millennia. Just not morally or mentally it seems. Why, apart from Greed, are Despots waging war on each other and Agencies feeding and Arming Conflict Zones for profit? Mercenary Contractors swamp the continents unleashing genocide for profit. Part owned for by the very Political Duplicitous Leadership itself. Where are the hands of reason and goodwill reaching out to each other? Religions are ALL Man Made and created! But don’t confuse what is behind all.

That truly- Is so much greater! All are just paths to creation. Respect them but see the flaws in each. Christian fights Christian, with the Vatican having Millennia of atrocities and sexual deviancy as testimony of its evil being. Muslims fight and kill Brother Muslims. Why? Muslims seek to kill Christians, as the Muslim Brotherhood expands with vicious intent, but we will explain their flawed logic here.

Let us raise a number of key issues
We are going to take you on a short journey. Hopefully, it will give you a lot of room for thought. But also, things you never knew, and really need to know, will be revealed. Let us arm you with real knowledge and you decide. These are a series of articles and issues focusing on our awakening as Man. We use examples ONLY to help you to understand and then challenge the corrupt order we now have.

So, assess each case. How much we take for granted, often unknowing the real truth. Before we help you protect and expand your profits, first understand your own being, your journey ahead and which of the roads ahead you will chose to take.

Muslims are derived from old civilizations developing throughout Asia over 5,000 years. Great cultures and learning centers had developed. Societies had evolved with Sciences, the arts, medicines and philosophy. Despite an equally turbulent past between emerging tribes of nations, they were thousands of years ahead of the European Stone Age ancestors of most of us Caucasians or Afro Americans. The conflict between Radical Muslims and the “Infidel West” is endemic of the breakdown of Cultures and misunderstanding between our societies, no small part due to the ignorance of Western Leaders of Culture or History.

In 615 AD, Muhammad, pursued by the Quraysh tribe, had fled for refuge to Abyssinia, a Christian nation ruled by King Ashama ibn Abjar. The Quraysh, fearing the potential spread of Islam as portrayed by Muhammad, sought to squash it and requested (demanded) the Abyssinian King hand him over to them. After due assessment of Muhammad’s philosophies, and in full understanding of the applied risk, he then declined to return Muhammad, instead granting him safety in the Christian kingdom. He recognized the many similarities of their Abrahamian faiths. Had he taken the safe route and acquiesced, there would be no Islam today. Nor Muslims as such. Islam ONLY exists because of the mercy and humanity shown by a Christian King to Muhammad. Learned Muslims know this. Educated Muslims, Christians and even Jews are able to work well together in many areas. Great cultures came from the Middle East. Muhammad would never wish or condone the wanton killing of Christians who saved his life and right to develop his beliefs. That needs to be taught to Muslims. But how, when our own Western Leaders themselves are so woefully ignorant of truth or culture?

The invading armies of the Crusaders wrecked untold damage and genocide across the Arab world as voracious Vatican unleashed armies sacked, looted and plundered great cities for gain as a Locust hoard. Not so dissimilar to our illegal invasion of Iraq, or our unwarranted, reckless dispersal of Palestine’s lands to a mainly Kazakh Mongol race of little Judaic heritage. Small wonder we feel the anger of misplaced Muslim extremists. They themselves denied the basic knowledge of Muhammad’s own indebtedness to Christianity. Muhammad would never have wished for, or condoned any of this. It is the base ignorance of our own Leaders, who fail to reach out and share common values. A hand of friendship, respect for cultures and to build trust.

Barnaby Rogerson, Telegraph Books

Our world has been built by conflicts of cultures

Look at an example of a few men who reached for more. Just, as men, to be more. For all to belong to something better. But each, who believed so much in Man's future emergence, died so brutally to give you the right to be free of Tyranny and Religious dogma.

They all gave their lives, so give minutes to see how each died, and why. Because, today, it’s all happening again! 

So please, first, before the cases, let us study briefly why 12 so very different men, in different times, died so appallingly for seeking only truth, and your rights to be free and think. Before the dumbed down media, takes even that away from you.

"many have made a trade of delusions and false miracles,
deceiving the stupid multitude"

Leonardo da Vinci

A brief overview first of 12 such men. First look at the Apostles – the reality. Did you ever study how they each died? Why not? You need to. These are facts. Not mythology. Like you yourself, they also wanted answers and change. Look at what was done to them by brutal Leaders and Self Protecting Religions denying God for all. Read this, then assess the many cases we will bring you to help all nations progress. All religions and countries need support. All too often, we are divided by ignorance. Religions are created by man. Too often not inclusive, and that’s where the trouble starts so needlessly. After this we will give you answers to today’s needs. This is about Man’s inhumanity to Man. Greed and how we can all help change it.

1. Matthew: Suffered martyrdom in Ethiopia, Killed by a sword wound.
2. Mark: Died in Alexandria, Egypt, after being dragged by Horses through the streets until he was dead.

