Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Our Last Stand | Report #2: Ackermann, Herzog and Ferrera - Unabated Fraud and Thievery...

  • A Nation Betrayed, a World in Disarray. We need One World of Nations, United in Ethos.

  • Let’s get the money back and rebuild our world by cooperation, not confrontation. This needs Global goodwill leaving nowhere to hide for the Perpe - TRAITORS! Let America flourish again. Allies working together.

One World of Nations
Report #2
10 October 2013

Vast Trillions have been sequestrated and squandered, yet the world is facing ever more conflicts, incited, armed and funded by a myriad of Agencies and Clandestine fronts all activating discord to justify ever more costly Military intervention. Enriching the Cabal, more collateral damage and costly Contractors boots on the ground.

Asia is remodeling, emerging and thriving. Educating, innovating and manufacturing, creating wealth, products and hope. Asia is developing integral Infrastructure and enriching its societies. The Cabal enriches only itself, living off decent American society as a vast, parasitical tapeworm. Vast Trillions have been sequestrated from trusting nations, either looted by Military and Agency Vandals, or in Bait and Switch operations between the US Treasury and that Cabal Mafia Counting House, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Neither audited, nor subject to Congressional Oversight. A parasitical Pig Trough to Money Launder the proceeds of both Military and Political infamy. Ugly, pernicious and criminal. A training ground for onwards secondment to the US Treasury itself. Where have the vast stolen Trillions gone to? Why have hard working Americans been denied benefits?

Other nations, despite naivety of political realities, are facing integral dependency on US survival and recovery. And there lies the core problem. The vast British Empire, failed in reality a century ago. Yet it took them over 60 years, Post Empire, to realize they no longer ruled and their party was over. So it is with America today. A nation lost, no longer fit for purpose, has lost its moral, political and economic compass. A clueless, inexperienced Illegal Manchurian immigrant, placed into the White House by subterfuge and vote rigging, rules in between tantrums, as the one eyed man in the kingdom of the blind. While the Cabal continues to loot the carcass of Americas remaining Fiscal Sovereignty, immune to retribution or even reality. As exampled last week where the Military forced the ADVANCE payment of a further $5B to Military Contractors boots on the ground, carrying their immoral wars into Asia, while America decays and disintegrates. 

Bribery and corruption precedes allocation of State Contracts for either Services or Development permission. Political funding contributions to the hogs at the trough dictate controls and debts of the Fiefdoms. The moral imperative has gone. Indifference and apathy rules an increasingly dumbed down electorate. Welfare dependencies control the Democratic vote, with many contributing nothing, yet dictating the Political evolution and disintegration of America, to the cost of the real workers and Wealth producers. Real workers work to pay for non-workers who say. America is trapped in a debt vortex spinning ever more out of control. A nation in disarray, deluded it still has an Empire. 

But, for a decade more, while the Baton of Global Leadership is changing, the world is still entwined with the one eyed hog at the trough dropping enough crumbs to feed their growing litter. Therein lies the unfolding nightmare. The Bonfire of Vanities as Wall Street Bankers torch the nations in an orgy of greed, or the Political fiefdoms grabbing their own pernicious licks at the trough that is Washington today. Another disintegrating Roman Empire. Looted by the Vandal hoards within.

This is a Global pandemic we are all in together. Corruption and sleaze rules politically. The convoluted rot of the European Union is as bad. As are the Feudal Fiefdoms of the Middle East or Asian Dictatorships. Where does recovery start, if not in the hearts and minds of men? Freedom is a concept.

As is Democracy; Society itself has always evolved because of the aspirations, visions and Leadership of the few. Reactionaries who become Innovators, then Leaders:

  • MLK- "I had a dream". 
  • Mandela was imprisoned as a deeply flawed man, but one who emerged 36 years later to become a truly great one. 
  • Gandhi. 
  • The Apostles. 
  • Mohammed and Islam emerged. 


Each aspired seeking to change the moral compass of society as was. 

The more we investigate, the deeper the scale of corruption we find. Even the Global links of supposed Enforcement have become corrupted and compound, as exampled by the Interpol arrest of Michael Herzog, the Bagman for Bush, who defrauded Falcone, and the suppression of FBI investigation of Bush and Biden in Florida. Vast projects have been lost. Katrina victims denied the planned new communities and Infrastructure investment, all to fund Political and Agency corruption by the Bush Cabal. Herzog has threatened to turn over all his files on Bush and the Clintons if he is again arrested and made to pay back what he has defrauded and stolen with them. Herzog can help recover Trillions for America if he is put on trial. He has vast records of mass corruption and theft as were taken from his safe when he was arrested by Interpol. Many deeply incriminated Bush. When will Congress get him extradited with many hundreds of Billions to recover for the American people here alone? Congress MUST GET HERZOG AND JOSEF ACKERMANN EX DEUTSCHE BANK TO AMERICA TO FACE TRIAL! KEY PARTS OF BUSHES LAUNDERING TEAM.

Where does the fight back even start if not with exposure? So, allow us to lead in again with the powerful case of Lord James in the House of Lords. From that, exposure can start.

So, we come in again from where the first approaches were made to the Lords, and have commenced again even now as they seek to “Induce” ever more political entities, offering Fees for Sovereign Guarantees! Corruption!

All the Noble Lord alluded to was true. He was attempting to alert the Members of the House about a potentially grave problem now uncovered, which had serious potential consequences for the standing of London’s own invaluable Capital Markets, and the attendant risk to the economy. Dirty money, on such a scale, was more toxic than a dirty bomb as inherent Banking solvency risk. But then, analyzing it begged the question, what the hell was hiding behind as it has Cabal and corruption stamped all over it. 

The role of the Lords, akin to Congress itself, is to act as check and counterbalance to political misjudgments or adverse direction changes. As part of our investigations, we have been advised of certain members of SIS itself, having an “unreasonably close” relationship with certain US Agency entities. Worse, we were also advised that US Agencies had it covered with UK parties ready intercede protecting them. Not a good sign! Nor an acceptable one. Even then little did we know the scale and depth of what was about to unfold. Nor the staggering scale of what lay behind.

