Sunday, July 14, 2013

Removing and understanding the Dinar Layers of confusion and being grateful for UNEARNED OPPORTUNITIES!

  • Dinarians, please, understand what this journey has taken and the real costs for so many. Or, is ignorance Bliss? 
  • Understand the big picture.
  • Where is the money now to recover and pay for all of it. 

One World
July 14, 2013 

There are still mountains to climb and it will not be given up willingly, as key parties in Reno find by the day. Ending yet another week of no closure, more obfuscation and more false assurances, indicates no intent to settle is near. Obama appears to wish only to block as long as possible to keep the Ponzi Cabal in control.  Many people worldwide are focused together and trying so hard to encourage an amicable solution to these key issues. Practical discussions and efforts are being pursued to break this deadlock.

When Abraham Lincoln eulogized with such focus on the rights of ALL Americans to be accorded the rights of free men in their own new land, little did he know that centuries later, all the evils of Feudal Political and some unelected Shadow Government Cabal, or Zionist Monarchs, would be revisited upon the people again as it is today. This time by such corrupt Neocon Politicians and by perverse Commie Czar Doctrines, as Lincoln would fight again to remove. The World's case is not against America or its people, but solely against the Cabal and Criminal Zionist Bankers facilitating massive corruption. How did poor Iraq ever get to this? Now they have become the left over carcass of that unlawful debacle, with the Scavenger packs fighting for morsels with every delusional self-justification case possible


The Real Costs and the Real Villains Named and Shamed Here. The Great and the Up to No Good Texan Cabal Shysters! But, we will also help make your case for release for you. What they have stolen, how to recover it and settle the Dinarian’s and Private Placements in total. That done, what will YOU put back to also help our Veterans dying or maimed out there? Can any good come from it? Are they dying alone for your Dinars? We will be starting a Help OUR Heroes Fund for the wounded and families of the deceased. Also now to help the many impoverished US Vets? They do the Dying, Washington does the Lying. Working together let’s all help bring the real America back, with pride, hope and vision for all the people again. The quality of people is still there.  We just need to start by only electing the quality of Leaders with Integrity fit for purpose again. 


History of Iraq will not judge well what was perpetrated against this nation, the Babylon of ancient Culture.

Hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians have been killed, exterminated, because a few Political Shysters, Gung Ho Shadow Government Agency and Military Gangsters, who lied and launched a one sided disgraceful ILLEGAL War of Attrition, for ILLEGAL Regime change. All because an inebriate son, he himself elected by his father’s own criminal Agency chicanery and Vote rigging Brother, sought to rewrite history, and finish what the One Termer failed to do. Is there no end to the consequences and atrocities of this Nazi founded Crime family, and their Cabal Neocon cohorts? But, the guilt is not theirs alone.

These Swindlers, and Oily, Greasy Political Shape Shifters and Fixers, all conspired, lied and deceived nations to unleash Hell upon a far inferior opponent.

Now 10 years on, just what has been accomplished by this vile slaughter? As the Iraqi nation needlessly lies in ruins, no sanitation, power failures, inter faction murders up to hundreds daily, bombs indiscriminately killing, as Shiite kills Sunni, and the Texicon’s rape it's Oil. Military Contractors flood in by the thousands, all on State Budgets, enriching the Political families behind the scenes, these group owning Shysters ripping off America.

Another child dies, each mother cries, and we, in the West, listen to more Media Lies! 


This nation was bombed into the Stone Age. Saddam offered to negotiate and pay Reparation costs on numerous occasions to avoid all of this. It was a truly so avoidable, this ugly war. One Draft Dodging President, elected by Vote Rigging Fraud, abused the power of office to conspire with others, at whatever cost, to unleash a war of attrition against a defenseless Third World nation. Illegal regime change and War looting again!

Bush 43 was told by Hans Blix, UN Nuclear inspector, there were No WMD’s in Iraq. As US Intel had also advised him - no evidence of WMDs had been found. But, his limp brain was fixed. His Daddies inept failure in history had to be avenged. With the brute power of the Oval Office, conspiring Lap Dog allies were roped in.

This mess was given credibility when Lounge Lizard Tony (B –LIAR!) Blair used a ridiculous 10 year old PhD students WMD speculative only thesis, created by Kuwaiti Ibrahim al-Marashi, which was then plagiarized by Blair’s own notorious personal Spin Doctor, recovering alcoholic and foul mouthed, bullying mental breakdown head case Alastair Campbell, to offer as Intel support for this ugly, ILLEGAL war. Unfortunately, then given more credibility when Campbell bullied John Scarlett of MI 6, to give it a credible opinion of authenticity to assist Blair appease Bush. Scarlet shamefully denigrated the integrity of UK Intel for a century with that needless political Butt Kissing.

Was Scarlet consigned to ignominy as well deserved? Hell no, he was raised in SIS and given a Knighthood. These are ugly times. The same false report Colin Powell himself then quoted to the UN Security Council to unleash Shock and Awe on this helpless Third World Country. Mass genocide resulted. Blair’s inept misdemeanors engendered the future patronage of the Bush Crime family and Cabal membership. Hundreds of thousands died. He cried, all the way to the Bank joining the Bush / Clinton Crime Family Gravy Train! Following that was also his elevation and conversion to Catholicism, as the token publicity gesture to receive his own fully loaded Vatican Bank Account. Would any God want such a Sod?

There is no moral imperative for the Dinar bun fights in daily activity. The constant hiatus fueled by Gurus and Greed incurs attention and dissent from Regulatory entities monitoring markets. No one minds, or has any issues with any parties investing or speculating on Dinars. That is fine. As long as profits or losses can be handled as it develops, and miss selling is not occurring. What stresses the markets is a particularly loud species of inebriate who seem to think the world owes them and therefore their vacuous, uncouth demands must be met- Now!

Discrete, respectful low profile dialog is the way forward. Just not public hiatus which spotlights a certain sector and the balance of comparison with equally deserving causes. Dinar Guru Site’s cause harm and offense. These bottom feeding mollusks actually seem to believe it’s their God given right to be Welfare Bailed again, and they don’t think how, or care who. Speculation is OK. No problem. That’s understood. But rights? To be squealing they are being denied by others of their Right? Rights how earned? It’s just a speculation. Low profile it can get done. High profile creates hysteria, which is ugly. Calm hands only are needed now. Handled right, it can all succeed. Their noise on the system is becoming concerning and raising issues.

They fail to understand or even think - Who is paying for it all? Aaahhh want maaah muuuniieee, aaaahhh want maahh muuuniie, is heard across the land. Whose money? How often does a THIEF Pay You Back?

The current reality to attempt to make some good of this malfunctioning fiasco is to re appraise the overall positions now in Treasury discussions and is progressing as follows:

  • The Organized Groups in Reno, given their Trade Out exchange, will actually be using vast new funds, less Taxes paid to America, to underpin both new US and Global Infrastructure and Nation Building Projects. So, the US Treasury will accrue a Tax Gain and Global jobs will be benefit. Their cases have merit. Also, as the key Reno Funds already have a strategic plan contracted and waiting for major Trading, releasing their funds actually pays America back many times over. It makes no sense to delay as the Trading Profits will put back more into the US than is paid out. Many times more. Yet, in spite of the enormous gains America will accrue from settling the Dinars, the team in Reno are constantly fed false and misleading information; including inaccurate claims again this week for certain planes in identified hangars, which on inspection again turned out to be bogus. Vast recovery is being denied. There is no moral imperative for the loudest broker media demands of the lowest 5%. All sectors have equal cases of need and benefits from settling. Strategy is key. These Dinars will help get peoples OFF Welfare and jobs going! A Vast range of Infrastructure and Nation Building Projects are waiting. Stop squandering vast budgets needlessly funding Military Hegemony Contractors boots on the ground in Asia, release these funds and let America fund its own Wealth making projects and jobs. Stop LYING to the dedicated and Patriotic Reno teams.

  • Exactly the same as with the Private Placements. Withholding is actually Self Defeating and denying major scale Projects and opportunities for Americans. Vast Infrastructure and Education Projects are being needlessly delayed and national recovery opportunities wasted. The new High Speed Rail Track Systems bringing infrastructure aid, jobs, income and hope is all being denied needlessly. Educational support projects delayed. Energy projects delayed. These are Funds STOLEN as early as the mid 1930’s! Give back WHAT IS NOT YOURS and let real Patriots rebuild America and the world. Washington is the problem! Paying back what is not yours to lawfully hold, and is long overdue for Redemption, will produce Jobs, taxes and profits many times greater than the original capital. Paying back will massively rebuild America. But, the Zionist stranglehold of US Finances does not listen to Logic. This giant incestuous Tapeworm feeds by the day, devoid of vision. Failure to recognize the enormous recovery potential conclusively proves these Usurpers are not fit for purpose to run America. Stop condoning this Criminal Cabal.

  • The Political Fixers, the usual slime balls from the corridors of power, as always, have sequestrated by fair means or foul, vast amounts of Iraqi dinars which they, with no moral misgivings, will use their banking and Attorney Mouthpieces to front for them and walk with vast Billions of their ill-gotten gains. With that crowd, probably evading taxes also. These low life bilge bandits are a human tragedy that no one restrains. This is a long way from the wishes of the Founders. Their profits are War Crimes funds. All such funds deserve to be seized as proceeds of crime. Where’s an Elliot Ness when America needs one? The Bushes want it settled so now whose causing the on-going delays? 