3. Luke: Was hanged in Greece as a result of his tremendous Preaching to the lost.

4. John: Faced martyrdom when he was boiled in huge Basin of boiling oil during a wave of persecution In Rome . However, he was miraculously delivered from death. John was then sentenced to the mines on the prison Island of Patmos. He wrote his prophetic Book of Revelation on Patmos. The apostle John was later freed and returned to serve As Bishop of Edessa in modern Turkey . He died as an old man, the only apostle to die peacefully.
5. Peter: He was crucified upside down on an x-shaped cross. According to church tradition it was because he told his tormentors that he felt unworthy to die In the same way that Jesus Christ had died.

6. James: The leader of the church in Jerusalem , was thrown over a hundred feet down from the southeast pinnacle of the Temple when he refused to deny his faith in Christ. When they discovered that he survived the fall, his enemies beat James to death with a fuller's club. * This was the same pinnacle where Satan had taken Jesus during the Temptation.
7. James the Great: Son of Zebedee, was a fisherman by trade when Jesus Called him to a lifetime of ministry. As a strong leader of the church, James was ultimately beheaded at Jerusalem. The Roman officer who guarded James watched amazed as James defended his faith at his trial. Later, the officer Walked beside James to the place of execution. Overcome by conviction, he declared his new faith to the judge and Knelt beside James to accept beheading as a Christian.
8. Bartholomew: Also known as Nathaniel Was a missionary to Asia. He witnessed for our Lord in present day Turkey. Bartholomew was martyred for his preaching in Armenia where he was flayed to death by a whip.

9. Andrew: He was crucified on an x-shaped cross in Patras, Greece. After being whipped severely by seven soldiers they tied his body to the cross with cords to prolong his agony. His followers reported that, when he was led toward the cross, Andrew saluted it in these words: 'I have long desired and expected this happy hour. The cross has been consecrated by the body of Christ hanging on it.' He continued to preach to his tormentors For two days until he expired.

10. Thomas: Was stabbed with a spear in India during one of his missionary trips to establish the church in the Sub-continent.

11. Jude: Was killed with arrows when he refused to deny his faith in Christ.

12. Matthias: The apostle chosen to replace the traitor Judas Iscariot, was stoned and then beheaded.
13. Paul: Was tortured and then beheaded by the evil Emperor Nero at Rome in A.D. 67. Paul endured a lengthy imprisonment, which allowed him to write his many epistles to the churches he had formed throughout the Roman Empire. These letters, which taught many of the foundational.

So many of you have no idea who each really were or how they died. Or, truly, why? See them just as men, like you, who believed and tried for their right to belong as you also need. As do so many today. Not what most of you thought was it? Would you choose to die like that? Could you take it? 

Just examples of how our societies have evolved. Are we now going backwards? Have we learned nothing from the bloodshed and sacrifices of so many truth seekers?

Is it all, and only, just about money now? 

Post the release of the Private Placements, Dinars, RV’s and the Global Settlements, what then? How will you cross invest and secure your own position of sudden unearned wealth? Do you understand the money game, the pitfalls, investment traps and Banking risks?

do you trust these guys?
This is a time to take stock. When all else is failing around you. Vast corruptness has penetrated the old orders of Churches and Politics. Power corrupts. For those of you about to receive now the Dinar and Private Placement releases, will you waste it all again in a frenzy of greed and material despotism? This is YOUR Pit Stop, a crossroads and chance to take a new road. Most of you need a better new way forward. No one can manage your own money better than you can. Bankers take! Money on US Deposit is NOT safe! Look at their track records so far. A Dog Pound of Shysters! Who are those responsible that have reduced a great nation to this?
well, do ya?
This is the time for all Americans to wake up and realize, these Losers have betrayed them all.

A real movement needs to start to vote the LOT out. That alone will break them all. Nothing less. All out a new, clean start. All then knowing, break the trust of the nation again and you’re out. You can’t clean up filth in the Dog Pound in bits. Hose the lot clear. Start afresh, sanitised out.

Below is a study currently in live play, real project planning, with a focused team including Muslims, Christian’s, Jews, Americans, Afro Americans and others. Multi National, Multi denominational. All working together as one people, to help the world progress to better order. An example for you all of the best of humanity. We need you all in to win.

An overview from a renowned US Congressman, currently developing new Global strategies in Dubai.



We have a serious problem in our world today that has reached to point that it is clearly “At This Moment in Time” a “Threat of Cosmic Proportions” to “ALL Life” on this “Speck of Cosmic Dust” that we call “Earth” with which ”The Creator” has blessed “All of Human Kind” for “ALL TIME!” 

Edmund Burke was right: “The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is for Good Men (and Women) to Do Nothing.”

John F. Kennedy and Ted Sorenson were right when President Kennedy gave his “Now Immortal Secret Society Speech,” ending with these words:

“And so it is to the printing press, the courier of his news, that we look for strength and assistance, confident that, with your help, man will be what he was born to be: FREE and Independent.”


