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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Syria- In a war based on ignorance and duplicity, which people die for Lies?

The eyes of the world are upon you, those who would be Kings, but are they fit for purpose? History judges not. This is a way over the top reaction, inciting and releasing ever more Middle Eastern Terrorism, backing the wrong horse for a fast buck and unleashing hell among neighbours. Will US Foreign Policy ever get it right?


Who gives the US the right to bypass the UN and be above the law? Another Classic US Cluster F! SNAFU- again! The consequences will now hit the US by real stealth. Huge dangers stalk the world. Gung Ho US Hegemony exacerbates it all. There will be blood!

One World of Nations
7 September 2013

What is now unfolding is not a battle for supremacy, but sordid saga of chicanery, with lethal risks. This irrational Buccaneering action to destabilize yet another Arab nation has united the big dog nations like never before. The same US Agency and Cabal Dogs of War who fund and arm the al Qaida Insurgents to slaughter civilians will find a horrendous lash back to this misjudgement. Empire ending for them, but it could be LIFE ENDING FOR YOU! Ignorance and stupidity protects no one. What of Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Mogadishu, Cambodia, Afghanistan and Libya. Can they get one right alone? Has there ever been a more inept and crooked Empire than Washington?

Cyber Wars and HAARP will wreak havoc on America for this. 

They Lie- YOU DIE! 

Russia is being forced into play by the Agency strategists, who, true to form, will unleash hell on earth as ever. Every corner, another lie is exposed. But this time, it WILL get very personal and Russia, backed by China and Iran, will retaliate with YOU ALL being used by the US Cabal as just disposable Pawns to be cast aside in this Chess Board Game for YOUR LIVES!

This may be the Alamo that gets you all focused to say no more and act. Who does Bush Sr call the Useless Eaters? Who do the Tri Laterals want dead as vast population reduction? 

The report we are releasing for you, is a calm, clear and rational assessment of the mess unfolding and the history of realities. We are neither supportive to Russia nor Syria, but observant of facts, true historical sequences, and cognisant of the real Mongrels playing humanity to the brink of this needless, unfounded war and possible Holocaust. We need to stop these mad dogs in DC and Israel. Otherwise, a lot of decent, innocent Judaic Jews, who have also lived in peace for centuries with their many surrounding Arab neighbour will also become victims of more Zionist aggression. Jews and Arabs do co-exist in peace and harmony. Zionists do not. Israel is not Zionist land.

Truth and Chicanery – Beware Their Double Bluff

This is about a crude, tyrannical move to install a Gas pipeline across Syria, by enforced and illegal Regime change, collapsing a Sovereign Nation State to facilitate Qatar’s Gas into the EU, therefore collapsing Russia’s major energy export market. It’s also about moves to economically cripple Russia as a Global power and Military contestant to America. It’s now Russia’s Cuba moment. JFK was clear, so is Putin. Expect no less. Russia WILL stand firm, now backed by China and Iran. The lunatic Zionist nasty mob in Israel will use any excuse to take down Syria. As they do with the Palestinians. Judaic Jews belong in the Holy Land - Zionists do not. Jews and Arabs co-exist.

This is a despotic game play part funded by avaricious Arab despotic interests, part also by the derailing aspirations of the Tri Laterals New World Order theorists, and part the US Military Industrial Cabal who take anybody’s money for dirty deeds. It’s all just about money and power. Not justice or truth. A power play of conflicting interests underpinned by collective greed, in short, a Liars Charter. Nothing changes. This is a way over the top US solution. A needless and crazy risk based on arrogance not rational assessment. It’s a UN legal issue. Not arrogant Vigilantes. The UK Parliament reigned in its own Mad Dogs. So must Congress! Ask the people and practice it.

The vast US Budget Crippling Military arsenal is for hire, and its dysfunctional US Political Command structure. Add also the mercurial and manipulative Zionist Banking deviants wrestling daily with a collapsing and compounding Debt structure seeking to deflect Settlements due.

Throw in the territorial ambitions of the Zionist Israelis stranglehold on US Treasury and Federal Reserve policies, intermix an inexperienced President elected by chicanery and self-perpetuating lies, surrounded by Marxist Commie Czars and conspiring Zionist Advisers controlling the White House functionality, under the vengeful watch of an Iranian Chicago failed Slumlord with dubious Chicago connections and, Oh My God, Oh what a tangled web they weave, those who practice to deceive. SNAFU US standards. This is history playing out as in the days of the collapse of the old Roman Empire. Cards played badly, allegiances lost. Enmity builds and memories are long. 
Somewhere in this collective arraignment of deviant, competing interests, who but a fool anticipates cogent policies? Obama has none! Nor do the US Military. With their track record of failures, only a fool has confidence? With his on-going removal of experienced Agency Heads and any Generals or Commanders considered a possible threat to the Usurper, the Administration is but a collective of Camp Followers, Commies and Yes Men. All are being played by Israel and the Cabal. Big wars mean big profit.

Under the control of a Marxist Muslim, pseudo US President, lacking experience, knowledge, collective Global relationships or even a Political Mandate, only a country who tacitly elected a Non US National, bypassing its own clear safeguarding Constitutional laws has allowed a bogus, lying Kenyan Fraudulent Marxist Usurper to gain control of its highest office, and worse, its Military Command structure. And they purport to be fit to lead? 

Only 3 Empires tried to over extend on multi fronts. The Roman Empire. Napoleon Bonaparte failed and then Adolf Hitler. We saw the end of the Third Reich. Now the Cabal tries to install their NWO Fourth Reich on this world. Will they never learn? Always the best laid plans of Mice and Men, crash to earth and start again.

Bush Sr 41, surrounded in the Agency by his Cabal Germanic Neocon Nazi thugs colluded, conspired, robbed, thieved and betrayed nations. They looted the planet with impunity. Bush surrounded himself with sleazy, tainted, criminal manipulative types like the Clintons, Greenspan, Cheney, Ackermann, and Herzog as a bagman between crooked Bankers. He removed integrity from American politics. The check points were lost. Career professionals were replaced by Bought Men or Crooks. This and the Fed debacle is where America left the rails.

McCain plays Poker while nations die. And Loses! 

Bush became inter enmeshed with the Zionist Banksters and used the US Federal Reserve Bank Trading Programs for his own enrichment/ Master of all he surveyed. They also used and played him. Americas best and finest Governing establishment has been systematically dismantled over the last 40 years as Bush built his own opportunistic web of protection with his owned men, Neocons and varying shysters to Bush –Whack and loot America, owning the system, immune from law.

What of Syria?

Syria is an ancient civilization, now caught up in the lying game, as pawns on a board. No one denies they MAY, or may NOT have been culpable. That is not the issue but how to address and prosecute it. With the full force of International Law, but do it the right way. Russia agrees to that. 

So much for Kerry’s wining and dining Assad when it suited their Cabal interests, up to McCain's own dealings with Kidnapping Terrorists in Syria, fortunes and favors can change overnight. Nations are played and duped by the US regime. Lie down with such dogs? 

Syria is a Global Sovereign State UN Issue for Ban- Ki Moon. Not a US Lynch Mob Game. It merits ONLY Lawful address. Does Congress respect the Rule of Law – or not? 


The case is HOW to deal with it. Statesmanship level judgement calls, all lacking in American circles today. The Great Leaders are gone. America is now ruled by the Zionists and Unelected Forth Reich NWO parasites. Consequences of usual US misjudgements will be grave. New weapons wait to be released. This time AGAINST the US.

First- Establish the FACTS! Whatever is the real truth is the key

Allow an Investigation Team of UN Inspectors to report to the world, and then address it to the nations. THE US HAS NO LAWFUL MANDATE TO ACT ALONE! THAT IS VIGILANTE CONDUCT! Many innocent men will die. Another US Hegemony action of criminals by the Cabal regime. 

If it was via Assad’s regime, did Assad personally know or not? If not, allow Syria’s own laws to deal with those responsible. If Assad did know and pre-approved, he is then in a world of trouble. The base foundation of all Law is to establish Truth and Justice. First establish guilt. Then prosecute fully. That is not in question.

It is NOT for America to act as World Judge and Jury. No! We have a World Structure to address delinquent Nation States – If so. That is not yet established.

Even Putin has said that IF Syria is shown to have done this he and Russia will support World Collective Action, as to be determined by a Competent Court. Not by a duplicitous US Kangaroo Court. NO VIGILANTE LAW to suit Cabal and Israeli Zionist interests.

No more American Body Bags coming home. NO MORE AMERICAN BOYS TO DIE FOR A LIE! 

America does not own the world nor has Lawful powers to attack alone. MORE HEGEMONY AND MORE HATE! It is NOT for America to act as Judge, Jury and Executioner.

Why the indecent haste? This is a Sovereign State Issue. Not a US Lynch Mob. If the US needs to Lynch, start with Washington, Wall Street and the Treasonous MSM!

For a world weaned on lies and propaganda, please, allow us to feed you truth. Lose this all conquering ego tripping arrogance of the Invincible America. That reality, like the US economy, is based on false public perceptions and a Fraud. Attacking poorly trained Third World countries is one thing. Bullies abusing children in such a one sided conflict. This is a whole different ball game waiting. JFK had his ARSE ripped out over his Bay of Pigs disaster in Cuba. This will be YOURS!

Obama is clueless and has no Legal Mandate for this. Nor do Congress. Clean up America first. He won’t be doing the dying, nor will Congress. The Arabs and Zionist Warmongers are playing you for fools. The Cabal just wants the dollars and weapons sales. NOBODY WANTS JUSTICE or TRUTH! NOBODY SANE WANTS THIS WAR!

Another mother cried, her son just died, and his father weeps, dying inside.


Russia has a vast fleet and a highly trained equally Patriotic Military.


No one doubts or questions the bravery or patriotism of the US Military. But Bullets, Rockets and Nukes are indiscriminate. Russia and China have enormous, well trained, well equipped and highly motivated armies. No less than Americas. Fighting both if it escalates, the US will lose. Putin IS prepared to lose, but then he will Nuke the entire US and all worldwide US bases. China would get sucked in. This is how WW I started via Austria.

Enough American boys are dead or crippled from false wars. No more! Flags don’t stop bullets. 

China and Iran will back Russia here. The Middle East will become a Tinder Box ignited by fools. 

Always a trusting Soldier dies, for some sleazy Politicians unscrupulous lies.

This is YOUR moment to contemplate reality. What will come at you if it escalates will be the end of civilization, or even life as you know it. If Russia is losing, their ICBMs and Subs will take out America. China will HAVE to escalate it. They KNOW America will come for them alone next. You can NOT fight both alone and live. Combined, they WILL Vaporize America. This will be the end game of their opportunism and arrogance. A fight no one can win and all will LOSE!

Let the pictures do the talking.

China will take down the US Satellites, and Russia will take out US Surveillance planes. China and Russia, thanks to numerous US Whistle blowers, will hack US Mainland systems to disable the whole infrastructure. They will electronically fry America to kill power and all Communications. Real world! 