Also we were reminded that John Scarlett of British Intel notoriety compromised the integrity of SIS for decades after his naïve support for that loose cannon, Labor (Democratic Party) Spin doctor, reformed alcoholic Campbell offered a naive Student report of WMD evidence, all to support greasy Phony Tony Blair’s need to over integrate himself with George W Bush 43’s clear intent to propagate war with Iraq at any cost. If MI6 could not tell the difference, is the Agency even “Fit for Purpose? A million will have died, for their belligerence and Cabal profiteering GREED! For that,
lap dog Blair was rewarded by opportunities to dip his 
eager spoon into the sleaze pots of the Bush gruel 
bowl as a future Bush Gofer. 

They lied, a million died. Reprobates.

Lord James was rebuffed by irascible Lord Sassoon acting as the Treasury spokesman, who failed to do a serious forensic check, and a Treasury Mandarin, who again acted on a cross Bankers rebuttal, not a detailed financial forensic search to address truth. Of such Plebian ineptitude are countries run. A Bankers panic denial they believed and failed to dig deeper with compelling evidence of misconduct? Bankers?A Prostitutes denial fobs of Governments.
In the meantime, $15T of illegally created money WAS laundered through colluding and LYING Bankers, and is now traded via new Caribbean links, again evading taxes and accruing vast profits for many. Just not for the American or British nations. Politicians and Agencies understand nothing of the Gray Screens and vast Tax evading Offshore Profit routed realities. The lying, conspiring Bankers have just made monkeys of them yet again.

Government Officials are so easily fooled by conniving Bankers. They made Mugs of them. Homeland Security and the Fed pulled off a major cosmetic book balancing scam to cover up a giant Fiscal shortfall and walked clear. No Inquiry- No audit. Where is Congressional Oversight? Where is that money? What of the REAL, vast Riyardi FRB NY Grey Screen activity which has aggregated Trillions? Who benefited?

CONGRESS – Will you agree to a Joint Congressional / House of Lords Publicly part staffed task Force of Inquiry, with partial high level Professionals, to carry out intense Forensic Financial Investigation, to recover all those and more funds, and to apprehend ALL those responsible? These funds and Falcone’s alone rebalance the economies and fund Infrastructure.

What of the 5 CIA Agents, also directed by Bush 41, using US Government planes at the countries expense to fly around moving and Laundering Biden’s $200M Bribe money to avoid Falcone’s pursuing Investigators? Why have none been arrested? Each are known and in fear of trial.

When will McCall be brought before a Congressional Committee of Inquiry? The vast array of Pureheart files held are incriminating and fascinating. They hold hard evidence of arrogant criminality.

Questions abound from even this small overall section of information from the colossal libraries held, including but not limited to, the following:

Why is the Federal Reserve committing fraud on such a large scale and for whom?

Click on image to view larger 

What was so important about this transfer that the Federal Reserve via Pureheart fraudulently made up the 750,000 metric tons of gold that Yohanne Riyadi didn’t own in the first place to “legitimatize” the transaction? We will provide follow up reports detailing the real truth of the Riyardi accounts and history. Who gained, who lied, who stole, and who conspired in this vast web of deceit. We know the in depth reality of all of it.

Who were Pureheart Investments, Ltd. and why were they the intended fortunate recipient of 15 trillion dollars of fraudulent money? How much more do they control? How many nations bought into it? We hold records of some.

Why haven’t the House of Lords seriously investigated this instead of being fobbed off? The party line excuse was, it didn’t show on radar so it can’t have happened. It was a closed loop Ledger and SWIFT transfer, damned right it evaded Radar. It only needed help cook the Fed and Treasury books. They failed to lift the skirts and check what was really hiding beneath. A Bankers denial obfuscated truth. Lying Bankers suckered them! Again! How naïve are Governments?

Why hasn’t British intelligence, Interpol and banking regulators investigated this?

Why hasn’t Speaker Boehner started a Congressional inquiry into this?

Why hasn’t the FBI investigated this? (As with the Falcone investigation where Florida FBI has been stopped from investigating Bush, Biden and Romney)

Why hasn’t the SEC investigated this?

Why hasn’t the mainstream media investigated this?

The deeper you go, the more questions will arise. Questions that need to be posed to law enforcement all over the world. Questions that need to be posed by people all over the world to their elected leaders and politicians. Perhaps we can supply the background research and intelligence for a more in depth investigation by the various authorities who are given this responsibility by the very people that pay their salaries, benefits and pensions.

Pureheart via McCall attempted to access the British House of Lords offering large Trojan Horse Loans, with terms too good to be true. Operating behind their corporate veil. Consequently, we have conducted numerous interviews, reviewed stacks of documents and took our research to the ends of the earth. The Pureheart story is rich with history, intrigue, deception, fraud, and conspiracy. Much more in stages. It needs and merits a full Congressional Inquiry and prosecutions.

Origins of the Shadow Government

We will provide information that we’ve received with the caveat that we have not had time to confirm everything we’ve been given; however, we will try to comment on certain issues and subjects where appropriate. We have also included articles and work done be other researchers that we know to be accurate as the story, if written completely, would contain several volumes that would rival the Encyclopedia Britannica in both length and information.

The Bush crime families’ involvement with the Nazis goes back to WWII and Prescott Bush’s financing of the Hitler war machine. In October, 1942, Union Banking Corporation, of which Bush was a Director, was seized under the “Trading with the Enemy Act”. After the war was over, Operation Paperclip was established to bring in Nazi scientists and intelligence assets to the United States to work for the government in various capacities.

We have been informed that during the 60’s, the “Group of Five” was created to form the shadow Government that exists and thrives today. The names are as follows: George Bush, Sr., Major General Edward Lansdale, William Colby, Roberto Ferrera and Richard Armitage. The common thread for all of them is the CIA (formerly the OSS) and hence the origins of the Fourth Reich in the United States. Funding for this endeavor is believed to have been provided by two Saudi Kings, King Faisal and King Fahd. Additionally, mobster Lucky Luciano’s name has been mentioned as a funding source for the Shadow Government, all revealed and exposed within the deeply incriminating Pureheart files now held.

Roberto L. Ferrera

Roberto Ferrera was one of the founding members of the Group of Five and admittedly part of the CIA. We’ve access links to articles and documents which refer to Ferrera in his involvement in various activities and schemes while pursuing and carrying out the agenda of the Nazi NWO. We will now unveil the dirty secrets of the transition of Ferrera as parties “Allege” he then became Lorin William Rosier and the creation of Pureheart Investments, LTD. More on that later. Tangled webs of deceit?