When courageous, right-thinking “People of Conscience” the world over think and act on that thesis, “they will resolutely take the ACTION that we ask them to take at the close of this ANSVA.

It is absolutely essential that every member of our team “Read” and “Internalize” every word of Kennedy’s now immortal “Secret Society Speech.” Then will they understand what his brothers, Robert F. Kennedy, Edward M. Kennedy, his son, John F. Kennedy, III together with Martin Luther King, Jr. knew before their tragic assassinations at the hands of these ruthless killers who are today our “Unrelenting Adversaries” and the “Enemies of the Creator” of all that is or will ever be. Please include the entirety of that speech in what you send to each member of the team as a point of reference for this ANSVA.

Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu were right when they taught us all that “The Only Path to Lasting Peace” at the close of a brutal and vicious conflict among warring parties to that six decade conflagration is to follow the “Instructive Example” of the “Truth and Reconciliation” Process that they gave all of South Africa and all “The World” at the close of the “Cruel Era” of Apartheid in South Africa.”

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was right when he gave us the singularly most important message from the most violent Century in the History of Mankind: “Either we learn to live together as brothers and sisters on this planet or we will perish together as fools.”
Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes were right when they told us:

“Wake up everybody, no more sleeping in bed, no more backward thinking,
Time for thinking ahead. The world has changed so very much
From what it used to be, there is so much Hatred, War and Poverty.
The World won’t get no better, if we just let it be.
We got to change it boy. Just you and me!"

Now is NOT THE TIME sink into the “Quick Sand” of “Vain Regret” and “Reaction” with a “Paralysis of Analysis;” IT IS TIME for us to become people of “Conscience, Compassion and Mercy” to move swiftly and “Proactively” NOW!


We have been given a LAST CHANCE by the “Creator” to rescue His our unique Planet and its People from “Certain Annihilation” by what I call “The New American Century Crowd” that is stampeding ALL LIFE on our once “Emerald Planet” to certain destruction. As Tom Heneghan has told us, “There is nothing we have said in any of our reports that is NOT VERIFIABLE by anyone willing to spend a few hours in a Public Library or on the Internet.”

The fact is that the NEED to make the use of the DINAR as “originally proposed by Christine La Garde of the IMF and Jack Lew, Secretary of the Treasury of the United States of America, is what we must do to pull ourselves back from the Abyss. We do not need to “Afflict our Planet and its people with the “Jonestown Cool Aid” that “The Wicked 1% has been brewing for us for the last twenty (20) years in particular to:

  • Wipe Out All life on this planet BUT for 300,000 selected families of the “Wealthy Few” while destroying all of the rest of us.
  • To “Deliberately” initiate a “Nuclear War”.
  • We can RESTORE the BALANCE between the SUPPLY of Goods and Services AND DEMAND for the same through the application of the Comprehensive Package of “Green Technologies” with which our Space Scientists over the past more than fifty (50) years have Blessed us uniquely on the planet in what I call “The Dubai Model” that has been shown to work so magnificently as envisioned by two (2) VISIONARY Space Age Gifts with whom God has blessed us: DEAN PRICE and ELAN MUSK. For “Just Such a Time As this,” our Space Scientists have identified for us “One Million Villages” on the planet where billions of “Wretchedly Poor and now “Desperate Middle Class” Human Beings now live. We can in fact provide All Human Beings of the Planet with “Adequate and Secure Income, Education, Healthcare, Affordable Housing and both “Environmental Justice” and Justice for all of us. It has been done in Dubai! We can do it in those One Million Villages “If We Put our Hearts and Minds To It!”




With the United Nations Millennium Challenge Goal as the Framework and Timetable for our Action, we can SATISFY the compelling need that we have to RESCUE All of Mankind from the DIABOLIC PLOT for CERTAIN ANNIHILATION planned for us BY USING the DINAR as originally proposed by the IMF and the U.S. Treasurer and NOT for the Exclusive Benefit of the Elite Families who are moving now to deny the billions of their fellow human beings this marvelous solution to both our Environmental Protection and Human Survival Needs.


Envision if you will for me, The Completion of both the “Land Bridge Across the Bering Strait” in the next five years AND the AFRICAN CONTINENTAL TOLL ROAD NETWORK (ACTRN) of Dr. William E.B. Dubois, Kwame Nkrumah, Patrice Lumumba, Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X and Marcus Garvey, Julius Nyerere and John Garang.

The Construction as proposed by The Heads of State of Russia, China and the United States of America just prior to the so called “Arab Spring” that will CONNECT ALL SEVEN (7) CONTINENTS of our planet into that single “Cost Efficient” and “Time-Saving” “LAND-BASED WORLD TRADE ROUTE” envisioned by Human Beings For Thousands of Years with The Completion of the Legendary “Silk Road” traversing the entire globe.