  • Below this are the numerous small Investors, parties who have knowingly cross invested as a long term objective. Most have needs for their Profits to be accrued for business recovery. Also to fund new business opportunities which would help create jobs and taxes. These are the Green Shoots of recovery parties we need to re-fund and unleash. Not before time for many of them under horrendous stress. Genuine needs.

  • Iraq as a nation is downtrodden into the dirt, with no currency or means to trade as a deserving, capable nation with a long history. They alone truly deserve all of this to come good. For this nation, every day of more delays, is a crime of banal indifference. Hegemony at its worst! 

  • And last, but not least, the Camp following small speculators who need help fast to focus their personal objectives with a clear plan. For many it will help get them off Welfare with a chance to now regenerate their lives.

For most, even the Dinar release itself will be a source of real stress. Be clear, your Core Objective then is to PROTECT THE CAPITAL! ABOVE AND BEYOND ALL - GET THIS RIGHT! The key Priority is to start by paying off all loans, debts, borrowing and banks immediately - Get Debt and Bank free!

No one can look after your money better than you can. Avoid speculating as Hustlers will beat a path to your door. Families, often, are even worse. You don’t need to gamble as this will involve losing, and they all need your money to gamble with, so you take the hit if it loses. The OPM system - Other People’s Money! Take your time and ONLY invest small cross spreads in what you know and can safely control. For those lucky enough to have a surplus after Debt Clearances think only of living from dividend or interest income accrued. Not from your capital or it will all be gone fast. Making money is not the hardest thing, KEEPING IT IS!

  • All markets are dangerous territory right now. Gold is in real decline. As are many commodities. Stocks and Shares are minefields for the unwary. Few Managed Portfolios are producing good profits and Management Fees eat up your capital. Once the Dinars break free, as long as Profits are accrued, the best thing for most to do, apart from getting debt free, is nothing. Take your time to rethink everything. Very turbulent times are ahead. A defining time for you and the country. Key Questions, WHICH America? The America of it's peoples dreams and wishes, or the macabre reality as is today, no Constitution, spied on, out of control Police, IRS Thugs, Justice run by crooks. Also, for those with good surpluses, use your heads, think ahead, spread your new found wealth into a multi-country, multi-currency portfolio safe from a State Bank Deposit grab.

Reflecting Ahead – The Defining Moments of Americas Evolution.


No one denies, or decries America’s historical growth or even its great potential still. But, all Empires end, usually badly. Despite the abundant talent visible, has America now run its course as a Leading nation? Taking stock of the life ahead, all parties need to review, take stock of your families need and get a reality check reading of the crossroads facing Americans now. It’s time to lose the rose tinted spectacles and stop marching to a nation’s flag which is no longer yours.

The evidence of Americas spying on its people, the abysmal scale of corruption, and sleaze, and Treasonous conduct of its Leaders over the last 30 years, has to raise the tacit question, “IS THIS CURRENT AMERICA FIT FOR PURPOSE to serve the needs of the nation any further?” Is our Homeland home now?

Vast amounts have been stolen and squandered by the Cabal and Fed. Where has it all gone?

There is no longer any differential between voting for Clinton or Jeb Bush next time, because the Crime Families then retain Totalitarian Powers with control unchecked. A Cabal lock on every life in America. Freedom is dying as the Fourth Reich emerges unconstrained with fearsome State Spying powers. The entire system is now endemically rotten. So are they!

The AMERICAN TREASURY, Fed and Wall Street Banking Markets are under singular Zionist control. A Totalitarian Takeover has occurred with ruthless efficiency. They have absolute Oligopoly control. As such, they act while Obama and his handlers deny the world long the overdue Settlements process. They fight tooth and nail against Bank controls and via a Zionist led Supremes and Legal System, they deny Criminal actions against so many clearly, visible and crooked Zionist Banksters. What does the future hold for a thinking person?

With changed, ethical and Visionary Leadership, be in no doubt, the future for America is yet to be written. But who will rise to it? Right now, under the current and foreseeable Political spectrum, what is - IS UGLY! A truly polarized reversal of the Wishes and Dreams of the Founding Fathers is now upon the nation.

The Wealth Gap between the Haves and Have Not's grows ever greater. Welfare and Retiree Costs are simply unaffordable and unsustainable. It’s less of a trickle down and more of a Shake Down. Wealth is not being accrued to go into funding this escalating State Monolith. Basel lll will crack wide open the ugly realities of State expectations as transparency will show the cupboard is bare. A Rubicon line will be crossed when the Welfare Checks one day just cease. Cross Firing Bad Checks is Illegal. Issuing Welfare Checks from a Bankrupt system is illegal, breaching Basel lll, and will come home to roost one day. Ever more reasons for Dinarians to be safely protected when chaos erupts. The entire Welfare system is an unsustainable LIE! AMERICA is a world of illusions and smoking mirrors. DEBT IS AMERICAS GREATEST ENEMY TODAY! Debts forced upon you by their great profligate waste, wars and theft.

As the current emerging America unfolds, with cities crumbling, markets in decline, Food Stamps in greater demand, inability for tens of millions to pay essential living costs, ask- Where is the Visionary leadership Planning to turn this once great nation around? Is the country capable of escaping its downward spiral under current Leadership? No question great potential Leadership DOES exist, and NO QUESTION America can still Trade Out, but not with this bunch of proven failures, liars and sycophants in power today. So, unless the Clean Up and Clear Out starts there, is the country any longer Fit for Purpose to live in or raise a family in? Ignoring the harsh reality won’t make it go away. No Clean, Committed Patriots would want to become embroiled in the filth that has become Washington and the Beltway. Yet without them, America cannot recover. Catch 22.

  • To Congress: Where are the VAST funds held behind the real 5 Star Trusts fronting vast Gold holding stolen from Asia via the Agencies? Recover that to repay what’s long since overdue. Why are these Agencies running vast Criminal Empires beyond the control and oversight of Congress?

  • How much is made by CIA Drug Trafficking and Money Laundering each year? Why has Opium production increased 300% in Afghanistan under US control?

  • Why have the 5 CIA agents who helped move and Launder Biden’s $200M Bribe from Bush and Clinton not been arrested? Why has Biden not been impeached? 

  • At the last count, over $900B was traced as having been made from Bank Program trading using Edward Falcone’s funds, denying him any benefit. Bush, the CIA and Clinton are all known beneficiaries. Tracing it all via HSBC, Deutsch, Barclays and other banks, why has no one been arrested for it? Why was the FBI Florida Office stopped from investigating the Bushes? Why have the Bush contracts now seized from Herzog by Interpol and the German Police not been used to arrest the Bushes and all involved?


  • The US Federal Reserve / Pentagon and Agency Grey Screens trade vast Trillions of Ponzi and Fiat money each year. All bypassing Congress or the IRS. Where does it go? Why is that not used for the Settlements now?


  1. Real questions and keys to the funds to get out virally now.All these funds transferred back where they belong, in the hands of the people, will rebuild America again.Time to face down the Cabal,stop the Tyranny, and cease the Zionist stranglehold on the US Treasury.

    Time to clean out the rats nests and sewers.

    America has the good people, talent and capability to turn it all around still. But, it has a free loading, WASTING Military Industrial Cabal, and a Zionist Oligopoly draining the life blood out of the people and Global economy which, if left unchecked, will crash the world with them.

    Time for Americans to take back their own country before its too late. Never mind creating Regime changes worldwide. It needs to start in DC and Texas!Give Americans freedom and control of their own money again!

    1. Thanks John,

      Wisdom and understanding. I believe it is double edge sword. It took a long time for me to sort things out, it is possible that if I knew all what I've known today I would be without IQD, back in 2004 I had good understanding of freaking 9/11 and WMD lies. It is also possible that many of us if they had known they would let it pass. However, knowing that much is challenge to justify owning some. At least I am not freaking fundamentalist shouting that God is robbing infidel and giving wealth to faithful in the last days. (Which I consider a moral crime in fact).

      Anyhow, meditate on all must I.

      Thanks Vlastik

    2. John

      So if the texans want this down and the usurper is simply a controlled puppet then where does the hold up come from? Doesn't the texans control the Fed and after that with the rest of the world wanting this done who is left to put the brakes on?

    3. Me and all me
      This is the quandary affecting all parties. Between the vast powers of a rapacious,unelected Shadow Government -Read Military Industrial Cabal, the greed and duplicity of the Zionist Bankers and their Shills, the Agencies,and layer, after layer, after layer of Special Interest Groups, how does anything ever get done?

      There is no organized US Political Hierarchy in control and the Constitution is simply neutered.Congress is a joke.

      All the pigs in DC want is their lick at the swill trough. You know the rest. Confusion rules. As long as the Kenyan gets his Freebies and fills his accounts before the parties over, he's not interested. He's also ring fenced by Zionists and Commie Czars minding him in the WH. As it was with Jr and the Neocons.

      In any other country the Treasury Secretary could give you a time scale. But the US Treasury and Fed is controlled by Puppet Masters like Greenspan behind the scenes working hand in hand with the Cabal. Never have they paid a looted dime back before. These are vulturous carrion, not visionaries. They came to loot not lead.

      America has not had a Leader for 30 or more years. a lot of time for Bush and Co to stitch up their Nazi criminal empire. So many good men in the US could turn this around. But they are denied power, or even a seat. Owned, Made Men get the seats. The Corporation rules all, and now sees population reduction as the economic way forward.Do those pics look like a family who cares? The Fourth Reich runs the show.

      As the world now goes in other directions with BRICS etc, how long before the world calls time on the US? Have no doubt,unless all thinking people work together to try to reason a solution,one morning you will all wake up- like Russia did, bust. Heads in the sand will do it.