On November 22, 1993, Roberto Ferrera was arrested by the FBI in New York and brought before a Federal judge in the Southern District of New York, case number 1:93-mj-02506-UA-1, United States v. Ferrera. On November 23, 1993, Ferrera appeared before a Federal Judge and waived his removal hearing and consented to be transferred to the Federal Court, Northern District of Illinois. The complaint filed by the US Attorney against Ferrera was 18 U.S.C. 371; Conspiracy to commit offenses against the United States, namely wire fraud involving counterfeit foreign securities. Per the docket, on November 29, 1993, Ferrera was transferred to the custody of the Northern District of Illinois for prosecution of securities fraud.

The original complaint, case number 1:93-cr-00842-1, USA v. Ferrera, et al was filed and an arrest warrant was issued on November 19, 1993 in Federal court, Northern District of Illinois, Cook County, City of Chicago. The complaint listed 8 counts of conspiracy to commit offenses against the United States, namely wire fraud involving counterfeit securities. Among the eight (8) counts were six (6) counts for postal, interstate wire and radio fraud in addition to two (2) counts of forgery. Ferrera appeared for the first time in the Illinois Federal court on December 9, 1993 after his transfer from New York. On April 28, 1994, seven (7) counts of fraud were filed against co-defendants John Binnette and Paul W. Graffia and eight (8) counts filed against co-defendant Lion Bernard.

On May 5, 1994, all four defendants plead not guilty to all counts. The US Attorney asked for and was granted dismissal of the original complaint on May 11, 1994 and then refilled superseding indictments on June 30, 1994 against all defendants: Roberto Ferrera 8 counts, John Binette 8 counts, Paul W. Graffia 16 counts and Lion Bernard 8 counts. On July 14, 1994, all defendants entered not guilty pleas to all counts. Trial was originally scheduled for November 7, 1994 but later rescheduled for July 10, 1995. On May 17, 1995, motion for bond modification filed by Ferrera was denied by the court and Ferrera ordered to remain in custody until trial. On June 22, 1995, Ferrera withdrew not guilty pleas to Counts 1-8 of the superseding indictment issued on June 30, 1994 for the following counts:

18:371 Conspiring to commit offenses against the United States, namely wire fraud involving counterfeit foreign currencies.

Count 1s – 18:371 - Larceny and theft

Count 4s – 18:1343 - Postal, interstate wire and radio fraud

Count 5s – 18:1343 - Postal, interstate wire and radio fraud

Count 6s – 18:478 and 2 Counterfeiting aid and abet

Count 7s – 18:478 and 2 Counterfeiting

Count 8s – 18:1343 - Postal, interstate wire and radio fraud

Sentencing was originally set for November 6, 1995 and subsequently reset four (4) times, before Ferrera was sentenced to seventy-one (71) months on January 24, 1996. He was to be given credit for time served (26 months), a term of 3 years supervised release and fined $300. One week later on February 1, 1996, Ferrera filed an appeal of the sentencing order. On February 24, 1997, the decision of the 7th District Court was affirmed by the 7th Circuit court and filed in the docket on March 19, 1997. On September 3, 1998, Ferrera submitted and was granted a motion to be transferred to a halfway house in Los Angeles, California. The Federal Bureau of Prisons indicates that Ferrera was released from custody on January 15, 1999. The court docket also states that on two occasions, August 8, 1995 and January 13, 1996, the court issued minute orders to allow Ferrera’s wife, Raquel Aguirre special visits while Ferrera was in custody. One of the minute orders indicates that Aguirre was granted the special visit “to accommodate Mrs. Aguirre who is visiting from Mexico”. The docket also refers to medical attention requested by Ferrera on several occasions but isn’t specific as to the condition to be addressed or any further details. These are your Senior CIA Criminals at work! Convicted Criminals- Conspiring against the United States now running Homeland Security Fundraising Operations!

Investigative reporter Wayne Madsen exposed some details of the court proceedings in his article entitled “Votergate – More Details Emerge” written December 1, 2004. Madsen reports that Ferrera claimed in court documents that he was a Mexican Army General and an official of the PRI political party in Mexico. As reported by Madsen, the fraud involved $11 billion in Mexican promissory notes.

These are REAL Agency Convicted Criminals at work. Where are they now and how much was taken? How big does it get? The answers to that are staggering. They have created a Global Conglomerate of such magnitude as to defy belief in the integrity of Governments anywhere. Now, they OWN Governments and vast holdings worldwide. Criminality has bought the world. The James Bond creation of the Dr No version of SPECTRE has become reality. THAT is where the vast funds have gone to and merits a vast report of its own. More will be released in phases. The scale of their duplicity is truly awesome. As the Mainstream are now controlled by 6 Corporations, all SOLD OUT to the Cabal, was there ever a greater need for all the Blog sites and ALL OF YOU to unite your voices worldwide and fight for Americas Liberty and rights? Always, they have been there for us all. Let’s become Patriots of One World of Nations and stand with our Brother Men in America to fight for Liberty and the restoration of the values of the American Constitution. America must not become the next Benghazi, brave men sold out by Treasonous vermin in power. Wake up Paul Revere, America needs you!



  1. In this interview with RT, World Bank whistleblower Karen Hudes drops numerous bombshells- claiming that the dollar is valueless and is about to crash.
    Perhaps of most interest to precious metals investors, Hudes appears to allude to the legendary Yamashita’s Gold- claiming that over 170,000 tons of gold bullion- more than the global stated reserves- are secretly held in a Hawaiian vault.
    Hudes also states that gold prices have been smashed over the past 2 years due to market manipulation, but that will change, and soon (even though Hudes claims secret gold supplies greatly outnumber official stated reserves).


    Maybe the Chinese who were scheduled to get their gold back September 11, 2011 would be interested in this information enough to mobilize their navy & embargo Hawaii to receive their physical gold?

    Maybe they can find it in their hearts to leave just 1% of that gold entrusted to the hierarcy(royal bloodline Hawai'in families), because that country needs to be SET FREE! A SOVEREIGN COUNTRY UNLAWFULLY invaded & occupied by the imperialistic USA.


    1. Your close darylluke. We are holding back the majors yet. A lot is in play right now.

    2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hgA9j-4dB0#t=785

      Right after the break (13min) Karen Hudes states there is 170,000 tonnes of gold at the Bank Of Hawai'i....