Let us now, as “Technically Competent” and “Spiritually Mature” people of Conscience, Compassion and Mercy, move forthrightly NOW to make the benefits of the DINAR available NOT JUST to the WEALTHY FEW on our world but also to Billions of our Fellow Creatures who will rejoice when the Plans of Dean Price and Elan Musk expand the UNIVERSE into INFINITY.

We can do this when we appeal to the “Spiritually Mature” Leadership of China and Russia “TO BUY UP ALL of the Available DINARS” in the world as was the original plan of the IMF and the U.S. Treasurer, and to do it and to DEPLOY THEM THIS WEEK on All Seven Continents of our Planet.

To pull us ALL back from the ABYSS towards which we are otherwise headed this week -



In the words of the “The Temptations,” Let’s:

“Keep On Pushing. Don’t Stop Now. You Know We’re Going to

Make it Some Way, Some How.”


  1. This needs all your help to get the Dinars and PP freed up. It needs to go viral.

  2. Yes I am ready and here, after being imprisoned of my vises and egos of inner tortures for 2 decades I defeated all of them and if new arise I defeat them again. Because if I do not do it my children will face them again. If I fail my son must do dad's job. So, I will not fail, I clean the road for my children. It is possible. New era with or without IQD. It is possible...

    While in the battle I and my wife, we created beautiful family ...IT IS POSSIBLE....

  3. Agreed, have sent it forward. Great article.

    1. Neo
      This is a battle for all of you.We need to get our world freed up and cleaned up.

    2. We have a "once in humanities life time," oppertunity to get this right. I hope and pray we walk thru this open door with global compassion. Thanks John.

  4. Wow - great overview and great read...

    I am very much interested in doing my part, so count me in... And not because of what they planned to do but because of what WE can do to make this a better place...

    Get Real

  5. John,
    Thank You. Great article. Hoping something transpires this week with the PP and dinar. I have to ask if CMKM is included among these settlements that are supposed to be released. Info is slim and Mr. Hodges won't say a word regarding where we are besides the update a while back. Thanks

    1. CMKX always had to wait for the Dollar Refunding Program first of all and the GCR for the distributions in its entirety. The Dollar Refunding Progam is part of the PP from what I understand and as such there is a possibility of a partial CMKX distribution. If not it is waiting for a completely new financial system before funds are distributed. CMKX funds will not be distributed until its safety and value can be guaranteed from what I understand. It is waiting for the completion of the PP at the very least and likely the GCR too before CMKX distributions can and will take place.

    2. Sounds like CMKM has an awful lot to go through to get any payment, more so than the other items it seems. So many things that "must" happen. One thing at a time I guess. Thanks Satur.

  6. Love the deep logic - we are simply one race with the same ancestors, with multiple man-made religions. Wars, no matter where they are, are killing our distant brothers and sisters.

    Hi-tech oases (somewhat like Dubai) offer an amazing future for man-kind - exciting and dynamic environments with very limited regulation.

    John: who is standing in the way of the PP/RV? Certain banks, certain executives? Certain governments, certain politicians?

    1. Thanks John! Forwarded amongst my peeps.

    2. Brad
      Who is standing in the way?
      Just about every delinquent whose had beneficial use of these funds for decades,from bent Political families,Bankers, Fed and Treasury operatives, Agencies, the whole skunk gang. But Global pressures are such that claws have been removed over long battles, and the White Hats reports downwards did rattle cages.Let's see if this week clears or not.

  7. Not sure I understand the comment about securing your "unearned wealth" Not sure about Dinarians, but cmkx shareholders worked tirelessly to write congressmen, raise awareness and follow whatever steps were needed to secure our returns . . .Keeping a unity, all the while being bombarded on a daily basis of lies and bullshit. Hopefully the return is huge and we can say that a portion of it was unearned (due to it's ratio of return) but the shareholders in cmkx had a purpose and have worked it daily for years.

    1. CMKX was crucial in market reforms (even though not too much of that is visible yet). It furthermore was a direct attack on the Federal Reserve as the Federal Reserve is the lender of last resort and thus responsible for the fraud (naked short selling) that happened on their watch. Even better, the shareholders of the Federal Reserve system could be held liable personally and that might actually have happened or has been attempted. Not only that, but CMKX has tremendous value. Billion dollar tobernite deals (with China) amongst other things, vast mineral holdings and even some of the largest oil companies in the world are vying for some of its holdings. Numerous CMKX shareholders invested in the naked short potential of the company combined with its massive holdings, knowing fully well that if the company was retiring shares, whilst market makers and brokers were naked shorting CMKX shares likely on behalf of parties such as DeBeers in an attempted asset raid, then that would result in the equivalent of winning the jackpot. Opponents certainly paid the jackpot. One other naked shorted company already multiplied in value 500 fold during forced naked short covering. The only difference between that company was that CMKX´s assets are far larger and secondly that CMKX has the greatest naked short position of all companies in history. If CMKX was covered on the open market it would taken out almost all market makers and brokers.