HAARP will then be unleashed on both coasts. Wave power is free! Trillions of tons unleashed.

They will go for the US tectonic plates. Geological faults will be attacked and earthquakes unleashed.

WAKE UP TIME! China and Russia have enormous fleets. Each can and will do cataclysmic damage. This is not Hollywood and the end game will be nasty. No heroes, just dead. No one can win and both will lose very badly. Why? For Political, Cabal and Zionist Lies? 

This needs to be isolated and contained. Stop showboating. 

The starter price of such a conflict will be horrific alone. An educated British Parliament stopped their PM dead. Real Democracy kicked in. Putin will protect his borders.

If he takes out Saudis Oil fields it will collapse the US economy.

He may ignite Qatar. 

Israel is looking for any chance to attack. That Benny Nutter Yahoo is a dangerous loose cannon with a Nuke. He’s itching for a fight. Israel is a real Vipers nest, a bullying attack Bitch hiding behind the US skirts.

If Israel attacks Syria, Hezbollah will go for them, so will Iran and Russia. Millions of good and harmless Jews will die for the Kazakh marauders. Israelis with Nukes are mad dogs on a chain. The Arab world has no issue with the Judaic Jews, the old Israelites. There is mutual respect and harmony.

This entire Syrian intervention is a case of rabid attack dogs needing restraint. The key arms will be moved and well hidden. So now vast Billions will be unleashed as damage, and many lives lost. For what viable purpose will havoc reign? Why do we not at least start with the process of law?


This IS AN UNJUST – UNNECESSARY WAR. AN ILLEGAL WAR! It’s ALL about profits and manipulation and seeking to destabilize Russia. The worst of power games, Regime Change and the intrusive ugliness of the US Cabal Disinformation Terrorism at work, dysfunctional as usual. The LYING Kings!

When will Congress reign in these mad dogs?

When will America take its place among a League and Nations and learn Culture? Universal Law applies to all.

Left unchecked, this ugly and pernicious regime will seek to assimilate us all and unleash hell on earth in a new ugly age of man.

The ONLY reason NWO is failing now is because the human spirit of Man says No, no more and fights back. NWO is wrong. We do NOT need to kill 5B human souls. We just need to plan better and educate. 

There never seems to be a problem or delay in funding weapons for wars and death of humanity.


There never seems to be a delay in finding new excuses to delay redeeming the many long outstanding Private Placements long overdue. Yet they once redeemed, as OWED, will fund vast new projects, stabilize economies, create jobs, generate taxes, and ease Global tensions. Emerging countries have invested in modern new infrastructure and development. America instead decays, collapsing internally with endemic drugs and crime. To fund its future, it needs to face up to and pay back what it owes from its past. 



The shame of Vietnam lingers without a Forex traded currency to its name as a free Sovereign nation. Iraq is a shambles going from bad to worse. The Dogs of War ravaged and raped its nation. Where is the Dinar exchange delayed yet again? Iraq is hemorrhaging to death in debt. How much more does it have to suffer? Libya has become a lawless bandit zone. What a shambles.

America is hemorrhaging in debt. States are collapsing and it goes bust in October without more support and fiscal rigging. It has reneged on its debts worldwide. Assad has long since removed any dodgy chemicals. For the mother of all Napalming and Agent Orange sprayers to talk of Chemicals abuse, it’s a bit rich. Dropping billions of dollars on empty sites achieves nothing, just saber rattling. Fund the Settlements not ever more wars. Get America working.

Has Congress got any moral integrity left to decline to support this sham? To attack now without a US resolution is an immoral abuse of power and degrades all hopes for a civilized solution. But, for a country whose last 40 years of Political machinations has been a sham, what’s yet another abuse of power. Does America understand the concept of a moral ethos?

Oscar Wilde’s quote of America is immortalized in Global culture. "America is the ONLY country who went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between"! Has America learnt nothing from its so very many failures and abuses of trust?

America has given to the world and achieved so much in the past. It still has the potential to re-emerge as a new vibrant economy. But that must be based on Trust, Respect and Goodwill, not the infamy of a nation with no respect for Law or Nation Building. Stepping outside the Law makes America lawless, and a destroyer of nations. Poor Leadership becomes an epitaph in history. The current visible disintegration of the NWO Cabal is indication of hope for our world. Time to take up the beacon of hope and lead America back to being a real Nation Builder, not Destroyer of hope and life! 


  1. All the young Military need your help now to stop this Liars war. No More American body bags coming home. Let Obama go tool up himself and fly to the Gulf to fight. They do the lying, let them do the dying. Leaders lead from the front. Let the Bum show us how?

  2. John and canauzzie,

    Thanks for news and stand..

    However, are we really just waiting till few fellows in congress says yes or no? Is there something that can be contrra-productively done without waiting for somebody else's decision?

  3. John

    Might be that those idiots who sit in Senate and Congress really can not read at all for themselves, so it is a futile hope that they will read 100 pages of scientific evidence of the first attack.

    What needs to be presented is "HOW TO" manual video clip....down here is a plan of the past....

    Assassination of Julius Cesar, they had three alternatives..eventually they did what they did lead by Brutus.

    The Plan:

    "The conspirators never met openly, but they assembled a few at a time in each others' homes. There were many discussions and proposals, as might be expected, while they investigated how and where to execute their design. Some suggested that they should make the attempt as he was going along the Sacred Way, which was one of his favorite walks. Another idea was for it to be done at the elections during which he bad to cross a bridge to appoint the magistrates in the Campus Martius; they should draw lots for some to push him from the bridge and for others to run up and kill him. A third plan was to wait for a coming gladiatorial show. The advantage of that would be that, because of the show, no suspicion would be aroused if arms were seen prepared for the attempt. But the majority opinion favored killing him while he sat in the Senate, where he would be by himself since non-Senators would not be admitted, and where the many conspirators could hide their daggers beneath their togas. This plan won the day."

  4. Lets hope the right people get the message.

  5. What we are waiting for now is for 300m Americans to wake up and realize that many of them will be dead soon if this escalates. 100M will die the first week. All major cities and bases will go. The lot! Now America faces real enemies they can not kick around. Putins view of O is clear. A mongrel stray slipped into the WH as a joke.

    Give the Law a chance. If Congress backs this idiot, they will see the real world and their own ass. Russian Paras will be mass flown in, all armed and ready. Ready - NOW! China will test their Radar Systems as observers, then engage. America will get wasted over this. They read too many comics.

    We need to stop these young boys being killed for this farce. Russian air power and their vast number of Stealth bombers will win the fight. All the War Games are clear. When Russia and China co engage the US loses every time. But they report BS to morons in DC to keep their budgets fed.

    Maybe the clean up can only come after the big bang. Saves keeping 200M on Welfare as survivors if they don't toe the line.

  6. V

    If you understand the American Politicial system at this juncture in time, you will know that those who now hold office are not the decision makers. They simply front the agendas of the industrial cabal. The real decisions are made by those with the money. The people who hold the money are not just Americans. They are international in makeup. The Builderburgs are global not just American. We are fighting global wealth structures and those who hoard money. The White House and Congress are only being used by international wealth structures to do their bidding. FYI, the house and senate are collectively refered to as "congress." They are smart people to have gotten themselves to where they are. The problem is the system has them "bought and sold."

    1. Neo

      This is known to all of us who are on this side of the pool..

      I lived in the US and I met and lived just with decent people...on the street you meet decent people everywhere...

  7. God have mercy on all the players in these atrocities. May the blinders finally be dropped from the eyes & hearts of our "leaders" and people to awaken to the great truths presented here. The shaking that is coming will not be pretty at all if we the people do not shout from the mountain tops ~ NO MORE, NO MORE INNOCENT BLOOD SHED for the sake of a few greedy self appointed & self absorbed narcissists.

    When will the people of the US finally take on Peter Finch's attitude from the movie NETWORK "I AM MAD AS HELL AND I AM NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!" ????

    Please please listen to this video it is totally relevant today, nothing has changed.

  8. ****NEWS-is-that-B2-fleet-location-is-now-UNKNOWN.


  9. G-20: Putin’s speech significantly different than official transcript?

    TND Exclusive / By Eric Dubin /


  10. This article should wake up the world to the real reasons for this terrible war on our horizon...I posted a portion and a link here Your efforts are inspiring

    1. Thank you dogcicle and your support is welcomed and valued.

  11. John<
    great interview,repeated on sky ch512 7.30 & 10.30 tonight be great if you could do similar on bbc or sky news.

    George Galloway: Dogs of War Slaver over Syria, Powder keg for Disaster


    1. "john7 September 2013 06:38

      The report will be up soon and will raise hell!"




  12. I can not believe that this is it. There must be alternative solution. BF and East ninja, so let's go after Tri Laterals or families or whatever and few arrest and that's it...,

    Take few down and they will sing like birds in front of cameras pleading for mercy, none of them is a real man who can face reality.. just squeeze their nose and they start crying as little girls...

  13. John

    If they splash waters on the East coast, reverse wave will hit Western Europe and British islands...

  14. 99% of Calls to Congress Are AGAINST War in Syria

    in Breaking News 2 days ago

    On the heels of Reuters poll showing only 9% support military action.

    Millions of Americans are completely overloading the phone lines of Congress in a historical, unprecedented response to shut down the Obama war machine.

    This comes in the wake of the recent Reuters poll that found only 9% of respondents back Obama in his quest for a military strike on Syria.

    Here’s a sample run-down of statements made by House and Senate members showcasing the almost unanimous opposition from their constituents for a war in Syria:

    - Rep. Matt Salmon (R-Az.) admitted to National Review that 498 out of the 500 calls to his office were completely against an attack on Syria.

    - Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) said that “99 percent of the calls coming to my office are against” a war in Syria. It is interesting to note that 76% of his district voted for Obama in 2012.

    - Rep. Rand Paul, R-Ky. said “I’m told the phone calls are 9 out of 10 against a strike in Syria, from my constituents in Kentucky.”


  15. The American public does not and has not elected the US President for quite some time. Firstly, that task is given to the ELECTORAL COLLEGE. Secondly, the President ends up being whichever candidate has closer blood ties to the royal lineage. Evidence lies in the Kerry/Bush outcome. Fifth cousins with the Scherffs being closer than the Forbes.

  16. EU does not back up Soetoro slaughter..
    <<<<< extract from today's news...
    Vilnius - U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry today convince bosses diplomacy of the EU on the need for military intervention in Syria. At a meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania, the U.S. position was supported by AFP, only France, but it is from the beginning of the crisis, and Denmark. From it comes NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, who spoke for intervention on Thursday. The final declaration called on the EU to at least clear and decisive response by the United Nations.

  17. Tell President Obama: Stay Out of Syria’s civil war!

    1. ****BREAKING:NYC Rally To Stop The War in Syria

  18. McCain ridiculed.....

  19. McCain sure that Russia and China useless pawns ......

  20. Great job...

    Another good article... My hope is that the House gets it for the rest of the sleeping Americans...

    Unfortunately, it doesn't stop there of this narcissistic and naive president chooses to act on his own....