      Lew has no powers to decide. You don't have a real Government, just a side show. The Cabal has bled the world dry and wasted most of it. The ignorant don't understand the Ponzi scam is unsustainable. Nor what will come with collapse. We seek not to offend,just, as you, to question why? And why NOT print more now, pay out and rebuild with the huge talent waiting ready. We do work with many good and committed Americans as focused and stressed. All wanting resolutions and change. Maybe it does all have to crash and burn as Russia did before it can rebuild. If so, the price will be terrible and the world will go down with them. As Sr ages so fast now, who does call the shots, because it looks like chaos rules. The Kenyan is stocking up on Freebies and the Rats are jumping ship. Hope this explains the dilemma. Not easy, is it?

  2. John

    Those rumors that Saddam was actually dragged into Kuwait under the falls pretexts of US administration that Kuwait did side drilling into Iraqi's fields is rather afoul. I have been on this in 2003 especially when US ambassador was silenced for 25 years, she could not make any comments. Supposedly Senior gave green light to Saddam to act as he did and only then after they alarm the world?

    Just wonder? Any update on this one?

  3. John,

    Beside that former Yugoslavia falls probably into the schemes of cabal banking crimes (Like Libya). I understood that Milosevic wanted independent country with independent money and was ready to keep co-operation with Russia as biz as usual bringing and oil pipe or gas pipe to Spit.

    Can you comment on this one?

  4. That's quite the concise history lesson there from the WH's. Sadly, the vast majority of currency "speculators" have no clue about most of these background dynamics. Hopefully, the awakening will continue to gain momentum.

    We can only hope and pray that our one crack at helping do either our big or small parts for the good of humanity will ultimately succeed. Remove the hosts..... and the parasite class of usurpers and pillagers will have no means of survival.

  5. Thanks John, Canauzzie and etal. Great article. 100% on page with you and the team. Forwarding the article to help play our part in getting the "viral," message out.

  6. John,

    Thanks for the overview of what is actually happening in Reno... Also, your post while frustrating with regard to moving forward, at least doesn't state it won't happen. Continues to provide a plan of action for those who hope and pray to be a part of this journey.

    These people make me ill - they are lifeless, devoid of an ounce of humanity, decency. It is not hard to loath them with their smiles and beautiful clothes while others die fighting for them and their so called freedom... While children suffer.

    Get Real

    1. Get Real
      Dinars will happen, it's just when? Keep up the hope and hang in there. So many truly good people on the site deserve a break and the chance to rebuild. We can only give you current truth as it unfolds. Many are worried and hard pressed. Not least the Iraqis! We really are trying behind the scenes. Diplomacy needs delicate tact.

      The PP side is going well. If released, a massive help to American projects, Infrastructure, and Humanitarian /Social needs where possible in steps. That alone will be a huge help to many. But, it's a US call. Ignore the rambling lunatics and sideshows. It's ALL a US call.

    2. John,
      Thanks for the feedback...

      Great job on the article and layout...

      BTW: you mentioned the following above:
      "We will be starting a Help OUR Heroes Fund for the wounded and families of the deceased. Also now to help the many impoverished US Vets? "

      I am interesting in helping in any manner - so let me know where and when I need to roll up my sleeves and be a part of the solution. I work a mean excel spreadsheet and database - [my staff hates excel spreadsheets; however, I love them]. Also, I can wield a mean stethoscope and blood pressure cuff/phlebotomy is a specialty/compassionate ear for the weak and down trodden.

      Bottom line: there are many ways to give back in time, as well as, money. Every state has a medical/nursing/nurse practitioner association. Just a matter of hooking them up with the organizations to make it happen. Also, a major need for these guys/gals is related to Post Traumatic Stress Disorders. There are many new techniques that are having phenomenal results and I am aware of an employee assistant program (eap) in my state that works with the vets now for this reason...

      Okay... so I went overboard with the information - just know, I am interested and will help... :)

      Get Real

    3. Get Real
      Thanks for the help offer it's appreciated.
      Many US Husbands also suffer from Post Traumatic marriage stress syndrome you know. Lol.

    4. John,

      Well deserved, I can promise you! ;)

      Get Real

    5. If he was to light a beacon...who else would come?

      I bet everyone of us, with all our differences put aside.

  7. John

    Would you check this info and comment on it. How much it is a carefully crafted info with miss-info.

  8. John

    What kind of chance do we have actually that justice will be eventually executed and truth told. Do we chase dead dog and lie ourselves in naive hopes. Or should we get real and accept fact that those cabals will fill their bags with bugs and will be allowed to disappear and who cares after.

    Little perspective would be good, I am not sure really if our naive views should not be replace for something more substantial.
    If there is no plan to execute justice but only let say a shift from power to power and cabal will be allowed to go and truth covered up, then it would be good to know, I do not need to do my meditation directing to the justice and light when this is actually not the aim of transformation.

    1. Vlastimil

      There is no halfway house now. No one gets a bit pregnant. Either the US nation is helped get the good Leaders it needs and deserves, or the Cabal will will cast a dark shadow over the entire world.

      Many good Patriots are as concerned at what is unfolding. But always remember, however powerful the Ruling Elite, life always throws them a curved ball and they crash to earth. The age old conflict of Dark and Light matter.

      America has the quality of people needed, be sure of that. Just not in power. Global pressures are promoting what you need. Part of our PP funding will be used to help fund the new blood so badly needed to help re-track the direction needed for all.

      Putin has blocked their games in the Middle East. He has also ripped the assets back from the Criminal Zionist Oligarchs in Russia as America must now do.
      If Justice can not arise again in America, what will follow will be unthinkable.

      Europe evolved in mass bloodshed. Men of conscience do work closely worldwide to help re direct the new America needed. Eisenhower warned what was coming. They have had 50 years unchallenged, but money is their own Achilles heel.

      Power costs and what they can't afford to control, they will lose. Empires all end when the money runs out. As is now unfolding with BRICS etc.

      Russia,Germany and Northern Europe will combine. They will cut loose the Mediterranean bunch and France. The US will lose Europe and the Middle East. They will suck in Canada. Asia will emerge.

      Vlastimil, from the darkest nights, new dawns always come. The world is waking up to the reality of the Cabal. We lived under the Blitzkrieg and Hitlers Reich, but it failed. Only tiny little Britain held out, then when he launched the big air onslaught to smash us beyond recovery, we filled our skies with hundreds of fighters he had no idea we were secretly assembling and were training crews for. Over a single week, the Battle of Britain raged and we destroyed the Luftwaffe. As the Patriots will do when they go for the Cabal. Freedom versus Nazi Neocon scum. That will be the deciding time for America. Good Americans know. Timing.

    2. "If Justice can not arise again in America, what will follow will be unthinkable."

      That is a very powerful statement.

  9. John,
    Have you heard anything related to a free float approved plan by the IMF for the dinar, as opposed to a straight up RV? Thanks

    1. ZM
      The IMF fully understand the precarious needs of many, nations and people.Le Guarde and her team are trying for a resolution. Always, all parties have to deal with the hydra of multi faction snake pit scum controlling US funding by the scrotum. It's a very sensitive issue right now. All we can do is wait and see what unfolds. All moves have consequences which have to be assessed, not least the BRICS implications of such a move. The IMF are best placed to test the options.

  10. John

    What are the chances that Cabal thugs with Obama will hold their strings as long as it allows, like half a year and then they will just loose the dogs and disappear. (They have prepared few variants how and where to disappear, survive and come back) while in 6 months the system gets even more unsustainable and we have 3 days to collapse.

    We examined this scenario many years ago (since a release of Anglo-Saxon mission by Cassidy and Ryan) for now after battling we believed that scales turned the opposite direction, which might not be the case.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. "Removing and understanding the Dinar Layers of confusion and being grateful for UNEARNED OPPORTUNITIES!"

    I concede that this is an enormous profit on an extremely speculative investment. However, that does not mean that it is necessarily "unearned" or undeserved. If this does occur at some point, those who have benefited will have the money for a reason. Perhaps they were the most enterprising. Perhaps they were the ones who would make a difference. The corrupt ones that try to reap a harvest based upon sowing seeds of theft, murder and mayhem will not reap success but rather, theft of their substance, murder and mayhem. God is not mocked... you will reap what you sow... eventually.

    Wise words, whether you are a believer or not (it's supernatural law):

    Psalm 37

    35 I have seen the wicked in great power, and spreading himself like a native green tree.

    36 Yet he passed away, and, lo, he was not: yea, I sought him, but he could not be found.

    37 Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright: for the end of that man is peace.

    38 But the transgressors shall be destroyed together: the end of the wicked shall be cut off.

    39 But the salvation of the righteous is of the Lord: he is their strength in the time of trouble.

    40 And the Lord shall help them, and deliver them: he shall deliver them from the wicked, and save them, because they trust in him.

    No matter how big the green tree grows and flourishes, it will one day be cut down, dry, and thrown into the fire. So, when we see the presidents over in Africa cashing out, we should be happy that they are doing our work for us... gathering all the loot together in one place so that it can be confiscated and given to the one(s) who will pity the poor.

    In conclusion, I believe that there is a reason that there is only 1% of Americans that hold dinar, and I wouldn't say that it was undeserved or unearned. Each of those Americans (just speaking to our nation) represents how many family members that have been ravaged by the PTB? This entire event (including Prosperity Packs, Wanta, Falcone, Farm Claims, etc., Etc.) is a settlement of sorts. The same thing is really true re the dinar profits. It's just that the universe (Creator) chose who would hold that dinar, and no one else. Even the cabal serves a purpose in the scheme of things, and when that purpose is over, they will cease to exist.