      Golden1101, the comments were not directed at CMKX in any way as far as I am concerned. CMKX does not have to rely on charity either as far as I am concerned. As Hodges also alleged in his lawsuit: All that is desired is for the funds that already have been collected on behalf of bona fide CMKX shareholders to be distributed to these CMKX shareholders. I have been informed that CMKX funds are held at three different banks and its trustees are known by various parties.

    2. CMKX shareholders will receive a very significant return. Significant enough to debate whether it was ´earned´ regardless of any potential hardships endured during a decade long conflict. I would say how one uses money defines whether it is earned or not. It all depends on how one views money. Possibly the general perspective is that people who spend little, but have much are considered greedy. How can people who spend so little, even on themselves be considered greedy? It would be much worse if they did spend everything on themselves. That is also exactly what most people would do. They are consumers...spenders, not earners and builders. Maybe they would not be like that if it was not for the programming of the masses by MTV and the likes, but people have been taught to consume as much as possible. That it is all about materialism. If we do get the funds, I will not spend more than 1% on myself and even that will be a one time only expenditure as I certainly do not plan to spend 1% per year of the amount I expect to get on myself. 1% would be FAR too much. I would still fly economy class, refrain from buying any fancy cars (or any car at all for that matter if I can help it) and yachts even if I had a billion dollars. That money is far better used for the development of all kinds of constructive projects. Much can be done with little if deployed strategically. Money that one is not spending/consuming oneself cannot truly be unearned. Wasting it, is the only thing that truly proves it is unearned. Of course the above is all in my opinion and who knows, maybe I am biased because of my age or my perspective on the functionality of money.....I probably have an extreme perspective in comparison to most on this topic. Either way money is merely a tool by which things can be accomplished. It cannot buy happiness either, although it does provide freedom.

      This century can very likely be the century in which the transition is made from the general perspective of comparing how much one has in comparison to others to how much everyone has a whole which is the difference between competing and working together. It has been taught that competition is important and necessary and that idea is correct and it is not. It all depends on it is employed. It probably would have been possible to have colonized three planets by now if warfare was not employed so viciously against others, whilst constructive work would have brought everyone to far higher levels. But no, here we are....still stuck in the stone age thanks to the lack of insight by criminal ´monkeys´.

    3. Thanks Saturnalia.
      Great perspective on it. Nonetheless, it seems CMKM itself has a lot of things in its way to getting actual payment, like the asset backed currency. I just haven't seen anything that makes me believe it would happen even remotely soon (asset backed currency that is).

    4. Very nice breakdown on cmkx Saturnalia . . .It has been a long road for our group, with many having lost family and friends while holding on to a dream of a better world. CMKX shareholders have done and will do a lot in helping heal the world. I just get protective when I think someone is stating we did not sacrifice or earn what is coming to us. lol Thanks for your input and very clear account of what our group has been through. :)

  8. *** "All Human Beings on this planet, that means YOU, trace back to just 2 maternal matriarchal Grand Mothers from Africa." ***


    I am being asked for more information on the above statement... do you have a source you can send me to on this information?

    Get Real

    1. Get Real
      Google into Professor Robert Winston, walking with cavemen. That BBC series give you a full history of facts. Sorry to the Creationists, but Disneyland ain't real! Apart from some in DC who think they came down the Potomac in a bubble, clutching Os real Birth Certificate?

    2. Now send me Dollie's latest sound tracks. ( Joking!)

    3. Geeez - LOL [and I am really laughing]...

      Get Real


    5. Just a little humor.........I have a season pass ready for you to "Dollywood," once you get ready for a break.

  9. John ~ Thank you for this, if the many can persevere as you and the team have to make the PP, Dinars & GS a reality, there is hope. The truth and reconciliation approach, especially in Africa and who knows maybe even on our shores, is a good way to air grievances and bring atrocities to the table. We hope to help facilitate and encourage that process in a small African country and initially know that there do have to be common core values to spring board from. It is a good place to start. May we collectively have the fortitude and boldness to press through to save this great nation. We stand with you and honor you for your character and stature to give way beyond yourself.

  10. John

    Just thinking about something manifesting the right ideas and attitudes.

    Reclaim a nobility of NOBEL PRIZE,

    Create new EU award (outside of EU, by us) for bravery, something like NOBEL EUROPEAN (I would propose so called "eurosceptic Vaclav Klaus former president of Czech who stood for 10 years against fascist globalist elitist ideology). We organize it and we hit them to the very heart, creating a new trend. Another fellow would be Putin, from UK N. Farage etc...

    Such tactic would reverse all that evil they were planing, it would turned the ashes on their heads right at the spot.


    People did not know, it was done in secret, people were lured. This is one of the biggest problems. If the war was waged by conventional way many people would recognize truth and lie and justice and injustice.

    MSM must be suit also. What happened in Palestine was also due ideology and luring stupid Christians in US.