    Get Real

    1. We need all of your voices and help to get this article out and stop this ruthless war and killing.Israel wants to annex Syria next as it did to Palestine. The Zionists will stop at nothing.

  21. France flips on Syria - Russia, China rush Warships

    September 6, 2013. St. Petersburg. Today at the G20 meeting in Russia, French President Francois Hollande dealt President Obama another embarrassing setback over Syria. Shocking his US ally, Hollande announced that France would not join the US in a military strike and would instead wait until the full UN report is made available. At the same time, Russia and China continue to swarm the Mediterranean Sea with warships in preparation for a war with the US.

    read more:

    original article here:

  22. What is the role of the Galactic in all of this? We will see in the following weeks.

    1. Jehemev

      In my opinion, we await actually for hobbits to rise from NewYorkshire, they will overthrow cabals and we will live happy after everyone driving Bentley.

      Whatever you take from my respond..., sorry reality hits hard.

  23. ‘We say no war’: Protesters across the world rally against military strike on Syria


  24. The West Dethroned by Paul Craig Roberts

    “The European race’s last three hundred years of evolutionary progress have all come down to nothing but four words: selfishness, slaughter, shamelessness and corruption.”
    Yan Fu

    It only took the rest of the world 300 years to catch on to the evil that masquerades as “western civilization,” or perhaps it only took the rise of new powers with the confidence to state the obvious. Anyone doubtful of America’s responsibility for the evil needs to read The Untold History of the United States by Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick.

    Read more:

  25. Former President of The Czech Republic said it openly and publicly, IT TOOK TIME...

    Wake up, EU elites want to destroy nation states, stirs Klaus
    Current EU elites try to turn Union in size, but that would be destroyed historic European country and along with them and democracy. Former Czech President Vaclav Klaus writes in a manifesto entitled "Democrats in Europe, wake up". According to him, trying to find "green radicals" to create a cauldron of nations along the lines of the former Soviet Union and even the present leadership of their steps heading towards this goal. Klaus urged people to join his manifesto join.



  26. This was sent to me by a reader. I do not have his permission to use his name so I will not. Very interesting. Your thoughts?

    Demystify the Syrian Vote!
    Jim Kirwan

    Congress needs to set a date, within a week, to hold a joint session for all 535 members of Congress. One hour total needs to be set aside for arguments to be publicly presented by each side of the issue, to present the evidence for and against the Syrian War, to the American People…

    Filibusters will not be allowed in this public forum.
    This entire proceeding must be broadcast LIVE and open to live coverage by international news cameras. No commercials will be part of this public service, because the public owns the airwaves and this is a service that will either confirm or deny all future use of the airwaves for the current-propaganda outlets. Live feed from the network cameras will be furnished directly to Independent Internet media, without censorship.
    The vote should be up or down, YES or NO. All members will be required to vote which will show the American people who is for us and who is for Israel. This is not a matter of national security; this is a matter of finding out who is an American and who the traitors are. There shall be no exceptions to this one time event and the entire congress will be required to be there or step down immediately from the supposed office which that member held. Congress has been ducking the public for the last twenty years on every topic that comes before them.
    This nationwide public forum of a joint session of the congress must be held ASAP, because the secret war on Syria is about to begin. The Russian Delegation which is coming to Washington to talk with members of the congress should also be present to observe how the US Congress works; even if it will be the only time in the last 50 years that Congress has finally confronted the public and shown every constituent exactly how each of them voted, on this world-splitting issue.
    This will be a voice vote only by each member of the congress. As they will be individually called upon to answer either
    YES or NO!
    A YES vote for the War is a YES VOTE for ISRAEL.
    A No VOTE Against the Illegal war-crime,
    Is a VOTE for Humanity & for the USA!

    We are finally going to solve the problem
    Of who actually owns this country.
    It is our right to demand that these proceedings
    Be broadcast to the world
    Therefore the Congress is on notice
    To comply or face charges in addition to the loss of office.

    1. Canauzzie,

      Key statement here [I believe] is: Congress "NEEDS" to set a date.

      Unfortunately they have not...

      Would this be a fair vote? I couldn't say - there could be some members of congress who are still clueless to what is going on in DC... they may not understand fully what their vote represents. So, I don't believe Congress will do any of the above...

      On another note: Jeff Rense, much like Alex Jones, he is always under pressure to find 'shockers' to keep his ratings up.

      Get Real

  27. The written word below does not do justice to Dr. Willie's diatribe over Team O, our government, the G20 meeting and who Putin is v. O... worth the listen if for no other reason a good laugh... [sadly enough].

    Get Real


    U.S. Ship of State is Sinking, It’s a Derelict Vessel-Jim Willie

    By Greg Hunter’s (Special Sunday Release) | 8 SEPTEMBER 2013

    When it comes to U.S. economic or foreign policy, Dr. Jim Willie, Publisher of the Hat Trick Letter, says, “The U.S. Ship of State is sinking, and it is a derelict vessel.” About President Obama, Dr. Willie contends, “He looks weak. He looks backed into a corner. He looks just like Fed Chief Bernanke who also has no exit strategy. They are all tied together because a lot of the actions out there are directed against the dollar.” Dr. Willie goes on to say, “The U.S. is in an indefensible position, both with war and monetary policy.” All the QE, or money printing by the Fed, has the world on edge and outraged. Dr. Willie explains, “This is abuse of credit card by the United States. We run deficits and then say screw you all. You can just buy Treasury bonds because you have to.” According to Dr. Willie, the rest of the world is tired of the money printing by the Fed and wants to use a new currency to escape the coming global inflation of a dollar that can quickly lose its buying power. Dr. Willie says, “This is financial survival. Nations need to depart from the dollar, and the first ones that do will be the survivors, and lost ones will enter the third world.” As far as Syria, Dr. Willie says it’s not about chemical weapons, but about pipelines and our adversaries gaining economic advantage. Dr. Willie claims, “The U.S. is obstructing capitalism and commerce. That is the problem.” Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Jim Willie, Publisher of The Hat Trick Letter, which can be found on

    1. This one is TOP...

      It was just after 9/11 I have been visiting my family down in Czech, and in news there is this article. Because terrorist threat around the globe local national armies needed to guard some important location (Just BS as you all know) anyhow, so Czech army decided to move to Prague some units from remote town abut 300KM. There were 2 helicopters and some tanks.
      Results: one helicopter did not make it all, the other one dropped a machine gun during a transport flight not knowing where or when it happened. One of few tanks did not make it at all to arrive to train station for transport.

      When I hear that news I laughed to death.....

    2. Get Real

      I am listening now to watchdog as you referred and I have to just laugh, it is good to laugh, but this is sad at the same time.

      saying like "Obama is screwed when he bombs and also he is screwed when he does not bomb..."

    3. V,

      Yes and when he says [laughingly] :

      "a big mistake for O to attend the G-20 meeting [snicker] [snicker] but a worse mistake for him to attend."


      "this is global chess [chess game] and Putin is a chess master and O is seen as a rank amateur at checkers his game is just like Bush.

      Get Real

  28. While Rome burns...

    Politicians play internet poker.

    You just can't make this stuff up!

  29. The US Government Stands Revealed to the World as a Collection of War Criminals and Liars

    By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts
    Global Research, September 06, 2013

  30. "EVERYBODY-is-loosing-family(by-these-murderous-thugs!)"

    _NEW - The Truthseeker 9/11 & Operation Gladio

    _documented White House 'false flag terrorism'


  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. "In March this year Mr Blair flew to Hanoi for a second time when he pledged to continue supporting relations between Vietnam and the EU, including providing advice on public-private partnerships (PPPs), which he championed in Britain while prime minister. "


  33. ****BREAKING:

    Syria chemical weapons attack not ordered by Assad - report
    German intelligence sources suggest that last month's alleged chemical weapons attack in Damascus was not ordered by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Bild am Sonntag has reported.


  34. “When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” ― Dresden James

  35. John

    what are the plans and option to expect for this coming week?

    1. Vlastimil

      WF are refusing to release funds right now. Lew has real problems.

      Major battles are now raging but we cant go public on it. Remember Lehmans? One move alone now is enough to smash WF control. Again Bankers acting above the law. A move is in play right now. If the Judge grants it,it will have huge repercussions for WF. Too big to fail? Watch and see.

      PP looking part possible soon. But,an idiot act by O will cast the world into turmoil. A few US ships sunk in the Med will scuttle O and the Cabal. Too much dumbed down TV and Hollywood has these Sheep believing the garbage they are raised on.

      If Putin lets loose, the US Fleet will not last 2 days. Goodbye Cabal then as Americans join the real world in shock. Payback time? Americans can't handle the truth. O is naive.

      Putin so much wants this clown to overreach in his back yard. One wrong step is all it will take. The world feels for Assad here. Israel wants to land grab Syria. Israel,Saudi and Qatar face hell now. Huge potential lash back. If Putin torches the 3, the US can do what?

      Putin WILL take it out on the US if he's pushed. Reality - look at Americas real record in history. Vietnam,Korea, Iraq, they run.

      Putin WILL do a Cuba over this and the US will lose. The Commies will go Nuclear on the US if pushed. See then how they wake up and freak as they see the bombs dropping, DC. NY, Boston, Chicago, the entire East and West cost gone in an hour. ALL US Global bases gone. China and Russia will take out the lot. Putin has said- bring it on!

      What marches on America afterwards will be merciless. Remember what happened to the East Germans after WW11? Every man, woman and child mass raped. Many then erased or off to the Gulags.
      If Putin launches Israel will be gone in 30 seconds. Big boys don't talk fights. Russia and China will combine. It's mind set.

      The world is on the edge now.

    2. It is very heavy to bear, yet that's why we are here to bear it.

      We do out part...

      Thanks to all, .......

    3. John,







    4. John, it is a known fact that a lot of the dinar nonsence is coming from Wells Fargo. Have never really felt good about them at any level.

    5. If WF is making 1% interest on the 600T per day only seems that they would want to hold this up as long as possible. I can assure you that nowhere on their books will we see all this profit and taxes being paid on it. Who is pocketing this money the CEO's or does it stay within the company ?

    6. Wells Fargo has a derivative exposure of $3.332 Trillion dollars.
      Its a too big to fail (TBTF) bank. WF has been charged for its role in allegedly pursuing illegal foreclosures and deceptive loan servicing. Wells Fargo was just slapped with a $85 million fine by Federal Reserve for putting good credit borrowers into bad-credit rating (high rate) loans.
      In March 2010, Wachovia (owned by Wells Fargo) paid $110 million fine for allowing transactions connected to drug smuggling and a $50 million fine for failing to monitor cash used to ship 22 tons of cocaine. It also failed to monitor $378.4 billion (that's $378400 millions dollars) worth of transactions to Mexican "casas de cambio" (think WesternUnion, anonymous cash transfer) usually linked to drug cartels. Beyond that, WF lets its' VIP employees live in foreclosed mansions. WF knows how to cash your legit check, then claim "fraud" and close your account. WF also re-orders your transactions to create more overdraft fees. Wells Fargo's Wachovia also got a SECRET $159 billion bailout from the Federal Reserve.