  2. To lose great Americans such as JFK & MLK and to have to live with these buffoons... it is enough to make me sick! It truly will be a sad day for Americans when they have their day of reckoning and understand exactly what our country has become... while they sat by mindlessly allowing it to happen.

    Get Real

    1. Saw a video of Jessie Jackson saying we are watching "the rise of of the Confederacy" . . .Almost puked. If I am understanding correctly, he was the guy that was conveniently there to pick up the torch when MLK was killed. I was not born yet and have only been told by others that it was an awkward transition that did not feel right. Part of the coup that took place when he and JFK were murdered . . . Hopefully Maheu really had a plan to right the monumental wrong.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I hear them helicopters have something that clears roads pretty quick for trucks to roll through if they are blocked....Uhhhhhh......compressed-air power machine gun & air to surface missiles.


    ****DEAR PENTAGON: Are you gonna stand-down, or STAND UP for Americans when we need your help? ~darylluke.

    1. IF the decision is to "STAND DOWN", consider this link to re-think the decision:



    2. http://thecommonsenseshow.com/siteupload/2013/10/marines-storm-the-mall.jpg

  5. Somebody BUY Sirius Radio, then give Howard Stern a new contract.

    Jesse Ventura here states "Money is NOT free speech" as the Supreme Court has ruled! He did this last year, and says many very good things here & sheds some light for those who don't know, about his consistency. And, like he said this year in a link I posted that, "When you don't lie, you don't need speech-writers!", referring to the fact that as Governor of Minnesota he NEVER has one prepared speech. Yet, he needs to ditch this bum-whore-money-groveller Howard Stern from his head as his VP running mate, and go full bore to get Maine's current Governor as his running partner!! Yet, he does need Sirius Radio for his platform(see above), because of the FCC "rules".America needs this man, and the military will support a Seal Team One member of 3 year history! SO WILL AMERICANS. That is if there is ANYTHING left worth saving here by then.....

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=toGP93KSAqA (12min)

  6. Excellent NOBEL PRIZE laureate (EU and Obama), meaning WEST, well done for supporting murders...OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENTS..
    Rebel groups executed at least 67 civilians and took hostage 200 others from Alawite villages in Syria in August, Human Rights Watch reported Friday, saying this constituted war crimes.

  7. Russia issued an international arrest warrant against British citizen William Browder on July 25 on charges of Gazprom shares theft in the amount of nearly 3 billion rubles.
    Swedish police removed the request of Russia concerning the investigation, detention and possible extradition of Hermitage Capital CEO William Browder, who is accused of fraud involving Gazprom shares.
    In Switzerland there was final trial of few Czech CEO who did some inside trading and corruption of their office, they were found guilty and got prison sentence plus money was detained...!
    It looks like in some cases it works and in some cases it has been well covered up, continuously...HMMMMM. Well done WEST....

    How long it will take till JUSTICE is served equally to all?????????


    We are under such FASCIST DICTATORSHIP beyond any comprehension .....
    Global chemical weapons watchdog to win Nobel Peace Prize Friday - The organization responsible for destroying stockpiles of chemical weapons in Syria is to receive this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, according to the Norwegian public broadcaster.

    What would that FASCIST WATCHDOG DO to earn prize if PUTIN did not stop mass murderers kerry and obama and israel in Syria?????


  9. John

    This really can not go on this way anymore, it is outrageous, it is evil..They must be brought to Nuremberg kind of tribunal and help responsible, not tomorrow but now before they twist more truth, before they twist more justice before they kill more people. Sweden, Norway countries that should be pillars of decency became warehouse of evil, truth twisters and protectors of mass murderers...

    ENOUG is ENOUGH, no more negotiations.....Disgusting totally inhuman behavior...

  10. Information available suggests that Syrian militans were trained to operate chemical weapons in Afghan districts not controlled by Kabul - Lavrov

    Well somebody had to bring them there and organize all the logistics and training, somebody big. Or it could be maybe they were just Eskimos from Labrador according to new NOBEL PRIZE laureate "Global chemical weapons watchdog" .....HMMMMMM


  11. It might feel like impatient attitude ....

    .....but if those people who handle (I am not talking about John and folks in our camp..) world and financial affairs had to run their own home base biz and were on their own they would not survive 2 months. If they were to play soccer of hockey match they would be sitting in the middle of field discussing for 2 month who will have the kick off and how to proceed it.., (We are not talking about months here not years but a decade at least...) Somebody has to tell them this....

    ...IT IS DISGUSTING AT LAST...the world must know...

  12. Vlastimil

    It is 100 times worse, but the masses are truly indifferent. They are cross bred like Turkeys for Thanksgiving. Apathetic in difference allows the Cabal to rule, immune from repercussions. All we see is appalling. Moronic apathy.

    1. So then who among the chattel forments and implements the Bavarianesque doctrines and frameworks a la the Protocols of Sion? Are these mongrels so dedicated to unity that programmed emotions such as jealousy, paranoia and the like will not splinter and fester within the various cells? Does not a benevolent society exist in this world that requires balance who could accomplish vindication? Clearly the Vatican must be sacked and seized! Lastly, what is your take on ISON? Much conjecture and sillytalking about it (along with the newly found planet).

  13. ISON is a comet, not planet. Its indicated trajectory shows a safe bypass of the sun. Nothing spectacular for us.
    As regards a Global benevolent society, not one large enough, apart from Mans own Humanity to Man.That is very lacking. Mans own indifference allows Cabal rule.
    Few countries have ethical or Moral Leaders. The US is not alone, but as Global Leaders, more publicly exposed than most.
    So much good and latent talent in the US is wasted. The Truckers are a sign of hope. That spark of consciousness to ignite mass Brotherhoods, the Vets etc. Payback time.

    1. The planet and ISON I referred to are two different items. The planet was a recent discovery. Early estimates being 12million years old.


      Well, I guess 'the society' requires satellites and vetted recruitment... Of course the West is more publically exposed! This piece of rock has always been planned to be a slave plantation. With all the natural resources it makes sense. I am understandably hesitant for the truckers being they were so public on intent. Not to mention Anonymous and the vets planning to show up Sunday. Here is to hoping for semi trailers filled with necessities to do "good".