  12. OKIE and FOOTFORWARD's dinar groups

    These zionist fundamentalist fellows have been beating drums of war a long ago lead by their "un-lightened" preachers. They claim that once Iraq RV then they become rich and rise to "babylon" and end will come in apocalypse.

    Iraq is not been even liberated, not even healed from crimes, and those idiots are already accusing people out there in Iraq of another evil, that exists only in their minds, I mean minds of those idiots zionist Christians. Guys you have no idea about that ideology. I am not sure what needs to be done so that they would abandon that ideology of doom and accusing people of crimes that do not even intend but it is placed on them by somebody else.

    As for me 3 things must be accomplished

    1. Tell the truth of what happened to the public, lead the public to forgive and reconcile
    2. Create an alternative theology that would replace zionist Christian ideology (It can be done, I know the path, I have elaborated principles, it exists. It was suppose to be my PhD thesis but because of money I had to work 14 years as manual hard working builder to bring some pennies to household. It can be done)
    3 Create new World View (It can be done also) support it academically, politically and by art and movies (It can be done)

    Alongside economic recoveries, healing people's psycho and planet. It can be done, there is so much know how today with people who made it through....

    There are great achievements on each aspect of this recovery program...

    I see it this way.

    1. Greek & Russian Orthodox religion is still mostly unpolluted by the zionist satanist butchers. I believe that is why they screwed that country(Greece) so badly via "troika" mobsters. They should have done exactly what Iceland did, which is what THE GREEK PEOPLE wanted. Instead the corrupted leadership there took the deal of giving up their gold & national assets, and took on astronomical debt in form of more bogus "loans". Greece has a noble & great heritage and was the seed country where concepts of what a republic should be was born. And, Putin of course revived the dying Orthodox religion and allows it to flourish unhindered. Trule seems to be a GREAT man & leader kicking out the zionist scum as best he could. Medvedev is his country's "albatross". Hopefully Putin will finally deal with him soon!


  13. Regarding Mohammad

    It is exactly that way. My Ethiopian friend Thomas keeps saying this to me often, hitting his head and saying, "why did we allow him to stay, protect him and feed him...." People down there, or at least some educated know it the way you describe John. (Muhammad was driven by his ego, I see it that way...) though I might be wrong I just know how human heart and desires operates. Today we would say that he "PLAGIARIZED" on Judaism and some sort of Christianity.

    1. Vlastimil
      He also became"betrothed" to a 6 year old girl, and had Full Sexual relationships with her at 9!! What does that tell you??? His revelations were constantly changing as he plagiarized from one idea to the next. So, a very aged aged Pedophile created yet another concept of a religion which leads to yet more chaos and conflict.

    2. Pedophelia is a sickness of the mind. No normal human being would even consider it. The zionists encourage it as a "right/duty" , contained in their ancient texts! OFF WITH THEIR HEADS. ~darylluke.

    3. The first part of the Quran is the more kind and gentle Muhammed. The second part is the violent. It says somewhere in the 2nd half that if any part of the Quran disagrees with another part, use the later part as controlling, as the first portion has been abrogated.

      So, you will hear Muslims quote kinder, gentler portions of the Quran, but those have been abrogated in favor of the more violent that requires that you make an infidel pay the (50% OR MORE) tribute tax or kill them. Islam means SUBMISSION, so you get the gist of what the religion is all about.

    4. @ darylluke - I'm not sure what you are saying about Zionists and their right/duty to pedophilia. I think that you need to be much more specific as to the people you're speaking about and the texts you are citing. Please cite examples from the books themselves.

      We know that SOME rabbi's are doing nasty things in conjunction with the circumcision rite, but not all rabbis and it's not in the Torah/Tanakh. That is such a sweeping statement that you made, that it is bound to injure and offend many who are rightly innocent of such charges.

  14. I did not know that one, thanks John...

  15. Yes John,

    Just do not understand that mentality.

    I have 2 little children, girl and boy. It is beyond anything, I can not find words .....

    1. Nor do our so called Leaders. How can the world follow such a man?

  16. Zero Hedge said the UST website down on Sunday:

    Federal Reserve Board Of Governor's meeting today:

    I wonder what they are truly meeting to discuss? ~darylluke.

  17. Is there any truth that ex-presidents along with Obummer are all in Tanzania? The zionist did a mass genocide of all the indigenous there in early 1900's. Totally disgusting story which I documented on my now-dead yahoo-group. It was their wet-dream to do that to the indigenous tribes on this continent, too. They used their leaders bones to do sick satanic ritual after for decades, as noted by Skull & Bones using the GREAT GERONIMO's bones repeatedly yearly in those. Ran the blue-coats ragged for years.But died a tragic death in Florida.

    What the hell is going on in Tanzania for these guys to all be there at the same time? SEEMS extremely significant of this is true. Maybe Australia is going to give these war-criminals asylum?


  18. All Parties, Please Humor me, Read this and try it.

    Just click your fingers ,do it right now. 3 seconds later, do it again. Then 3 seconds later do it again. Please, do it. See what happens?