      Wells Fargo paid NO taxes in 2008-2010 and had a tax rate of NEGATIVE 1.4% while making
      $49 billion in profit during the same time.


    8. Neo & Me and all me,

      It can all be summed up with the following words: greed | greed | greed

      Get Real

    9. Hey GR,

      yep, I'm sure you are right. a lot of things trying to sort themselves out. don't know the entire team but those I do are very capable and determined patriots. Confident of the outcome at some point. might be a good thing to drop WF in its tracks. would send a very strong signal. If John does not get this moving soon, Dolly told me she was going to have to step in. Pull rank, that sort of thing. :)

    10. Neo stated, "those I do are very capable and determined patriots."

      Anyone fighting this cause is worthy of being noted and known. I would support them in all ways possible!

      Neo stated, "If John does not get this moving soon, Dolly told me she was going to have to step in. Pull rank, that sort of thing. :) "

      LOL - now that's who we need to get to push this forward - Dolly would get it done!!!

      Get Real

  36. Look-at-this-current-list-of-COWARDS-IN-CONGRESS


  37. Obama's weekly address for Saturday Sept 7 2013 reiterating his plan to mercilessly bomb Syria for supposedly bombing itself with chemical weapons.
    Quote "I decided that the United States should take military action against the Syrian regime"
    He does not appear to be backing off this assertion that the USA should strike Syria militarily.
    It seems doubtful that a failure to pass a war resolution in congress will avert the imminent and potentially WW3 triggering USA military assault on Syria.


    1. Here

      Why didn’t the U.S. invade Israel when it used chemical weapons on Palestinians?


    2. And,then-there-is-this-cover-up-by-US-officials:


  38. God damn, it did not need to go this way, even us who have no real standing said from the beginning years back that only solution was for Pentagon get few generals and take them down, tell the truth..

    World would give helping hand right away and giving back honor to US as it had before...., I kept saying that myself over and over....

    Do not be afraid to tell truth and admit your falls.....

    Damn it....., it might be too late.








    2. “Why war? Simple, the only excuse for a One-World Government is that is will supposedly ensure peace. The only thing can make people cry for peace is war. War brings chaos, destruction, exhaustion; the winner as well as the loser—it brings economic ruin to both. Most important it destroys the flower of the young manhood of both. To the saddened and heartbroken oldsters—the mothers and the fathers, who are left with nothing but memories of their beloved son, peace becomes worth any price. And that is the emotion upon which the conspirators depend for the success of their Satanic plot.”

      Myron Fagan

  40. Let’s Join One Another to Crush the Unholy, Unruly, Jihadi Muslims



    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. Nuclear Strikes! Israel Nuked Syria Thrice! Exclusive!

    Nuclear Strikes: Smiting Syria with Stolen Nukes Atop Ripped Off Missiles!

    As previously reported on JKI, Israel stole ~ 200- Davy Crockett micro nukes and some launchers after the Davy Crocket Weapon System was removed from service in 1971. Highly sensitive contacts say the test run for the theft was in 1977 and the main operation in 1978. As designed, the Davy Crockett had a W54 selectable yield nuclear warhead of 10-20 tons of TNT. After the Israeli nuclear weapon experts got through reworking the warheads, the yield went from no more than 20 tons of TNT to 7-8 KT (kilotons, or thousands of tons of TNT)! Restated, they were now equivalent to half the force of the “Little Boy” A-Bomb (a gun-type uranium A-Bomb, a combat tested Nazi design), used to wipe out Hiroshima, Japan! On January 7, 2013, JKI was shockingly informed by insider contacts that Israel had tested “three to five” such enhanced Davy Crockett warheads in the Negev Desert. Remember the Negev, for it figures into the story later.

    read much more at:

    1. Calgirl,






    2. calgirl,


  42. HOLY-SHYTE!!



    Sunday, September 08, 2013
    Syrian Children Kidnapped By Rebels Identified As Gas Victims By Obama Administration (Video)
    By Susan Duclos

  43. "No this isn’t photo-shopped. If this isn’t a war crime then I don’t know what is."



  44. Either-nobody-is-reading-my-posts



    1. I feel your disgust. I have been sitting on my hands. I'm not one for directed agendas at the cost of other matters that are just as important. This Syria situation has done as intended. It has risen tempers, provided a huge distraction while opening eyes and now we have "good guy" Putin willing to 'store' dangerous weaponry to avoid an escalation. Suuuure! Only if they are decommisioned and split into pieces so they can be stored in multiple locations. Then you also begin an agenda of removing a SOVEREIGN nation of self defense (we all know that is the underlying agenda aside from the pipeline).

      We are not dealing.With an octopus. We are up against a HYDRA. Cut the head off allowing two to grow back. HISTOR, folks!! sleight of hand. Watch the right and let the left sweep up the diverted... Zionist cabal, dragon cabal... ALL THE SAME...

      There will be no global healing and freedom until we do away with the tools of enslavement - and that certainly includes MONEY...

  45. ADL



    1. Over-two-years-ago-mossad&black-ops





    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. Yes, I remember very well "white phosphorus" in Palestine......

    Fascists must pay for this......, beyond inhuman ..

    Hold on Steven, the ride might be over soon...


    State Duma speaker Sergey Naryshkin has told the press that no Russian parliamentary delegation is going to the United States to discuss the Syrian issue, adding that the US refusal to meet was regrettable.

    “The unwillingness to listen to arguments on inter-parliamentary level testifies to the fact that our American partners themselves understand the weakness of their positions. In addition, this step characterizes their attitude to the norms of international law,” he said.

    Well done Russians, press them hard, strip them naked....

  48. ACTUALLY this is worth of listening...Ashton Kutcher .. well done....impressive to holywood style life...

    ..just send email to...

    The former president of the Czech Republic (who was a thorn in flesh for EU e-lite bounces back even harder..)

  50. John and Putin and the rest of the good will....


    <<<<< extract
    U.S. will not attack if Assad surrender chemical weapons until the last piece
    Syrian President Bashar Assad may avert a U.S. attack against his country, when shall all chemical weapons. He said that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry after a meeting with his British counterpart William Hague in London. Informed the AP.

    1. The US is being hammered in the markets for this disgraceful, illegal war.
      Syria attacked no one. Only Obamas al Qaida funding Muslim Brother and Agency funded Terrorists are the cause of all these problems. Plus of course, ISRAEL wants to steal Syria's land.
      Assad has always been a strong Western Allie. He is well educated,balanced and fighting for his countries life against US Funded TERRORISTS who are beheading people!
      How dare Kerry castigate Assad.
      Pay the PP and we can turn this vast mess around peacefully.

    2. Your site has just been declared as the best explanation articles on the net and the world is switching on. We are SHAPING Policy and resistance to these criminal murderers.

    3. John

      Such pathetic individuals as Kerry or Netanyahu or Soetoro and them like, I will not even pronounce their names more, let's just ignore them as garbage that polluted once this world. Treat them as old history of evil that people had to face. Forget that they exist. Let's deal with them as if they exist not, empty entities. Do not see them on the scene of the stage of the world. Let's see just those that fit to that stage.
      Doing this will be one of the steps that will make them to vanish into nothingness from there they go to hell...

    4. There-is-no-hope.....






  51. A number of anonymous sources close to the Syrian conflict have told RT that rebel forces are planning to launch a 'provocation-attack' using chemical weapons - against Israel.

    1. Dogcide

      I can imagine to be factual, this was that I remarked a week ago or what. In CASE THERE WOULD BE NO ATTACK on Syria, we would have right away few gas attacks following it so that Kerry could say: "You see we did not attack and now Assad is gassing all like crazy!" Then there would be no boundary to bombing, slaughter and destruction.

      Putin and world must deal with Israel, Qatar and Saudi, of course US at the first place.

  52. B Fulford has on his site video interviews for single time purchase, just letting you know if anybody interested..., he always sheds some good light on darkness..., though as we know in alternative news world one has to sieve and weigh every info that comes in..

    So good luck..

  53. Dear Mr. President,

    I hope this communication, finds you well. It is my sincere hope that you and the family are finding time to be with each other during your stay in the White House. I truly don't know why anyone would ever endure the gauntlet that is part of being President. The personal price of public service continues to climb higher and higher. No matter what decision one makes, there are detractors on both sides of any debate.

    Our founding fathers would probably not recognize the American political machine that you are now part of. I am most concerned about the financial influences that are quite visible to all who care to take a look. The PAC, Super PAC, and lobby efforts laundering their billions on both sides of the isle probably has President George Washington rolling over in his grave. Add to this the vast network of both Republican and Democratic fund raising and I wonder where our government is heading. We are truly only as free as our money can buy.

    The industry of our political system is not going away anytime soon. Anyone who aspires to office has to deal with that reality. I am aware that some battles you just can't win at present. But, Mr. President I truly believe that you have a heart for the people of this nation. There are decisions that you need to make that are not in the interest of a political career or the interest of perpetuating a party ideology. We both know that Syria is not about the latest chemical attacks. If the "machine," is telling you that, they are only using you for their own purposes. As President of a superpower, you in no small measure represent all of humanity.

    I ask you to search your heart today. I ask you to not be a slave to the machine of American politics. Don't let those with money pull your strings forcing upon us all a course of action that ultimately puts money in the pockets of those who profit from conflict. We both know who they are. Don't let money drive our bus.

    There are as you know "financial packages," waiting on approval that have far reaching consequences. Mr. President, I ask you to put aside the financial interests of the 1 percent who control 50% of the wealth in the US in favor of a more global perspective. We desperately need infrastructure upgrades. Peak oil is not a conspiracy theory, we both know what will happen when that event occurs. Our urban fabric needs the resources to re-tool itself for a post oil driven system. Smart people are prepared to make it happen if politics can be set aside for the betterment of mankind.

    Give us a chance Mr. President. Stay our of Syria and release the "financial packages," that will rebuild America. Thank you for your time and attention.

    A Hopeful American

    1. PVG, please forward your real name, address, phone number, and e-mail address so I can cut and paste your comments to the white house. I am sure they would love to hear from you.

  54. John
    Actually I visited BF blog and was little bit amazed, some of guys are pretty excited about that pathetic individual that Putin called publicly lier, have found diplomatic solution to Syria.

    I told them that if anybody came out with such brilliant plan it is certainly none from the present administration that can not think of anything else just how to kill, lie, plunder and deceive.

    John do not tell me that I am wrong. This brilliant plan is undoubtedly product of people of bright character and no ego ...

    1. Vlastimil
      Read what we wrote last week on the site. Exactly the PLAN now emerging.

  55. Russia calls on Syria to hand over and destroy CWs.

    White House not interested, they want to take action.

    Hilary Clinton says there should be a military response.

    Rice: "Our overarching goal is to end the underlying conflict through a negotiated, political transition in which Assad leaves power"

    US Admin/Cabal want regime change! So, it doesn’t matter how you look at this, unless they are stopped by force, WW3 is coming.