    1. I think you misunderstand the "unearned" part. It is a currency speculation, no more no less. It is not your God given right to profit. It follows the same course as any other investment or speculative holding. Dinarians were lucky to get in, but in the end hold no more right than they would in any other investment. I know the cabal has stolen and blocked everyone's right to prosper, but investors should be thankful not demanding which is the point. Suppose you bought a lottery ticket, would you demand to win or feel lucky that you won. With such little investment with potential of high pay off are you going to call the lottery and demand to win because you deserve it. Everyone deserves better, not just Dinarians.

    2. PVG Canauzzie,
      I concede, it's an American thing.There are no losers, everyone deserves to win the Lottery,because its their right,and irrespective of the gross wanton and needless destruction of a nation followed by Abu Garaibh,the devastation of millions of lives and the mass impoverishment of innocent civilians, as long as the loot comes home for US division, it's their right, as Americans.As with the Cabal.

      But then, when they do the same to their own, having now looted the planet bare, it's then gross?

      My only case in reality had been, good luck to all, and if there's any cash left, think about others also in need.
      The deserving issue is an impossible dividing line of reality to discuss, because "I am, and I am owed, rules." It's the American dream. If we can't earn it we will print it, because we must have it. God allocated it to us, it's our ethos of right? If we gain all, then the end justifies the means.

      Canauzzie, the world looks in and on, and fully understands. The fact that 5% of the worlds population uses 40% of the worlds energy resources doesn't matter, because pollution is for others, not us. We must have it all, because we have the right? If the Cabal rapes the planet and we cash in, it's OK.
      Good luck debating this one Canauzzie, the world is with you in full understanding, but in the US no one is home to understand. As long as we all get our lick? When religion justifies it, we offend to even question? Strange how in a brutal war, God is on each side? A war of attrition?

      Settling in the US, how was it earned? Akin to the collapse of the Roman Empire, with the setting sun, I want my lick. The gap of understanding Canauzzie is insurmountable. It's about rights. I am owed.
      US logic rules. Until it's all gone, what then to feed the locust hoard?

    3. That's your opinion, Canauzzi, and I respectfully and WHOLEHEARTEDLY disagree. That is saying that John's vast amounts that he will personally make off the PP's are unearned. You are sounding like a communist. That's just not the way the world works, Canauzzi. Good stewards are chosen (by God Himself) to serve. Why do you think that John, his 1000 year families, and others are in the financial position that they are in?

    4. I never said that having the money does not impose a duty of stewardship. I merely said that a) the people holding dinar have been wronged by the cabal along with all their families for GENERATIONS. Consider it a settlement...just like Wanta, Falcone and all the others.

      Seems like no one understands how we Americans have been held hostages here and oppressed at every turn. You keep saying that we should get rid of the cabal... and like HOW? We have no honest voting. They have crowd control methods, drones and other weapons to strike back at us if we dare bleat like a lamb in protest. We don't have the power that you think that we have! Not to unravel over 100 years of this crap in short order. We are victims of the cabal's lack of human rights... where are the nations to step in and set us free? Do acts of charity toward our country?

      The Republicans usually wage war on other countries when they take over in power, and the Democrats wage war against Americans.

      We have amazing amounts of hungry and homeless here, but no one is coming to the aid of our people? What is Canada good for? They string along on our coattails and then do absolutely nothing meaningful to help our people, their neighbors.

      And, let's not forget that the UK was there right alongside us in Iraq. Where's the justification? Why is the U.S. being solely vilified? Wow! What doublespeak!

    5. I will try this one more time: I posted this once already so Canauzzie should it show up twice... you know why...

      I am always in awe of your ability to bring the scriptures into a present day situation. It is truly a gift. I wholeheartedly agree with you, only those who had ears to listen and could hear, became a part of this. They will hopefully continue to listen, post RV, and do the right thing.

      With regard to deserving or undeserving of this, I believe that only time will tell. It is how you use the funds post receipt. Trying to define this is a matter of semantics, IMO. We come from different perspectives... so, we view these words differently. My goodness - we talking about a Brit and a Canadian, for goodness sake... they spell words labour, favour... you get my drift... ;-)

      Get Real

    6. @ Canauzzie - "Suppose you bought a lottery ticket, would you demand to win or feel lucky that you won. With such little investment with potential of high pay off are you going to call the lottery and demand to win because you deserve it. Everyone deserves better, not just Dinarians."

      I don't personally play the lottery, but it is a contract and if I had the winning numbers, I would demand payment pursuant to the contract. There is no such thing as luck.

      Also, when you say that "Everyone deserves better, not just Dinarians." you are showing your communistic mindset. While I PERSONALLY HAVE THE DESIRE TO BLESS HUMAN BEINGS OF ALL NATIONS, it is a logical fallacy to say that ALL deserve better. I think that you should really break that one down into bite size pieces and ponder awhile. Even John doesn't believe that. We've all read the rants re the Welfare State in America, for one.

      My family personally goes to other countries to build homes (Africa, Mexico, Guatamala) and work in orphanages (Africa), adopt children from the orphanages. My daughter has gone the past three years on a medical brigade to Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Haiti. Self-funded - no help from others or organizations. That does not include donations over the past decades for other projects.

      So, don't accuse me or my people of a lack of concern for the nations or for humanity. Before you judge Americans, get some facts re what they regularly and routinely do, and not just what you see on the news. I know many other families just like mine, and yet I see ZERO Muslims, ZERO Canadians and pretty much ZERO every other nation helping Americans who have been screwed over by the cabal at every turn. If Farm Claims and others are being paid out by this event, consider it a settlement to pay back families that have been stolen from as well.

      My point was that there is a reason only 1% of Americans hold dinar. Whatever that reason, if the contract was offered by U.S. TREASURY regulated brokers, and people accepted it, then the people holding the dinar should get something if other people holding the dinar receive value for it. To do otherwise, would be inequitable and unjust.


      If every blog post here has to turn into American citizen bashing, then I don't know what to say.

    7. I actually like the words spelled favour, labour, etc. I would like to see us change back over to those spellings! :)

    8. PVG...

      You should learn to read or you obviously need help with retention. One or the other. How you could confuse currency speculation and the Private Placements is beyond me. Where did I say that a person does not deserve compensation for services rendered. A communist, really, I own my own, for profit, business. Is it because I am Canadian you feel this way? It certainly can't be because of anything I have said.

      Did I mention Falcone, Wanta and others? NO. Furthermore they are Private Placements, I spoke of Dinar holders.

      "What is Canada good for?" I will list a few in hopes some will reach that closed mind of yours.

      We sell our oil to you for the same price we charge in our own country, roughly half price to the open market.

      We are the worlds second largest producer of Hydroelectric power, with a population of a c34 million, where do you think the excess goes at a rate less than half what I pay.

      NAFTA benefits you and you only. We have taken the USA to court and won three times for placing tariffs on our soft wood exports. Still tariffs.

      Your energy companies come in here and rape our land and resources and I pay more for Gas than you do.

      We have fought beside you, in front of you and behind you.

      "They string along on our coattails and then do absolutely nothing meaningful to help our people, their neighbors."

      This is the very arrogance that has gotten you where you are today. After 911 we had donations collection in every store and street corner. When USA airspace was closed we took you in, fed, clothed and provided shelter at NO cost. We opened up our homes to you for as long as it took. When the ice storms hit the east coast we sent fleets of our power crews down to help at no cost to you.

      I could go on and on, but there is too much here for you to understand already.

      And I never said if you WON the lottery you didn't have the right to claim. Read what is there, don't make it up.

      Everyone deserves a world where they can feel secure that efforts will be rewarded and be allowed to prosper. Not just Dinarians. Everyone deserves the opportunity, whether they take it or not is up to them.

      I am happy your family does that. Do you preach the word of God while you are there? Cuba donates more medical staff and medicines world wide than any other country. You won't even trade with them.

      So you expect a foreign nation to come in and do the job for you. What would your friends and the rest of the population think of that. Most would call it an invasion. On top of that we can't even try to educate without you trying to tell us it is illegal and we shouldn't be involving ourselves in USA affairs.

      "My point was that there is a reason only 1% of Americans hold dinar. Whatever that reason, if the contract was offered by U.S. TREASURY regulated brokers, and people accepted it, then the people holding the dinar should get something if other people holding the dinar receive value for it. To do otherwise, would be inequitable and unjust."

      Who said anything to the contrary, learn to read what is provided, don't just think what we mean, read what we mean. Must I use smaller words for you. Perhaps try to keep them down to one syllable.

      "If every blog post here has to turn into American citizen bashing, then I don't know what to say."



    9. What American citizen have we bashed except those who demand something like it is their right? You have totally lost the plot or maybe not because by saying that I am insinuating that you once had it and I just am not sure anymore.

      I don't know why you choose to personally attack and name call around here whenever it suits your fancy. You are arrogant toward me and others. It is very noticeable to everyone but you. This owe whoa is me BS is tiresome. The Cabal did it on your watch, take responsibility for it already and let us move on. I am sick of your "what about everybody else?". It is true, other Countries share in the blame and THEY do. So climb off that high horse of yours or ride on outta here.

    10. And just to clarify...Dinarian is NOT synonymous with American. There are plenty outside the USA that hold Dinars. I hold Dinars, so I include myself in this "unearned opportunities". It is not always all about you. I don't know how more clear I can make it.

