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Friday, March 7, 2014

Why There Will Be War in Ukraine

Maybe very close to reality yet to be seen. When the Russian Policy Units advocate impending war, it's time to wake up and listen.

The Moscow Times
By Segei Markov
6 March 2014

The current crisis is not about Crimea. It is about the rights of Russian-speakers throughout Ukraine whom the Kremlin wants to protect from violence and discrimination. Russia does not want a military intervention in Crimea and does not want to take Crimea from Ukraine.

There is a political solution to this crisis. First, create a coalition government in Kiev composed of all parties, including those from the east and south of the country. The current government is dominated by anti-Russian extremists from western Ukraine.

Second, Ukraine needs to draft a democratic constitution that has guarantees for Ukraine's Russian-speaking population that would grant official status to the Russian language and establish the principle of federalism.

Third, presidential and parliamentary elections must be held soon. Independent election observers must play an active role in ensuring that the elections are free and fair. There is a real danger that they will be manipulated by the neo-Nazi militants who de facto seized power in a coup.

If these democratic and peaceful solutions to the crisis in Ukraine are rejected by the opposition forces that have seized power in Kiev, I am afraid that Russia will have no other choice but to revert to military means. If the junta leaders want to avoid war, they need to adopt Moscow's peaceful and democratic proposals and adhere to them.

Those currently in power in Kiev are carrying out a political strategy that is not so much pro-European as it is anti-Russian, as evidenced by the surprisingly heavy-handed tactics the U.S. and European Union have employed in Ukraine. In the end, a minority executed a violent coup that removed the democratically elected and legitimate president of Ukraine.

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  1. I believe war will break out in Ukraine and that's when I would like Russia to join its ally China. At that point the US should be dying because the allies will have a tremendous leverage. China could drop 40M soldiers on US soil and devastate it. Ukraine will be back with Russia, which is what Ukraine wants and China can start the annihilation of the US government and cabal. China has a huge army. 40 million not enough, ok we'll send 100 million--there is no end. This will finally end this BS.


    1. Hello rwkimble01,

      I understand your frustration. I think war, however, is a last resort that no one really wants to see. The ends justify the means is just not morally applicable. We all want the 'BS' to stop, that is for sure, but I think you will see a more gradual strategy play out. At least I hope so. WW III is exactly what the cabal wants and will play right into their hands.

    2. Not too much to add, canauzzie sums that up clearly…..

      Neither Russia or China seeks war……as premeditated among us, simple truth. They seek prosperity and well being for their nations…..

  2. Well said. The NWO wants WW3. China is too wise to be drawn into that. It makes me happy to hear of "gradual strategy" to box in the cabal. It matters not how long it takes to do this right. I want this for my/our children, grandchildren, and humanity, way more than I want it for myself.

  3. According to the latest from the White Hat Auxiliaries following consultation with a White Hat, “It’s just a fart in the wind”.

    Let's hope so. And not a nuclear fart at that.