  56. Assad: I'm innocent and there will be retaliation to US attacks on Syria.

  57. RT: 9/11 was an inside JOB!

    Almost irrefutable evidence that WTC 7 was demolished:

    “Wow, I wonder why that huge column of windows decided to spontaneously explode outwards just before the building started to fall?”

    Got a funny feeling 9/11 is about to come back and haunt the evil scum behind it.

  58. Texas - Farmer whose daughter has being raped by an intruder took justice into his hands.....
    It was self-defense and defense of the child
    The jury in Lavaca County, Texas district, which should determine whether the law was violated, eventually decided that the perpetrators of the murder will not judge, because acknowledged that he acted in the interest of saving the child in self-defense.

    "Every parent has the right to protect their child and said so," said Sheriff Micah Harmon, who investigated the case. The same view was also shared by Attorney Heather McMinnová.

    "I am glad that justice prevailed. The whole neighborhood knows his father as a very gentle and decent man. It will not pay for something that would normally be committed, "said neighbor Judy Francis.

    Well done Texas - Hard to believe that somebody began to protect children and justice at the court...

    EVERY PARENT HAS THE RIGHT TO PROTECT THEIR CHILDREN very well said. HELLO SWEDEN children were not born to the government but to parents!!!!!! (of course I admit there are parents who abuse children and it must be dealt with also) We witnessed here that a little girl was taken from her mom, she appeared in our town from nowhere and the girl began school with my kids. We took them over to socialize so that they cling into community, we fought well done. Soon after police comes and takes that girl by force. She and her girl were on run hiding. I have known that woman for 3-4 months meeting her at work place, pretty OK and normal.

    This is basically fascist behavior, her mom lost at court some trial, whatever it was... THEY TOOK A CHILD FROM HER MOM!!!!!!! This is crime.

  59. John

    Thank you again to your team and Russians for implementing the "Plan," brilliant as I said before. US gets chance to safe their face yet peace and value of human life prevail.

    I understand sensitivity however, how much of factual truth will have chance to see the light of the day (might not be that wise and important to have it bursts at once...or even at all) it is certainly written down in secret archives in Kremlin for those who will succeed Putin (hope it will be Lavrov).

    Also I presume dealing with WF is moving now on in "speed of flying rotten potato" (family phrase)

    1. WF wait until Wednesday / Thursday that is all I can say. Good luck but you see how fast they backtrack from a secure promise. It happens ONLY when it happens. Their words mean nothing. As Assad is now finding. Last they wined and dined him, this year they sell him out.
      Ignore the rubbish on the blogs. ONLY we will know for sure. But, it CAN all happen in a heartbeat and Darylluke can start dreaming in Technicolor again! We know how much it is needed. But whose who to be fed at this zoo, we will have to wait and see.

    2. Thanks John

      Do not worry about our minds following rubbish, life trained us to see, think and understand and question all. In case we don't understand we ask there where they do know.


  60. Exposed: The Obama Invasion of Syria






  61. Millions-will-die-when-WWIII-rolls-as-planned.












    1. So I take it Darylluke once the Rv's clear YOU wont be lining up with the Screaming Demons to collect in vast lines? This is of course, if a Public RV is allowed. That is not guaranteed. It may still yet be approved cases only. In which case you won't worry to be negated.

      RV's do not necessarily mean a public free for all.The banking system can not cope with that. Imagine 1M Bar Flies all hitting the Banks at once. We saw enough on the old site. Drunks, drug dealers and users, lunatics and basket cases of every type all clutching Dinars.

      It will need filtering out. If it frees up with no planning it will be beyond chaotic.

      Hope DC have not started WW111 by then. Thats one way for the US Elites to shed 100M off their head count. It appeals to them clearly. Now O has seen more Russian, Chinese and Iranian warships sailing in, it's clear he is being called out. Now the Admirals and Captains realize one certainty being there. If this kicks off, they will all be dead. So will Israel, and most US bases worldwide. Put a Muppet on Point Duty and see what mess he lands you into. Amateur League has a bad ending.

    2. I gave you possible hope for this week and teased you a little about rolling over under pressure. No more. Don't over react. Dream in Technicolor you will get through this patch.


    3. Why surprised darylluke. There is nothing wrong with asking questions. I do feel you are misunderstanding John's comment though, but I will leave you with that to read over.

      However I would like to ask that you remove your last sentence. That is personal and against TOS. I can not edit a comment, just remove. I would hope you would do this yourself as I have seen you do in the past when emotions run high and show in a comment.

    4. I gave you time to edit your post darylluke. I can't wait any longer.

    5. darylluke - All these hyphens are intended to communicate what to me/us?
      For me personally it is to much baggage for me to read through so many hyphens.

    6. Timbo,

      I have asked about the hyphens, as well... Hard to read his post especially on a iPhone/smart phone... Unfortunately, I have started skipping over them.... When you have little time for reading....

      Could be a puter issue?

      Get Real

    7. I-told-you-guys-repeatedly-I-have-puter-problems.


    8. Send me an email tonight. I'll direct you what to do and we can fix it together. Presuming you run Eugenicsoft Windows I should be able to save you from buying a new box.

  62. John so after the dinars are finally released maybe I should open my own bank seems the profit margins are quite high and very few rules to follow LOL

  63. Me and all me.
    Why not it seems the only rule is that if you have enough money in the US there are no rules. An illegal Wookie gets to rule and and sends your boys to an early grave manipulated by his WH Zionist handlers, playing territory grab games for Israel. No rules grab the pot and play hell.When millions may die, Nero fiddles in the WH immune from Justice or the Supremes. Looking in- Yuk!
    Get rich- get out.

    1. Get rich- get out. LOL!! Some days that is how I feel about this whole revaluation scenario!! My heart will never allow that, though. If this land is destroyed and my brothers and sisters are to perish, suffer and face hell - I will be there along with them swinging until my heart fails to pump. My mother and son shipped safely to Ireland or Languedoc.


    1. Thank you for that. It is now on the main page.

  65. A new Karen Hudes interview recently came out. Karen Hudes is a most important IMF whistle blower. In this interview Karen Hudes indicates that US IRS money is going directly to the Vatican. She indicates that the Jesuits are the biggest thugs of them all and last but not least she indicates that intelligence agencies around the world are not fighting each other as they are usually pretend, but in actuality are all working together under direction of the Vatican intelligence agency. This makes perfect sense as British MI5 and MI6 originate from the Worshipful Company of Mercers, the most prominent Livery Guild of the City of London. The same parties essentially set up the Mossad and the OSS which became the CIA. This clearly indicates there is no difference between nationalities, but merely the pretense that there is. What Karen Hudes did not tell is that the Vatican intelligence agency is named ¨The Entity¨ and was the first of its kind. It existed way before any other intelligence agency came about. Their superiority is only logical. Kings did bow down to the spiritual leadership: the Vatican. Without the blessing of a spiritual leadership one could not become king and so they have acted as a ruler of kings.

    Whenever a new organisation comes into existence, the Jesuits will send in their agents to influence or directly take control of it. They are the greatest spies in the world. They can take any form. They can be anything and everything. Very dangerous and not to be underestimated.

    The Karen Hudes interview is listed below:

    I would highly recommend listening to Karen Hudes, not only for the insight she offers, but also for her positive outlook and the effectiveness with which she handles problems.

    1. Good post Saturnalia but then overlap to Illuminati and the Round Table.

    2. The Illuminati is a given as the Jesuits originated from Spain from the Los Alumbrados which means Illuminati. It was thus only a small step for ´ex-Jesuit´ Adam Weishaupt to pretend that he was setting up the Bavarian Illuminati which supposedly had nothing to do with the Jesuits. From what I understand the maneuvers to distance the Bavarian Illuminati from the Jesuits only came about when too much publicity came on to them and thus propaganda was created to cover it up.

      Jesuits can be found in almost any position of power. Jesuit Georgetown University is the real seat of power in Washington D.C. Bill Clinton was educated at Georgetown University. The entire Bush family consists of open and covert Papal Knights. Bohemian Grove where US Presidents are picked have Jesuit John of Nepomuk as patron saint symbolizing the choice of death over that of divulging secrets. Zionist Shimon Peres was trained by Jesuits in Poland according to the biography of Rabin (for which he likely was assassinated). These same Zionists have given away control of East Jerusalem to the Vatican with the signing of the 1993 Oslo Accords. Even Masonry has largely been infiltrated and taken over starting with the Jesuit created Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. Utah was given by the Curia Generalizia (that is to say the Vatican) to the Mormons (which the Vatican would not give unless it controlled Mormonism). Of course there are also UK institutions who have had a hand in this Vatican web of deceit as otherwise IRS money could not have made its way to the Vatican. Then again, the UK also has been a victim of the Jesuit gunpowder plot, the Spanish Armada and the ´Glorious Revolution´ as Jesuits like to call it when the Dutch invaded the UK and put the Venetian Party in power which clearly denoted the influence of the Vatican and other Italian/Spanish interests.

      It really does not matter whether a candidate is Republican or a Democrat. All bow down to the king:!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/gallery_635/president-obama-cardinal-timothy-m-dolan-mitt-romney-alfred-e-smith-memorial-dinner-2012.jpg

      The pictures clearly denote who has the real power there. Willis Harmon´s ¨Changing Images of Man¨ strategies have been employed against the American population: Providing so many choices in daily life, so many things that come at people daily, that the people will not know what to do anymore and simply ignore and thus passively accept everything.

      Denver, Quebec and Jupiter Island (of the coast of Florida) are important Jesuit and Committee of 300 bases of operation.

      In her previous interview with Project Camelot Karen Hudes also said that the Vatican was the crown (implying the head of the power structure). She then also confirmed that the Jesuits control Bank of America (formerly named Bank of Italy) and was originally set up by a Knight of Malta.

      Just to be clear: I do agree that all these other groups and institutions also have played their part and are important components in this global power structure, but I put extra accent on the Jesuits as I believe the true extent of their influence is often underestimated. Especially considering that they create ideologies and have explicit orders not to be directly involved with ´dirty work´, but use other people and groups for that. Howard Hunt of the CIA also said that the ¨Jesuits are the greatest intelligence agency of the world, always have¨.

    3. Knights of Malta... DETROIT was the epicenter and home to the largest centralization of Maltese immigrants. William Clay Ford (owner of Ford Motor Co. and the Detroit Lions) and Mike Illitch (founder/owner Little Caeser's Pizza and owner of the Detroit Tigers and Red Wings) both members of KoM. In fact, most sports franchise owners belong to the KoM. Seemingly making the subversion of American professional sports the task of this faction. There is heavy Jesuit influence as well. What always astonished me is Nelson Mandela and his KoM membership...

      The Curia giving something away? Now that is far-fetched. Maybe in means of common perception. 1066 sealed most of that up. Further loose ends tied via the Vurginia Company. In reference to "the crown."

      Not to discredit Hudes but her timing among how much they are allowing her to put out there does not sit well with me. Are they THAT sure the end game is so positively (in their favor) nigh? Crossing up channels to create more confusion and further devide/pollute the truth movement?

      after all - "They are the greatest spies in the world. They can take any form. They can be anything and everything. Very dangerous and not to be underestimated."

      ex-jesuit to me would mean "dealt with..."