    11. You have posted ("reposted") many Yank bashing articles. Even though you're not the one who originates which articles get posted or what is said in the preface, you still are the blogmaster/moderator and so you are responsible. You obviously dislike me, so I'm not going to exacerbate your contempt by responding tit for tat to everything you posted. You can read what I post in my replies to others.

      I will respond to a couple of things... Yeah, I didn't read the lottery thing clearly until after I posted and so I left it. The truth be told, it was a lousy analogy. I didn't buy dinar with the contract that I'd wait to see if they pick some numbers to match mine. I purchased currency that was printed in Britain and from a dealer regulated by the United States Treasury. I have told a bazillion people about this, and they look at me with a deer in the headlight look. I have given dinar to each of my family members and to my close friends. I thought that would serve two purposes: 1) they could never say that I didn't tell them; and 2) perhaps it would get them interested where they investigate the dinar, etc. At the end of the day, I hold currency of another country that is set to revalue. I consider it a blessing. I believe that there is a reason that certain people hold dinar/dong, etc. That likely has to do with the privilege and duty of stewardship. My original post was quite misrepresented in your response.

      I don't know who you believe is demanding anything re the dinars, because I read a lot of dinar stuff every day and I see people who constantly call this endeavor "their blessing".

      You really don't see how consistently inequitable you are in your treatment of Americans vs. the rest of the world. The blog history itself is evidence of what you have reposted and endorsed, not to mention the prefaces and comments. You did it again when you said, "This owe whoa is me BS is tiresome. The Cabal did it on your watch, take responsibility for it already and let us move on. I am sick of your "what about everybody else?". It is true, other Countries share in the blame and THEY do. So climb off that high horse of yours or ride on outta here."~~~Whether or not other nations are taking responsibility is not the issue. The issue is ONE WORLD focusing consistently on AMERICANS as the culprit.

      As far as all the other stuff, when I see you stop Yank bashing and when I see Canuck Charities in full force in our land, I'll reserve judgment and take it all under advisement.

    12. @ John - Britain's Abu Ghraib: Did Britain collude with US in abuse of Iraqis?

      The one-sided finger pointing is getting really OLD.

    13. John said,

      "PVG Canauzzie,
      I concede, IT'S AN AMERICAN THING.There are no losers, everyone deserves to win the Lottery,because its their right,and irrespective of the gross wanton and needless destruction of a nation followed by Abu Garaibh,the devastation of millions of lives and the mass impoverishment of innocent civilians, as long as the loot comes home for US division, it's their right, AS AMERICANS. As with the Cabal."

      This is wholly untrue and you really do need to retract this, John!

      1. YOUR COUNTRY fought in Iraq as an ally. You were THERE. (The Operation Iraqi Freedom was led by the U.S. with the "U.S.-led coalition against Iraq," participated by providing troops, equipment, services, security, and special forces, with 248,000 soldiers from the United States, 45,000 British soldiers, 2,000 Australian soldiers and 194 Polish soldiers from Special Forces unit GROM sent to Kuwait for the invasion. The invasion force was also supported by Iraqi Kurdish militia troops, estimated to number upwards of 70,000. Interestingly, the Kurds were anxious to fight, as they knew that it would liberate their oil wells. I also know of Shiite Muslim Americans who were supercharged to go and fight because they were here in America because of our freedom of religion as they had fled Iraq because of Saddam's oppression.)

      2. YOUR COUNTRY had it's own Abu Ghraib complicity right from the beginning of the war:

      Britain's Abu Ghraib: Did Britain collude with US in abuse of Iraqis?

      AND how about this one... your country passed a law because of the atrocities committed by your troops:

      British forces ordered to stop the hooding of terror suspects

      The hooding of prisoners or terror suspects by Britain's armed forces has been totally banned following a High Court judgement.

      Human rights lawyers said the ruling – which comes less than a month after the inquiry into the brutal death of an Iraqi man who was beaten and hooded in British custody – meant the end of hooding "for ever".

      The hooding ruling follows the publication of Sir William Gage's damning inquiry into the death of Iraqi father-of-two Baha Mousa, who died in September 2003 after spending 36 hours in British military custody. A postmortem found he sustained 93 external injuries and that hooding was a contributory factor in his death. Sir William found the Ministry of Defence (MoD) guilty of "corporate failure".

      Guess it is seeming more and more like "One World"... even though some like to think that they are superior and without fault. This blog has been one long series of bashing of America (before that, in conjunction with Geno, Jew bashing.) I have taken a LOT of crap off of many here, and so I am speaking out. You are biased and don't even see that you are skewed in your own thinking.

      The evidence is here. I had to wonder WHY would they, John especially, constantly be admonishing Americans. Why not admonish the entire world? After all, it's ONE WORLD blog, right? And Americans are not the only ones to hold dinars.

      The only LOGICAL reason is what I posted earlier. If America collapses, the entire world is in deep doo-doo.

      Contrary to Canauzzie's thinking, it is NOT ARROGANCE TO SAY THAT! It is the truth! Just like if Britain completely collapsed from its power base, the entire world would be in deep trouble. I would bawl my eyes out, for certain.

      But you people here act like you would just LOVE to see us fall, and you blame us for everything that is wrong in the world. That is just plain incorrect. The Iraqi war also involved the U.N. - who now after all this time has finally lifted prior sanctions against Iraq.

    14. (cont.)

      You guys here say you want to be part of the solution, but I've been wondering for the longest what you think you're actually contributing here. If you're trying to motivate Americans, John, pouncing on and accusing us does not motivate anyone.

      All the contrary. It offends me deeply.

  13. Canauzzie,

    Has anybody contacted that member here who very early after this blog was created had offered to bring "5 million hits one time only"? This article is an excellent one to do that for, I would think....


    Thank you for this article. ALL so painfully & sadly true. Over 1.5M Iraqis killed since the illegal invasion of a sovereign country to date, btw. (NOT "100's of thousands".)


    1. The only way I see it happening is through SPAM. I cannot be a party to that.

    2. Darylluke, how much truth can the US handle on this? When the Germans raped and ravaged Europe in WW11, God was on their side as conquering heroes. When payback came, not a Nazi could be found.

      Bypass Spam, it will denigrate it and the degenerates will get loose.

    3. DL,

      I think the 6 degree of separation rule works best. Meaning. Send it out to your 10 friends and encourage them to send it to 10 etc. It will surprise you how many people will receive a copy of the doc. and the recipients are quality not quantity.... IMHO.

      Get Real

    4. Canauzzie,

      Maybe you can get some other websites to ad this blog into their "LINKS" section? Fulford & Wilcox come to mind....

      Send this article WHOLE (copy/paste) to McHaffie, and a link to with a personal note?


  14. I would be very thankful & grateful for:

    *IQD = $3.22

    *VND = $0.32

    These are reasonable & sustainable from all I have read.


    Thank you Bushes, for coming to your senses!!
    Help us push it through!


  15. Anybody,

    Tom Henneghan posted another article today. I am unable to read most of it, because the pictures are on top of most of the text/copy.
    Is it my computer, or his website? thnx.


  16. Also, for consideration... keep in mind that this is not a "nation against nation" thing. The corporations are the new nations, and they are transnational/multi-national. The forces at work are in every corner of the world, working through telecom and computer companies where they can get in any nation and do their exploits. It's really time to take off the old lenses and look at the problem rightly. The same cabal that set up Saddam in power is the same cabal that probably incited Saddam to go into Kuwait (so Daddy Bush could have fun showing off SCUDS and oil wells burning on CNN). This is the same bunch that thought up the Kuwaiti Dinar reval and reconstruction as well as exploiting Iraq so that they could repeat the process. Even if the cabal diminishes in political power in the U.S., their companies are already poised to go in and rebuild Iraq to make it the jewel of the Middle East. The people have now been made chattel and monetized like the rest of the world.

    Mystery Babylon is in play, no matter what.

    Revelation 17
    "Come hither; I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters: 2With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication. 3So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. 4And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication: 5And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH."

    Babylon and the whore sit upon many waters... nations, tongues, kindreds and tribes. This is not a battle against the U.S., but a world wide web of commerce, banking and religion.

    I think that's the egg of a cockatrice on the 25,000 dinar note.

    1. PVG

      1. I seems to me that no one is against US people, John expressed that many times, not only he, when saying that US deserves better leaders.
      2. He also said rightly that it happened on YOUR WATCH
      3. Also it was expressed few times that if US goes then mess comes (if Czech goes belly up, nothing will happen around the globe per se)
      4 Using those quotes from Bible: well as long they are understood and used correctly might be helpful, however it is rare.
      This mess happened on the watch of EVANGELICAL PROTESTANT and also FUNDAMENTALIST PROTESTANT CHRISTIANS. This is true.
      Zionist fooled them, blinded them and used them. (How else can you explain evangelist Billy Graham sitting in oval office with Sr or Jr..) He was used and others followed him as fools. DOT. No brain to think.

      Regarding your quote from Rev, I would strongly recommend to reconsider your thinking, it is misfit here and leads into ideology that was used to justify war in Iraq. However if you do not reconsider your thinking as other evangelicals will not then following is happening: YOU ARE MAKING GOD A CRIMINAL, MURDERER RACIST LOOTER RAPIST a leader of CABAL. Comprehend this, please.
      Using that ideology Christians were cheer leaders for the rapist shouting more and harder while innocent were being raped, more over they had over their head a sing God is on our side.

      I write this to you as a follower of Christ.

    2. Answered you in other places - BTW - Billy Graham IS Illuminati. See Cathy Burns book, "Billy and His Friends".

      The PTB takes over all political and religious movements.