    2. Its coming time to Man Up as most on site understand. But, who will show and how many?

  14. This one is pretty big..

    The two-star US general in charge of the Air Force's arsenal of intercontinental missiles will be fired due to "a loss of trust and confidence," a Pentagon official told Reuters on Friday.
    The exact reason for the removal of Major General Michael Carey from his job as commander of the 20th Air Force was not immediately clear. But the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, stressed that America's nuclear weapons were safe.

  15. John

    Who will stand up. The problem is that people in majority do not believe that they can change anything at all. If anything, then maybe each fourth year when they show up to vote. If this happens again and again, they become apathetic. People around me they take their job seriously, I did not meet here any who would be lavish in job..THAT'S FACT. Serious work ethic.

    Cabal secured the system that protects them.

    We need new system, power must be shared. People must be able to make a change and prosecute corrupted themselves. We need probably two different judicial system that they can not be hacked so easily.

    People must know that they can change things when needed ...immediately. Serious charges for corruption. You stole 1 mil, you pay back 2 mil. Thank you.

  16. John where is this going ??????
    Obama kicked out Republicans again..
    President Obama has rejected raising America's debt ceiling for 6 weeks beyond the October 17 deadline. The compromise was put forward by congressional Republicans, who sought to win time for negotiation and avert an unprecedented US default next week.

  17. It's a brinkmanship game. There WILL be a deal, because if not, they WILL IMPEACH HIS ASS and remove him. There are vicious Commies who want to see Martial law, but compromise is more likely to be enforced, because if not, they ALL become open season targets.

  18. Vlastimil,

    US Air Force sacks senior nuclear forces commander

    The commander of the 20th Air Force, responsible for a total of 450 intercontinental ballistic missiles at three bases across the US, has been fired, AP reports. Maj. Gen. Michael Carey has been dismissed in response to an investigation into alleged personal misbehavior, with the move not being related to the operational readiness of the nuclear force or recent failed inspections of ICBM units, Air Force spokesman Brig. Gen. Les Kodlick said. He wouldn’t provide details about the alleged misbehavior by Carey, only saying it didn’t involve sexual misconduct. It’s the second dismissal this week of a senior commander of the US nuclear forces as the second-in-command at US Strategic Command, Vice Adm. Tim Giardina, was relieved of command amid an investigation into alleged gambling on Wednesday. "


    I wonder what the REAL STORY(reason) is for these two getting fired!!! Anybody speculate?






      From what I am seeing here this is MORE than 1M trucks!! And ZERO mentioned on TV?

      MARCH ON MSM WHORES!!! Then , maybe vigilantes will emerge. It is going to turn out like Egypt. I see no other way..... WE THE PEOPLE are pissed, and ignoring it will not make it just go away CONGRESS!! This is RURAL AMERICAN trucking into DC now. GRASS-ROOTS AMERICA!! They will NOT be ignored. Mark my words. Ignoring these people will just strengthen the resolve. This CRIMINAL-IN-CHIEF has gotta adress this.
      If not, the outcome is extremely unpredictable......



  20. SEEMS like TWITTER is pretty quiet.

    Maybe NSA shut it down tonight???

    I have NEVER has a 70+ minute time-frame when I received ZERO TWEETS before!! EVER!!
    When its slow, maybe 5-10 tweets per hour. (When busy upto 5 tweets per minute!!)

  21. Darylluke, and all Americans

    It is to the great credit of the Bikers and Truckers who are taking a stand.
    And to the Vets too. Welcome, a nation is depending upon you,
    And the message is being heard throughout the land,
    While the Political Whores live in a bubble in Disneyland,

    A Century ago the Fed stole your Nations Fiscal Liberty,
    To enslave you with their Taxes while they rode on you free,
    Ever greater taxes have brought you nothing but pain,
    But for them, all they touch is a certain gain,
    Hand in Hand with the Military Industrial Cabal, they invade and rape each land,
    But now emerging nations are taking a stand,

    Obama thought he could mess in Syria, and with a few Warships, it was his domain as a a slam dunk,
    Until Putin faced him down, saying - You really want go for it, how lucky do you feel Punk?
    Times are changing , but its the same old sound,
    The rattle of another Zionist collecting can, as more deficits come back around,
    Lew is screaming Gimme, Gimme,Gimme more,
    We have to feed all the greed of our Cabal mother whore,
    We need more money to go start yet another war,
    Half a million Contractors need to be fed,
    Who cares if we leave another million innocent civilians dead,
    Don't bother us with issues of conscience or stress,
    We own the Beltway, and Justice, We OWN the Fed, and WE own the Press.

    With 60 M Americans living below the poverty line,
    Yet the Cabal and Wall Street get ever richer all the time,
    When Contractors are paid $5B in advance fees,
    Indifferent to 60M Americans plight, distraught on their knees,

    Yet in DC, as they carve up the pie, it's yet more needing folk they are dissin,
    60 M without a pot to ???
    So to all you Bikers who rode and each Patriot with a Truck,
    Stand firm on the line, and for their attempt to block your freedom to protest, who gives a ?
    America was great when forged in confrontation,
    Its time to rekindle the Spirit of the Nation,
    So before they leave a great nation for dead,
    End the Cabal and end the Fed.
    Washington is the new Alamo
    The Zionists and Kenyan, they all have to go.
    It's time for the Nation to stand up and say NO!

    1. Thanks John.

      We have NO POWER to:
      "End the Fed, End the Cabal"
      because THERE IS NO RULE OF LAW.

      The assassination teams must get authorized & released....
      THAT will get the attention of these vermin in-bred psychopaths remaining!!
      It is the ONLY thing they understand. ~darylluke.

    2. John,

      Good Morning... and all that you say is true... I hope that DC is watching and listening.

      Get Real

    3. John,

      Well said. This poem should be a post itself.

      Thanks for your tireless efforts, keep it coming. Greater impact everyday.

    4. An excellent summation John. Many from around the globe await and ponder.... when will the Americans finally stand up enmasse and take their country back from this horde of value destroying parasites. The Bikers, Truckers and Vets is an inspiring beginning, even though the gutless, shill media whores largely ignored it. Perhaps the last straw will be when BigBro starts dipping into their personal bank accounts (without consent) to keep that ObummaCare fiasco going.

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  23. Seventy-two killed resisting gun confiscation in Boston!

    Boston – National Guard units seeking to confiscate a cache of recently banned assault weapons were ambushed by elements of a Para-military extremist faction. Military and law enforcement sources estimate that 72 were killed and more than 200 injured before government forces were compelled to withdraw.