    4. Saturnalia S,

      Hey you! Have missed seeing you posting. Hope you will hang out for a while.

      I have seen several of the Hudes interviews.... And hope she makes headway with this group....

      Get Real

    5. KalypsO&Saturnia,




    6. damn...

      i am sorry to read that. religious clinging/dogma has always been a highly frustrating topic for me. Sitting in a non-denomination church through ten watching good people being made fools of got to me worse than a drunken tirade from dad. Masonic doctrines upon moronically twisted parables setting up the slaughter... i wish i could jettison back some years and punch freud in the nuts...

    7. The-anti-psychotics-they-had-him-on-led-to-many-many-possessions.

  66. Bikers en route to DC.

  67. Help Obama kick-start WW3

    Donations required.

    1. brad
      The Bikers may be the last motivated patriots left in America willing to march, great credit to them. Many backgrounds, all caring guys.

  68. Canauzzie and team,

    I love the "read more," feature. makes the site much more managable.

  69. Battlefield moving westward from Mediterranean to Manhattan >>>

    <<<The U.S. wants to seize property bought with money from defraudované cases Magnitsky
    New York - U.S. attorneys seek forfeiture of extensive property in Manhattan that was part of the fraudulent financial machinations, which pointed to the now dead Russian auditor Sergei Magnitsky. According to the AP terms of several luxury properties, like the purchase of a real estate company based in Cyprus wash nearly a quarter billion dollars (4.8 billion dollars). Magnitsky money by finding came from a massive tax evasion that were responsible senior officials from the Russian government.

    So, Jidish Khazars can not swallow that they can not steal Syrian land..., Well guys be careful how you treat the world right now, soon you have to return stolen land and pay each Palestinian family what was stolen and recuperate for all losses of biz and life and those who had to flee in Palestine. After that you have to pay destruction of Syria and Iraq and Lebanon. Well counted the cost would be exactly all that you have plus your labor to the rest of you life. In Iraq you will pay for lost of 20 years of biz (How much would it be if we count GP, then each life that was lost, destruction and rebuild the land....)

    Sweet music of justice is heard on the streets....

    1. Moreover, Those NOBLE Prizes stolen by your gangsters will be returned.

      When this is finished Vatican and Catholic Church is in waiting, so, Jesuits do not laugh at those thugs who think they have some heredity with Hebrews, your turn is in waiting...

      Prosperity for the land is ringing the bell the song of truth and justice.....

  70. Gentlemen


    LET US FLY WITH EAGLES.....chickehawks can not fly,

    let us leave them just behind on the ground AS we aim for the SKY....

  71. John,

    Thank you for your dangling of the carrot...

    Another week of GS / PP / RV centric hope for the world at large...

    Let's hope they can make it happen...

    Thanks, again.

    Get Real

    1. We see IF they will keep their word this week. Always another excuse, another lie. It needs a magnum 44 to their heads. Exterminate one and see them comply.

    2. Partially-my-sentiments-exactly!


    3. DL

      It would be nice to believe what BF says about that, however I do not take him seriously in this matter, neither the force of tuns of ninjas....

      It is nice dream to hear it over and over.. it leads nowhere. If Pentagon is after arrests and the situation was as dire as it could be and nothing happened only lies keep rolling on..., then for me it is obvious.

      Only man of action is Putin. China is her own strategy probably, they line up with Russia but would not make a move I believe on their own.

    4. Thanks all for your input...

      and I can only hope they will all get real!

      Get Real

    5. I say... "John for President"...although it's highly unlikely he'd want to flee the rocky shores of ol' England for this mess over yonder ;)

  72. What is happening with Paladin,

    I did not see him around for while???

    One thing I learned at school...


    So, there is definitely a solution how to topple the cabal mafia, there are more ways how to do it. It must be found, those in the first line must find it, we here, we can motivate, clean energy charge and negativeness, pray and meditate and send positive love energy but the first line up there MUST FIND SOLUTION...IT EXISTS, IT IS THERE WITH AT LEAST ONE PATH TO FOLLOW.

    DO IT GUYS, YOU CAN DO IT. Why do I know it, because you got responsibility and you are the place where there threats to solutions....

    Millions are with you, DAY by DAY for many years.....

  73. DL

    Also, I prepared myself already for the situation that Obama will successfully finish his turn, they will confirm that he is really man of peace and rightly holding Nobel Prize. I am getting ready for the fact that Poker Looser McCain will keep this post till he retires and status quo remains in the US.

    Unless Putin comes and makes orders, but will not. At G20 they should have pressed Soetoro about PP and RV with a knife on throat. Only way.


    1. There is one huge issue that never seems dscussed as to the RV/PP/GCR/ET AL - how do you rationalize monetizing instability with insolvency worldwide? Money exists because we allow it. We recognize it as such because of what we are taught to accept. What happens if everyone (yes, i know but follow with me) wakes up to REAL REALITY and refuses to slave onward? Deliveries for consumables such as foodstuffs as well as clothing gets re-routed to civic establishments that offer these items for free? What if trucks suddenly begin nightly giveaways at undisclosed locations a,la "guerilla events" as some musical acts in the past have done with free shows? To turn the tables, angry unon members tired of union busting efforts decide to use their protection for humaity rather than selfishy enjoying the spoils. Employ the "government's" tactics upon themselves. Freedom wil never come from money-changing. It can provide temporary relief and the illusion of comfort but you still have to maintain it. Earn it. Keep it safe and make it work for you in order to sustain the spoils it CAN (yet most assuredly is not required to) bring.

      fiat springing further fiat is wizardry. Eventually the piper will lead the following to a watery perish (admirality reference here). Until the commerce (court/curtain) system is stripped bare and common law is resumed there will be indelible repurcussions. too many false idols engrained at everyturn. Subterfuge at every angle!

      What is the lasting "thing" that provides money/value? LABOR. Who provides the labor? HUMANS. Along this thought some will say "who then provides the jobs to labor?" - proving thoughts are drilled unto in an ass backwards fashion. It is more accurate to question "WHO PROVIDES THE LABOR AS WELL AS THE NEED FOR LABOR?" certainly not some wrinkled old debutante with a trophy wife or publicity partner if-you-will. Driving the unemployed to such large numbers serves to pit the unemployed against tge.Employed. Now it appears as a privilege to be employed and you better toe my line or be replaced! Likewise, the practice of only providing part-time employment rises requiring workers to work more than one job. This secondary point serves a very sinister plot! It takes focus away from knowledge, development, health and so on.

      In an ever-unfolding psy-war, these mongrels of business war seek to prevent evolution of creativity, thought, awareness, invention and knowledge. We are THEIR SUPERIORS! THEY KNOW IT BUT MOST OF US DO NOT!

      so I strayed a bit but it all leads back to this false security and new lipstuck on a slobbering, desheviled and muddy pig. The money swap that.Holds so much attention and hope for those so effected by baron tactics and scheming. Replace perceived wealth with real wealth at the point of value! OUR TERMS NOT THEIRS!! Their track record is piss poor! Ours, while unproven is not only owed a chance but obviously scares their scrotums into their stomach. They know we don't need them and if we ever fully reach that mass collective, conscious reality it will be simply GAME OVER for them.

  74. NSA and ISRA-HELL in bed, no surprise to any who can count to 5.

  75. John Kerry to meet Russian FM Sergey Lavrov in Geneva on Thursday to discuss Syria's chemical weapons

  76. This is a turning point for humanity - a poignant and encouraging message from Clif High below. His message is what this website is all about.

    A few excerpts from ...

    "to those who sing...."
    by clif high, Sunday ,Sept 8, 2013 8:29am

    with respect....

    it may have escaped your notice, during these trying and soul tying times, but it is your voices that describe our world as we create it, so sing us a new song, and a new life for humanity. We need it now, during this terran transition period.

    To those who speak, where are your voices? Aligned with fear? Of what? If you live in fear, the powers own you. Take a lesson from the warrior class and commit your being to your death, learn to own it, embrace it, and nothing on this planet, nothing in the wide expanse of the matterium need ever cause you fear again.

    The Assyrian situation is the first test of the awakened population at a planetary level. Have we crossed the chasm of demographics to where there are now enough awake and aware people on this planet to change humanity's future by altering these events at this pivotal moment in time?

    That this potential exists... that is, for us, the regular humans so discounted and abused by the powers, to alter our collective future...proves that we win.

    Let me repeat that for clarity: that this 'test' of our potential as awake and aware humans exists, tells me we have already won....only a matter of the doing of it now.

    read more:

  77. New interview with Karen Hudes, former counsel for the World Bank and now whistleblower. Not to be missed. This lady tells all and tells it like it is!

  78. "John Kerry to meet Russian FM Sergey Lavrov in Geneva on Thursday to discuss Syria's chemical weapons.

    Do you think he's trying to get another payoff?

    I think we should, from this point forward, call him "Cash and Kerry".


    <<<North Korea may be reactivated its reactor: North Korea is apparently trying to resume operation reactor capable of producing plutonium for weapons. She said the AP, citing a research institute at the American School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins. Pětimegawattový nuclear reactor complex in Yongbyon North Korea closed the disarmament agreement, but in April indicated that it intends to run again.

  80. John

    the news that are popping today all around do not indicate anything good on horizon, we hope that those news are not in line with what you see on horizon?

    Is anything better popping up there that would overweighed this gloom.

    1. The usurper is being led to a war they will lose.
      Every settlement is failing to complete with no money arriving. The Only real thing to do is settle the debts and kick start the economy. They want war to avoid the debts.
      300M Americans are walking around like Goldfish in a bowl of false reality. How many are really that stupid they don't realize they will be gone as expendables. We can only hope that if this kicks off that Israel gets it first in total and all Global Zionists are assessed fast. Good or dirty. Protect the innocent good, but the rest? Time to re assess humanity. If we get WW111 God help you all. Why cant they impeach that crooked fool? What will it take? ICBM's? Too late!

    2. "If we get WW111 God help you all"

      What about you John? Why is it only us that will be in danger? Shouldn't it be "God help US all?"

    3. John,




    4. golden 1101
      Agreed but I put you all first. Far more ICBM's will drop on the US this time. Few understand what will come.

      We we have to plan and hope for next week now. They failed again.
      They need lining up against the wall.

    5. I was like . . . "I wanna go where John is!" lol

      It feels like these clowns are losing power as the days go on. Not resting on my laurels, because I know vigilance is the key to winning this war of attrition. So far as I have seen, there has not been any outbreaks of violence (knock on wood) in DC with all the contrast they are experiencing right now. I take that as a good sign for the human race.

      I know more of my friends have awoken over the last year or more . . . I feel like the momentum is getting strong enough to finally overcome the remaining obstacles. Fingers crossed xx

      Sadly, I think I have an idea of how wrong this could go . . .IMO missiles are for pussies that are afraid to compete in a fair market . . .I think the misguided factions of the US have proven that.