  17. Talmud, Torah, Upanishads, Bible, Koran, whatever quotes have no business being here. BECAUSE all those books do is divide people. This blog is about unity, not division which only got us excuses for wars, historically. Religious zealots make me want to puke. Zealots of any stripe are just tools of zionists, and NOTHING else.

    I am going to take another shower now!!


  18. In the 1970s, 1 of every 50 Americans was on food stamps. Today 1 out of every 6.5 Americans relies on the stamps to survive.


    Did you know that within the wording of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, it is mandated they keep unemployment rate at 0%? Why hasn't their license been revoked years ago?


    And, when federal income tax was first implemented that the rate was 1% across the board? How was the federal system supported before that? Tarriffs on all goods incoming! Look what a ravenous beast that has turned into!!


    Did you know that all major metropolitan police departments in the country recruit for the police academy from the local gang populations? look how that is working out? What insane maniac came up with that idea?

    Stay will only get worse.


  19. PVG

    Also, you wrote that: one reaps what he was sowing. This is the point and hard one. Have you ever thought why CABAL have a stronghold in the US, beside other less significant places? Check your harvest and according to the harvest you will recognize what was sowed. Hard to swallow.

    Now saying it plainly:
    If the nation preaches destruction, suffering, bloodshed in anticipation and at hand for over 100 years what do you think will follow? Prosperity and peace? No, exactly, they will reap what was sowed before and is watered on daily basis. Evangelical Christianity alongside with Fundamentalist (many times hard to divide since it is overlapping) anticipate doom, promote apocalyptic murder and bloodshed, HOLLYWOOD multiplies that, it is in the air so to speak. You cast the boomerang of destruction it returns back with multitude. But you do not want to cast another kind of boomerang since it would mean that you would have to change mindset, meaning ideology.

    Creator provided you with leadership that you wanted, that you anticipated and preached, since you were preaching destruction upon the earth, bloodshed, rape and murder for over a century. Theological discussion were over two things pre millennium or post millennium, either way murder blood destruction, apocalypse scenario.
    It has of course nothing to do with NT theology, sorry to disappoint you on that one.

    1. If you have read my posts and taken note, I have stated many times that the people were duped, but that we have blood guilt for what was done in our name and what we as a people have knowingly done. Interesting again how your post is aimed at America, when we're not the only ones that were in Iraq! The cabal is in every nation of the world, and even your country's status is affected by what the cabal has done in your region. The Operation Iraqi Freedom was led by the U.S. with the "U.S.-led coalition against Iraq," participated by providing troops, equipment, services, security, and special forces, with 248,000 soldiers from the United States, 45,000 British soldiers, 2,000 Australian soldiers and 194 Polish soldiers from Special Forces unit GROM sent to Kuwait for the invasion. The invasion force was also supported by Iraqi Kurdish militia troops, estimated to number upwards of 70,000. Interestingly, the Kurds were anxious to fight, as they knew that it would liberate their oil wells. I also know of Shiite Muslim Americans who were supercharged to go and fight because they were here in America because of our freedom of religion as they had fled Iraq because of Saddam's oppression.

      So, was the Iraqi war completely good or completely bad? Certainly, the U.S. is not entirely to blame or entirely to receive credit for this war. And yet, the major focus on this blog for sometime has been to yank bash. Your post here again states that the cabal has stronghold in the U.S.... true, but they are everywhere. They are insidiously working as the corporations you love to patronize (Microsoft? etc. etc.)

      I'm not going to go back to each post here and respond because it would take forever, so this is also in response to the statement you meant about the quote from Revelation. You misrepresented what I said re that quote - it is not just Bagdad! Mystery Babylon started in that region and, yes, there is a literal fulfillment also in that region. But the true "beast system" of Mystery Babylon sits upon many waters... which the chapter later defines as nations, kindreds, tongues, peoples. The Babylonian system of commerce, banking and religion spans the world, and this "One World" stuff is scarier now than ever. The book of Revelation shows how the dragon is given power for a time.....interesting how we are moving eastward to the dragons now. The fall of this entire Babylonian system that covers the earth will not fall until the end. And the apocalypse will be outside the control of man... not man's crimes against man, but will be "nature" unleashed.

      I do agree with you that much of mainline Protestant Christianity erroneously used the Babylonian concept in concert with Iraq (I don't attend such churches.) Babylon is still on the rise, and the Iraqis were swept up into its net because of the war and the "new democratic form of govt.". The war was used to make the Iraqis chattel and part of the One World system.

      Let's not forget what Iraq did to the Kuwaitis. I have Kuwaiti friends who still mourn the loss of all their family, friends and property. Fortunately, they had gone on vacation to visit some friends in Ohio, but they ended up staying here ever since.

      There is enough evil and blame to cover many nations, peoples and religious sects.

  20. Enormous response and still motivated debate, even in disagreements.

    These are tough times, but have heart, it will come good. Fact. Power is transferring and getting the torch of freedom passed, akin to the Olympic Flame. Nations evolve.So do ideas.

    So far, the PP dialog is promising. With Chinas aid and backing, ever more forceful. The capital released from those funds will come to London to be cross traded. The majority of ours will be assigned, by our choice, to Foundations and Trusts for the support of people and nation building worldwide. Good causes, non political. We constantly refuse our key Politicos a slot for their snout in the trough for power, or allocations for their use. We will do it as needed direct in each country ourselves. We are A-Political, respecting and serving non of them.

    From this site alone, look at how many parties will assist us select and deliver good Turnkey Quality essential projects. How many will assist with regional and community planning. Taking power back to the people. Safe hands to maintain standards and protect the funds from Contractor and Political use corruption.

    Of course we will assist job creation and fund our groups, but with the willing hearts and minds of the people concerned,it should give us a better outcome for all. Funds and people fit for purpose. You won't see that in Politics.

    Dinars are just time, but how much time? Post Ramadan we will try again. Overall, we are a Global community, but one able to work together to achieve solutions to Global problems. People of all nations are just people in need. Needs we need to address and serve. Putting back power and funding to the people in need. As one nation, the nation of Man.

    Which means stepping aside from the pernicious and vile Patriot Act which serves only the Neo Nazis, helping nations redevelop Justice Departments where Justice is actually served, not by Criminal Usurpers, and to try to help free America from its Zionist Stranglehold of Finances via the US Treasury. To absorb the Fed and deny its Self Created historical debts and stop FRB NY's vast web of Criminal practices. Cutting loose the hooks and families feeding off the nation. People can make it happen.

    Re educating with Historical truth is a start. Not Disneyland fabrication or dumbing down the masses.

    Europe and Britain evolved in Bloodshed, wars and Global ravaging hoards, Empire building for gain with appalling histories. But, at least we are educated based on facts, not myth. Brutal truth. Warts and all.

    Our Monarchs have No Legislative Powers at all. Zero. The US Presidential Decrees are released without control or blocking powers.
    Our Monarch, in Law, has to walk behind Black Rod, who knocks on the door of Parliament who then grant our Monarch a courtesy right to enter for the day only. A procedure showing them and the world that they have no power. Our Mad King George gave away America. Your Mad King George seized it for his Crime Family.

    Our Feudal Monarchs have no powers. Yours seize ever more and become extremely dangerous. That power needs to go back to the people, who we all need to serve as a privilege, not a right. We take nothing with us at the end of our journey through this life, so let's make the best use of all we have, and create, for the good of all who do deserve help.

    One people. All religions are Man created concepts and no more. Just ideologies and hype. The Spirit and Soul of Man matter.

    The UK had many centuries of Global power abuse to evolve towards better practice but it's always a work in progress. Our past has been dreadful, a path the US follows now. Our new generations, educated and enlightened, would all condemn what was orchestrated in history. US Politics deny the people that right or power because of the control of the seat process. Power corrupts. It starts there.

    1. John: great article.

      I have two questions:

      1. Yesterday, Snowden released on Twitter: "Saddam Hussein did WTC 7" and linked to an article on the Chronicle. It does not make sense to me, any input on that?

      2. What is your take on the Gold decline for the last weeks? It appears it is manipulation on a big scale and "certificates for gold" seem to be a bubble that should break soon. What is your sense of the gold decline and what do you see for the next 1-3 years?

      On another note: I volunteer to be involved in any capacity I can in projects to rebuild our communities going forward when funding is released for the betterment of mankind.
      My areas of expertise are Leadership, Project Management and Power Solutions for the third world like Solar Panels and more. I am the CEO of a self-owned company dealing on the global Market and I travel extensively and have a long experience of global trading and International Business.

    2. Jonathan555

      Thank you for your offer to help our Global dilemma. We need to be one nation to fix one world and to stop border political crap by Snake Oil Politicos. That needs ALL of you able and willing to help if we are to deliver real aid and results with integrity.
      We need to educate for 3 generations ahead now. A total Teaching review. Starting with teaching Bush 43 how to do joined up writing. Hopefully for his Plea BARGAIN!Refused!
      We need to look at water management and energy systems.
      We need to look at Medical aid and better diagnostics.
      Transport. Ecology.
      So, so much Jonathan.We need willing minds. Just good people who get it. Multi denominational is fine.

      Saddam was a total Sewer Rat no question. But WTC 7 is Agency dissinfo.

      Gold is "managed" by the WH Plunge Protection Team, RIGGED! Play with that for Profit and you are cruising for a bruising. But, as part of a portfolio as a lifeline if currencies go bang, that and Silver are must.
      We will come to the site when ready for Projects.Thank you. Our intent is clear.

    3. John

      Count me in.

      WTC7 = not Saddam = I think you are right.

      Gold - got your point.