    Nothing? Precisely.

    Because every day 30,000 children die of poverty, disease or sanitation. Starvation. Every 3 seconds a child dies. Imagine the heartbreak caused. The dreadful loss and sorrow. Because, we did nothing.
    Those 3 clicks you just lost 3 more kids.

    Dead,Dead,Dead and our Political Leaders talk, steal and wage war. We can spend Trillions funding Bombs and Contractors to ravage nations.

    Click, click, click, 3 more, but we can't save the life of a child?
    30,000 more lives lost every day. Why?

    We have all these Committees, Senates,Congresses, all talking. Billions spent doing what? Click, click, click they keep dying. We just lost 20 reading this. We talk, they die.

    See how much work we need to do?

    Once we clear the PP's we will set up ACTION Teams to get out there and make it happen! We WILL change the way Bank Profits get routed. We WILL change the movement of Program funds from Tax Havens to serving our worlds needs. There will be outreach to Charities and Project Groups already on the ground to get supplies out to them fast. We have a Division, Blue Peace, who will front so much. We are thinking forward.

    Yet, while we care, the Bushes and Clinton's have all just flown to Africa. More Contract exploitation and try to hide more looted funds offshore as the net closes in on them all.
    Click, click, click, more children die. While they Profiteer.

    How much latent talent is on this very site,waiting to help such a cause? We will look to employ our unemployed on contracts to help feed the dying, save lives and help. Dignity for them, life for the children. Action, not empty Political words. Hopefully, this week will be the breakthrough all need.

    Click, click , click. We just lost another 3.
    The world needs all of us,working together, to help stop this.

    Every child leaves a shattered and broken family. And another fat bank account for the Bush /Clinton and Cabal Crime families. Man needs to EVOLVE!

    1. I would like to donate a very nice pot and pan set for the ex-presidents and their wives. When on Safari, they should clang these vigorously.

      It used to be that the refugees would scare off lions by banging pots and pans. The lions would run away. Like Pavlov's dog, they began to figure out that the clanging had no dire consequence, so some did not run in fear. At first, a brave lion would attack and get a meal. Eventually, the lions took the clanging to be a signal that the meal was ready and waiting for their attack.

      Someone should get our ex-presidents and wives to honor the refugees by banging their pots and pans on safari. A due tribute while in AFRICA!

    2. @ PVG - that is too funny... and you just can't make it up...

      @ John - it is sad to know that in that short time span [three clicks] we lost those who never had a small chance to be a part of this world... to recognize it could have been their efforts that made all the difference to their village or family... Their efforts could have been the catalyst for change in their small world.

      Get Real

    3. I hope Clinton bangs someone with HIV, then 2's up at home.

    4. Get Real
      I hope we can ALL help make a difference.
      For my part, truly, I can do no more. I work all hours as it is. I will work towards changing Banking, for the good of all. But, I am just one man. It needs us all as teams.

      These vast funds cross include Gold proceeds stolen from the Philippines. Gold stolen from Japan. Funds defrauded from China, Indonesia and so, so many more trusting Allies cruelly ripped off.

      I then have to read the delusional rambling of some of- OUR money, OUR Money? Whose money? We,We, We WANT! Truly, some are so far beyond stupid debate is pointless. This is NONE of their money! None! You just can't reason with Archie Bunkers. A Club works better! A child dies, a Bum lives. Justice?

      The child never had a chance. Others wasted theirs.
      I tire of trying to reason with some. Malevolent rants of dysfunctional parties wastes so much time.

      You got it. 3 seconds. Another one dies. And I should waste time dealing with windbags with a chip on their shoulders attention seeking? 10 seconds, 3 children. What is our priority? Stop feeding the windbags, save the children. Now there's a real thought.

      The nation has lived a LIE for 40 years, fat on other peoples money and Fed printing!Cant argue with morons though. Delusionalia is a safe place to live. Nobody thinks and the State OWES US! But, how do we pay back the world we robbed it all from?
      And 10 more children just died.

      I just wish others would stop their sycophantic rants and support real objectives for a change. Time is not just money, but real lives. Kids who need us all. Let them even have a chance to live.

      Drugs and booze waste gzillions. And kids die. Casinos boom and kids die. Life is such a crap shoot. How many don't get Welfare? Yet still, some seem to think Puff, the Magic Dragon will make it all right soon.

    5. This not aimed at our site readers just the Troll types.

  19. John

    As I understand and hope is one thing: I can speak for myself and I see it that way. You made it that far and we accompany you and support as we could, either here either there, more or less. What I see is that we wait for orders, for organization, many would be happy to do something more real not now but yesterday. I believe that we will get organized and used at the right time of momentum.

    This is what I would like to know, how organized the transition will be? Or will we be left on our own just with a scattered hopes that somebody somewhere will do something. Here or there, chaotic or less chaotic.

    Should we expect anything or should do something that we feel for. Or will be there some kind of managing spheres that we can get hooked to.....