    6. John may be able to advise on this one:

      Earlier this year American Kabuki published a list of Bonds claimed to be bankrolling former President George Walker Bush's Global Religious Crusade and Drug Profits via Corporate US Military Personnel:

      The list was sent by Heather Tucci-Jarraf (of The One People's Public Trust), having been provided by an intriguing character calling himself Ernest Rauthschild, who claimed among other things to be a Trustee of The Five Star Trust. Ernest Bey (his real name) mysteriously vanished about a year ago, having posted similar revelations on his Facebook and Slideshare accounts:

      My question to John is: have any actions been taken to freeze such funds as the proceeds of crime, prosecute the perpetrators and ensure the release of the funds back into the world-wide community? Is it possible or is there no-one willing or able to undertake such a task?

      Thank you.

    7. Valdi
      Five Star Trust is part of the old Bush fundwashing game and has been used for a lot of nefarious activities as a part of Cabal Dirty Tricks operations.Stay well clear. Very dubious people.


  82. Hit-counts-have-dropped-off-dramatically-today....



  83. This can deliver one more slash to the behemoth FED IMO.

    Many well reasoned Nobel Laureates, 14, have launched a tell the truer economic reality about the US ship of state. They found several Senators willing to cosponsor and sponsor this act. Its not enough to solve the problems but it would be another compelled step in a better direction on many Congress Critters.

    If anyone can arm-twist or reason some Senators or Congressmen into supporting this that would be worthwhile it will be introduced this week or next.

    The Congress Critters accounting office,CBO, by the way is communicating somewhat more honestly than is the executive branches lying US Treasury.

    In August 2013 the Treasury reported that total deficit spending was $0 each an everyday. However the CBO reported 126 billion for the month.

    Considering Labor revised payroll down for each of the prior months for at lease last five months [Feb-Jun 2013 numbers] in the next month. This is a more than probable impossibility.

    Also 10 Year Treasury are screaming in comic red meteoric colors now with a full week average over 2.9%!!

  84. I just realized this is another constitutional crisis in the making.

    "In August 2013 the Treasury reported that total deficit spending was $0 each an everyday. However the CBO reported 126 billion for the month."

  85. "US Military - A Cancer". This video (ten minutes long) posted by Information Clearing House, sums it all up.

    All the people of the world have to stand together and proclaim, "We've had enough! We're not going to put up with it any more!!".

    Ra'anan Gissin, a senior adviser to Ariel Sharon, was reported by Stephanie Innes of the Arizona Daily Star on April 27, 2002, as having said, "We've been fighting a war for the past 18 months, which is the harbinger of World War III. The world is going to fight, whether they like it or not. I'm sure".


    1. Valdi

      Its very well collated. We are running it later.

  86. A new Karen Hudes interview is out. Karen Hudes probably gives one of the most lucid explanations of asset backed currency in this interview and why asset backed currency does NOT have compounding interest rates (which ultimately can and will cripple nations and its people).

    She also explains the alternatives at hand for the power transition and the global economical alternatives.

    Well worth the time to listen to if I may say so myself:

  87. Even though I wish and want to send in men with guns and just clear out the whole lot, at the end of the day, I realize that this whole debacle is a lesson in creativity. Killing your enemy is never the answer, but you can checkmate him, shut him down and lock him up . . .That was their plan for the masses, so one good turn deserves another.

  88. PUTIN addresses American people, he knows that dealing with administration is futile ....

    Not good at all...
    Russian President Vladimir Putin has a call printed in Thursday's edition of The New York Times turned to the Americans that they should not support the attack against Syria. United States, according to him should be a model of democracy, but so many do not see it that way anymore. Putin reiterated that chemical weapons at Damascus in mid-August, did not used the Syrian army, but the insurgents.
    "The fact that in Syria was used toxic gas, no doubt," wrote Putin and his government reiterated its opinion that attacked was done by opposition that hopes to provoke the "intervention of powerful foreign patrons."

    Putin wrote that he does not defend the Assad regime, but trying to defend international law. He also indicated that the opposition forces in Syria are now planning to attack Israel.


  89. John

    ...not good, as you stated yesterday night. Putin speaks directly to Americans, last warning, last hope. If Al-CiadaMosada attacks Israel by gassing them, then that's it.

    Can you make your comment and some time line and last minute advice for survival in case that it goes very wrong....which places expected to be hit in Europe (as for me I reside souther Sweden) having family down in Czech.

    Good luck to all....I see it this way now.

    1. Vlastimil

      Sorry, but if it goes Nuclear, unless you are underground radiation protected and with a centuries supplies, nowhere is safe. Winds and tides will bring contaminated air and water down on you and the land. Sunlight will be blocked out for years. Crops will die. Water will be undrinkable and the winds will carry contamination. If it goes, it all goes. Civilization as you know it will become non existent. Man will kill on site for anything, food, clothes,tools. Man will be at his worst. Groups will be slaughtered as were Native Americans, the Indians.

      Any hope will be near mountain sheltered Lakes or Rivers as far from Cities as possible. Weapons will be key. Guns,ammo etc. Loot old Military armories or Gunshops, check deserted farms for guns etc. Get armed asap. No arms, no hope. Get Real! That will help defend against attacking dogs or marauders.Get weapons.

      It will all be self help. Obvious countries with US or Russian bases will all be hit hard. But the atmosphere alone will kill most. Horribly.

      You know the Soviet mind set. Post Stalingrad and the Gulags you saw their zero value for life. Putin, if pushed, will strike and dig in. The US still don't get it. They have never experienced war at home outside of Hollywood garbage and lies, and are the worlds biggest one sided aggressors.

      Putin KNOWS he can dig in underground and total out America and all their bases with his IBM's. He will accept 100M Russian losses to kill America dead.

      China will get sucked in. Having only brutally lost most wars alone, the US still does not get it. China will have to pick a side. They know they can not trust the US so it will be with Russia.

      This is BEYOND a stupid position for Obuma. The over fed Cabal Military of Dough Nut guzzling Pentagon Desk Jockey heroes are getting it now, and running gutless for peace. They now see a fight they can't win and want to run as always. Another fine mess!

      Putin and the Chinese have the US Fleet surrounded now. Right in Russia's own back yard. What naive posing by DC. Fish in a barrel.

      The innocent US society just does not understand the hatred and anger their countries Military Hegemony has aroused for decades of their nations bullying and looting. Poorly educated, most are innocent but clueless. THEY have it all to lose now. Russia and China see this now as a key trigger time if needed.

      Putin has said, bring it on! Obuma's bluff has been called. DC now realize they will all be the front line targets if this goes to full out war. Russia and China are training together. This war is against the Cabal. American citizens will be the vast innocents obliterated as collateral damage.

      That is the price of letting the MAD AGENCY DOGS and ZIONIST BANKERS TAKE OVER. Americas real enemy is within. It's NOT the people.They are mainly very decent, innocent victims as well. Lied to by the MSM, they still have no idea how dangerous this has now become for them. They get the blame unfairly for the shame of the Cabal.

      Russia is on a full war footing. What does that tell you? Americans have not been told that. This will not just destroy Europe again this time. It will go to full out Payback Time! They still don't fully get it as they sleepwalk like Lemmings to the cliff edge.

      Putin has faced them down and told them to disarm and back off or be shot. This is the OK Coral in replay. Putin is now Wyatt Earp. Backed up by Nukes. He's ready and willing to draw.

      America draws at its peril. It will only end one way. Badly!

      If instead these Clowns in DC released the Settlements and Dinars, it will fund face saving tactical withdrawal and give the world a new chance to rebuild in harmony. The greatest danger and evil the world faces,is the US Military Cabal. The Worlds Number One public enemy by far. Then so many decent, caring Americans can all be safe and work with us in harmony to rebuild our world. Americans are NOT our enemy it's the CABAL!

  90. Dinar and PP Updates
    1.Despite more Reno activities, the week has failed again. WF has no interest in cooperating and Regulatory Force is not available. There is no early sign of a breakthrough. War will only give excuses to delay it. Ignore the usual Blog traffic talking rubbish. There is ONLY one source and that is Reno. Reno right now is nowhere. It's a mess.

    2. PP's.Again, despite firm assurances there has been no progress. Zero! Just a lot more empty promises.

    All parties can do now is wait and see next week if a breakthrough occurs.
    So far, nothing profiles well. Bankers are fat and happy. They don't care. The Cabal is happy with weapons sales and Contractors money. War is profit.
    Settlements are not looking good right now. Another week to hope and wait.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. John,

      Disappointing! As always, thank you for this information... So we will look for it next week.

      Be it known WE WILL NEVER GIVE UP! They will say "uncle" before it is even a glimmer of a thought in my mind.

      While they may be winning the battle, I am in for the long haul and will wait them out and will win the War!

      Get Real

  91. Thanks John for your efforts

    Fair enough. My rational judgement, they do not intend to release it at all. I came to this conclusion long ago, but wishful thinking and hopes sometimes overweigh reason, so to speak. If they did not do it in the past, they will find the way to ignore all. DOT. Unless FORCED by power. Putin can not come there and do it with his people, clearly.

    Anyhow, what is worrisome is a simple Putin's warning of to US public. If we have "human organ eater" attack Israel then the epic is turning from drama to tragedy genre. How alarming is it now? Should we get ready and how.

    Let's do man talk without scarring or fear mongering, just plain assessment no emotions attached. Thanks..

  92. WF, Regarding WF and all the establishment around PP, RV and Settlemetns....

    There is only one indication that explains it all. They wait for a global conflict and they know it that the global event is in waiting. They know it for a long time, all those bankers and handlers of the PP or WGS.
    Why would they release money if you know that in few days or weeks they plan a global event? Just imagine, you release trillions, then global event takes place, money is somewhere around floating but not in your pocket. Why would you let it go?

    They have planned a global conflict and also I mean planed how to make debt disappear somehow, as they did it in 9/11. After that they will have that money they were supposed to let go in PP or WGS or RV??


  93. I am sad to have to agree with you, Vlastimil. Ever wondered why the massive bank bail-outs which indebted nations for generations to come, the insane magnitude of quantitative easing, the bank bail-ins as in Cyprus and more recently the confiscation of half of all private pension funds by the Polish government haven't resulted in runaway inflation? It's because the money went to enrich the bankers, who never intended to distribute any of the wealth to small businesses and the common man. That way they could afford to buy up more real assets with their obscene bonuses while dumping their toxic assets on the public.

    They have no intention of sharing their wealth and power with the rest of humanity; they would rather keep us struggling to survive because it's easier to control us that way....or kill us off.

    1. YAHHHH, Valdi....

      It looks that Northern Western Hemisphere has no real bright future.

      Two things we wait for. If Sergei Lavrov cuts any deal with the public lier in Geneva and the second if "human organ eaters" will be still directed to strike Israel after Putin publicly displayed their plan.

      If both go wrong, then not much hope for North Western Hemisphere and Middle East, I am afraid.