  21. PVG

    Your crying that nobody cares about the good uncle Sam,

    Some already mentioned what Canada or Cuba did, I remember Cuba was very ready for Katrina, isn't that right?

    How about Chavez, I remember he was sending oil to poor US citizens, I remember well those articles. So, I found for you to see with your own eyes,

    Chavez that your agencies or government killed inflicting cancer virus, as it is believed.

    To Texan terror of the West town after suspicious explosion, (which probably was terror of your own making) the Czech Republic is sending some good aid also. I remember it on Czech news, if you are interested I can find it for you.

    Any comment now?

    Nobody as I remember was diminishing your helping hands to needy, but there are many who are also helpful when needed. Case from the case. My wife worked 2 years for free helping out when it was needed, her cousin worked one and half year in Africa, one year of that in Ethipia. Sadly sad today that village she was stationed is now wiped out. Two weeks ago we (my family and her family) we bought some domestic animals (like goats or cows) and send it there. They do not boast of that I do not boast of that.

    I mentioned it here just to respond to your crying.

    1. I am not crying - and not about Uncle Sam, but about how Americans are now homeless, without food, and living in tents or under bridges. And the truth is that there is no other nation leading any type of relief effort. Canada is close nearby, and I know of no effort on their part. So, does it only evoke compassion when you see scantily clad Africans?

      Your response shows your callousness towards Americans. I'm not crying - I am making a point:


      As John said, above:

      "If Justice can not arise again in America, what will follow will be unthinkable."

    2. Do you think you are the only country suffering. This is world wide. Look at Greece and Portugal. Much worse than what the USA is experiencing. Canada has its domestic problems too. You say Canada "rides your coat tails" one minute and ask for charity from the same Country the next.


      Your arrogance knows no bounds. When it is fanfare you expect center stage, be that from which the whole universe springs. But when shit hits the fan , you want to make sure you spread it around as much as possible. Take responsibility like we all have and move on.

    3. I've taken responsibility Canauzzie. I'm just not going to suffer constant Yank bashing w/o speaking up.

      It was the only logical conclusion when one considers all the manic Yank bashing going on. So, since y'all believe we deserve the lion's share of the blame, we might as well logically deduce and realize that we are that darned important as well. As John said, above:

      "If Justice can not arise again in America, what will follow will be unthinkable."

    4. You should rename the blog: ONE WORLD... and America, the cause of all its problems.

    5. I am done with you...cause ya can't fix stupid....

    6. You are the moderator here? Seriously?

    7. Canauzzie,

      No, you are NOT done wit her. She will keep coming back with her nonsense, piss you off, again, making you AGAIN try to communicate with her once again. And, the process keeps continuing,with her seeing what she can get away with here next.... You will ONLY be done with her after you ban her. I know my water bill is going up because of all the showers I have to take when she shows up here!


  22. Wow....miss a day and get way behind here.

    Seems the discussion has expanded beyond the subject matter even though the article is broad in scope.

    I think we all have to take responsibility, no matter where we are. The Fed Res and IRS were on my grandparent's watch....the Kennedy assassination was on my partent's watch and 911 on my watch.

    We have ALL got to get it together and fight back against this worldwide cabal.

    Face it, we're all slaves....only now, they do it in secret, spending trillions on mind control and behavior modification and propaganda and destroying morals and ethics.

    Just like in the Roman Empire days....slaves were branded and wore're given SS#s instead and forever made to think we're involved and can influence the process. As the exposure of the worldwide control over humanity comes more into the light, the prudent thing to do would be to join forces all over the world and fight back.

    We all have different perceptions of issues and events based on our own experiences and backgrounds. Concentrating on going forward and offering solutions is the positive way to deal with it. They take extraordinary efforts to keep us at war with each so we're distracted from their tyranical genocide and control.

    1. Pal

      Thanks for showing up, and redirecting minds. As for as for now, one aim for all definitely, to dethroned cabal, bring peace and justice.
      That's what I appreciated also on BF, he has one minded effort. He does not chase ET's, he does not chase 2012 ascension for few elected spiritual individuals etc.

      United for justice and truth regardless races and confession, later will be sorted out afterwards.

      I am saddened by Evangelical Christians who claim that they have mandate to keep watch over justice and truth (this should be mandate trusted by God) and acted otherwise as I mentioned above. Many were fooled, many just withdrew, the rest is ignorant, few for sure are strong, no doubt.

      Anyhow, here we are...

    2. And moving forward means to stop the American bashing and realize that there is plenty of blame to go around. The cabal is not just in America. The East may seem a newfound friend instead of foe, but Asia is not to be trusted. Look what China wants to do - rip 230 million people off the farms, strip their culture, and throw them in highrise buildings. So that they can work in factories for a paycheck and have their property stolen from them.

      The first plank of the Communist Manifesto is the abolition of all private property. Well, there ya go!

    3. Paladin...

      I have said that many times before. We are all in this together. I am ashamed of some of the things my government has done. I have stated this several times over and over. Even the article has put, boldly, the UK direct in the cross hairs for some of its dirty deeds. Besides, blaming ones government is not a direct attack on its people. however unfortunately some just can't see this. The USA will always take the lion's share though because, quite simply, they are the lion.

    4. canauzzie,

      That was actually very humble and nice. If you will read MANY of my posts, I have said the same thing. The cabal has infiltrated many governments. The Freemasonic Babylonian Brotherhood network is everywhere in the world!

      I'm sure that my comments re Canada were unpleasant because we all love our countries. I don't love my "government"... I love my country and its people. If left alone, most people would never war because they just want to enjoy the fruits of their labors.

      Really, the lion is the U.K. and we are one of the cubs. The dinars were designed and printed in the U.K. (as are many currencies). I don't know if you've studied the symbology on the dinars, but it is quite extensive and cabalistic. I wonder who designed it, and who cooperated re the concept of the dinar RV.

      London is the power centre, not the U.S.A.

  23. John,
    Regarding the dinar and you saying we will try again after Ramadan, does that mean nothing is looked at for this week and everything is at a standstill until after Ramadan? Also, any word on CMKX floating in the background? Thanks

    1. ZN
      Anything can happen. Things we know to look for that should happen prior to something breaking for Dinars simply isn't happening. There is a real possibility that we will be still waiting come October.

    2. What are we looking for that needs to break for the dinars?

    3. Information coming from those who can see what to look for.It is not my place to say anymore.

    4. Canauzzie

      I think that Pal did not take all the chat as an offense and what PVG is saying is true as well. We are all on one ship and we must make sure that the ship does not sink, each of his or her own efforts and possibilities....

      I know that many of us would be happy to do more, yet such is situation as for now we were not given torch to bear per se.


    5. ZN

      Dinars are waiting for money to cover the exchange. it has ALL been spent, WASTED or STOLEN, as usual, keeping the Cabal and Zionists afloat. Now the Dogs of War and Shylocks are scrambling for money to cover their backs and can't. Thieves, parasites and scumbags are in freefall, waiting to print more because there IS NO MONEY TO PAY BACK OTHERWISE, is that clear? NO MONEY!

      CMKX has a long and chequered past of some very dubious characters and stings. It will have to be unscrambled and sanitized to do anything. We have been advised to stay well clear of it.

      Dinars will happen when the crooks find a way out of their own nightmare. You have Ramadan on now. We are not Dinarians and can only advise, with good intent, what is reality and relayed to us via parties working 24 x 7 on it in hands on in Reno.

      Those printing plates in Iran have been used for 10 years or more to flood Iraq with dodgy counterfeit Dinars, so hopefully yours are real. People bought in good faith, but the authenticity of many notes was not checked. Who knows what will crawl out yet. Truly, good luck to all. We have seen way too many Forex Traders who live and breath currencies get crucified. Russia folded over the Ruble collapse. Many serious players get burnt. Buying blind??? The next 6 weeks are Silly Season. Who knows? Ramadan, Silly Season, counterfeit plates? You need luck now. And for many, a break. We hope it works out and good can come of it. The worry, is Gurus and Know it all Brokers, coercing innocent and desperate good people, who can't afford any risk,who then use borrowed funds or their scarce and critical operating capital,then get caught if their notes are bogus.It will take them down.

      Too many have everything riding on it now. A desperate need for a good break.
      The major Cabal Banks setting up now in Iraq will be pushing for a solution soon.Greed rules. That is your main hope. Sweeping in behind.

    6. Every time I have hope for CMKX and possible remedy, the "convoluted mess" visage resurfaces, as well as the "was told to stay far away from it" Unraveling it has supposedly been going on for years . . .How is it that nobody ever makes any headway. It becomes suspicious after awhile . . .Matt Taibbi made a similar statement well over a year ago as CMKX being one of the topics he wont touch. We banded together to fight market corruption and now we are basically black sheep.

    7. That's how I feel golden, while on the other hand we have people telling us progress is being made CMKX wise even lately. Same ole. Thanks John.

  24. So, why is this news popping up now? What it will be used for in Europe?

    an extract from today's news...
    Army approximately a thousand volunteers in Syrian Civil War fighting on the side of the rebels come from the suburbs of Paris, London, Germany Fulda or even from small Irish towns. Now they are trying to overthrow the regime of Bashar al-Assad, but the future may be by Foreign Policy magazine to become a time bomb for Europe. "It's a ticking time bomb," said French Interior Minister Manuel Valls. Most of the volunteers, about 80 percent are young people from Muslim families, the rest are French converts to Islam.