    Speaking after the clash, Massachusetts Governor Thomas Gage declared that the extremist faction, which was made up of local citizens, has links to the radical right-wing tax protest movement.

    Gage blamed the extremists for recent incidents of vandalism directed against internal revenue offices. The governor, who described the group’s organizers as “criminals,” issued an executive order authorizing the summary arrest of any individual who has interfered with the government’s efforts to secure law and order.

    The military raid on the extremist arsenal followed wide-spread refusal by the local citizenry to turn over recently outlawed assault weapons.

    Gage issued a ban on military-style assault weapons and ammunition earlier in the week. This decision followed a meeting in early this month between government and military leaders at which the governor authorized the forcible confiscation of illegal arms.

    One government official, speaking on condition of anonymity, pointed out that “none of these people would have been killed had the extremists obeyed the law and turned over their weapons voluntarily.”

    Government troops initially succeeded in confiscating a large supply of outlawed weapons and ammunition. However, troops attempting to seize arms and ammunition in Lexington met with resistance from heavily-armed extremists who had been tipped off regarding the government’s plans.

    During a tense standoff in the Lexington town park, National Guard Colonel Francis Smith, commander of the government operation, ordered the armed group to surrender and return to their homes. The impasse was broken by a single shot, which was reportedly fired by one of the right-wing extremists

    1. ....continued

      Eight civilians were killed in the ensuing exchange.

      Ironically, the local citizenry blamed government forces rather than the extremists for the civilian deaths. Before order could be restored, armed citizens from surrounding areas had descended upon the guard units. Colonel Smith, finding his forces over matched by the armed mob, ordered a retreat.

      Governor Gage has called upon citizens to support the state/national joint task force in its effort to restore law and order. The governor also demanded the surrender of those responsible for planning and leading the attack against the government troops.

      Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, and John Hancock, who have been identified as “ringleaders” of the extremist faction, remain at large.

      And this fellow Americans, is how the American Revolution began, April 20, 1775.

      -Signing of the Declaration of Independence
      On July 4th, 1776 these same extremists signed the Declaration of Independence, pledging to each other and their countrymen their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor. Many of them lost everything, including their families and their lives over the course of the next few years.

  24. Internal FBI memo to Edward Kennedy regarding the "Gang of Five"


  25. Welcome on site commenting. Also for the Kennedy reports, which we also hold and more. Five Star is active again now. As will be exposed.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. I had very early morning but it was not as early as John, I posted a reply and did not find it here, probably was too tired then but it is not better now building all day long with a cousin his garage for his buss. Anyhow, my advice to John was... use you poetic post, have music made by some rapper and let it rock the air. People remember song for a long time and you will still earn some good money beside having lasting effect..
    It is great, Eminem would be OK I guess for that...

    1. I checked the spam folder and your comment was not there Vlastimil. It was not removed, so don't know what to say.

    2. Canauzzie, it was 5 am and I had to hurry up to get breakfast for kids and so on, might be I just did not press the bottom publish or what... not a big deal.

      Thanks for being around and fixing things, it feels like our guarding angel.....appreciated.

  27. It looks like Alex Jones made a hit...., he was on tail of missing warheads and their secret transport, it has been like at the beginning or even before the Syria conflict..., it looks like Obama has some dirty fingers in it also, (video in article..)

    Two of the top nuclear commanders within the United States have now been terminated following the exclusive high level military leak report by Alex Jones and myself regarding the secret and unsigned nuclear weapons transfer from Dyess Air Force base to South Carolina. Disturbingly, the high level suspensions from top generals within the military establishment are not the only red flags to follow the leaked report.

  28. Do cabal take down patriots from the leadership of US army or is it vise verse?????


    Might be that Paladin could lit some light on this one, in case it is permit-able.

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. 1307, October 13

      John is this the day when Templars of light and truth began to be hunted? I am so sorry, it hurts inside....I am so sorry..

      We solute you all, for holding up and carrying torch of light...THANK YOU FROM THOSE WHO STILL BELIEVE THAT LIFE AND TRUTH MATTER

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  35. In case you have kids you might care....Mind control in cartoon kids movies...


  36. John is it possible to sum up development after happenings of last weekend either of patriots stand up or BretonWoods meeting? Where are we marching the same direction as we are aiming to?

    1. Vlastimil

      1. The Patriots achieved nothing because they lacked the numbers and no one tore down the palisades of the Hog Pen in DC. If they don't fear you, they will just F you and bloodsuck you dry!
      2. The Bretton Woods dialog was only to look at what next. There is no next because no one has yet faced up to a Post American Non USD Reserve Currency world.

      Leadership Globally is inept, inexperienced and as apathetic. Until we STOP electing parties of low or no achievements themselves, we will continue being represented by mind numbing mediocrities.

      We have the capability and assets to turn the entire world around. But not while the assets are held by thieves, vermin and parasites. Rats need to be exterminated,As simple as that.
      In the next reports we will show who the Rats are, How much they have stolen and the links and leads to get it all back.
      The Rats have to go, or the world you know will die. But who will lead?
      The apathetic stance of people is to blame. Sheeple? The march on DC became a joke. Rage and anger was needed. O has to go and Soros needs to meet his maker asap. Worldwide, a focused and dedicated campaign against the Rothschild's and Bush is needed.

      The Zionists corrupt stranglehold over America is beyond belief. They are the HIV of societies destruction. Vile, verminous sub humans deserving all that comes. No one will shed a tear.

    2. They did not lack the numbers. The truckers were turned back by threats of arrest by Virginia state trooper goose-stepping zionist thugs!! Verified. They never made it to DC, threatened with loss of employment.

      PUTIN wants zionista-monster Soros on international arrest warrant. I do not comprehend why that devil has not been apprehended long ago....

      Looks to me like General Lee will lead the truckers....Maybe time to ally with WDS, Gnostic Illuminati & Anonymous to get the November 19th MARCH ON DC done correctly!!

      I am offended.March on DC "became a joke"? Sir, MSM-whores did not cover it & the thugs intimidated/threatened them to cease protest!! FACT. Not a joke, but very, very sad day for all Americans....


  37. Syria

    "Our partners, primarily the Americans, have assured us they will gather everyone for this conference "under the umbrella" of the National Coalition," Lavrov said.