    Can you give us hint how all this is envisioned?

    What do know about Poof and his office (he passed away, though, his legacy lives).

    As I said it is not about RV for many it is about moving forward and make something significance for better tomorrow.

  20. Neo,
    Thanks... you are priceless.

    BTW: I have not mentioned to you, I have relatives in Tennessee... Bristol and Johnson City and my daughter-in-law went to school in Memphis... so I look forward to going back post RV... I have heard that Rugby is beautiful... and as a young adult, I vacationed at Fall Creek Falls... which was beautiful as well.

    Get Real

    1. Tennessee is a beautiful state. I live only about thirty minutes from Fall Creek Falls State Park. Was the architect of record for their last addition to the Fall Creek Falls Inn and conference center. Seven generations of us are deeply rooted in the area. Came directly from England, via Virginia to this region back in the 1700's. Came for a visit and never left. Look us up if your over this way. Can't wait to get John over to Dollywood!

    2. Second best to getting over Dolly¬ upgrade me LOL

  21. Good news, very good news

    Extract from news

    Vatican City - Vatican Bank CEO Paolo Cipriani and his deputy resigned Massimo Tulli. Bank in recent years is suspected to be involved in money laundering and that in it some Italians hiding income before tax. Duties of the Director not take bank president Ernst von Freyberg, reported Reuters.

  22. Ben Fulford was probably hit....yet unknown consequences, bio weapon

    Extract: from D Wilcock
    Can you get me more info about the bio weapon. On Saturday, after I made a public appearance, a man came up to me, shook my hand and then jabbed my wrist with something, leaving a small hole.
    I sucked at it immediately to remove whatever it may have been and I feel fine today, Monday. However, after reading your update, I would like to hear from the people who have the anti-dote.
    Benjamin Fulford 古歩道ベンジャミン

    1. It was probably an alien who wants to prevent DW from going 5D. You just can't make this stuff up... or, CAN YOU?

    2. PVG,

      Saucer boy makes stuff up all the time. How do you think he sells so many books and tapes? His fiction is more agreeable to the dumbed down masses than reality.

    3. Yeah, whenever there's not enough attention for DW... he has to create some for himself. He's poked with a bio weapon and sucks it out himself? lololol

      Maybe it was his creepy serpent buddy from his site photo:

      He encourages people to accept aliens but look what he really is advancing... the evil serpent himself. Pretty revealing self-portrait, if you ask me.

    4. His "diclosure is coming, disclosure is coming" mantra has been going on for years. And still no disclosure...but hey, it sounds good and puts butts in the seats.

      And his Financial Tyranny series was a complete disaster. Regurgitated info already out there for the most part and incorrectly arrived at erroneous conclusions on the rest of it.

      He should just stay with his shtick, but his massive ego won't let him.

      And....he gave us Drake....*LOL*

    5. okay... I have to ask - due to confusion, no less.

      Who makes these things up?... DW or BF?; because the way I am reading the above, BF asked for the antidote on the DW blog site. One would think they could/would be capable of sending an email privately to one another to get such things. Or if there was this concern, why would BF not go to the ER?

      So did DW make up the entry from BF?

      Get Real

    6. Get Real,

      I think Ben was the one who got...pricked. Saucer boy will play it up because he's a drama queen and...more brings hits to his website.

      As for making stuff up...I think PVG has an opinion about that as do I. BF has some intel but by the time he puts his spin on it...and adds his gets totally distorted. "The ninjas were going to get the bad guys"...."the Fed Res was going to be shut down"...yadda yadda yadda. Ben is a journalist remember.

      Saucer boy aka Edgar Cayce, on the other hand, is different...a modern day charlatan, selling miracle elixirs and tonics in the way of "information" (utilizing the New Age method of delivering the message by way of dreams and visions of nonsense) to the unsuspecting masses.

    7. Paladin,

      Thank you for clearing that up...

      You just validated my own ability to see through the "crap" that is floating around out there... I really struggle with some of these sites…

      And then there is the "hair" issues... What is up with the hair styles these guys sport around with?

      This is not to be a slight to anyone here... so please don’t take offense.

      Get Real.

    8. Paladin,

      Think Jeff Rense... many of the cosmic type sites have these guys with the hair... geeeeeeez You can't make it up!

      DW had it at one time, his more recent pics appear to have a more hip look...

      Just a random passing thought... :)

      Get Real

  23. Vlastimil

    I believe this is an abstract from something that happened last year. I remember when Ben reported about that incident in his newsletter about a year ago. David Wilcock had also reported that happening to one of his close associates (Poisoned, I mean).
    Please doublecheck. I believe it's in today's comments under the new newsletter.

    1. RagingBull,

      You are correct on something of this nature happening a year ago...

      So that could very well be true...

      Get Real

  24. Speaking of Benjamin Fulford. Here is a FREE link to read his latest update:

    Thank you Jean!!



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