    1. Yikes. Good question you're asking.


    Israeli troops in the West Bank arrested only a boy, because in Hebron threw stones at the car of Jewish settlers who passed by. Soldiers loaded the boy into the jeep and to the police. On Thursday incident highlighted human rights organization B'Tselem, pointing out that it is illegal to detain a child under the age of 12 years.

  26. I would still like to know who is DEMANDING dinar money? I have not once ever seen anyone being demanding with regard to this investment. I don't know why that had to be stated as such in the article and title.

    1. oops... delete "and title".

    2. Thousands of Dinarians, 50 plus guys in Reno,China, Iraq, Kuwait and Bankers who have loaned against them.

    3. John,

      Wish I could take out a loan against my Dinar/Dong vast holdings.....Then, I could securitize that loan, rate it AAA & get more money!!


    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. FYI........

    Ramadan in 2013 will start on Tuesday, the 9th of July and will continue for 30 days until Wednesday, the 7th of August.

    Based on sightability in North America, in 2013 Ramadan will start in North America a day later - on Wednesday, the 10th of July.

    Note that in the Muslim calander, a holiday begins on the sunset of the previous day, so observing Muslims will celebrate Ramadan on the sunset of Monday, the 8th of July.

    Although Ramadan is always on the same day of the Islamic calendar, the date on the Gregorian calendar varies from year to year, since the Gregorian calendar is a solar calendar and the Islamic calendar is a lunar calendar. This difference means Ramadan moves in the Gregorian calendar approximately 11 days every year. The date of Ramadan may also vary from country to country depending on whether the moon has been sighted or not.


    Once in the factory Putin asked workers what he can do for them. One whom asked him if he could give him his expensive wrist watch. Putin took it down from his wrist and gave it to him (not sure what was it but like Omega)

    Another one:

    Pilot Putin. Dissatisfied with how the state apparatus battling flames and as many high-ranking officials indulge vacation when the country is burning, set out last summer to personally extinguish the fire, which was the second week ragging in European part of Russia. He flew personally rescue plane or helicopter back and forth delivering water and extinguishing fires.

    Another one from today, with diving team he search for sank frigate on the sea floor close to Finland..


    1. sorry for spelling I did not check it...You will understand anyhow.

  29. I am absolutely exhausted reading the back and forth of this thread. I realize this is my prerogative and I could just walk away and forget about it. However, that would be the easy way out.

    I said this earlier and I will say it again. I believe we are all on the same page with this and it is all a matter of semantics... and now Paladin throws into this the following: "We all have different perceptions of issues and events based on our own experiences and backgrounds".... BINGO.

    There is no reason for any of us to not be able to work through this and work together to make all countries a better place. We have to put aside the differences and come together with the one purpose of dealing with the governments and "cabal" within our own regions, states, countries, etc.

    Why beat up on each other with words? We get beat up enough in this world, day in and day out. I just spent an entire day getting beat up with those with whom I work with... We need to get over whatever it is that is causing such a rift and look at the bigger picture. This is exactly what they want of us... dissension among the ranks... divide and conquer!!!

    We all just need to chill out!

    Get Real

  30. So.......The greed of the banks that have opened up in Iraq this months is our hope now. Divine Comedy unfolding before our eyes!! How insanely sad it is that we are counting on that from them.

    And the insane Dinarland Gurus all extol today, "Any minute now.It is all done.We don't know why it's not showing, but it is all done.". Yes, more will buy dinar with reading those, then their bills come in next month, and they can't pay anything because they bought Dinars.....In my eyes these guys are criminals causing such hardships to those families in desperate need.Such madness.

    One thing we can all count on is banksters greed!! YOU GO, all you greedy banksters!!


  31. MORE details from Glenn Greenwald about Edward Snowden in AP interview:


  32. There are Dinarians everywhere. I personally know of people in Australia, UK, Canada, Sweden, Greece, Malta, Mexico, Ecuador, Belize, Panama, Puerto Rico. And, I am just one person with not many contacts anymore!! ALL these people know many others in these respective countries. The people who need this most? Iraq's own people! This was an evil plan hatched by sycophants to enrich their own. It was NEVER meant to get out, just like Kuwait RV was a private profit scheme for those monsters! It is only fitting that the masses are now participating and waiting with broken nails, broken health, broken families for a dream to manifest. I applaud the Bushes for doing the right thing, and they should use what waning power they have remaining to help push this thing to completion. They are welcome to move to Paraguay after, with my blessing! ~darylluke.

  33. More Evidence That The U.S. Government Is A Criminal Enterprise

    July 15, 2013 by Bob Livingston


  34. Vlastimil
    When Russia imploded under debt, far less than Americas, the Zionist Oligarchs manipulated Russia, bought up all the key mineral and Oil/Gas and Metals industries for cents and rigged asset sales to themselves, becoming overnight multi Billionaires. Just like the Cabal and Zionist US Bankers, they sucked Russia dry like a Wolf pack.
    Putin has seized back and recovered Russia's assets for Russia. He removes them from key State roles and puts real Russians back in charge.

    Russia has a non aggression treaty in place with China and now both play war games together to practice for the fight they know may come to remove the US from Asia and the East.

    Putin is right at the forefront of BRICS to end US Global currency control,and finish the Fed Zionist monopoly.
    Putin knows the dangers of Zionism with Israel and will not hesitate to deal with them if needed. Russia supplies the Rocket delivery systems for the Space Shuttles now. Both Russia and China have vast Naval operations, each are building ever more advanced military forces, and now jointly building and Technology sharing.
    America has never had a conflict hitting its own mainland before. The country went mental over 9/11.

    When the British Empire collapsed under debt, we retained all our cultural links and thrived in Banking. That alone saved us. God knows our own past had been ruthless and awful. The British Empire was built on Guile, Blood and Hegemony.
    But, we brought in the Industrial Revolution, Democratic Government and the Civil Service. Countries gained hugely by that. We build the Commonwealth. Culture, relationships and Trade. That alone saved us.
    Americas way is to impose the American way, with no understanding or respect for the Culture of other nations.
    The US has reneged on vast capital loans, impoverishing trusting countries like the Philippines, Indonesia, China etc.
    The Dinars, PP and WGS are typical. That is why we are facing real trouble.
    It is NOT the American people, but the historical aggression of the Cabal and Zionist Global Fiscal ruthlessness. Most Americans really have no idea of the Global image carried. They are lied to by Propaganda and are clueless as to what is done in their name. Most Americans are just normal, decent people with usual values like most countries.

    Shock and Awe was a needless epic long remembered. Can they take it? 9/11 shows not. Multiply that 10,000 times, what then? That will be the end game IF, IF, IF better Leaders do not emerge and really reach out a hand of true goodwill to one world. Empires do end, always BADLY! Vietnam, tail between their legs, running away terrified leaving millions to the Viet Cong? That will never be forgotten. The flight and betrayal. Asia knows. 4 Billion minds known there.

    This site is multi national. Working together, occasional conflicts, but working through them and finding common ground. Working on national and Global issues. Respecting others, their opinions, if balanced, and working together for a better world as One People.
    Leaders worldwide are a pretty rotten lot, as most Politicians are. Politics has become about taking out. Our country and history was based on Global looting and wars. No better than the Roman Empire. We are guilty as hell for Israel. But - Our forefathers, not us today. Today, we are a different nation. One which is growing up in the world,clinging to our own life raft of sanity in a sea of change and shifting tides.

    Americas problem is NOT its people. Nor its potential, but its own corrupt type of Leadership, which we have all been as guilty of. America needs to reach out a hand of friendship, not a Zionist grasping claw, or a fist, to survive and grow again. We all need to work together and turn it around as we seek to do. Look at how many nations here all willingly seek to work together, as an understanding group of nations, uniting together to build a better world. Not Politically driven or manipulated. We can, and must do it. BECAUSE- WE CAN!

    1. Thanks John,

      I see it that way also, also I see only one way out for us all. We take all responsibility of the guilt upon ourselves even though we physically did not commit it and carry it and resolve it. Otherwise we always will tend to blame and cast guilt on somebody, might be rightly, but it will not make such transformation that we need.

      As for me, what I am saying. Yesterday night after your post or reply to me about Middle East, I felt so much pain that was inflicted down there on people, and even globally. For two hours I could not sleep. So what do I do, I confess, accept my portion of the pie even though I never fired a shot down there but I am a part of ONE HUMANKIND.

      This is what it means to bear one another burden, to identify with guilt (it one feels that pain then it means one associates with that cause of the pain at some way, whatever it is) accept the participation (even though not physically done in person) confess it and clean it and let it go by healing it with love.

      I do it for Cabal and we must all do it. It is sad. It might be that I am too soft, which I am not, I am ready to fight holding my ground.

      Now, I do not care in some sense who did what, I do not mean that Israel or what must be wiped out but what I am saying PEACE MUST BE ESTABLISHED.
      I do not care if Putin does it or Mugabe but it must be done. I am not pro or against one or the other nation. But crime must be uncovered and fixed. Truth must be told.

      Just you guys who are up there, please do not split again as it was done by cold war time. I hope that UK will find the way to relate and co-operate with Russia and Russia will find the way how to co-operate fairly with US, UK or whoever else.

      We want it to be fixed once for all, this is will of many. After that we can ponder of meaning of Spirit and Soul or whatever. First things First.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Maybe what he is saying is that other nations such as Russia, China and UK have experienced the fall while the US has not. And the US has never experienced any wars in their own land where as so many millions have dodged bullets and bombs which includes nuclear bombs. And maybe he is trying to assert the views of those who have gone through the living hell and the killing fields. It is not pretty, and until one goes through it, the complacency, arrogance and selective ignorance will continue on until there is nothing left to speak of.