    The unpreparedness to take part in the Geneva-2 international peace conference for Syria declared by Syrian National Council leader George Sabra demonstrates the inability of the West to compel the Syrian opposition to negotiate, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.
    This has been obvious from beginning...Once the whore is useless for their purposes then they abandon it, secondly, peace is the last resort they are seeking.

    Russians just should clean the mess on their own once for all, not only there. Or at last some coalition but without the West....

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. DL

      I would not see it so dark, there might be silent but my heart is free and I have a strong alliance, my inner spirit that transcends and beat their evil. They did not conquer my mind and never will beat my heart.

      I am not giving up...., I will be thorn in their flash, I have a strong alliance inside of me, I am not sure what and where it will lead, but I stand fast.

  39. IRAN and BRICS

    This is great, exactly what I thought is about to happen. Iraq will join them soon I believe. Bey bey US corporations somebody more decent is in the town. Iran - Iraq - Syria and Putin will have access to Mediterranean and down south to Gulf and Indian ocean. I mean to have there military presence and keep it under the hand of prosperity instead of hand or terrorism....

    Geez .... we witness really US foreign policy of total stupidity and failure beyond any of my imagination, I mean West EU, partners with. Idiots.

  40. This is great???? How farther and deeper those idiots will sink the boat. Not only UN-NOBEL prize of PEACE was bogus, moreover those satanists keep riding the same direction downwards, idiots.
    The highest recognition in economics goes to the U.S. this year. The Nobel Prize will share three American scientists, Eugene Fama, Lars Peter Hansen and Robert Shiller. Commission of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences is chosen for their empirical analysis of stock prices and real estate loans.
    Or am I not right John, you can certainly comment of the Nobel Prize for ECONOMICS to broken US economy and theft of unprecedented proportions and they award it...

  41. Thank you John for reply,

    Realistically where are we heading towards? Why would China and Russia and Brics in general all South America allow flowed financial system destroying their assets. Final clash must eventually take place. Iran will line up with BRICS, so will Iraq and Syria in their tail.

    We can probably forget PP and GS since the driver's seat is still controlled as it was in past days. RV's are then gone as well, with it, or is there eventuality?

    Also, would be happy eventually learn more about some theology that you hold.

    1. Vlastimil

      1. BRICS will continue developing as will China's currency towards becoming a Reserve Currency. The Dollar will decline.
      2. Some level of PP will happen, but only for Special cases such as China etc. Money is very limited.
      3. Forget the GS it's not even on the horizon real world. Broker fantasies for Dreamers.
      4. Dinars. Special cases in Reno will go first but even that will be to set limits. Reality. The alleged volumes waiting to be cashed out are mindless. No country can pay out so much. Iraq is a c$1.5T economy. If the alleged c$50T or more of paper gamblers are expecting a Free Lunch, there will be a lot of disappointed speculators cruising for a bruising. At best the system can take or needs c$3T. If that!. America IS BROKE! Work it out. Our big report in progress will tell you a lot. It IS possible to turn America around but ONLY if the Crooks and Cabal are removed and vast funds recovered. The report will expose who and how. More important, how much! We will try to help the site readers at the right time for Dinars.

      Intelligent decisions will be made. The world is very unstable right now. Predators stalk the lands. Rothschild's, the Zionist mafia and the Bushes, versus humanity. America MUST stop making War on nations and get back to making money.

    2. John, thank you for the update. Also so appreciate your giving the site holders of Dinar hope that we will be able to possibly move forward with either our lives and/or our humanitarian aid "heart string" projects. Believing that you are getting the results you intend from disclosure ~ the result of hours of research and composition. Chin up, this will not be in vain! The WH's win for the sake of mankind!

    3. EWO,

      Eloquently put... And I do concur...

      Get Real

    4. The WH's did a good job and still do. They are a real help.

    5. One way or the other, new models have to emerge. According to some sources as much as 40% of health care rendered has no effect on a patients well being. It's as corrupt as the government that empowers it. DRG's are forcing doctors to diagnose conditions so they can be paid. Have some dear friends in the medical community that see the need for dramatic change. Architecture, community planning, food production........the list is very long. It all has to change. As long as our nation continues to expect the government to do something about it we will continue to slide. We are the author of our destiny. Today is a great day to get started rewriting history.

    6. These are all good news and firm standing, thank you...

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    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. It sounds like mine and my brothers childhood, so then let's pass it on.....

    3. OBS, this was my reaction to DL post about lucky children born back in the ......60s 70s..., then I look and his post was removed.

  44. Syria

    The Russian Foreign Ministry said it expected the global community to pay attention to the report of the Human Rights Watch organization regarding the crimes of the Syrian opposition militants against civilians.
    "We expect that the voice of such a respected organization as the Human Rights Watch will be heard by the global community and especially by the countries, which are mentioned in the report directly as sponsors of the gangs involved in consistent and horrible human rights violations in Syria," the Foreign Ministry posted a statement on its website of Tuesday.

  45. It looks like momentum that was build up with many expectations sank very low after last weekend....

    So, new momentum must be developed to catch the wave.....,

    OK, I believe I know what must be written that vast American Christian ranks of zionist ideology would be corrected and dozens of millions of them would live in the presence instead of escaping presence and building up destruction of society...

    I think it is cool, one step at the time...., I believe I have got it....

  46. Neo and others Community Planning.

    Can the crooked Federal System hold it together much longer? They have betrayed and failed the nation. They have betrayed the world. Time to rethink. Time to take control and not be controlled.

    Water, irrigation and Sewage needs to be planned in. But- so does Power! Solar, wind, water or land heating. Regional Delivery units and Freezer areas, with Railtrack links.
    Hospitals, Doctors units. Retiree communities, Community centers, Schools and Regional Security centers planned in. Roads planned. Telecoms planned. Services planned. Practical realities and needs planned fresh. Cut Federal controls asap. Opt out! Plan them out, Keep them OUT!

    Save money, protect freedoms, Keep what you earn, you don't need the Federal controlling suits! As society collapses, build what you need and can manage.

    Your own Courts and Gallows for Drug Dealers, Rapists, Politicians and Bent Lawyers, incinerators attached. Your own Community Banking to service the community. Independence. As the Amish do.
    Safe children's play areas. Full regional monitors for every road. Cops at one with the people. Students taught Citizenship and family values. Morality. ( And a Dolly Parton fantasy unit!)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. ....must be talking to myself here.....