    2. Oh God, I think I need a drink..... :-(

  94. This comment has been removed by the author.

  95. The other day I published ASHTON KUTCHER short speech, he is great, impressed totally.

    One of three things he is talking about is being sexy, but then he explains that sexiness is not that crap that people are fed by MSM, but real sexiness is being SMART and THOUGHTFUL and GENEROUS

    I would say there is one thing to add to sexiness and it explain why too many young Russians girls want to marry Putin and it is SAYING TRUTH.

    Saying TRUTH is sexy.... Keep telling truth and I guarantee, you will be sexy..., the rest is crap as Kutcher says. I love it.

  96. JOHN

    Why not to initiate a final blow.

    Putin and Russia Duma offered a plan to meet with US Congress and lawyers in DC to discuss and uncover all details over Syria. Americans as good cowards backed and embarrassed selves in front of the whole world.

    Now why not UK initiates something similar guys. Just invite both parties to Westminster, make them afternoon tea and scones and settle it once for all while being in the middle co-ordinating the talks. You will come out the head up, thumbs up for UK and happy faces ever after.

    DO IT GUYS AT NEUTRAL can not be rejected this time ......

    (Actually you can invite also Mr pussy boy Francois Hollande to serve cheese, that's all what he is good for as for this moment.

  97. Fascist ZIONIST MAFIA is cooking something in the North Korea with the nuclear reactor...

    They will take aways attention from Syria to do something in Korea and meanwhile do some strike in Syria......

    Russia's backyard in Far East will require Putin's attention as well.

    I think we should just strike those snakes with deadly blow and that's it, we have evidence that it is CIA and Mossad behind Syria so to history books will go facts. MSM will be invaded, their thugs go to prison and public will be told truth. Who cares if they believe it, life will go on and next generation will believe it eventually from school.

  98. So so bummed about the news this morning John, do you all have any hair left to pull out? Appears that Putin is continuing outing the cabal & Obuma here, with this Fox News headline ~

    Putin ties Obama to Bush
    in Syria strike swipe

    1. Try getting it daily. We have to keep the Trust group morale up with this weekly shambolic farce. Obuma is just the errand boy and no more. They put him in for the race vote and a free run. He's appalling.

      But, the Military Cabal and the Zionist Bankers are the real guilty parties here. They STOLE IT AND BLEW IT. Now, how do we get it back?
      From Liars,Thieves and Traitors.
      We try daily. Our time, our dime. We really have invested big.Serious real money of our own. As have many. Countries are bleeding.
      Can you wonder why so many countries now really do want this war so that Russia and China will destroy the real enemy. How else can they kill the Cabal?

    2. Zionist Cabal are backed by zionist Christians in the States it means basically all Christians......,

      How are Cabal connected to Jesuits? If Jesuits are not part of it, then we can unite with Jesuits to fight them, so what, who cares if they have their agenda as long as a common agenda would be found and destroy cabal.

      If not then it must be done by FORCE, one way or the other. Systematically one by one, we must be doing killing. Who cares about religious dogma "kill not." I am theologian and I am ready for this task. If this is only way, it must be done. Take down MSM, one by one. Release on internet data and let somebody puts on Murdoch's head 5 mil USD. One here one there, Just put fact on the net and the prize for head. We must hunt them this way. They will get scared.

      We must fight terror with terror. LET US DO IT NOW!!!!!!!!

    3. Oh believe me, I totally understand your comment ~

      "john12 September 2013 08:57
      Try getting it daily. We have to keep the Trust group morale up with this weekly shambolic farce. Obuma is just the errand boy and no more. They put him in for the race vote and a free run. He's appalling.

      Have been riding this along others in group for a very very long time. The bowls are full, time for the outpouring of answers and the sowing of blood, sweat and tears to be reaped in gargantuous ways, for Trust group sake and that of mankind.

    4. Eyes Wide Open,

      Agreed.. I am sure it is frustrating and a constant disappointment with regard to his Trust Group... However, as I said above... We will not give up, stay strong and support each other through the process.

      Get Real

    5. Get Real ~ we never give up, the victory is ours, yet to manifest !!! This team has already won, yoo hoo, we declare it so !!!


  99. The Banker: It Was Us That Created The Nazis

    When a little birdie dropped the End Game memo through my window, its content was so explosive, so sick and plain evil, I just couldn’t believe it.

    The Memo confirmed every conspiracy freak’s fantasy: that in the late 1990s, the top US Treasury officials secretly conspired with a small cabal of banker big-shots to rip apart financial regulation across the planet.

    When you see 26.3 percent unemployment in Spain, desperation and hunger in Greece, riots in Indonesia and Detroit in bankruptcy, go back to this End Game memo, the genesis of the blood and tears.

    Progressive Disease Of Elitism: Bill Gates – World’s New Innocuous Serial Killer ~ 47, 500 Cases Of Vaccine Paralysis Deaths.
    The Earth Is NOT Over-Populated ~ The World Population Can All Fit Into Texas With Our Own Gardens!
    When Obama Strikes In Earnest Against The United States: The Coming EBT (ELECTRONIC FOOD STAMP) Riots ~ When Food For 47.3 Americans Is Stopped By A Push Of A Computer Button ~ Why Its Important To Understand!

    The Treasury official playing the bankers’ secret End Game was Larry Summers. Today, Summers is Barack Obama’s leading choice for Chairman of the US Federal Reserve, the world’s central bank. If the confidential memo is authentic, then Summers shouldn’t be serving on the Fed, he should be serving hard time in some dungeon reserved for the criminally insane of the finance world.

    more at

  100. Presidents are TOLD who to elect and ALWAYS it is the Zionists Jews to continue the organized theft and be covered up by their own.

  101. VIDEO — Obama Congratulates Muslim Brotherhood Front on the Same Day He Decides to Strike Syria


    Jesuit head: US strike on Syria would be 'abuse of power'
    SHOCK! Obama Cancelled Syria Strike After ‘Black Pope’ Said No


  102. George Galloway V Jo Coburn FULL UNCUT BATTLE


  103. John
    As I wrote above:

    Either we have war in which cabal are hunted and killed and north hemisphere is gone or...

    1. we fight terror with terror. Pick up a banker and one MSM corporation, place their names on the net, place there their crimes, place there award for head, place there their residence and summer houses...award for head 5 mil USD, we do it for couple of them for number of time (In UK, in US, in Japan..)

    2. Let us unite with Jesuits in case they are not part of cabal per se, I understand that they are not a favorite pick but it is possible to strike a deal with them, so what, I would dismantle Roman Catholic church as first here I guess, but I am happy to make such compromise.

    (DL already found a link that Black Pope halted Obama...)

  104. The following was highlighted by VeteransToday on today... while this was published June, 2013, I have never seen it before. It is powerful and worth watching... "The wake-up is in full swing, and this is why they are afraid of us and rightly so".

    Get Real

    Epitaph: The Late, Great United States

    From the pen of Zen Gardner, to the present time. Prophetic, at the very least.

    It's over. The sacrifice is done. A lone bugle plays weak, warbled taps as the smoke drifts from the ruins into the dark, grey sky.

    America is finished. The plan is executed.

  105. Ron Paul for NOBLE PRIZE ...

    Dr. Ron Paul has been unwavering for decades in his message to end all foreign wars the United States gets involved with. He is the highest ranking US official that wants to bring all of our troops home and close hundreds of pointless US military bases around the world that serve only to extend an imperial presence. This alone justifies recognition.

  106. John,
    with so many lies, what makes you think that the parties in control of the PP/dinars, or whatever, would ever actually release the money? To me, it doesn't make sense. They are firmly in control. They start wars when they want and do as they please. Why would they give trillions of dollars to people who aren't part of the cabal, zionists, or whatever, thereby threatening their own control of everything and allowing someone else to form a power structure? It's like the story of CMKX. Always next week, but what do the good guys really have to affect the change? It seems positive attempts are simply brushed off and we are left with only a "hope" that someday, some week, these people will release trillions to people who could in theory establish their own power structure against them? Do we have more than a hope, or is it simply us sitting and praying they will decide to do the right thing, which seems kind of depressing when the goal is to get trillions released. It seems unlikely. Thanks for your time.

    1. ZN

      Your reasoning is of course pretty much on the target, that's why all this campaign here is all about. To expose their crime, eventually cut the deal or topple them at all.

    2. ZN
      This is the key battle ground. China, Japan and others wont wait much longer. Syria is the red light now. They now realize whats in store for them if they lose in Syria, which they will! This is the French Revolution now. They know how that played out.

    3. Am I the only one reading John's comment here. Read it and think of the implications. Envision it.

      "This is the French Revolution now. They know how that played out.'

      I love these choice of words and what it Implies. I know it is only the French but I believe those of you here know this part of history and how it played out.

      Off with their heads!

  107. I wonder whether the ´perceived´ enemy is truly cornered. What if a war breaks out and the cabal turns out to be a front organization of much more powerful interests? The general rule is and always remains that times do not change. Times are made to the elite. During every age people proclaim that the inequity of the current system will not continue much longer with as argument that the ´times are changing´. The myriad of connected think tanks and front organizations will make times change indeed. Every minute detail is carefully planned out and its exact effect measured beforehand.

    So I wonder....even if the USA and China/Russia and a host of other countries go to war.....would it accomplish anything at all or does it merely mean that ALL sides have been played as fools? A Masonic checkerboard is black and white to symbolize both sides controlled by a third and complete unseen force: the grey.

    So I question the extent to which in particular the Worshipful Company of Mercers and the Worshipful Company of Fuellers (this last has major influence over the military industrial complex and the global energy sector) of the City of London are to blame. Furthermore I question the extent to which the Jesuits are to blame. No other time in history witnessed a Jesuit Pope. No other time in history witnessed the stepping down of a Jesuit Superior General. Hans Kolvenbach is still in the Middle East and it is truly an absolute chaos there with this Lord of Chaos present there.

    All war is deception. Being but one step behind in a chess game will ensure defeat. I question whether the intelligence we have is up to date enough to take on the most powerful intelligentsia in the world.

    Even the AIDS spin story is created by a Knight of Malta. Again another road that leads to Rome and more specifically the Vatican. Watch the documentary ¨House of Numbers¨ to see much of the real story behind AIDS. AIDS is first class quackery. A lie used to cover up hard drugs usage in the USA (which does lower one´s immunity system), to generate funds for black ops and for additional depopulation purposes via supposed ´treatment´.

    I consider it quintessential to follow the money as Karen Hudes suggests. If trillions of PP, WGS and GCR money has disappeared, then it seems to suggest that a more major player has not been uncovered yet. One who possibly pulls the true strings.

    More information about a variety of topics discussed above and related matters:

  108. ****BREAKING:

    1. darylluke
      I gave you the "weapon "answer under your pipeline comment, as to who and why. It is why I told you the US Fleet will lose. The total game changer.And more. Who now helps Russia. Put it together.

  109. College Students Chase David Petraeus and Shout at Him on First Day of Class


    1. This is a sad day. A true patriot. You have no idea. They should be thanking him. They will in time. General Petraeus forgive them for they know not what they do.

  110. Rep. Holt: Time to dismantle the Patriot Act