    4. Such issues are not for Public ears. Watch what will unfold.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. You want us to speak of blatant criminality, plainly. You want. And you are?
      Do you think nothing is happening the corridors of power?
      Que Sera Sera. I can make no comments of such issues. Nor can we speak of such issues. The site is responsible in its conduct.

    9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    10. Enough darylluke....

      We understand your aggravation, however we do not condone this type of criminality. Your comments are read by the world and reflect upon this site. Take care in what you say. I do not want this type action represented on this site. Continue and I will begin to remove your comments.

    11. You are correct in your "you are?" quote.

      I=AM NOBODY. EVERY MAN IS NOW NOBODY IN USA. You got that right, at least....You may be correct, also. You also may be nobody, also. So, by default you enter the EVERYMAN club. Weird how that has happened.....~darylluke.

    12. Criminality every day by lawless satanists walking free. You don't condone that, huh? What a weak reply to the 50M that perished because of said lawlessness. Nothing will change, and it will get worse & worse daily.....Respectfully, Steven.

    13. This is little bit too much, or rather too much DL.

      Every one here must make sure to be healed and in charge of their own lives. How would you survive if it goes the way that cabal will be destroyed in the third generation to come, children of your children. You must prepare them, go example.

      As for me, what I see is this. If Templars wait 7 centuries to face and see some victory means they have sense of survival, there is no guarantee that this generation will see light, and what. What matters is that you see the light and you are the light. They can not take your light.

      Everyone must get healed. If I make a team of warriors to be around me I must know that they are healed and can wait in patience. SEALs go through training and each one depends on another one. Then there are team to face death and life. If Templars were tortured and they made through then they are heroes of eternity.

      The challenge is simple, if you can not make without RV and seeing cabal down in your life then you are not ready to face them.....

      This is as plain as it takes and I do not like to see these attacks of personal inner frustration. Who of us saw the reality of cabal ranks??????

      It is like you go and face the beast and you still do not know what that beast is like, you think that it is as big as a rabbit. If you see it in your eyes you might hide as a chick. Only heroes who see the beast as it is do not run away and face it.

      Look at Putin or Lavrov...they have to sit to negotiation table with Kerry though they know they are liars, murderess and twist anything they say...Yet they know that next time they have to sit down and be ready to make one move after another. Careful strategy, you burst, you loose .....STRONG CHARACTERS, WARRIORS

    14. This country is doomed to be the new USSR dictatorship, and is too late to save anything.

    15. bond market will crash the world.....walmart blacks that will attack there was just a warm-up.... John told us already. It will crash, right? (If I am wrong , then correct me, no?)

    16. Canauzzie,

      Respectfully(and w/o re: from you) I-AM EVERYMAN. This is a metaphysical principle with me in my daily life. I have the right because number one, I claim it, nobody else has to date, number two, I claimed it over 15 years ago and nobody disputed it then. You may read these words as being from an egotistical maniac, but they are from a man that is centered in the child that has the bloated belly becaue of malnutrition, in the woman that cannot feed her 4 children. in the man attacked mercilessly by techno-crap that ends up being called "unknown cause" on his death cert, and the man that goes to DC & is threatened with jail if he proceeds in the truckers march with jail, and consequently loss off income. I AM EVERYMAN. Because my core, my soul wants justice, and nobody is listening how to get there. ~Steven.

      I am seeing I am not wanted here any more.
      May your path be supported by CREATOR. ~Steven. Draco-Slayer designer/creator.

    17. DL

      You just judge yourself and punish yourself, because of that then you judge others and doing that you judge one more times yourself, rejecting your inner self. Then you think that others do it to you.

      Nobody here is judging you or nobody else here is saying that you are not wanted....this is only you saying it and interpreting to yourself. Probably you are hurting and in that pain you scream out. You think that this pain comes from outside, but it comes from inside, there must be some inner trigger....

      When you say such judgmental sentence that " I AM SEEING I AM NOT WANTED HERE ANY MORE" it is your inner condemnation of your inner self that is hurting.

      You fight inside of self, there are like two of you that fight, then something triggers that hurt and it bursts....must be healed.

      Nobody did it to you here, it happened probably long way back or you could even inherit part of it and then identified with it....

    18. Darylluke,
      I have to respond here. Your attack comes across as a child with a temper tantrum… get over yourself.

      You act as if you are the only one being affected by what is going on around here.

      I, too, have my own trials and tribulations... What have you done for the good of the cause except sit at your computer posting articles that you have found… Something that I don't have the luxury to read nor the time to respond to.

      But I am unwilling to sit here [at work, no less] and allow you to get away with criticizing John or Canauzzie for what they are doing… They both are working very hard… over and above their regular job.

      In closing, I am sorry for where you are at this time in life. But you are not the only one and because of my job, I see people every day struggling to make a difference for their family. We are all losing with what is happening in DC and around us… Not just you!

      Get Real

      PS. Sorry canauzzie, you may delete if necessary.

  47. This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. I still believe folks that people can be recharged and must be recharged, it will give them fresh wind into their sails. But how? I know in Czech people are totally disillusioned, the momentum was lost in corruption etc, there was so much power and unity after socialism went down. I believe that Russians hold on momentum that Putin is rising up. In Sweden people generally think that markets just slowed down and somehow it will restart bla,bla bla.... they think this up and down market mentality, generally they believe as long as you work, all is OK. So they keep working.

    But how to restart masses in general.

    1 TELL THEM TRUTH WHAT HAPPENED, WHO DID IT (I do not care if they will be pardoned in South African truth reconciliation, or if they will be hanged, I am fine to let them go after they tell truth and will be forgiven..)

    I am confident on this one.....and I believe it as reality already.

  49. FYI, removed my comment as it was lost in some other issues.

    John, I couldn't agree more with your response about planning. Its time for a change all the way around. Canauzzie great job keeping an eye on the site. Vlastimil soulds like a good approach.

    Have a great day everyone.


    Britain has relaxed stringent rules for Chinese banks willing to set up in London. Beijing in turn opened up its markets to British-based investors, marking the latest move to establish the yuan as one of the world’s key currencies.

  51. John and Neo,

    Thank goodness we didn't leave Dolly out... :) and I agree she would be standing right there with us helping all the way!!!

    Get Real